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birthday giftI have been married for over 20 years and have a wonderful relationship to my hubby, Jim. We have to two c***dren who now are away at college. It was hard to raise two c***dren and keep our marriage a happy one. Lucky for us that both of us love sex! Even when we went through some rough spots, we still managed to make love. Or at times fuck each other hard. It was our outlet for our frustrations. Sometime when things got real heated, we would fuck each other like it was no tomorrow. One time during a heated argument, Jim turned me around, lifted my skirt, leaned me over the kitchen table and fucked me hard. It was like we got horny each time we argued.Now with our k**s out of our house, it gave us time to make love as were teenagers again. I have always been a sexual and horny woman, but this new freedom have made me into a sex craving b**st. I often met Jim when he got home and wanted to have sex right then and there. Jim loved it and our relationship got even stronger.We started to be more playful and even role play sometimes. During sex we often talked about what we would like to experience and try. It got so far that we had sex with another couple in our living room. We did not swap partners or touched anyone but your spouse. We did watch them fuck and then they watched us fuck too. It was exciting, but we were not swingers.Jim came home with a vibrator one day and that changed things even more. Soon I had a collection of dildos and vibrators. My favorite was a big dildo, it was much larger than my hubby’s cock. Jim found it very exciting when I fucked myself with it.He started to ask if I wanted to find a cock that big and fuck it? I told him I did not think there was a cock that big, but it would feel great to try it….We also got into to bondage a little bit. Nothing extreme, more like tied up while that other gave us pleasure. I liked it more than Jim so asked to be illegal bahis siteleri constrained quite often. Sometimes Jim even blind folded me.My birthday was coming up and we did not have any plans. k**s could not come home from school, so we said we were going to celebrate next time they came home.My birthday was on a Friday, so Jim took me out for a nice dinner. I dressed up in sex kind of slutty dress. I am not a petite woman, so some of my sexy dresses look a little slutty on me since you can see much of my cleavage and my big thighs. Jim loves when I dress like that I was sure I was getting laid when we got home.When we got home Jim handed me a drink and we sat down on the couch together and started to make out. I felt a bit tipsy after the pre-dinner drink and all the wine we had with dinner. Now Jim had made a strong drink for me. I get pretty horny when I get tipsy, so my juices were flowing.Jim said he had a surprise for me and wanted to tied me up for it. He pulled of my dress and played with me breasts before tying my up on the floor in the living room. He had my arms tied to the leg of the couch, then got me on my knees with my butt in the air and tied me so I couldn’t move. He caressed and kissed my ass and pussy. I love being licked from behind. Then he brought out the blindfold. We have used it many times, it increases other senses when you can’t see. Especially his touch gets more intense when I can’t see him.He got back to licking and sucking my pussy. Then he brought out the Magic Wand, my favorite vibrator. It is so strong and intense that I come ever time I use it. Never fails. So Jim used the Magic Wand and got me so turned on. He added a dildo and fucked me as he vibrated me. I came very strong and it was torture not to be able to move when I came.Jim pulled away the dildo and check my wetness with my pussy. I was soaking wet. Jim asked if I was ready youwin giriş and I whimpered yes. I felt him get behind me and fumble around. I felt my pussy lips getting penetrated with his cock, he felt very hard. Slowly and carefully he started to enter me. Oh, he stretched me good tonight. I had not felt him this big before, but I loved it.Jim asked how it was, I answered it felt awesome. I also heard another voice saying, This pussy is tight, man. Oh fuck! It was some other man’s cock that was entering my pussy. Just as I realized it, the big cock thrust deep into me. I could not help but moan from pleasure. It was so different than Jim’s cock. This thing felt like it was going to break me in half, but I loved the feeling of having my pussy stuffed and stretched. This big cock started to fuck me and it felt intense. I could not see how it was, but he did a good job on my pussy. He was deeper than any other cock had been, only my dildo had gone that deep before. I felt his cock head caressing the bottom of my pussy and rub against my cervix. It was too much for me, I came over his cock. I heard him grunt with pleasure as my pussy got tighter over his cock. His hands held my hips firmly as he pumped in and out of my body. I reached a second orgasm while he still fucked me. I felt his cock getting bigger and his thrust getting harder. Suddenly my blindfold was removed and I could see again. I felt the guy behind me gripping my hips real hard, so hard I thought I would be bruised later. I looked over and saw this great strong looking black guy fucking me. As I looked at his face, I could see that he was about to cum. Jim was fixed and we never used protection, but I was not on the pill. I was about to warning him, but I could feel the hot rush of cum inside of me before I could get a word out of my mouth. He pushed in so hard that he hit my cervix and I felt pain canlı bahis shooting through my body, but it was also pleasure. I started to climax against my own will. I didn’t want to cum when this guy was filling my pussy with his sperm, but it was so exciting and I was too turned on to be able to stop my orgasm with rational thoughts. As his fertile sperm invaded my body I kept cuming and cuming. I looked over at my hubby, who was sitting next to me watching me squirm with pleasure, and he smiled big at me. My black lover finally stopped cuming and held his cock deep in my pussy.I looked up at him and introduced myself to him and thanked him for a good fuck. He smiled and told me that the night was not over yet. He said his name was Leroy and that he intended to fuck me again in a few minutes. Leroy pulled back and his cock was free. My pussy felt empty without this huge cock, and I felt a huge stream of cum leaking out of me. Jim started to untie me and kissed me allover as he did.I hugged him and thanked him for the surprise gift. I told him I was glad he did it this way, because if he had suggested it in any other way I would have refused to sleep with Leroy. I told him if I had seen his cock before he entered me I would not have imagine that I could fit something like that in my pussy. Jim pushed me on my back and fucked me missionary. I was surprised how good his cock felt, just the right size for a normal fuck and I guess I was extra turned on this evening that I managed to cum again with Jim inside of me.As soon as Jim pulled out, Leroy jumped right back into action. He fucked me for another hour in all kinds of positions. I kept cuming and had never had so many orgasms in one evening.After awhile we all three took a shower and then retired to our bedroom. Leroy would not get tired. He said he loved my body and could fuck me for ever. I started to believe him. Around 4 AM we finally passed out. My pussy was so tender at that point that I told Leroy that he could not fuck me again.The three of us slept on the bed with me between the two men. Both guys suck and licked my nipples until we fell asleep in a big bundle.What a birthday gift!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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