Birthday part 1

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Birthday part 1tagGroup SexMy Birthday TreatMy Birthday Treatbytomfpa©My wife and I were looking to expand our sexual horizons. Primarily I was the driver; she seemed fairly satisfied with our relationship and didn’t feel the need to do more or anything “crazier.” We were fairly adventurous together—including things like sex in public places—and after one crazy night, we added a strap-on dildo (which she used to great effect on me occasionally) to our “toybox.” I loved her and couldn’t get enough of her sexually; she’s stayed in shape, about 5’4″ with great proportional breasts and straight dark hair past her shoulders. I wanted more, though, and something I could not get in our relationship, no matter what we did—I wanted us to add a third partner.She’s never been interested in women, so I dismissed that possibility out of hand. I was willing to try a MMF, but only on one condition. I told her I would let her pick the guy (although I had a veto), but that he had to be bisexual. I confessed to her for the first time that for I had harbored bisexual fantasies for years, dating back to college, even though I had never acted on them in any way. Although I had some of the “typical” contact with guys when I was first entering puberty, I had never brought a guy off with my hand or mouth and certainly never gave or received anal sex.Especially when watching porn, which I enjoyed greatly, I found myself focusing on the cocks and wondering what they would feel like (having only really experienced my own). I find women much more attractive in a basic and primal way, but there’s just something about seeing a rock-hard dick that turns me on. She was surprised, but said she would consider it—I got a massive erection just having her say that and we had great sex, falling asleep in a sweaty heap.A couple of days later she came back with an answer—she would go for it, and we would plan it around my 40th birthday, which was still couple of months away. That would allow us time to make plans and line someone up, as well as give us an “excuse” to drop the k**s off with the grandparents for the weekend. We agreed that we would work together to find someone even though she would get to make the final selection (subject to my veto). We signed up as Gold Members on AFF, and a couple of other sites, and of course the crazy offers starting pouring in right away. ;-> We had a hell of a good time looking over profiles, reading hot emails and comparing photos…and even posting a few of our own—a new side hobby we hadn’t anticipated!Eventually we got the list down to five or six guys we were interested in meeting. The first three didn’t impress us as much in person as over the Internet and my wife wanted to keep looking. I could tell she had her eye on the fourth guy—”Bob.”Bob was someone I would describe as a “muscle porn guy”—in a porno you don’t see much of the guy’s face but he is muscular and, of course, has a large and thick cock that he uses to great effect. I’m 5’10”, 160 pounds, athletic and decently endowed, about 6″ and average width. He was 28, 6′, 185 and had short dark hair and Italian features. Bob had me by two inches where it counted, and appeared thicker to boot (we’re both cut and shaved).We set up a meeting at a pub in the evening a week before our planned “getaway.” We arrived at the bar and immediately hit it off—I could tell that this was the one and that it was going to work. My wife flirted with Bob aggressively right from the start; someone at another table might not know who she was actually with, observing her behavior. At one point, my wife leaned over the table and whispered in his ear, winking at me.Bob excused himself to go to the restroom and 30 seconds later my wife followed him. I got up to go with her, but she gently pushed me back in the chair and said she needed to check him out one-on-one. She almost skipped to the restrooms and ducked into the men’s room unnoticed.The suspense was killing me, not to mention the rock-hard erection I was trying to conceal under the table. They were gone for almost ten minutes and my mind was doing wild gymnastics imagining what was happening in the restroom. Bob came out first, looking flushed and sweaty, followed shortly by my wife who was grinning from ear to ear. When they returned to the table she slipped her soaked panties into my pocket for later, playfully rubbing my woody through my pocket, pleased that the situation turned me on. I thought I also saw a fleck or two of cum in her hair. “Well?” I said. “What happened? I need details!” “Later,” she laughed, adding, “I think we’ve found our man, if you’re okay with that?” Okay, hell, I was ready to head to the bathroom with him next! She laughed again and said that I would get my chance, just not tonight. We had a few more drinks and made plans for the next weekend, then said goodnight. Bob and my wife exchanged a fevered kiss before departing and he winked at me as he left.After dropping off the babysitter, we tore off our clothes and were all over