Becoming my dad’s and uncle’s girl part 2

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Becoming my dad’s and uncle’s girl part 2
This is not a true story and this is a gay taboo over 18 stories.

Hi it’s Monica again and I going to tell you about the seconded day of me getting the hole day fucking my dad and uncle in different outfits.

The day started of like any other Sunday, my mom and dad went shopping and I stayed home looking at some adult women’s costumes when the doorbell rang. I got up from my computer chair and saw a van outside so I went downstairs to open the door luckily for me I was in my man clothes “yes can I help you” I said to the guy in my man voice “yes I have a delivery for Monty Dell” “Oh yes that me” “sign here and I’ll get your package for you” I signed the pad and he when to his van and got a big box out and walked to my front door “looks like you been busy on amazon, have a nice day sir” “yeah, thanks man” the guy walked back to van and drove off, and this box was 22 inch’s big and 20 inch’s wide and a little heavy but I managed to get up to my room.

I opened the box to a load of women’s clothes that I ordered yesterday, I pulled out 5 tops, 5 blouses, 5 bottoms, 5 skirts, 2 yoga tops and bottoms, 2 bikini’s, 2 swimsuits, 2 wig caps, 4 wigs, makeup box, 3 flats shoes, 3 high-heels, 10 pantyhose, 10 stockings, 5 over the knees nylon socks, adult school girl outfit, adult maid outfit, adult nurse outfit, breast plate, 2 8 inch dildos,2 packs of condom and a bottle of lube. I smiled and all the stuff I ordered and went back to the computer and confirmed that I got the orders, I order some more outfits before my dad and mom came home with the shopping, I called down to my dad when they got home from shopping “dad could you come here for a second” then he came up the stairs leaving my mom to unpack the shopping and he came into my room and I saw is cock get hard as he saw me in my French maid outfit “what you think of this outfit daddy” I said walking over to him and placing my hand on his tenting bottom “wow Monica you look sexy as fuck, but your mother’s downstairs we have to wait until she leave or sleeps” I kissed him on the lips “ok daddy I can wait for your cock inside me and beside I haven’t got make up on”.

My dad wrapped his arms around my waist and his hands on panties covered ass, pulled me into a passionate kiss “fuck your mother, I want you to suck my cock now” as he undone his bottoms and I dropped to my knees and pulled out his rock hard cock then wrapped my mouth around it and began bobbing my head on his cock “oh fuck Monica, fuck I missed you warm mouth and you definitely suck better than your mother” I continued for a few more minutes before my mom shouted up “Honey could you help me move the fridge freezer, I got to clean behind it” “ok be down in a few honey” then I pulled my mouth from his “she such a bitch, not letting me finish sucking this man meat that made me” my dad put his cock away and rubbed my face “don’t worry baby, I help the bitch out and then get her to leave for a while then I get you to myself before you uncle Alex comes round later” “oh yeah mom and aunt Alice are going to see Grease the musical, maybe I be his little naughty school girl tonight and you can’t fuck me tonight if we going to fuck after you help mom” “I guess it’s only fair but I still going to watch you have sex with Alex though” “ok daddy, know go help mom so you can get her out of the house so we can fuck”.

My dad left my room and went downstairs to help my mom and I went back to my mirror to put my make up on and get my wig ready, once I got my make up on and wig on, I put the fishnet stockings on and then put my black flat shoes on and left my room even though my mom was still home but I didn’t care. I got to the top of the stairs to go down them when I saw my front door open with my mom walking out of the door and my dad standing at the door to close it behind her which he did and I came down the stairs “what do you need to me to next Master” I said pretending to be a maid serving her master, he turned around and saw me bowing my head and look sexy as fuck “Master? I like that Monica sure you can help your Master but sucking my cock right now” he undone his bottom and removed them with his underwear to let lose his semi-hard cock and then he removed his top and I walk over to him, then drop to my knees and grabbed his semi and wrapped my mouth his cock “I live to serve you Master as your maid” then I began to suck him getting him hard for my man pussy and my cock was hard in my panties.

