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BBC Team Mate GayAfter the game Coach talked to all of us, praising our effort and attitude, stressing the need to remain positive; one game away from state was nothing to be ashamed of and if we worked hard we could do even better next year. He was gone now, leaving us to commiserate as a team.The problem was: I was a senior and for me there was no next year. The mood in the locker room was subdued although not everybody was quiet. Darnell, our shooting guard, was joking with a few buddies; not even half an hour after a season-ending loss and he was over it. Part of me felt anger at him: how could he care so little? A larger part of me, however, envied his ability to move past it so quickly.The locker room slowly emptied out around me, players showering, changing, and grabbing their things before heading to the parking lot to drive home or get rides. Being a senior, I was afforded the privilege of driving myself so felt no need to hurry.When I finally felt capable of functioning, I got up. I peeled off my uniform, threw it in the bottom of my locker, and trudged to the showers. After pulling on some clean clothes, I threw my dirty clothes in my bag. I looked around, wanting to take it all in to savor my last day as a high school basketball player.Darnell was standing in front of his locker texting, still clad in just a towel despite finishing his shower before I even started mine. He turned around and noticed that everybody else had left.”What up, B.”My name is Bradley but he never called me that.”Not much. Headin’ home?” I asked him.”Nah,” he replied. “I’m looking to party.””Here?”We traveled about 2 hours to get here, but instead of heading home he thought he could find a party in a town we’d never been to before. He didn’t lack for confidence.”What makes you think you can find a party here? Do you even know anybody out here?” I asked.”I know some people who know some people,” he said, “I’m sure somebody knows something.””A safe bet,” I replied dryly. He missed my sarcasm.”I feel sorry for that poor soul who has to wait to get my dick. I’m getting sad just thinking about it. Fuck, I need to get laid; losing blows.””Does it? I hadn’t noticed.” Again, he seemed to miss my sarcasm, too busy working his phone to acknowledge my comment. “Hey man, I have to ask you a question. How is it that you’re so confident you’ll get laid all sakarya escort the time? It’s like you think everybody wants your dick.”He leaned in to me, a conspiratorial gleam in his eye. “You really wanna know?” he asked.”I asked, didn’t I?”He dropped his towel, revealing a cock that should’ve been in porn. He wasn’t hard yet, but it was massive; long and thick.”It’s because everybody DOES want it.” He smirked. “Holy fuck, dude,” I said in admiration.”Yeah, I know. How could anyone resist? Even YOU want it.””C’mon man, I’m not… that’s… not staring at your dick.” I stuttered. I’m not gay, but I couldn’t look away; how could I? It was gorgeous. It couldn’t have been more perfect if it was sculpted from obsidian. Large, straight, and dark as midnight. Looking didn’t make me gay; any straight guy would be impressed by THAT.”It’s okay,” he said, “I’ll let you suck it. Party ain’t going nowhere and I’ll just last longer.”Apparently there was no question in his mind that I wanted to; he just said he’d allow me to, like it would be a privilege to be allowed to wrap my lips around his juicy black cock. He’s a good dude, but sometimes his arrogance was grating. It was at eye-level now, and it looked even more intimidating from this angle. Why the fuck was I on my knees? He gripped my hair with his right hand and gently pulled me forward. I put up token resistance, but I had fallen under the spell of Big, Black Cock. (I think I get the whole BBC fascination. I made a mental note to do some extensive research on the topic the next time I was on my laptop.)I reached up with both hands to encircle his beautiful black cock, closed my eyes and leaned in. *THWACK*He smacked my pursued lips with it; “Eyes open, faggot.””Yessir,” I whispered back. I could hardly believe how quickly I had been turned. One look at black cock and I suddenly became an eager and submissive cocksucker. I thought I was straight, and it shocked me how easily that illusion had been shattered.I leaned back in and wrapped my hands around his cock (Jesus, it was THICK!) The contrast of my white hands on his black meat was such a turn-on. I stuck my tongue out and leaned in. I licked the head, then lifted it up slightly so I could run my tongue from base to tip, leaving a trail of saliva that made his ebony cock gleam. I licked it up and down greedily, occasionally escort sakarya sucking the tip into my mouth, and licking around the head. I worshipped it. I looked up at him from my