Beer Bums and Breakfast

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Beer Bums and BreakfastBeer Bums and Breakfast, I was chatting to a woman when Dave came sauntering up, Dressed in light silvery grey Trousers and a white short sleeved linen shirt.He took my hand, shivers ran through me, and led me to the Pub. It was 11 in the morning. We climbed straight up the stairs and into the gents Loo. I undid his zip, lifted my skirt and sat on him. It was a truly satisfying feeling, as I put my arms around his neck, and moved slowly up and down on him. I have missed him although he had only been away for a week. There was a strong surge running up and down inside my body. The pace quickened I wanted him to finish then, but he didn’t. I started to feel conscious of my surroundings. We could get caught; every noise we made was magnified. I moved slightly off balance, and my hand hit the wall to hold myself. The sound reverberated around the room, like a gong in the still air. I let out an involuntary giggle. Dave put his finger to his lips, Sh! He said softly. Just then we heard a noise of a door opening …… someone came in. We heard one of the cubicle doors open; my heart started pounding the silence was eerie. A cough broke the silence, followed by splashing water. The cubical door opened and we listened quietly to him leaving. I felt uncomfortable like we were going to get caught , “I’d better go now I said, and stood up. Dave pulled me backwards on top of him again only this time I was facing the other way. He entered me again from behind, it began to dawn on me that he was not going to make this a quickie. After a while I stood up again, he stood up too, pushed me up against the wall and grabbed hold of my leg and re-entered me. I moved my leg from his hand and rested my foot on the toilet rim. It was tiring standing for such a long time on one leg and moving rhythmically. He took me and bent me over the toilet and came from behind. It was so exciting; I felt kind of sluttish, daring, and Oh! so filled with emotion. Down stairs we could not find the booths so sat on a big sofa together. Dave suggested a breakfast with a beer I said that was a first for me. He grinned güvenilir bahis from ear to ear understanding the double meaning.Bringing back the beer’s having ordered breakfast, he sat beside me again and put his hand behind me, it slipped down until it reached my bare bum. Talking and fondling while we were waiting for our food. After breakfast, (the beer by the way did go well with it,) I sat to face him and put my foot up on the sofa. He slipped his fingers right inside my pussy moving his finger inside wile stroking my clitoris with his thumb. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “There’s a guy over there looking at us.” And he gestured with his head to a man sitting on his own reading a newspaper. “We’d better stop” I said. “No, no He’s enjoying it” he replied with a smile, so I said “how do you know” he winked “I’ll tell you later.”In the shop, They say men don’t listen to women, He points to some cereal packets, “do you need something for breakfast” without thinking I said “no” then he saw some fig roll biscuits “I like those “ I said if he liked those, I would make him some date slices, again I didn’t listen. “My favourite crisps” I looked back at him “well get them “I said, and of course he did. When we got to the till he handed me some money, I did not want him to give me the money. I was going to pay by credit card but when I got to the till they didn’t take cards so I had to use his money. I thought to myself need to find a way to pay him back……………… I feel that if I invite him to my house, I am looking after him, he has my hospitality. He doesn’t pay for it. LaterAlmost before the key was in the door we were ripping our clothes off running upstairs and jumping into bed, “I want to kiss you all over” he said, “I don’t” I said, push ing him away, his face looked pained, until I added, “I just want you to fuck me long and hard right now” that gorgeous cheeky grin spread across his face, he immediately obliged. We dosed for a while, then he jumped up and said, “let’s cut your bush “He raises his eyebrows. “now where do you keep your hedge trimmers? “He mocks me. Before türkçe bahis I know it he is dressed, outside, and working on the path beside my house. Gee, where does that man get his energy from? When we come in I suggest a cup of tea, Yer he says we can take it up stairs, Half an hour later, I was breathless again, exhausted, after another passionate session. It was coming up to 6 pm and I vaguely thought that maybe I ort to make something to eat. Chicken in apricots,Fruit saladLemon sherbet ice cream After we watched some movies. I made some fresh coffee and 2 glasses of Southern comfort, and we took it to bed, he poured the southern Comfort over my bush and as it ran down my legs he licked it up. Which made me respond by holding it in my mouth I covered his cock, but aloud it dribble down the sides sucking it up before it reached the sheets. This started another session, I woke up in his arms, “are your awake” now what shall we try his eyes wide, “MMMmmm, The bottle or the cucumber, I think the bottle,” he took an empty wine bottle from the side and pushed the neck into my virgina. He was looking at the bottle “can you see through the bottle up into my virgina” I asked curiosity getting the better of me. ”I don’t know” He said then looked more closely through the bottle and up into the neck, “Oh yes, it’s fantastic, MMmm I think I need a torch” I smiled and went into the bedside cabinet and produced a torch. “Wow it’s amazing, you should see it,” We got a mirror so I could see. Wow yes I could see how red I was, it was beautiful. I flexed my muscles and watched them contracting. It was fascinating to see. “You have a red spot there,” he remarked while looking into the glass. “Yes” I said “I am feeling a bit sore. “Oh dear! well let me kiss it better for you “ moving down to kiss me in the place where he had just taken the bottle out . As it was removed I could feel all my love juices running between my legs onto the sheet. His warm wet tongue had a balming effect on me. By the time he moved to my clitty, he’d spent a good 20minutes down there. I was rampant again. Lying in the afterglow güvenilir bahis siteleri we started talking about past loves, it’s wonderful when you are older and wiser. I told him of my adventures, and he told me about ………………………………………….The other side I lay awake in the early hours of the morning; a sliver of saliva is dribbling from his mouth. I move close to him and lick it up and kiss the corner of his mouth, it is so sweet and sensual. I muse to myself that people would find that revolting, yet happily stick their tongues down each other’s throats. I run my tongue in between his lips feeling his warm moist breath. I don’t want to wake him. They say women have to solve their differences and be at peace before making love; men need to make love and know all is well before solving the problem. The only problem with that theory is: – once a man has had sex he thinks he’s its ok again, the differences are resolved and he’s forgiven.I am lying here in a white calm, calculating anger. Does he honestly think I believed him when he said his camera is broken? I ask him if I can see it, he fiddles with it before giveing it to me. The sim card is out. There are some pictures on the hard drive. They are of women, I think TV personalities. He seems embarrassed but, they are of no consequence to me. “I want to see the other ones” I said, “I didn’t take any, they didn’t come out.” He said. “I saw the flash; you brought your hand from out of the sheets with a camera in it. You were holding it between my legs” I said indignantly. “I want to see that one.” He muttered something about reminding him of me. I know he still has it. I am not going to argue, but I don’t trust him. I am lying here in the early morning light trying to think of a way of resolving this. Why am I so angry? That is maybe easier to answer. He did it without my permission. He won’t show me what he’s got. It’s the not knowing that is the worst bit. If I could see what he has got on his camera we could talk about it, and come to an agreement. I don’t know him well enough yet, if he can do this when he hardly knows me, what is he capable of? I thinking about pornography, what is it? What is pornographic and what is not. If it is artistic, is it ok? Some are put up on walls, like the ‘The great wall of Virginia’ Or the orchid virgina necklace. Maybe we could work on something together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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