But I’m Not Gay Wife Wager

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But I’m Not Gay Wife WagerI stared blankly at the television. It was a chip shot. A gimme. My favorite football team had just missed a 22 yard field goal that would of won the game. Hell my 14 year old neighbor could of made that kick. What rubbed salt into the mental wound was my girlfriend, who was dancing around the living room with glee. We had made a little wager on the game and she had won. Why did she pick the winning team? Not because of any in-depth analysis. She picked the winning team because she liked the color of their uniforms. The bet she won started out as a penny. It built to cooking dinner which led to cleaning the house and after several rounds of one-upping each other it had led to this: I was to be her house slave for a week.As she continued dancing around, her slightly sagging 34D breasts moving in counter with her heart shaped ass, I stared at the wall. “No, you will not have to wear a French maid outfit, you don’t have the legs for it.” She giggled, seemingly reading my gloomy mind.”Now don’t be a sore loser baby.” She walked over to my recliner and knelt between my legs.I grumbled out loud. I knew I was in store for a full week of cleaning things with a toothbrush and who knows what else.”Hmm maybe this will help cheer you up.” Dani unzipped my jeans, fished out my limp cock and began an impromptu blow job. If this was losing, I was all for it.She quickly sucked me to an erection, her long dark hair brushed against my legs. Just as my mood changed for the better, she stood up, wrapped her hand around my shaft and told me to follow her. Something about her guiding me down the hall by my cock seemed very erotic.We quickly made it to the bedroom where she dropped to her knees in front of me, pulled down my jeans and boxers and returned to the blowjob. As I stood there enjoying her oral skills, I heard her pull open the drawer on the end table next to our bed. I didn’t think much of it, but after a few moments I felt something on my bare ass. Her hand made its way around my right butt cheek to my anus. As she deep throated me, I felt a wet, greasy finger probe my asshole. This was a first, and after the initial shock I let forth a massive groan. She slowly moved her finger in and out in a thrusting motion that drove me over the edge. I emptied my cock into her mouth in the biggest, hardest load I’d ever delivered. I grabbed our bed’s headboard to keep from collapsing.”Holy shit baby!” My cum was dripping out of the corner of her mouth. “You must really like having your ass played with.” She seemed to be extremely happy about this discovery. I could almost hear the gears turning in her head. She was up to something that made me wonder what was in store for me for the next seven days. As I was recovering, she started listing my immediate duties. “Start on the laundry and figure out what you are going to cook for dinner. Oh, and for this week, you are forbidden to wear clothes at home.” She wasn’t done with the rules. “Since you leave earlier in the morning than I do and get home at mid-afternoon, I’ll have a list of instructions for you each day laying on the bed when you get home.”I’m part the second part of a mid-market Radio morning show called “Johnny and Jerry”. I do the news, sports and offer some set ups for the star of the show, Johnny, to work with. I’m up at 4am but get home by 1:30pm. Dani works a more conventional 8 to 5 job as office manager at an accounting firm. This arrangement works well for us most of the time, allowing me to get some things done before she gets home. For the next week, I’ll just have more work and less goofing off to do in the afternoon.As my Sunday continued, I worked on two loads of laundry and cooked a decent dinner of Pork Chops, baked potato, corn and a salad. I’m not much of a cook but Dani seemed to appreciate my effort.When we went to bed, Dani made it clear there would be no sex on this night. She giggled as she turned away from me and mumbled something about wait until tomorrow.The Johnny and Jerry show went well on Monday morning. Johnny got a good laugh on me losing the bet, and we had some good phones especially with the no-clothes rule. I’m no Greek God by any means, but I try to keep my 6’2″ 28 year old frame in good shape through weights and cardio. I walked into the house and made my way to the bedroom. Sure enough, there was a note with instructions. There was also a small sack on the bed.Get naked was the first instruction. That was easy enough. The note listed the normal cleaning and cooking duties, but also a few unusual instructions including being at the front door, on my knees, forehead to the floor, ass up high and hands behind my back. It also said to open the bag now.”What the fuck?” I opened the bag to discover an anal plug and a bag of lube. Attached to the bag was a