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catherinecatherine&rick by samandrewsCatherine could hear the shower running just as she threw on her robe. It was 8:25. Bob must have slept in as he was usually out of the house by 8:00. She quickly remembered that Bob and his buddy Rick had been out last night for a few beers at the game and she had been asleep when he came home so it must have been late. She could hear movements in the shower and as she did she got a naughty gleam in her eye. She went over to her lingerie chest and picked out a nice black lace push up bra that accentuated her already firm and full breast and a matching tiny black lace thong. She knew she was attractive for her age and she knew that with her recent exercising efforts she had really firmed up her ass and stomach. She smiled seductively as she slipped then on. She checked herself in the mirror, adjusted her straps, threw back on her robe and headed to the bathroom. As she passed the closet she looked down at her bare feet, thinking that a nice pair of pumps would complete this little sexy outfit very nicely. She opened her closet and picked out a nice tall black patent leather pair. She slipped them on and admired her long, slender legs. She flicked her shoulder length blond hair back off her face. As she walked up to the bathroom door she put out her hand and grasped the knob. She turned it quietly. It was unlocked as she expected. She slipped inside and pulled the door shut behind her. She sneaked forward, grabbed the curtain with one hand and loosened the belt on her robe with the other. As she pulled the curtain open, she pulled open her robe. “Surprise” she purred. Rick’s head shot sideways as he heard and saw the curtain drawn back. He blurted out a surprised “What…..” and immediately turned to face the intrusion. He had known Catherine was attractive but he had no idea that under all her clothes she looked like this. He long blond hair cascaded over her barely covered breasts, the lacy front of the thong barely covering her pubic mound. She looked taller and slender and he noticed the black pumps giving her the extra height. “What a body” he thought, as their eyes locked and mutual recognition finally set in. Catherine was obviously also surprised. First at seeing Rick and then in the second if took for each of them to recognize the mistaken identity, his finely sculpted body. But what astounded (and later intrigued) her the most, and actually made her gasp, was his cock. He must have been washing himself when she burst in on him because one of his hands was firmly around his shaft. Semi-erect, it must have been 10 inches long with a thick red head perched at the tip. In the second they looked at each other, she was sure she saw it quiver as his eyes took in her body. “Jesus Rick” she stammered, closing her robe and drawing the curtain closed again. “I thought you were Bob.”. Collecting himself, Rick answered “No Catherine, Bob left about 7:30, saying something about a visitor at work today. He said I could sleep here as we had a few too many beers and I didn’t want to risk driving home,” He smiled as he spoke, his hand absentmindedly continuing to wash his longer and now even harder cock. “I’m really sorry about that…I should have told you first.” “Its OK” answered Catherine, closing the bathroom door behind her. “I’ll be downstairs.” She took off her pumps, tiptoed down the stairs and put on some coffee. She threw the heels on a nearby chair. Back upstairs, Rick could not get her lovely body off his mind. Catherine was 35, very pretty and had, he now realized, a helluva body. Bob was a lucky guy, especially if she greeted him like that each morning. “God” he thought “I wonder if she knows how to use that body as well as she shows it off!” He felt his cock stiffen at the thought and slowly stroked his hand along its length. Catherine was embarrassed to say the least. First, Rick had seen her nearly naked, worse even, as it was obvious she was dressed for sex. She again envisioned his body and his well-endowed organ. Bob was moderate in size but Rick’s must have been twice as large. Her cunt tingled at the thought of it. Suddenly the coffee pot started to boil and Catherine lost her train of thought. Within 10 minutes Rick arrived downstairs in the kitchen dressed in one of Bob’s old bathrobes. When she saw Rick she felt her heartbeat quicken. She was at a loss for words. She realized that she had not changed and still had on the sexy black underwear under her robe. Things had happened so fast. Finally she spoke. “Geez Rick, I’m awfully sorry about that….I thought I’d give Bob a little morning treat” she giggled shyly “but I guess it backfired.” Rick laughed. “Well Catherine” he said, “look at it this way. Maybe Bob didn’t get a treat but I sure did!” He laughed. Catherine smiled. “So did I” she thought, but she did not say