“oh god Monica you a good little cock sucking maid” as I bobbed my head backwards and forwards on his cock for a few minutes before he said “I need to fuck right now before the bitch comes home” “ok Master where do you want me, I also brought down a condom and lube for you Master” “I want you bend over the couch without your panties on now I’ll get myself ready” My dad took the condom and put it on his cock, then grabbed the lube as I bent of the couch showing him my man pussy “I’m ready Master ümraniye escort bayan for you to enter me” he walked over lubing his condom covered cock then put some on my hole before lining his cock up with my hole “you ready for Masters cock to enter you Monica” “yes Master I’m ready”.

Then he began to pushed his cock into my man pussy making me morn as his cock head entered me “oh you’re so tight Monica, I’m glad you’re still so tight even though we had sex yesterday” “well Master yesterday was my first time having anal sex, so I will be so tight but please give me move of your cock” I moaned pushing my ass backwards putting more of his cock in me. Then he grabbed my hips and pushed deep into my hole that I could feel his full-length of his cock inside “oh yes Master, fuck my man pussy” then he started to pull out before shoving it back in making me moan as he started pounding my hole with his cock making my cock swing as he did so “I can’t believe I get to fuck this hole twice in two days in a row”.

“I’m happy to have you fuck me again Master, please pound me harder” then my dad began to pound my ass hard and fast making me moan as the sound of slapping echoed throughout the room but what we didn’t know until I found out two days from now, that my mom came home through back door but she didn’t say anything when she saw us fucking “I’m close to cumming Master please let me cum” “Oh yes Monica you can cum because I’m going to cum soon” then my dad picked up the pace and I could fill his cock getting harder as he was ready to cum as I came all over the couch, then my dad pulled his cock out and took of the condom and I got to my knees and he unloaded his cum all over my face and I got some in my mouth “oh fuck Monica, that was something, now go clean yourself up before you mother comes home” I swear I heard a gasp “thank you for you cum Master, I go clean-up before mom comes home daddy” as I got up to move to the stairs I saw my mother walking through the back passage way which made me smile and my dad cleaned up the couch as I walked up the stairs.

I had a small shower then got dressed in my man clothes even though I saw my mom walk through the back passage way “she much have come in the back way and saw me and dad fucking” I thought but I needed to make sure she did see us fucking, I heard the front door open and close as I was walking down the stairs “so what you guys been up to while I was gone” I could see she looking at both of us with a smirk on her face “nothing much just guy stuff” my dad said taking
the bags of her and took them to the kitchen and walked over to my mom and whispered “I saw you leave the back way, I know you saw me and dad so I going to dress as a girl every day and fuck him even if your home ok” then she looked at me “very well Monica, you do that because I don’t care, I always knew your father wanted to fuck you and know I don’t have to hide who I am anymore” then she sat down on the arm chair as my dad entered the room and all we had to do was sit around for 6pm.

While we waited I thought about what my mom said (“I don’t have to myself anymore”) what does she mean by that last sentence, 5 to 6 my mom was all dressed up and I went up to my room to get myself ready for my Uncle Alex by putting on white over the knee nylon socks, pink bra and panties, school girl outfit with my blonde wig and small amount of make up with black flat shoes and went back down the stairs to see my Uncle Alex enter the house as my mom left closing the door behind her “hi Uncle Alex, you look sexy as always” I pulled him in to a kiss which he return with his own “wow Monica look at you, I like the hair and outfit” then he grabbed my ass “I’m glad you like it because tonight I’m all yours” then he looked at my father sitting in the arm chair “what about you Adam, you’re not going to fuck your daughter as well” “no he can’t fuck me with you Uncle because he has already fucked me, so I all yours” as I began to undo his shirt “it true Adam, but you should have seen her in her maid outfit I couldn’t resist the temptation” “I see well you going to watch us have sex, but next time you have to wait or” “or what Alex” “or during the week we take turns fucking her and at weekends we have threesome deal” “oh I like that daddy and beside you know you like to see me in more outfits and have sex with me” “fine we have a deal Alex, but I think you both should come work for me though”.

“But I already work with you Adam why would I work for you” as he began to pull down his pants and underwear letting lose his thick hard cock and I dropped to my knees “well if Monica work for me as my sexy secretary and you as my business partner we could fuck her in our office’s any time we want” “oh I like that idea daddy, come on Uncle Alex you know you want to” I said as I wrapped my mouth his cock and began to bob my head “Oh fine we can become business partner’s Adam” they shake hands and my dad went back to sitting in the chair ataşehir escort as my uncle put his hand on my head as I bobbed it on his cock “she gotten good at cock sucking, but is she still tight Adam” “oh yeah she still tight and I know she good at cock sucking” his said stroking his hard cock, I suck my uncle’s cock for a good hour before I stopped and pulled my panties down and off “I want you inside me Uncle Alex, please fuck your school girl Niece’s man pussy”.