note that said to make sure my anus muğla escort was clean inside and out and then insert the small plug before she was due home.I finished my cleaning duties and took a long shower to make sure everything was clean as instructed. I went to the bedroom, heart pounding, as I opened the anal plug and the tube of lubricant. I had never tried anything like this, but honestly, how difficult could it be? I applied lube to the plug and my finger before trying to insert a finger into my ass. After thinking I was properly prepared, I put the tip of the plug to my opening, took a deep breath and pushed. Surprisingly, it slid in with relative ease. It was small and I took the plug fully inside up to its wide base. “Well, that’s not too bad.” I made the proclamation to an empty room. The small plug actually felt kind of nice. I took a couple of steps and was confident I could walk around with only a little difficulty. I had dinner well in hand when I heard Dani’s car pull into the driveway. I hurried to the front door and took the position as instructed with ass high in the air, complete with anal plug.”Welcome, my owner.” I thought this was a good move on my part and figured it would generate a laugh from her. I heard her circle me, halting when she got behind me. I felt a sharp smack to my butt cheek. “That’s for making a joke.” The definite tone in her voice told me she wasn’t amused.I felt another smack to my bare butt “From now on, you will call me your Queen.” She was defiantly enjoying this. “Stupid kicker.” For that mumbled comment I received two more swats to my ass. They were starting to sting.”My, this looks nice.” There was a more pleasant tone in her voice as she tapped the base of my plug. It caused a small vibration that sent shivers through my spine. It also brought my cock to attention.I was told to stand which brought my cock to her attentive dark brown eyes. “My goodness, you really like having your ass played with.” She handed me a bag that was in her hand. “Good thing I bought this on the way home. Go turn down the heat on dinner, we’ll eat later.”I was then told to follow her to the bedroom and to kneel, presenting my plugged ass to her. She tapped the end of the plug again, then removed it entirely. I frowned due to the vacant feeling in my ass. I wondered why the hell I was disappointed to have that thing removed. I heard Dani, err my Queen, open a package followed by the now familiar feel of her lubed finger probing my ass. “You’re going to love this, it’s bigger and better.” She didn’t show me what this new plug was like but I immediately felt the difference. It was bigger, stretching my hole more. I moaned as she inserted it, my cock now fully hard.I was told to finish preparing dinner. We enjoyed the meal with small talk about our day. It was like our normal relationship except I was naked sitting on an anal plug with a massive hard on. Just another typical day in suburbia, right?As the evening progressed and it was time to go to bed, I was told to remove the plug, however there would be no sex tonight. I really needed relief. This whole slave thing was starting to suck! To make matters worse, as I lay in bed still mostly hard, I heard Dani next to me masturbating to a rather vocal orgasm. She kissed me good night, proclaiming it’s good to be the Queen.That was the order of events over the next three days. Cleaning, cooking, anal plugs, erections and no sex. Strangely, I was starting to really enjoy the feeling of having my ass filled with the plug. As for work, I kept the kinky plug stuff as my secret but the no clothes rule was a running joke all week. The boss surprisingly loved it and encouraged us to continue with the running gag. A picture was even taken of me naked behind a strategically placed cardboard box, and it was posted on our radio station website. Friday arrived and my work week was done. Upon arriving home I quickly shed my clothes in the bedroom. The note was short and to the point. I was to shave my crotch completely, give myself an enema, shower and then open a package on the bed. Nothing about cleaning or cooking. I did as my Queen instructed. It was the first time I had an enema. It was an interesting procedure that I wasn’t sure if I liked or not. I took extreme care in shaving my balls and crotch and managed to do so with out nicking myself. I opened the package and found something new. This time it was not the regular anal plug. This one still had the wide base, but it was in the shape of a cock. I judged it to be around 5 inches, slightly smaller than my own. I read the note. I was to lube yourself generously and insert my new friend, the cock. I wondered to myself it was really necessary to remind me to use lube. This rubber cock may have only been five inches but it seemed like alot to shove into my ass.The note escort muğla continued. I was to sit in the wooden desk chair and stay there