it. Catherine got up and got two cups of coffee and aliağa escort then they both sat at the kitchen table. Catherine and Bob had been married for 15 years. Rick was now separated after three years of marriage. He never gave any details, just said they were “incompatible”. Catherine wondered how anyone could leave a cock like that! She chided herself. “I shouldn’t think like that” she muttered. “What” answered Rick. Catherine looked up. “Sorry” she said “just muttering.” As they sat they chatted for about half an hour before Rick got up and said he really needed to get going. Catherine got up also and agreed “that she needed to get changed into something more comfortable and get going as well.” The she added “These thongs just kill my butt.” They laughed together. As she started to leave the room, she heard Rick say something. “What was that?” she asked. “Nothing” he answered. She smiled at him. I said ” But you did look absolutely awesome in it” he finally confessed. “That’s very nice of you to think that” she responded. “Thanks.” She hesitated a moment wondering if Rick was coming on to her or just being polite. Regardless, she enjoyed his attention and against her better judgement decided to play along. “Did you really think so” she asked. Rick nodded at Catherine over his coffee cup. “You have a great body….Geez Catherine…I mean, I never realized how nice, until I saw you this morning. ” “Well you’re no softie yourself”. She chose her words carefully and it did not go unnoticed by Rick. “Nature works in mysterious ways” he muttered. Silence hung in the air. Catherine wanted to say something but did not know what. She was confused. She did not know where this was going. Rick took the first step. “Why don’t you show me that outfit again” he asked nervously, shifting in his seat. Catherine hesitated. “I don’t know Rick…this might lead somewhere we’ll later regret. Are you willing to take that chance?” She went on. “Also, what about Bob? I don’t know if I could do anything that would hurt him. Rick had thought about that as well, but his rapidly increasing state of sexual arousal was starting to override his morals. “Bob will never know” he responded, knowing it was a weak answer. Catherine hesitated. “That’s not the point” she said. “You and I will know.” Rick stood up and undid his robe and let it fall to the floor. Catherine stared. As she watched his pendulous organ slowly began to rise. She stared transfixed until it pointed directly out from his stomach like a steel rod. The massive shiny head quivered and twitched in anticipation as she watched. Catherine realized this had gone too far and started looking for an out. She played with the belt of her robe as she thought. “I can’t” she said, still eyeing his massive organ. “Bob might come home any minute. I can’t do it” she said and started to turn away. “Call him” retorted Rick. Catherine hesitated. Should she or not? Trying to call might indicate she was interested and then there would be no excuse to turn back. Rick picked up the phone and held it out to her. She didn’t take it. Rick then dialed Bob’s office number and set the phone down on the chair beside her shoes. “Hello” she heard on the other end. She reached forward quickly and picked it up. She knew their number would show up on his system. “Hi honey, just me…” she started nervously. “Hi” Bob answered. “What’s up? Sorry I missed you this morning….but Rick and I were out late and I had to get in here early. Oh, by the way, did Rick get away this morning?” Catherine hesitated, then lied “Yes, he left about 20 minutes ago. When’ll you be home?” she quickly added. “Probably around 5” Bob answered, “it’s a busy day here.” “OK” sighed Catherine….”see you later.” “Yes, see you” he responded. Catherine broke the connection and set the phone down on the table. On the other end Bob started to push the disconnect button on the speaker phone but then he hesitated. The connection was still open. Catherine must have missed pushing the button to disconnect. He wondered what to do….then he listened. Suddenly he clearly heard Rick’s deep voice. “Well….when’ll he be home?” Bob’s heart dropped. Catherine had just said that Rick had left. What was going on? He put his ear closer to the speaker and listened again. When Catherine had put the phone down she had mistakenly pushed the intercom button and not the disconnect button. She didn’t realize it and now with the phone face down she could not see the telltale red light indicating the open connection. “Well…when’ll he be home?” Rick asked. “Late” she murmured, not looking up. She heard Rick approach her. “Lets look at you again” he said, his hands starting to undo her robe. She did not resist. It fell to the floor. Rick stepped back and took in all of Catherine’s bodily charms…her full and firm breasts, her flat stomach and best of all, her tight, escort aliağa round ass. Her lingerie