“Oh yeah I want to fuck you, but I want you to ride my cock first” he said sitting down on the couch and I grabbed the condom and lube from my father who was stroking his cock as I walked back over to my Uncle, I placed the condom over his cock while lubing up my hole then I lubbed his condom covered cock and I positioned myself over his cock and pushed myself down onto it “Oh Monica you’re so tight, fuck it feels so good to be back inside you, now ride me like a cowgirl” then I began to left my hips up before pushing them back down and did again before getting into the rhythm of fucking my Uncle in the cowgirl position which made me moan and my Uncle grunt with pleasure “Oh fuck this so good, you enjoying the view daddy, you like seeing your baby girl/boy fucking this big man meat”.

I looked over my shoulder at stroking his big man meat “oh you know how to tease don’t you Monica, but yes I enjoy watching you ready your Uncle’s cock” then I look back at my Uncle who was smiling at me as my skirt and cock was bouncing up and down as I was ridding him “do want me to make this hotter Uncle Alex” “Oh how will you do that Monica” then I stopped bouncing and began to turn my body around to face my father while my Uncle’ cock was still inside “I believe you call this the reverse cowgirl” then slept my feet out of my shoes and I placed my feet on onto his legs facing my father and then began bouncing on my Uncle’s cock moaning and looking at my father who sat forward pumping his cock harder “see I told you this would be hotter didn’t I” “yes you did and looks like your father is enjoying the view more now” so I began to bounce faster on his cock making him grunt and I was moaning and bouncing for a couple of more hours before I could fill my Uncle’s getting harder inside me.

“Oh fuck I’m about to cum Monica, let me cum all over you face please” my father grunted pumping his cock faster and faster “oh your very naughty daddy, I let you and Uncle Alex cum on me” then I stopped bouncing and got off my Uncle and went to my knees and grabbed my cock and began pumping it as they got into position, my Uncle took off the condom and they both place there cocks near my face and began to come all over my face and I got some in my mouth as I came all over the floor “I think I may have to wash this wig and out now” I giggled wiping some of the cum oh my face and into my hand to put it in my mouth “yes I think you will Monica and don’t worry about your mother I’ll clean it now so it will be dry in the morning” so I took of my wig and outfit then give them to my dad and went up the stairs and washed up before getting one of my baby-dolls on with stockings and went back downstairs “well I’m turning in for the night, goodnight Daddy and goodnight Uncle Alex” I saw both there cocks twitch as I stood there in my black baby-doll and black stockings and I gave them both passionate kisses before going back up to my room to sleep and a few hours later my dad popped into my room and laid next to me “your mom home, but I can go into her room with this bothering me because she will think I want to fuck her” then I felt his hard cock push against my panties “the condoms are in the drew with the lube” I murmured in my sleep then I head the drew open and then close before I felt my panties get pulled down just enough to expose my hole.

I felt the coldness of the lube on my hole before I felt him push his cock into me “Oh fuck Monica I love you so much, and you teasing me and your Uncle Alex with this baby-doll, I’m a very lucky man to have you in my life” then he began pumping his cock inside me while kissing my cheek, I turned my head to match his lips as shared a long passionate kiss as he picked up his pace of pounding my hole making my cock grew hard as my bed started to shake from the force of my dad pounding my ass, I broke the kissing “I love you too dad, I can’t live without you and the way you make me fell, I also love Uncle Alex the same way, maybe we should live together so you guys can fuck when you want and where every you want” he continued pounding my hole hard and fast “I love that idea baby but what about your mother and Aunt Alice because I know Alex would divorce her in a heartbeat to spend more time with you and I would do the same but we wouldn’t want to hurt them” “say’s the man who turned his son into a cross-dressing cock loving sissy named Monica”.

