Brandy (Chapter 9)

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Brandy (Chapter 9)FuckedIt wasn’t like anything Brandy thought it would be. Every girl dreams about losing her innocence in a romantic setting, everything perfect, a gentle lover that would guide her, something to remember forever. Brandy was nervous, babysitting for Cindy and Michael tonight, sure that it would be happening soon. Their sex had been leading up to the moment when Michael would take her virginity, Brandy ready to give it up to him. She dressed in a short skirt that would entice him with her long legs, a thong leaving little in the way of Michael taking her. A cashmere sweater hugged her breasts, Brandy putting on a bra only because she thought Cindy might suspect something if she didn’t.It was Cindy that answered the door, as usual she was flustered and in a hurry. How did Michael put up with her continuously being late? Brandy went in the den with the k**s, Cindy saying goodbye when they were ready to leave, Brandy disappointed that she never even saw Michael.Brandy grew excited when she heard their SUV pull up, the k**s in bed a long time ago, Brandy on the couch watching the end of the movie. Cindy popped into the room.“Have you seen it before, Brandy,” Cindy asking her about the movie she was watching.“No, it’s a good movie.”Cindy turned to Michael. “Watch the movie with her Michael, it’s only on for fifteen minutes and then walk her home. It’s too good for her to miss. I’m going up and getting into bed.”Brandy didn’t see her, but she knew that she was kissing Michael, jealous of her. He finally walked in, handsome as ever. He sat down on the couch next to her, moving closer when he heard Cindy going up the stairs. “I missed you, Michael,” she whispered to him.“I’m here now.” Michael looked up at the stairs, then back to Brandy. “Watch the movie.” His hand went to her lap, noticing the way her legs spread as soon as he touched her naked flesh. “The television, don’t watch me.”It was hard not to grab him, but she did as he said, watching the television as she grew excited by the powerful, hot hand on her naked leg. His fingers curled around her thigh, pushing up her skirt up as his hand went higher up her leg. She spread her legs willingly as he began to explore the flesh of her inner thigh. She almost came when his fingers played along the edge of her panties, her skirt pushed aside, the juices flowing freely from her excited pussy. She grabbed the arm of the couch, wishing it was Michael’s cock, stroking it as his fingers finally touched bahis şirketleri her pussy, strong, demanding fingers pinching her lips, Brandy biting her lip to keep from crying out in joy.He had her squirming on the couch in minutes, his fingers tugging on her puffy lips, yanking them as her ass bounced up and down. His cock was rock hard, wanting release, but he would wait until they got outside. Tonight would be the night he took her. “Take off your panties,” he whispered to her, Brandy slipping them off so quickly. She sat back in the couch, her legs spread obediently as Michael’s hands returned to her pussy, this time only hot, naked flesh for his pleasure. He could smell the young girl’s arousal.It felt so good when his hands took command of her, pulling back her pussy lips until she was spread open obscenely, another finger sliding between them and stroking her wetness up and down her slit. Her legs were spread like a wanton whore, but she was caught up in all the pleasure that his fingers brought her. The couch was wet by time his fingers found her clit, teasing the aroused organ that even her own fingers couldn’t duplicate. By time the movie was finally over, Brandy was ready for him to make love to her, hoping tonight was the night. She had even missed the end of the movie.It felt so good with Michael’s arm around her waist, the wetness between her legs, her panties stuffed in her purse. They weren’t even half way across the yard when Michael pushed her over towards the picnic table, shaded by the large pine tree. She didn’t care, only wanting to feel Michael making love to her.He pushed her over to the picnic table, out of sight from either house. When she was close enough, he turned her around until her ass was up against his hard cock, pushing down on her back until he eased her upper body onto the picnic table. He flipped up her skirt, laying it across her back, her naked ass revealed in the bright moonlight. He should take her in the ass that would certainly surprise her.She turned her head to face him when she heard the hiss of his zipper going down. She watched him take out his magnificent cock, the head glistening in the moon light. He bent her over the table, his feet pushing between her legs until she spread her legs, wider and wider until they were touching the corner of the table. She felt her pussy spread open in the cool night air. His hands were on her hips, feeling him behind her. This wasn’t how she expected illegal bahis it to happen, but the minute she felt the rubbery head of his hot cock sliding