knees, stuck my tongue out, and slapped his cock against my tongue (I’ve watched porn; never would’ve guessed I’d be on THIS end of that move, though).He groaned. “I may have to let you do this more often. You’re a bigger slut for black cock than any girl I’ve fucked.” This time, the implication that I was the lucky one for being allowed to suck him didn’t offend me. Why would it? It was true.I took him in my mouth so I could free up my hands. I dropped my trousers to my knees, freeing my painfully hard dick from its confinement. While I slipped my left hand under my shirt to tweak my nipples, I started stroking my dick with my right. With his head in my mouth, I was eager to discover how much more I could handle. I slurped up as much of his black cock as I could, only fitting a few more inches in. He gripped my hair with both hands and held me there, impaled. I feverishly sucked and licked, extending my tongue outside my mouth to struggle towards the base of his cock, not reaching but eagerly licking all of his dark shaft that I could. I was trying to show him that I could please him as well, if not better, than any girl. Drool escaped around my stretched lips, coating his dick or dribbling down my chin.”It’s okay,” he said, “Nobody has been able to take it all…yet.” I was relieved. “Besides, we can practice, can’t we?” I couldn’t talk around the thick dick in my mouth; I nodded as best I could. “I bet you’ll be the first, won’t you? You’re gonna work as hard as it takes, won’t you?””Man, seeing my big black cock stretch your fucking lips is hot. I bet you wish you could see, huh? Maybe next time I’ll bring a mirror, or take a picture.” My dick bounced at the thought. Fuck, I’d love to see his black dick penetrating my mouth from another angle. I was terrified of him taking a picture, of there being proof of my submissive and perverted nature. A larger part of me didn’t care.He let me go, leaving his right hand resting on my head possessively. I went to town, sucking and licking him, pulling him out of my mouth to rub his saliva-covered black cock all over my face, then putting his cock back where it belonged: my mouth.This morning I woke sakarya escort bayan up believing I was straight, with no idea that within me was the overwhelming urge to suck a big black cock. Why else would I have submitted so easily? I searched myself, wondering if any part of me was disgusted by my actions. All that I found was overpowering lust for Darnell’s gorgeous cock.”Hands down,” he commanded. At some point, I must’ve taken my hand from my own dick and grabbed his again. I sat back and put my hands on my thighs and looked up at him eagerly. He cupped my chin in his right hand, the back of my head with his left, and violated my mouth. I sucked him and used my tongue as much as I could while he fucked my face in slow, deep strokes.”I can’t believe how eager this bitch is,” he said, talking to himself but obviously wanting me to hear. I should have been ashamed but his words just served to turn me on even more. I couldn’t resist; my hands moved up and gripped his ass. I used my hands to encourage him to speed up. I started bobbing my head up and down, wanting him to fill my mouth.”Goodamn, white boy. Can’t get enough of my black dick, can you? Never woulda thought you were gay for black cock; funny world.” He pumped a few more times, then pulled out. He grabbed my hair with his left hand and pulled my head back, forcing me to face directly up while he stroked himself with his right.”Hands behind your back,” he growled. I grabbed my wrists, locking my hands behing my back. This morning I would’ve been horrified had I know what I would be doing that night; now, the thought of being debased made my cock twitch again. His dick filled my vision and I watched as he stroked that flawless cock an inch from my face. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue,” he ordered. I shivered; I wanted nothing more than for him to paint my face. I greedily stuck my tongue out as far as I could and he groaned.I closed my eyes tight and felt gobs hit my cheek and chin, coating my face. I grabbed my dick, stroking furiously. I was so close.He wasn’t done; he rested the head of his dick on my tongue and coated my throat and tongue. It was slightly salty, but didn’t really taste like anything. I swallowed, sealing my lips around him.The facial sent me over the edge. My dick spasmed and I sprayed all over the floor. I saw stars and the muscles in my legs and ass tightened; I almost fell over, staying upright only because Darnell had a firm grip on my hair.At that moment, I heard the door creak open, and my asshole clenched in fear. I tried to see who it was, but my eyes wouldn’t open…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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