until you hear me pull into the driveway and then assume the normal position. Well this was certainly interesting. After following the obvious lube instruction, I put the tip of the rubber cock to my ass. I had learned by now to push out and things would work easier. The head slid in and I slowly worked the full length into my ass. It was a struggle to walk with it in me but I managed to make it to the desk chair. I sat down which caused the cock to slide a little deeper. I saw a small note taped to the computer screen. It read that I could turn on the computer but only go on line and only click the link in Favorites marked “Queen’s Slut.”Since I had no idea how long it would be before she got home, I figured what the hell. The link turned out to be a free porno video clip site. An all male gay video porno site. Prior to this week I hadn’t had a gay thought in my life, but for some reason I was intrigued. The rubber cock in my ass was probably why. I clicked on a picture that started a five minute clip of a thin white guy fucking another thin white guy from behind as hard as possible. I was once again hard. I hadn’t had sex all week and really needed some action, but I instinctively knew not to stroke one out with out my Queen’s permission. I hoped I’d get some action tonight because my balls were as blue as the ocean. I clicked on several links and watched clip after clip of guys fucking in every position imaginable. I was half way through one marked “gang bang” when heard the sound of a car door. I closed the internet and quickly moved into my bowing position, complete with an ass full of rubber cock.As the door opened I broke into an abrupt panic. It wasn’t the sound of one door opening and one set of footsteps, it was the sound of two doors and two sets of footsteps. My Queen had brought home a guest. “FUCK!” I silently screamed to myself. Here I am naked, ass full of rubber cock, massive hard on, and we have a guest. Bet or no bet, this was bullshit and this game was over. “OOh what do we have here?” It wasn’t Dani’s voice. It was the voice of a man. A deep voice. This guy, whomever he is, could have a real future in commercial voice-overs. “Oh Dani, your slut is absolutely delicious! May I inspect him?”Her slut? What the hell was this all about? I was just about ready to walk to the bedroom, get dressed and throw the both of them out. “Baby, would you go kneel on the coffee table please?” She used her overly sweet yet seductive voice that no man could say no to. I slowly leaned up when I saw him. He towered over my 6’2″ frame by several inches and was a walking muscle. Closely cut brown hair and dark brown eyes completed the look. “Is this a clothing optional house?” He didn’t wait for an answer and immediately shed his clothes as I got on my knees on the coffee table.”Hands behind the head, slut.” This time it was our guest that shot out the command. I shot Dani a look that was only greeted with a smile. I was still miffed when I looked over at this mysterious stranger. My eyes met his cock, and my attitude changed. His looked slightly longer than mine and thicker. “Baby, this is Brian, a co-worker of mine. He is going to inspect you and if he likes what he sees, he’s going to have sex with you.” She said it in a very matter-of-fact tone. I wondered at what point did I lose control of my life? Like hell he’s going to fuck me. This charade is over. I was about to confront this nonsense when, once again, my eyes found his cock. Damn, now that was a real man’s cock. Suddenly my throat was dry and words couldn’t be found. I obediently stayed in the position as ordered. Brian walked around me, pinching my nipples and running his hand over my abs. He reached down and cupped my balls. It was the first time another man had touched my private parts, and my cock was betraying me. I was fully hard and trembling.I could tell this Viking warrior of a man liked what he saw out of me. He walked around behind to my ass.”Well what do we have here?” He said it with a certain playful tone. “Looks like someone was being prepped ahead of time for me.” I heard Dani start to giggle.”He has taken to anal play like a champion little slut. He can’t get enough of it this week. So, if you agree, you will be his end of the week reward.” My reward? What the hell was going on? “Pardon me, Queen, just what is going on, and do I have a say in things?””Of course, my slut. You’ve had a love affair with anal plugs all week. Your cock has betrayed you, proving you’ve loved this new found fun. So, tonight the rubber cock is going to be replaced with Brian’s cock.”She continued to explain. “If Brian wants to, he will fuck your ass tonight. Now, don’t pull the ‘But I’m Not Gay’ muğla escort bayan comment with me. I know you love me and love fucking me. This is just going to open up new things for you is all.” Time stopped for me. She was right, I loved having my