up and down her slit from behind, it no longer mattered. It felt so good, too good to stop and protest. His hands drew her hips up, her ass rising up, his cock following every movement. It was running up and down her slit, Brandy knew he was getting it wet to put inside her.Her ass cheeks were parted, her tiny asshole peeking out as he drew her up. He fisted his cock and ran it between her lips until it was wet with her arousal. He saw his bedroom light go out as he shoved the head of his cock into her tight virgin hole. He felt her stretching to take him, Michael relentless as he pressed his cock into her, his lust unleashed. He felt her hymen, pausing for a second, unable to contain his lust. He shoved with his hips, his hands digging into the flesh of her hips as he held her submissively as his cock ripped through her hymen with little trouble.One minute she felt him rubbing along her slit, then his cock was poised at the entrance of her pussy. She was unprepared when his cock began to stretch her, then suddenly he speared her with his massive cock. She felt the tearing pain, then he was inside her. His cock pushed aside all her resistance, stretching her to take the thick head. He never stopped moving, pulling out, but then thrusting back in, each time his cock opening her up deeper. His hands never left her hips, holding her pinned to the table as his cock began to fuck her. Not make love to her, for this was pure lust. She was almost lifted up with each thrust, Brandy standing on her toes as she took his cock inside her. He was reaming her out, his cock touching all the place she had dreamed of, but not like this.It was incredible, Michael enjoying the young virgin. She was so tight, grunting loudly as his cock fought his way inside her with each thrust. He was relentless, his balls aching for release, yet not willing to give up the delightful way her pussy clenched on his cock as he fucked her. It only made him fuck her harder, driving in and out with powerful thrusts that rocked her back and forth onto his cock. He looked down; his cock covered with a pink sheen of virgin blood, her pussy gripping the shaft almost possessively with each thrust. If he was fucking her too hard, she barely whimpered a protest. It only drove him harder.He pounded into her until she felt his cock head bang illegal bahis siteleri against her cervix, but then he drew it out, only to thrust back in, this time Brandy forced to take the full measure of his cock inside her. His cock was rubbing places that had never been touched, teasing and taunting her insides until she began to respond to the pure a****l lust. She began to move her hips in circles, his cock moving with more ease now that her pussy was juicing in desire. She pushed back to meet his a****l thrusts inside her, both of them driven by only one desire, the need to cum.She was meeting his thrusts, her insides suddenly alive as her muscles gripped his cock when he pulled out, relaxing so he could thrust in harder. His abdomen slapped against her ass cheeks, jarring her with his powerful thrusts. His fingers curled around her body, her hips rising up when he captured her clit, his fingers gripping it as he fucked her hard and fast.It was over in a matter of minutes. Brandy lost her innocence bent over a picnic table, taken hard from behind as if she had done this a hundred times before. She was thankful that he at least made an attempt to make her cum, his fingers knowing just what to do to make her cum. This is was what she would always remember of this night, the first jet of hot cum that shot inside her. She could feel his cock grow in size and then it spit out his cum inside her. She could feel it blasting the walls of her once virgin passage with his hot cum. She came with him after the first blast, continuing as he filled her with a second and third jet of cum. She never felt anything like it before.His lust was gone as soon as he emptied his cum into her. He was bent over her, his cum already leaking out and running down her thighs when he pulled out. He looked at his cock, covered in cum. He couldn’t go home like this. He spun her around and pushed her to her knees. He found her mouth opened in surprise, quickly shoving his semi hard cock through her lips. “Lick it clean. I can’t take a chance that Cindy would see all the cum on my cock.”She never knew what happened when he pulled out, Brandy inexplicitly finding herself on her knees and his wet cock slipping through her lips. She felt the shame of what she did when she heard Cindy’s name, humiliated to have to lick off her virgin blood and cum from his cock so he could go home and get into his wife’s bed clean and fresh. Yet she obeyed him without protest, her tongue performing the vile task without question or protest. When she was finished, he zipped up his pants, not saying a word as he left her off at her door. Not so much as a word from his mouth, never mind a kiss of affection. She went into the house, no longer a virgin. 

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