was perfect…lacy and soft, accentuating all of her natural beauty. “You look awesome” he added, gently caressing the side of her face. He saw the heels on the chair. “Put these back on” he said…. “you look even better with them on.” Catherine complied. She pictured herself….dressed in her sexist skimpy lingerie, standing in front of her husband’s best friend….his huge cock straining out to her. She was visibly excited by the image but she was still unsure she wanted to go through with anything. She started to walk away from Rick. Rick’s eyes were glued to the gentle swaying of her ass…the thin black line of fabric rising throughout its length. He reached down and fondled his pulsing cock. “Fuck, what a babe!!!” he thought. “Look” Catherine blurted out, stepping further away and trying to cover herself with her arms as best she could, “we can’t do this….you know…what if I get pregnant or something?” Her heels clicked noisily on the floor. Rick smiled. “There are other ways” he added. Catherine looked down at his monster cock now poking its obscenely huge head towards her. “Its way too big” she concluded, still watching it strain out to reach her soft skin. “I couldn’t!!” “So” said Rick “give it a good handjob…I’m sure you’ve got some baby oil or vaseline or something around here somewhere.” Then he stopped. He looked at his cock. “Geez Catherine, look at me…look at my cock…this is really killing me…just thinking about you touching it is driving me wild! Look, its already starting to cum”. Catherine could see a droplet of clear precum pooling on the glossy head…..the corona flaring in and out, in and out in time with the heavy beating of his heart. Catherine was still unsure. Rick moved forward and took one of her soft small hands and placed it on the shaft of his cock. Involuntarily, she closed her fist around it. She could feel it pulsing with heat as blood raced through its length. She looked down and admired its strength and beauty….long deep blue veins snaked along the sides. As she closed her fist, she could see the rim of the head expand wider in time with the tightness of her grip. Rick threw his head back….”Oh yeah baby” he moaned…”tighter…..stroke it for me…” Catherine’s hand began a slow deliberate back and forth motion along the basal half of his pole. She took care not to touch the now almost purple cap-like head. Rick groaned again, louder. “Faster” he said. Catherine’s hand moved faster, her grip tightening. The head of Rick’s cock swelled and flared above her fist with each stroke. Her fist slapped noisily against his balls. ‘Catherine” he pleaded…as she continued to pump him…..”Suck my cock…please….please!!!” Catherine was dumbfounded. God, how she wanted it in her mouth…it was so beautiful…so long, thick and hard. She looked down. “It was so huge…it would never fit” she thought. Precum flowed freely from the slit…running down the shaft providing the perfect lubricant for her stroking fist. She licked her lips as she watched it slide back and forth in her hand. Slowly, she started to drop to her knees. Rick sighed loudly…..”Oh yeah baby, yes…do it, do it. ….yes do it!!!….” As her eyes came level with the pulsing head she softly and seductively lowered her mouth over the shiny knob. Catherine’s soft and full lips slithered along the length of Rick’s cock. She felt it twitching and straining against her cheeks and the roof of her mouth and in plunged into her throat. It was huge! Slowly she withdrew the shaft and the head popped free of her lips with a loud sucking noise. “Arghhhhhhh” grunted Rick. “Do that again” he almost shouted, thrusting the saliva soaked head back against her face. Catherine dropped her lips back over his knob and sucked him again…deeper, faster and harder. The corona of Rick’s cock liberally dripped with the mix of his precum and her saliva. Again and again she fed his monster down her throat. Rick’s hips were bucking wildly as he sought to keep control. He wanted this to last. “God, she was beautiful” he thought as he looked down on her sexy body, curled at his feet, the cleavage of her tits visible between the lacy cups of her bra, the string of her thong wedged deep in her ass, his cock disappearing down her throat. It was all he could do to stop from cumming. He panted noisily as Catherine continued to fuck him with her mouth. Wet sloshing and slurping sounds filled the room. Bob knew by now that something was up. He listened closely. He heard snippets of conversation and it was clear that Rick was there and was trying to seduce his wife. “Shit” he thought, He pushed his ear closer to the speaker. He heard Rick moan “Oh yeah baby, stroke it for me.” Bob was aghast! Was his pretty wife of 15 years actually jerking off his aliağa escort bayan best friend? He listened for more. Soon he heard the unmistakable rapid, slapping sound of a handjob. Was it Rick beating off or was Catherine