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CalvinIt’s Saturday night, I took my guy friend Jeff to work, wishing so badly he didn’t have to work. When he got out of the car, he kissed me a few times, then headed for the door. I was texting a friend, when one of the guys from the plant walked up to my car. He leaned in the window and asked what I was doing when I left. I told him I was gong to go home and play with my pussy. This guy Calvin has been flirting with me every morning when I go to pick up Jeff.He told me that they were sending guys home, cuz some of the machines weren’t working and he was probably going to be one of them. Calvin asked if Jeff didn’t get to leave, if I would want to go home with him and let him play with my pussy. I smiled and said that would be fun. I told him that I needed to go to the gas station and get gas before I went any further. Calvin called me and said he would meet me at the station so I could follow him home. He told me that Jeff volunteered to stay and work on some of the machines. I told Calvin, he probably felt that he owes me sex, becuz I drove so far and wasted gas. Well, Calvin said that he’s on his way to get me. We drove a few miles from the plant and we were at this nice apartment complex. I was impressed considering the area we were in.Calvin grabbed my hand and led me to his condo. I was very shocked to see such a neat place. He laughed at me and said that his sister would kick his ass if she came home to a mess. I asked where she was, he said out of town for a couple of weeks. We had full access to everything, the pool, the hot tub, the sauna and the weight room. I sat on the couch as Calvin made me a glass of wine. We chatted for a few minutes, before Calvin reached for my shirt and started to undress me. He told me that he has admired my tits from the way I would Escort flirt with him in the mornings. My nipples grew hard and he pulled on each one. I went to reach for his cock, but he told me that I could wait for that. He kissed me passionately and rubbed my arms, shoulders and my chest.Calvin was sitting next to me and had pulled me to sit on his lap. I straddled his waist and continued kissing him. Calvin would run his hands down my sides and cup my ass and pull me more closer to him. Damn, he kisses good. His tongue is so strong, I can’t wait to have him fuck my pussy with it. Calvin reached for my button and zipper. I got to my knees for him to pull my jeans down. He did just that, but left my panties on. His fingers traced my pussy, teasing me and making me twitch. I stood up to remove my jeans, when he led me to his bedroom. I was thrilled to see the candles lit and some music playing on his stereo. Calvin pulled me to his bed and began to kiss me everywhere, as he laid me down.Kisses from my forehead to my panties, then he pulled my panties off with his teeth. His kisses traced my moist pussy. I spread my legs wider for his enjoyment. He moaned as he tasted my wetness. I moaned with his flickering on my clitoris. His tongue went in my hole and fucked me with it. Like I said before, his tongue is so strong.A finger made it’s way into me, then another and another, he said that he needs to stretch me a bit, to be prepared for his cock. With each thrust I bucked for more. I begged him to take his pants off and let me suck him. Calvin took his pants off and his dick bounced at me with excitement. I pulled him towards me and I sucked his head as the pre cum dripped down my throat.He was right, his dick is huge and thick. I know I’ve had long dicks before, Escort Bayan but his was at least a foot long. I know it excited me to see such a sight. I couldn’t swallow his dick, like I could Jeff’s and some of the others that I sucked off, but he didn’t care. Calvin said that he’s never had a woman suck his dick the way I could. I took as much as I could and stroked him for a bit longer.After a short time of me sucking him, he lay me back down and began to insert himself inside my pussy. I moaned as he reached my hot spot, he pumped me a few times, til I exploded my cum all over his dick. Calvin slid further in me, I pulled my legs up around his waist and begged for more. Calvin said he was ready to blow his wad, when I said no, not yet.I pushed him over and went back down on sucking his cum covered dick. more moans from both of us. Calvin pulled me to his face to lick and suck my pussy, until he was ready to fuck some more. I crawled on top of his dick and slid down, taking most of him inide. I held on to his arms as I pumped his shaft. I screamed loudly as I came again. Calvin pulle me to his chest and fucked me with jack rabbit speed, til he came in me. I could feel ribbons of hot cum shooting through me. I lay on top of him panting and telling him, that I could do this all night. He told me I could stay the night if I wanted. We fucked a few more times before I got up to take a shower. Calvin joined me and we fucked standing up in the shower. He had me pinned to the wall as he lifted me to wrap my legs around him. The steam from the water had our bodies sweating. I thought I had died and went to heaven with his loving touches on my body.We finished and got out of the shower. Calvin gave me a shirt to put on, I tossed it to the chair and got into Bayan Escort bed. What’s the point of wearing a shirt, when it’s going to come back off anyways. We lay in his bed to go to sleep for a few hours, before I had to leave to pick Jeff up from work. The time had passed when my alarm went off. I wanted to fuck him one more time before I had to leave, so I reached towards his cock. When I barely touched him, he began to grow. I sucked for a few minutes, then crawled on top again and began pumping his lucious dick.Calvin held me up as he fucked my pussy hard. I told him I wanted to swallow every drop of his cum. When he was ready, Calvin stood up and stroked his dick with a quick stroking method. I licked my lips while my mouth was open. The first squirt was on my cheek, then the rest was in the back of my throat. I pulled him into me, like I was a blowup doll. He fucked my face until he was finished cumming. I sucked him for a few more minutes.Calvin pulled from me and told me, I had about 10 minutes before Jeff got off work. I got dressed with the shirt Calvin gave me to wear for bed. I told him to keep my shirt and I will get it from him some other time.I headed back to the plant with the aroma of sex and his aftershave on the shirt. I got back to the plant with just a few minutes to spare. When Jeff got in the car, he looked at me and reached over for a kiss. He moaned telling me I smelled good and my kisses tasted good. I said thanks with a big smile and we left. I hsd a big smile on my face all the way back to his house. Jeff asked what was up with that, I told him I was just happy to see him. I’m such a liar, I really was feeling my love juices forming in my panties.Jeff told me as he got out of the car, that he may not have to work tonight. I said ok, but was disappointed cuz I won’t see Calvin til Monday night. We kissed good bye and he went into his house. While I was driving back to my house, Calvin called to tell me he had a good time and that he can’t wait til we could do this again. I agreed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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