BI Strawbery Wine

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BI Strawbery WineI awoke to a sunny morning, rolled over and open my eyes to see my beautiful wife Janet looking at me with a half grin on her face, Good morning, honey! she says, Oooh, is that a little erection you have there? What were you thinking about? or should I say dreaming about? Her face hadn’t even come into full focus yet, she continued, I’ve been laying here for an hour listening to you talk in your sleep and boy! what ever was going on in that head of yours I wish I could have been there. Now I’m going to ask you something and I want you to be honest, because our marriage depends on your answer. I was instantly horrified of what I had told on myself in my sleep, she continued. Did you have a dream about men with big cocks? But before you answer, I want to share with you? A fantastic GAY fantasy… I wonder if it’ll have the same effect on you that it does me… you know, it’s all right if it does. In fact, we’ll both can have more fun that way! she talked as if she had, had four cups of coffee I thought to myself, she continued, I know your secret. All the evidence is there. In fact, I can even list for you ALL the reasons why it’s so very obvious that you’re actually a sissy boy. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I want to help you. I’m your friend first and your wife, I want to encourage you and support you in just being yourself. I want to convince you to be your true, gay self. I know you have a “bi” fetish…,,I attempted to answer, she placed her hand on my mouth, Oh, do I really have to tell you? she asked, I think you love what I love,,,, big, strong MEN. Yes, there’s so much to admire, so much to fondle, so much to fall for, that you don’t have. You’ve picked my favorite thing next strawberry wine, to go crazy over. It’s so easy to convince you why you should have a relationship with a man also, you absolutely crave and ache for in your core being, a big fat grown man cock. You need one in your life. They are so hot to lust after, my first clue is your love for that T.V. show you watch, W.W.C. Wrestling, oiled up men half naked buff, throwing each other on the floor, then falling on top making the other a bottom. Then they place their big cocks in the face of the other guy and says I’ve illegal bahis siteleri pinned you! so fucking gay, and you love to watch and I love to watch you watching it. Isn’t it fantastic how we share our fantasies together? We should have no secrets, you and I. What do you think of when you’re stroking your cock for me? What do you fantasize about? Are you getting hungry for the taste of a real mans cum? would you love me watching you eat it up after I’ve made them spurt all over? I squeaked in a quick, yes, she screamed and said I knew it, I feel your orgasm growing closer right now… your cock’s getting harder… do you know what I’m thinking about? don’t answer I’ll tell you, Having other men big cock – and more – at my disposal right now! It makes me wet! Oh, how I love to taste and handle different cocks… do you? come on now you can answer. I didn’t know what to say after all that talk, all I could do is shake my head yes. Do you ever wonder what that’s like? Ever think about what another man’s cum, might taste like, while you’re licking yours off your own fingers? Oh, THAT! is the hottest thing in the world! I, love that I can share with you how much you turn me on and how incredibly sexy and sissy your own hot notions are! I lay there in bed looking at my wife thinking what the fuck had I said in my sleep to bring all this on, she has been going on like this for a while I was getting scared what would come next, it was then I heard her say,So, from this point forward, you will begin to crave cock… OBSESS about dick… long to have it right in your mouth, and if your a good bitch boy, right in your ass, I screamed ” what?”, what are you talking about, she answered a new life baby, a new us, You and I are going to start sharing cock with me. I figure you’ll be great and helping me search out something appropriate for us BOTH to enjoy. Don’t worry; I’ll show you all the places to go to find big cock, the gym, bathroom stalls, at clubs, all those things, how cock pleasing should be done. Now…. I just have to dress you right if your going cock hunting, a new feminized lease on life!I got up out of bed with my head spinning and pre cum leaking from my cock, from all she had said. I got showered youwin güvenilir mi and got ready for work, all day long at work I thought of my wife and her crazy moment in bed, it was the only thing on my mind, I caught myself several times looking down at the crotch of men as they walked by me, it was a long day at work. I got home around 7:30 pm walked into the house and noticed at once candles had been lit going up to our bedroom. I felt like Alice in Cock land, I followed the bread crumbs to our room. I opened the door slowly and noticed that my wife had placed lube and strawberry wine on the bed. Maybe she wants to have a romantic night after getting all crazy this morning, I started to undress as I walked toward the bedroom, before I could finish and say honey I’m home my wife Daisy walked out of the dim lit bathroom towards me placing her arms around my neck and whispers into my ear, You wanna fuck me now? You can fuck me, if he can fuck you. I look over in shock to see a tall tan man standing in our bathroom doorway completely naked. I looked at him in the eyes and he smiled at me and said ” what’s up dude, lets have some fun.” she repeats her question to me, but I knew it wasn’t a question it was an order, can he fuck you!, just lay back he is the only man in this room tonight, we are his sluts, she then kisses me hard and slaps my ass, as she pulls my pants down around my ankles. I finish getting undressed feeling so small compared to our new friend, his arms reached out to each side of the door frame leaving himself completely open, to show off his huge cock. as he walked towards the bed it swung and made me feel weak in my wife meets him and rubs his chest, she walks over to me and tells me to bend over the bed. I laugh and do so thinking she might just be k**ding. She pulls him over to me slaps my ass again and says to him, time to claim your right as the new man of this castle. She then slides his big cock up and down my ass crack, I then hear the squirt of lube, then fill it on my ass. Before I could say anything she makes him slam his big cock in my ass, with force, the pain was harsh at first to the point of me feeling like I had lost time, I could hear her saying perabet that’s it make him your fag, I looked over my shoulder while she stares him in the face and laughs at me. She toys with the studs dick while he fucks me, his huge cock sliding between her figers while she degrades me with her smile. He begs for her pussy, as he fucks my ass, his huge balls slapping my ass, but she just waives her finger back to me, saying that’s your pussy for now, break it in. he fucks me for another ten minutes until I couldn’t believe what was happening I had started to cum, and I hadn’t even touched my cock, before the first drop hit the sheets, she screamed with delight, that’s my faggot husband, bust that nut off that fat cock. I instantly became so embarrassed I put my face in the pillow, to add insult she laughed and said its to late to bite that pillow now fag boy, you took all that cock, all 12 inches of it. The stud pulled his cock out of my ass with a pop, and began kissing my wife, as she fingered my now loose ass hole, filled with cum, the stud then looks her in the eyes and says baby I need your sweet pussy like you promised, my wife turns around and walks to the chair in our bedroom and sits down spreads her legs and points to her wet pussy the stud runs over and shoves his face in her crotch and makes him taste her pussy.The stud jumps up to his feet, his cock hard as ever and rams his cock in my wife wet pussy, his ass moved in time as his huge balls slapped her ass, as they kissed with so much passion and lust I felt out of place. After a while he couldn’t hold back any longer he began to cum, she screamed you should have let him have your load, she then gets up holding her pussy, and runs over to the bed and sits on my face and pulls her legs back, smothering me with her pussy and ass, laughing, because she must have seen the stud was still not finished, I feel him grab my legs pushing them up, he then began to fuck me like a slut with my legs spread, up in the air. Theres nothing I could do but take the big dick and lick his cum from my wife pussy. The night continued that way until he finally passed out, he fucked her one more time but this time she pulled his cock out and had him cum in my face. I attempted to fall asleep on the floor while they lay in bed. My wife looked at me and ordered me, to go get them a glass of strawberry wine bitch, as I left the room I knew my life would never be the same, and that the taste of strawberry wine would never satisfy her wild side again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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