maraş escort each other before we could get halfway in the door. Over the course of the night, my wife told me that she had given Bob’s cock and balls a “thorough” inspection and she was happy to report that he was everything his photos and description promised to be. She told me that she sat on the toilet seat and sucked him dry while he fingered her to a raging climax. She said she thought that another guy or two had come in the bathroom and watched them and that she had been thrilled by the thought—another idea for future action! I said that I was sorry there was no video or photos to document it and she said I would just have to be satisfied using my imagination…which I did almost constantly over the course of the week leading up to our next meeting.We planned to meet the next Friday at a decent hotel in our town and get a room for the night. My wife was very excited at the thought of seeing Bob again and about the plans they had made during the week. She had purchased a new perfume, because Bob had said he liked it, and she spent a lot of extra time getting ready, almost like a girl before the prom.It was an incredible turn-on to see how excited she was at the prospect of seeing him! Again, at Bob’s request, she dressed in stockings and garters, but left her underwear and bra at home—she wouldn’t be needing them for this trip and I think it turned both of us on to travel from home with her open and exposed. Her nipples certainly seemed to be as hard as my cock in anticipation!Bob had already checked in and left a key for us at the front desk. As we headed up to the room, my wife could barely keep still in her excitement with anticipation of seeing Bob again and giving me my birthday present. We opened the door and Bob was inside, just opening a bottle of red wine. My wife ran to him and kissed him passionately, with full body contact. We each had a glass of wine and settled down, getting comfortable in the room. My wife explained the ground rules at this point. “We’re going to explore lots of things here tonight, honey, but the first part of your birthday present will be you watching Bob and me together. You’ll get to see what happened at the bar, and I hope a whole lot more.” She winked at Bob and he nodded.”Basic rules are that unless we call you to join in, for the first time it will just be Bob and me until we cum. To make things a little more interesting later, you aren’t allowed to touch yourself or masturbate while we are doing this. If you do, or you don’t agree to this condition, you will have to leave and Bob and I will finish our evening alone.”I had to admit that not jerking off was going to be next to impossible, what with my beautiful wife and this gorgeous man going at it right in front of me, but I wanted to see it so badly I could taste it, not to mention the implication in the rules that I would be involved later. Shaking, I agreed to the terms so we could begin.”Okay, Bob, I think we promised him we would show him what he missed in the bathroom!” My wife stood up and walked over to him, placing her hand on his crotch and slowly rubbing him through his pants. I could see an immediate reaction and he pulled her close for a long and deep kiss. Bob reached up under my wife’s short skirt, exposing her and gently stroking the inside of her thighs. She started moaning and pulled him back toward the bed. “Now, we’re really going to recreate this in detail, so we’ll leave our clothes on, at least for this first part.” I didn’t mind a bit; I think partially dressed but sexually engaged people are mind-blowingly sexy. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide so Bob could access her dripping pussy. He ran his fingers up her legs and gently began rubbing her lips, seeking out the hard clit he had obviously discovered in the bathroom last week. My wife arched her hips toward his hand as she shakily began unzipping his pants. She moaned, “Oh, yeah, right there, right there, but not too hard—I want this to last!” Bob was enjoying this too—I could see that he had gotten so hard that she had trouble getting his cock out into the open. (Come to mention it, I was throbbing and at full attention already too!) With a gentle tug, she was finally able to get his member in the clear, pulling all glorious 8 inches and his balls out of his pants too, an amazing and dizzying sight. I was surprised I didn’t cum right then as she started stroking his shaft with both hands and cupping his balls.She smiled at me and said, “See, didn’t I tell you he was everything he said he was?” I replied that I would have to see Bob totally naked to tell, but that things looked promising so far. She took the tip of his cock into her mouth and began working it in deeper and deeper, bit-by-bit, looking up at him and smiling with her eyes. They had a nice rhythm going between them and I could see Bob’s muscles flex as he worked to thrust his cock into and out of my wife’s mouth.She pulled away escort maraş and worked on the shaft with her tongue, down to his balls, taking each one into her mouth in turn. She looked at me under