stroking him…fisting his cock? He hoped it was just the former. He heard Rick moaning again. “Bastard” he thought. Rick spoke again…panting and in a whisper. All Bob could make out was the word “suck”. “Ahh Christ, was she now going to suck him off?” “No” he thought, “she’d never do that”. After a minute or two of wet slurping sounds he heard moaning from Rick, then Catherine’s voice, somewhat garbled…as if she had a mouthful of marbles…”Oh yeah Rick….stick that huge cock of yours down my throat. Oh yeah baby….deeper , deeper…..fuck my face with that steel pole….c’mon baby…..cum, CUM!” Bob knew by now that his worst nightmare had come true….Catherine was sucking his best friend’s cock….and worst of all she was clearing enjoying every minute of it. Yes, she’d given him head before…but she had never so wantonly talked about his “cock” and had never told him to “fuck her face.” “What a fucking slut” he thought….but secretly, he wished he were there to see her beautiful lingerie clad body, her beautiful face…to see her getting Rick’s big cock rammed into her mouth…and as he thought this….his own cock began to stiffen. Jealousy and lust overtook his rage. He pulled out his own now hard cock and began to slowly stroke himself as he listened as his wife sucked Rick closer and closer to a violent monster orgasm. “Oh fuck….” Bob heard. “Oh shit….Oh man, you’re good……suck it faster…..harder!!” Rick was yelling now. The obvious sound of sloppy cocksucking filled the room. Bob heard silence…..than Catherine go “shsssshhh” and then laugh. “Geez Rick” she giggled….Bob’ll hear you if you keep yelling like that.” They both laughed. “Feels good, doesn’t it ” she went on, the noisy slurping now resuming. Rick moaned louder and wantonly….not caring who heard. “Watch it…I’m cumming!!!” he shouted. Then silence. Then a giggle. “Fuck…what’d you do….I was cumming!!” grunted Rick. “Not yet big boy” purred Catherine. Somehow she had stopped his orgasm. Rick’s deep heavy breathing filled the speaker. Then the slurping resumed. Bob could almost picture Catherine’s thick spit dribbling down the sides of Rick’s shaft as it thrust in and out of her mouth. He stroked himself faster, trying to conjure up a mental image of his wife and his best friend….of her sucking his off….sliding his cock faster and faster into her wet mouth. The the slurping stopped. Rick protested. “Ahh shit, don’t stop now baby….your mouth feels so good on me. Suck my cock some more” he pleaded. A giggle. “This is better….” Bob heard heard Catherine whisper…..and he heard the sound of her fist resume its slapping sound as it pounded against his balls…..stroking him as fast and hard as she could “Want me to stick my finger up your ass and poke your prostrate” Catherine asked Rick….not really expecting an answer. “It’ll make your cock bigger and harder than you ever imagined”. “Christ…what was she going to do????” Bob was shocked. “Yeah…ah fuck….please…yeah…do it” Bob heard Rick grunt between clenched teeth, trying to hold back as best he could, wanting to make this wonderful feeling never end. “Ohhh fuck baby ” Bob heard Rick desperately pant….”what the fuck are you doing to my cock…..oh shit…FUCKKK!!!!! Rick was nearly screaming in desperation now….he was also a bit scared. You could tell from his voice. “Fuck, Catherine…..its gonna burst… fuck look at how big the fucking head is…awh shit….NOOO!!!! Rick was terrified now….fear and lust fighting for control of his body. “Stop it” he yelled, now desperate. In between the shouting he could hear Catherine’s naughty laugh. “This is one blowjob you’ll never forget” she grunted. She continued to ram two fingers deep up into his asshole, ramming them against his prostrate. “Cum for me baby” she purred. “What the hell was Catherine doing to him to drive him this wild…she’s killing him……he’s gotta cum soon!” Bob thought. Then silence again…..then Catherine’s soft seductive voice. “OK baby, time for that big cock of yours to shoot its load…..but first here’s a special treat.” “Whaaaa….” Bob heard Rick grunt. Then a funny fizzing sound….. Then Rick…now beyond control…..obviously delirious with lust……”AHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK….FUCKKKKK…FUCKKKKKK….” Then silence….except for the fizzing noise…now louder….. Then Catherine…”OK you fucking big fat cock…cum all over my face…oh yeah……shoot that white goo in my mouth….argrhhhhh…. arghhh….gunngh.” she moaned loudly. “Oh fuck Rick…oh fuck…oh baby….what a load.” Catherine sounded as if she was choking on cum! Bob could hear the sound of Rick’s fast shallow breathing and the sound of liquid splashing. He thought that it had to be cum hitting his wife’s gorgeous face. His own cock began to spurt wildly as his hand continued to fly up the shaft and over his head. The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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