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Bisex 2I tell you the rest of my previous story.deletedI got out of the bathroom from Peter after bob me to dilate my ass. On leaving I still had the ass dilated, he had fister with his hand, putting practically all the forearm in the bottom of my ass.I go into the living room to meet everyone, I go to sit, but bob takes my arm and tells me”I’m not finished with you and torn, you’re not going to sit down, you’re going to put yourself on all fours on the sofa and you’ll stretch your ass to the maximum, I want to see it open”It scares me, big, fat, and tall, I look at Peter and William, they say nothing, they wait for the sequel.Bob takes me on the sofa and forces me to put me on all fours, I show my ass to everyone.Bob tells Peter”You see this ass, you have too well treated, looks like I dilated, it’s a big slut, she needs to have her ass open”He takes a lubricating gel and brushes my ass, I say nothing, he sticks his hand directly to the bottom of my ass without any effort.”Look like she likes it, we will take her each turn, her ass, you will fister it also”And he pushes with his hand, he sticks a part of his arm in my ass, it hurts me, but in my interior I like it, that violent my ass.With the other hand he kneads my breasts, he pinches my teutons, it hurts me, I shout, he laughs.”Now watch, I push your fore arm in her ass, comes William, put her your hand in her pussy at the same time”William gets up and gets closer, Bob gives him some gel on his hands, and Bob tells him”Go y, stick your hand in her pussy, she will enjoy”I feel the fingers of William sinking into my pussy, his hand also, I have an orgasm, despite the pain of my ass, Bob continues to make a back and forth with his arm he turns his arm in my ass.He removes his arm and spreads my buttocks, he shows everyone my ass completely dilated.”Go y William fist her ass, put her both hands in your ass””No I can not, I’ll tear it””Do not worry, karşıyaka escort her ass can take more, go there I tell you”He adds gel on both hands of william, and william first sink a hand in my ass, without any effort, my ass is wide open”Then you see that it passes, but your second hand, fucks his ass”William inserts the fingers of his second hand into my ass and then he sticks his second hand.I have two hands in my ass, it’s so painful but so good, I push with my ass to push it further, both hands practically enters the middle of the forearm.Bob tells Peter”Come on, you have to fist her ass or her pussy, she is docile, she accepts everything, she likes it, so we will enjoy it, what do you think if I call friends, like that we fuck her ass Turn, all night “To fartdeleted”Hola, go gently, I do not want ****, you ask her if she agrees, I do not want to hurt her”Bob looks at me while I have both hands in my ass, I had another orgasm, I hurt, but I like it “”You want to be fucked all night?”I am in a second state, I did not expect to be submissive, to have my ass so dilated, my doctor had already fister with both hands, I know I can, I do not answer right away.Bob comes in and slams my butt, “so you still want a little slut, you want your ass to be totally broken””Yes”Bob takes his phone and calls several of his friends.He hangs up, I do not know where I am, William continues to fuck my ass with both hands.Bob tells him”Take away your hands, Peter also participates”William removes these hands from my ass, which remains openPeter gets closer, he gets freezing and sticks his hand in my pussy, it’s so wet, his hand comes in alone.Bob tells him”Put your second hand, tear him the pussy to this bitch”Peter add his second hand and turns both hands in my pussy, I have a violent orgasm.I hear the ringing of the door, his friends arrive.The door opens, I hear several voices, Bob comes back escort karşıyaka into the living room with 4 other friends, all stops in ecstasy seeing Peter fist with both hands.Bob says”So guys, I did not tell you bullshit, you have an ass for you tonight, you do what you want.”I look out of the corner of my eye the 4 friends, who undress, they sit on the second sofa, and watch Peter me fister, they have big cocks, they caress, but I see that two of them Take in their mouths the cocks of the other two, they are also bisexual.Peter removes both hands from my pussy, I go to get up, Bob gives me a big slap on the buttocks”Do not move, we’re going to fuck your ass and pussy”I remain like that.”Go guys, come and fuck her ass”One of the friends gets up, approaches his dick of my ass, and pushes it all at once to the balls, my ass is so dilated.He goes and comes to the bottom of my ass,”Damn, she’s good, we’re gonna have fun with her ass”William approaches and fucks his friend at the same time.He ejaculates in the bottom of my ass, and retires but William continues to fuck him.I can rest a littleI turn and see, a friend, who sticks his hand in the ass of the other, I begin to understand, they fist regularly, that’s why I will have my ass dilate tonight, they will enjoy That I am a girl.Bob comes with a bottle of wine, and serves in glasses everybody, he me me a drink, I drink avidly, I thirst.Bob looks at me and smiles, waits I have a surprise for you, tends your ass, I do not understandHe presents the bottle of wine which is now empty before my ass, it adds gel”No Bob, not the bottle””Was you bitch, I do what I want from your ass”And he sticks the bottle in my ass, he starts with the neck, and then he practically pushes the whole bottle in my ass.”Look at the slut how I fuck it”Everybody is watching my ass with a bottle of wine sticking in it, I stroke my pussy, this is the first time that karşıyaka escort bayan they do me this.I hear the ringing of the door, there are still people arriving, I can not move, the bottle is so deep in my ass, I am afraid that it is full and that one can not Not stand it out.I hear voices”Hello company, so it seems we have fun here”deleted5 other men arrive, and stays wide open mouth when seeing me on the sofa with a bottle in my ass.Bob says”Come guys, enjoy it, a little slut who loves getting fucked, and who is very docile, I widen her ass for you”Bob comes back to me, and takes off the bottle of my ass, my ass is dilated and open.”Go ahead, fuck the”All turn into orgy, other men suck and fuck, I’m on the sofa, and one comes behind me, takes his cock and puts it in my pussy, after a while, He turns me so that I may be upon him, and another comes and fucks me at the same time.I’m full of orgasm, I like being submissive to men, that they do what they want of my body.During the whole night, I am taken from front, from behind, I am fist, Bob remakes me a deep fisting.I collapse with fatigue, the whole house stinks sperm, sweat, in the morning I see 12 men lying naked.I go to dress and leave, suddenly Bob arrives behind me and catches me by the arm”where are you going ?””I am coming back home””No I still want your ass, come on””No I do not want anymore, I hurt everywhere, my ass does not close properly””Was you and come”He takes me by the arm and forces me to go back on the sofa, he throws me on, and he resumes frost, I figure he’ll still fuck my ass with his hand.He fills his hand and his arm of frost, he spreads my legs upwards, and pushes his hand in my ass, and pushes, pushes, arrives to the forearm, and he Turns in my ass, after he licks my pussy at the same time, it’s too good, I like.He masturbates with the other hand, and when ejaculating, he puts his cock in my mouth, he ejaculates at the bottom of my throat.”Here you can go, come back whenever you want”I take my dress and I go away, I go home, directly under the shower, and I call the doctor, I want him to check my ass and my pussy.this is the first time I made my fist so violently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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