his shaft and said, “Good to the last drop!” with a mischievous grin.While they mutually masturbated each other, my wife said, “Bob dear, this is fun and we could take it to the conclusion we reached in the bathroom for hubby’s sake, but what I REALLY want is to feel your beautiful cock inside my wet pussy. I’ve been wet all week just dreaming about it!” Bob agreed that he wanted that too. I blurted out that I wanted to see that, too, and they both laughed. I asked my wife if I could get naked and she said yes, but reminded me of the agreement we made when we started—that I could not touch myself or bring myself off while they were “performing.” I said no problem, but that my pants were irritating my straining cock. They laughed again and she agreed so I got naked in no time flat.Soon the only clothing left on was my wife’s stockings and garter. Bob pushed her back on the bed, tracing kisses down her neck and over her breasts while continuing to stroke her legs and stomach. She reached out to pull him inside her but he said “Not so fast, little lady,” and pushed her back on the bed. He climbed on top of her, holding her legs out at the ankles and began rubbing his eight inches up and down the lips of her pussy. She was practically begging him to plunge inside her but he resisted as her hips began to buck. Every time he slid back down her wetness, we held our breath hoping this would be the entry stroke—I found myself rooting for him to slam his cock home all the way to the hilt. Finally, slowly and deliberately, he slid all eight inches deep inside her. “Uuuhhhhhnnnn,” they moaned together, and my wife grabbed his buttocks to keep him stuffed deep inside her. “Don’t move yet; I’ve never had a cock this big inside me and I want to feel you filling me up.” They trembled together for several moments and I again held my breath until she released him and he began to build up a rhythm, flexing his butt and legs as he pulled almost all of the way out only to drive it home again and again and again. Gasping for air, my wife managed to stammer out, “Please, oh please, can you use your fingers on my clit?” She spread her lips wide so there was no doubt where she wanted his touch. “Oooohhhhhh, yeah, just like that baby, just like that, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah…”My wife asked Bob to stop before she came, because she wanted to try out one or two more positions, even though she knew that other opportunities would come. “My husband always really likes it when I’m on top, and I do too, so let’s show him that.” Bob pulled out and they switched positions, with my wife squatting over him on her haunches. “Okay, now Bob, you lie flat and don’t move a muscle—I’ll do the work here. I’ll face hubby so he can see how much I like this.” Bob complied and held his cock straight up like a tent pole. She wiggled around until she found him and lowered herself onto his shaft, groaning with pleasure as he filled her completely.”Mmmmmm oh oh oh that is nice!” Bob stayed completely still as she squatted onto him again and again, taking him all the way in each time, then rising up. She grinned at me, pinching her nipples and rolling her eyes. “Sooooo nice soooo nice.” Bob said he wanted a chance to ram her so she put her knees on the bed and straddled him. He started thrusting with increasing frequency and force, grunting and groaning as he pumped and pumped. My wife’s tits bounced as she tried valiantly to ride out this ferocious fucking. “Uhn uhn uhn uhn uhn oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.” She said she loved the slap of his big flopping balls on her cunt and again requested a change in position to doggy style, so she could really feel them thumping into her.Again, they shifted, with my wife on all fours on the bed and Bob behind her, positioned this time so I had a great side view of that heavenly cock slamming into my wife’s swollen pussy. This time she didn’t wait and when he got close she rammed into him, swallowing his cock deep inside. He humped her, reaching underneath to cradle her swaying breasts with one hand and work her clit with the other, using both to pull her toward him for each thrust. Damn, I thought, when is this guy gonna cum? Then he shifted and slapped her ass, leaving a small red mark. She squealed and said to give it to her again. Bob slapped the other buttock in time with his thrusts and soon both cheeks glowed pink. I noticed a small drop of pre-cum had beaded on the tip of my cock so I took advantage of their thrashing to snag it with my thumb and pop it into my mouth, hoping I hadn’t been noticed. Their tempo began to build toward climax, but Bob slowed down. “Why are you stopping?” my wife asked. “Please please please, keep going!” “If it’s alright with you, I think I’d prefer finishing up with my cock in your ass!” Bob demanded. My wife isn’t too big on anal sex maraş escort bayan usually, but I could tell by the d**gged near-climax look in her eyes that she would have no objection, no will to resist.”It wouldn’t be ladylike to say no to such a pleasing gentleman!” she