CARL, road trip 2

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CARL, road trip 2After we had unloaded farmer Paul’s lumber, he invited us in for lunch. Clara made cream of chicken noodle soup and ham sandwiches. It was a terrific meal. Paul and Clara are in their forties I would guess. They seemed to get on well together. When we were done, I helped Clara clear the dishes. In the kitchen, out of sight of the dining room, Clara grabbed my crotch. She gave my cock and balls a quick rub and squeeze. “Nice junk,” she whispers.I chuckle and whisper, “Thanks.”When I returned to the dining room, Paul asks, “So, Carl, have you ever been inside a barn?”“No, I haven’t, “ he replied. “Clara, give Carl a tour. We’ll go downstairs and I’ll write Earl a check for the lumber.”We went downstairs into Paul’s office. He sat behind the desk and opened a drawer and withdrew a ledger and check book.I sat across the desk from him.He was in a chatty mood and told me all about his folks and how the farm had had good years and bad years. In high school he wanted to be a teacher but the timing was wrong and he had to take over the family farm when his folks died. After about fifteen minutes he got down to business. He looked over the invoice that I’d given him. He asked, “Earl forgot the delivery charge.”“Earl said you were a good customer. He really appreciates your business so there is no charge.”“Thanks very much. Please tell him, I appreciate that.”“I will.”He wrote out the cheque, entered it in his ledger and handed it to me. He looks at his watch and says, “Enough time should have elapsed by now for Carl to have thrown a quick fuck into Clara!”I was shocked and exclaimed, “What!”“Clara is awfully bored and restless here on the bursa escort farm. She gets horny and needs a good fucking every now and again.”“But, she’s your wife. You don’t mind her fucking other guys?”“She’s my sister, not my wife. Dad left the family farm to both of us. We’re partners.”“I see.”“Neither one of us ever met a suitable spouse, so, we have stayed single.”“Different strokes for different folks,” I commented.He chuckled. “When we were growing up, Clara was quite a handful. Our folks were so worried that all her fucking around would get her pregnant, they took her to the doctor for birth control. He noticed that their was something different about her women’s parts. He sent her to a gynaecologist. He found that she had a split vagina and in all likelihood she could never get pregnant. Clara was delighted. She could fuck around all she wanted. And she did.”“Was that difficult for you growing up?”“No. Luckily I was big and scrappy enough that guys wound up with black eyes and fat lips for teasing me.”“You never married?”“Nope. Just between you and me, all the gals I fucked in high school never really did it for me. I got bigger more intense kicks from jerking off. So, today, my right hand and I are a two-some,” he laughed.I chuckled, “Good on you, to each his own.”We went upstairs and walked out to the truck.Clara and Carl are standing beside the truck.After handshakes and goodbyes all around, Carl and I got into the truck.We had gone about half a mile when I asked, “So, did you fuck Clara?”He was shocked and stuttered, “Wwwhhhatttt!”“Well did you?”“Jeez, you’re awful. Not that it is any of your business but it’s more like she escort bursa fucked me!”“Cool, tell me more.”Reluctantly, he answered, “She opened the side door to the barn. I went in first and when she entered, she shut the door, grabbed me by the shoulders and forced me back against the door. She grabbed my cock and started to rub and squeeze. She unfastened my jeans and lowered them and my underwear to my feet. She had my balls in one hand and my cock in her other hand. When my cock was hard, she used it to pull me over to the work bench. She raised her dress and her slip up to her waist, turned around and  bent over the bench and spread her legs wide apart.She was not wearing any panties! She spread her ass cheeks apart and I swear her pussy lips winked at me.”“She said, “Fuck me hard and fuck me fast boy!”“I pointed my cock towards her cunt and pushed. She was wet and my knob entered easily. I pushed some more and another inch went in. She pushed back towards me and another inch got in.”“Chee, you’re mighty thick boy. Keep pushing.”“I pulled out somewhat and pushed in again. It went in all the way when she lunged backwards.”That made her gasp!We rested a moment and then her hips started moving and her ass was wriggling and she demanded, “Fuck me. Fuck me now!”“She was pretty tight so I fucked her with long slow strokes. She didn’t want that however. She practically shouted, “Fuck me hard and fast!”“So I did. I rapidly stroked my cock in and out of her cunt. Thrusting like mad.”“Ahhhhh, you bottomed out boy, keep hammering my cunt!”Our breathing got faster and faster. She was gasping and humming and heaving and squirming, then she climaxed. bursa escort bayan Her cunt muscles contractions squeezed and spasmed around my cock. I ejaculated and shot my jizz into her. Squirt after squirt after squirt. I stroked in and out until my cock wilted.”When our breathing returned to normal. She stood up and said, “You ride dam good boy!”“I laughed. She kissed me quickly on the lips and walked to the door. I pulled up my pants and underwear, zipped up and followed her.”He was mighty tuckered, he slept all the way back to the lumberyard. EPILOGUEThree months later I saw Paul exiting Earl’s office. He walked over, shook my hand and asked, “Got time to grab a coffee?”We went across the street and sat at a booth in the back.“I got two pieces of news for you.”“Fire away.”“Carla and I sold the farm, lock, stock and barrel!”“What, why?”“Our closest neighbour made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. His son just graduated university and they needed to expand so he could farm with his dad. Their offer was about one hundred thousand dollars more than I would have ever paid”“Well, congratulations.”“Thanks.”“What are you two going to do?”“We bought a house in San Diego. I am going to university to get my teacher’s degree. Clara is coming too.”“What is she going to do?”“Keep this under your hat alright? “You bet.”“She is three month’s pregnant. I think your boy Carl planted his seed so deep it somehow found fertile ground. She is tickled pink. She’ll be my housekeeper and we’ll raise the c***d together.”“That is wonderful. Good for you two. I am very happy for you.”“Promise me you’ll never tell anyone, especially Carl.”“I won’t tell a soul. I wonder if he shouldn’t be told though?”“Clara and I discussed this a hundred times. Neither one of us want that. When the c***d is an adult and needs to know, for some reason, we will contact Carl then.”“Good luck. We will miss you around here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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