ass filled and Brian was so fucking hot. I raised my head and looked Brian right in his beautiful brown eyes. “Brian, would you please fuck this lowly slut’s ass” I asked. “Repeatedly?” I added. I wondered where the hell that thought came from?Brian grinned. “You have a delicious little ass. You are about to enjoy the best fuck of your life. So, are you really a slut?” Without blinking, I gave him the answer everyone expected to hear. “Tonight, I am your slut.”With that, I climbed down from the coffee table, stayed on my knees and took Brian’s cock in my hand. I brought it to my lips and kissed the tip. Dani knelt down beside me. “Ok baby, go slow, this is what you need to do.” “My Queen, I may have never sucked a cock but I certainly know how one should be sucked.” She grinned as I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I ran my tongue over and around the tip. “Breath through your nose and relax” Dani urged.I slowly took more of Brian’s cock into my mouth. I felt him grow hard which made me feel proud. He started to slowly fuck my mouth with part of his cock. I wanted all of him in my mouth, but knew that just wasn’t going to happen on this first time.While this was going on, I felt a familiar hand on my ass. Dani slowly took the rubber cock out of me. “Mmmm, you’re stretched out nicely, slut. Brian, I think he’s ready to be fucked.”I didn’t complain, I didn’t fight, I accepted what was about to happen. I even looked forward to it. I got on my hands and knees, presenting my ass to him. I looked up to see Dani shedding her clothes. She sat on the floor in front of me, legs spread, fingering her trimmed pussy.”Oh my God, this is going to happen. Brian’s cock is going to be fucking the hell out of you. Oh my god baby!” She was fingering herself quickly and sounded like she was already nearing climax.I felt the tip of Brian’s cock at my hole. I concentrated on relaxing myself, remembering to push out to make it slide in easier. I could feel that his cock was well lubed. He very slowly pushed forward, pressing the head of his cock into my hole millimeter by millimeter. Damn I wanted that cock inside me. The week of plugs, the two hours of gay porn, I wanted my prize. I pushed back into him, forcing the head of his cock into my ass. I grimaced at the pain but pushed out with my anal muscles. Since my ass had been stretched by the rubber cock all afternoon, the pain lastly only a moment. Pleasure took over as he started to slide the shaft into me. “Oh God, fuck me Brian!” I couldn’t take it anymore and shoved my ass back towards him. “FUCK ME OH GOD FUCK ME PLEASE.” The red hot pain of having his thick cock inside of me quickly subsided due to my pure lust.I was panting. “Fuck this eager little slut. Please, fuck me hard. Use me.” Brian pressed the rest of his cock into me until I felt his balls swing against mine. He pulled out to just the head and slid inside of me again.”Yes, fuck that little slut!” It was Dani’s voice. “Fuck that little ass. Make him your little bitch. You want to be his little bitch, don’t you baby?” She growled, moments before she moaned to what seemed to be a climax that almost made her black out.”Harder, fuck this little bitch harder. I can take it. I want to please you. Use me, fuck me, oh GOD YES just like that!” I was growling at him, my ass full of cock and the rest of me filled with lust. All I wanted in life right now was his cock fucking my ass.I knew I was close to cumming, with out anyone touching my cock. I soon unloaded stream after stream of cum into the carpet below me.”Oh My God! You just fucked the cum out of him!” Dani was obviously enjoying the fucking going on in front of her.”That makes him a true anal slut. He’ll still want to fuck you, Dani, but he’ll always want cock from now on.” Brian’s voice was heavy with lust.By the sound of his voice, I knew Brian was close to cumming. His fingers dug into my hips as he shoved his cock deep into my ass and unloaded. I felt stream after stream of his cum fill my ass and start leaking down my legs. As good as it felt, I wondered what it would be like shooting down my throat. I didn’t want this experience to end. Brian was right, I wanted cock. I knew I would be fucking Dani this weekend, but I desperately wanted Brian’s cock inside me over and over again.As the three of us collapsed into the pool of cum on the living room carpeting, we were all silent for a period of time. I decided to speak first.”Baby, remind me to send a thank you note to the kicker for missing that field goal.” That brought a laugh from Dani.”Brian, ummm could you, I mean, would you like to stay for a while, like maybe the weekend?”Dani let out a laugh. “Just the weekend?” “Well, for starters.” I leaned down to Brian’s cock and started licking, trying to bring it back to life. It was going to be a memorable weekend.

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