giggled.Bob got ready and she held her ass up high so he could get a good angle; he was still coated with her pussy juice so they decided to try without lube. I had a feeling this might not take long—the few times we had anal sex she was so tight I shot my wad fairly quickly. Slowly, he eased his cock into her rectum, and they both gasped—Bob at her tightness and my wife at the sensation of being opened and filled. Bob took his time to open her up a little more with each push. It was amazing to see; I could not believe it but within a minute or two he was pushing his cock in all the way down to his balls. My wife moaned continuously as the sensation of being stuffed full overwhelmed her. Bob began to push harder and faster and I could tell he was nearing climax. My wife was rooting him on and begging him to bring her off with his hand, which he did without hesitation. I think she came moments before him, and her spasms finished him off. He thrust one final time and held his cock deep inside her as he gushed hot cum. There must have been quite a bit because some managed to squeeze out through the tight seal around his throbbing cock.Bob and my wife stayed coupled, panting and enjoying the post-climax contact. Then, my wife called me over to the bed. “We’re going to need to clean this up before we move on—how would you like to help out, darling?” She pulled away from Bob; he gasped as she released his still throbbing cock from her ass. As he stepped away, his prick moved and jumped with each pulse as if it had a life of its own. Leaving her ass in the air, my wife ordered me to drain Bob’s cock and clean him up for later. I hesitated for a moment, aware that this would be the first time in my life I had a cock in my mouth. “C’mon, c’mon, we don’t have all day! Look, he’s starting to droop!” she said. It was true, Bob’s dick was shrinking with each passing moment; he held it out and waved it tantalizingly in my direction. I leaned down and took him in my hand, feeling him throb and guiding the tip up toward my mouth. A drop of semen hung from it, about to drop on the floor. I got under it and caught the hot salty liquid before it could fall—once I had his sweet spunk in my mouth I knew I didn’t want to turn back. I took the tip in my mouth and began running my tongue all over it, while pulling on the semen still held inside and tasting the juices my wife left on him. He moaned and jerked but I held him inside my mouth. It was wonderful feeling his reaction, knowing exactly how excruciatingly good it felt to have someone licking and sucking on your cock right after you cum. I worked more of his shaft into my mouth until I felt the gag reflex start—not nearly enough to get him clean—so after a few times in and out I started working on his lower shaft and balls with my tongue and lips. The musky, so intensely male odor of his privates filled my nose and made me feel dizzy with excitement, especially since I had not been permitted to relieve the tension of my erection myself.I could have stayed there for a lot longer, but Bob was getting softer and my wife called me away. “Okay, okay, you’ll get more of that later, but right now I’ve got an ass full of hot cum that needs draining!” I pulled away reluctantly and smiled up at Bob, who gave me a thumbs-up and staggered back to a chair. I scooted back on the bed next to my wife.”Lie on your back; we’ll do this with me on top so I can see Bob’s cum drip on your face.” I positioned myself in the middle of the bed, like she ordered, while she carefully got up and moved her buttocks over my face. “Here you go baby, from Bob to me to you,” she said, as she relaxed her rectum enough to let the cum begin to dribble out. I let a few drops fall on my face for effect and her benefit, and then hungrily lapped up everything else while she urged me on and Bob just laughed.After a while, I put my lips on her rectum and drew the rest of the hot sweet sticky fluid out, savoring every drop, and finished by rimming her clean. Satisfied that I had gotten everything, she stepped off the bed, pulled on a robe and got a glass of red wine. Bob and my wife caught their breath for a few minutes while we had another glass of wine. I mostly held my breath, in anticipation of what might happen next but mostly because my erect penis was throbbing and waving in the air.”Looks like we might have to take care of that soon or it might explode,” Bob said, nodding toward me. “In time, in time,” my wife laughed. “I think it’s time we moved on to phase two. Darling, you said you wanted a three-way for your birthday, so here’s your present.” She walked over to her bag and leaned down to pull something out, showing us her shaved pussy and long lithe legs from behind. I shuddered and Bob laughed when she came back up holding a 7″ purple dildo and a strap-on harness. Rubbing the dildo against her still-dripping pussy, she said I knew what we were going to do with it, and I did—she would mount me from behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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