This did not stop him from fucking but instead he picked up the pace “I know baby but can you blame me for the bostancı escort way you look and sound, I always been sexually attracted you since you turned 16 looking like girl and sounding like a girl, I got turned by you when you wear your tight biking shorts and I know I wanted to see you in girl’s clothes too” “is that way you waited until I was 18 to get your way with me, so how does Uncle Alex come into all of this” then he began to slow down just a bit “well you Uncle was like me in a way, he told me that you look sexy in your biking shorts and I agreed with him, he said I wonder what he would look like in girls clothes so I said maybe we could come up with a plan to see him girls clothes what you say and he said as long we get to fuck as well I’m game and that how he fits into all this” “I see well now I can tell you this mom saw in the front room having sex while is dressed in the maid outfit” then he picked up the pace again and I could feel him getting harder inside me.

“So she knows about us, she didn’t stop us though I wonder why” “I don’t know either but I’m glad she didn’t, but when I spoke to her early saying that I would dress up as girl even if she home and fuck you, the one thing she said back to me I don’t care and now I don’t have to hide who I am anymore” I know she didn’t say it like that but being fucked does take your mind of things said early, my dad slammed his cock deep into my man pussy as he came which made me cum into my panties “oh fuck that was great, I don’t know what your mom meant by she doesn’t have to hide herself anymore but I’m glad you be dressed as a girl from now on” then he pulled his cock out of my ass with the condom filled up with his cum “I’m glad you’re happy about me dressing a girl from now on daddy, I’ll quit my man job so I can become your sexy secretary” “I will interview you on Tuesday Monica and don’t worry you will get the job, I better go to my room to your mother so goodnight baby and I love you” then he kissed me “goodnight daddy and I love you too” then he left my room.

Monday morning came around and I left my home to go to my work and I quit as soon as I saw my boss and thank god I don’t have to go back to collage anymore. I went back home and cleaned out my wardrobe of all my boy clothes and put the girl clothes in place of the boy clothes, I changed into a pair of pink bra and panties, I put on pink pantyhose, white tennis shoes and my tennis outfit, I even put my breast plate on too and waited downstairs for my dad to come home and once he came home he couldn’t take his hands off me, Tuesday my Uncle Alex had the day off so I put on my nurse outfit and went round to his and my Aunts house at 9am, I knocked on the door he opened it and let me in and I didn’t leave until 5pm.

Wednesday morning I got up and put on my breast plate and put on my black bra and panties, black pantyhose, black high heels, black pencil skirt and white blouse, make up and my blonde wig as I was leaving my mom was sitting the front room because it was her day off and she looked at me “god look at you Monty…I mean Monica, I guess you will be your father’s secretary after today” “I know and I’m looking forward to working for dad and Uncle Alex as there sexy secretary so they both can fuck me in there office’s” “so your you have not only fucked your own father but you also fucked your Uncle Alex too, very interesting well good luck you little slut” “whatever bitch and yes the both turn me into their slut” and I left the house and went to my dad’s work, I got a lot of me looking my way as I walked to my dad’s office and luckily for my Uncle Alex was with him.

“I’m here for my secretary interview today” then they both turned to face me and when they looked at me then smiles on their faces and budgies showing in their pants “oh yes you must be Miss… um what your name” “my name is Miss Monica Dales it’s nice to me you Mr Dell and Mr… sorry who is this” my dad close the door a locked it and I didn’t know this at the time but my dad’s office soundproof and he closed the blinds too “I’m Mr Sales I’m Mr Dell business partner” he said pulling out his cock and my dad wrapped his arms around me as I felt his cock press against my ass which made my skirt started lifting as my dad pulled it showing my hard cock in my panties “oh Mr Dell you’re a naughty man, please don’t stop and come here Mr Sales so I can suck you” my interview started at 10am and I finished at 2pm “well Miss Dales we will see you tomorrow as you are hired” “Thank you Mr Dell and Mr Sales I will see you tomorrow” then I left and went back home.

When I got home I saw my Aunt Alice car outside the house and I thought “why my Aunt Alice here, she meant to be at work maybe something happened” I didn’t know why she was there, I went inside and I heard moaning coming from upstairs so I took off my high heels and tip toed up the stairs to my mom and dad’s room and the door was ajar and I couldn’t believe watch was happing in that room that I took out my phone and started recoding but you will have to wait for my next story but trust me guys you will like what I have to tell you all.

Until then I bid you a farewell and give you guy’s lots of hugs and sexy kisses Monica.

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