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CaughtNow that my cousin and I were orally and anally involved, we were unstoppable. Two young teenage boys who have a way to get off daily and a partner who is more than willing to offer themselves up as a willing partner, the possibilities are endless. We were insatiable with our sex. We had sex anywhere and everywhere. We did it at night in bed, we did it in the bathroom/taking showers, we did it during the day and in themorning. We did it anythime we wanted it, or the other wanted it. We even blew each other off in a Kmart changing booth while shopping with my aunt for school closthes, noone suspected a thing, remember we were teenage boys we could cum within a minute when we wanted to. We were now 13-14 respectively and we were doing it so much the odds were against us that we would eventually get caught. My cousin and I were usually very discreet and quiet when doing or thing as to not get caught. But with any sex, sometimes taking it to the edge and putting a fear into it adds to the excitement. I was always an exhibitionist and still am to this day. My cousin was more private but would satisfy my feelings sometimes when I desired it. One time was at a Mcdonalds/we were traveling for about 2 hours for a fishing trip when we stopped at a mcdonalds for a bathroom break and for my uncle to get a coffee. My cousin and I went to the bathroom while my uncle got his coffee, he told us to meet him at the car. That was that. Well I was horny so I told my cuz lets suck each other off before. It will only take us a minute or two. We locked the door and I got down and started sucking my cousin quickly, he was already hard and it only took me about a minute bornova escort and a half to have him shootin his load down my throat. Then I got up and leaned against the sink and my cousin started going down on me, I was just starting to cum when the door we thought was locked started to open and a lady from Mcd’s was opening it to I guess clean. We didn’t even get a knock. I was cumming and my cousin got startled and stood up as my cum was flying everywhere as she gazed on with wide open eyes and then apologized and closed the door. I don;t even know if she knew what she had just saw. We cleaned up quickly and ran out the back door by the bathrooms to the car fast so we could get away. The next time we got caught wasn’t such a good time. It was late about 1:00 A.M. we usually didn’t do anything at that time in bed cause my aunt was still up and about. I was feeling really horny and wanted some ass. Now tht we used KY jelly the soap and shower thing went by the wayside. I wasnted some ass so I kept hounding my cousin and he finally let in. He got the lube and juiced himself up and my cock and climbed on top of me as if to ride me. He held me at his entrance and lowered himslef onto my shaft until I was was al the way in and he was comfortable with me. He stare riding me, remember this isn’t something that last long, we try to make it last as long as possible but its the anticipation of doing it that lasts long not the act. He was starting to move up and down slowly and then got on his feet leaning forward. I wanted him to bounce on me so I could get some deep thrusts in. We were going at it again what seemed like 10-15 minutes but was maybe escort bornova 1-2 at best and I was just about to cum when the door opens and the lights go on. Now remember we have no blankets over us. My aunt walks in to see my cousin riding my cock like a whore and as my cousin and I see this we kringe. My cousin reacts by jumping of my cock and going under the covers adn I am at no point ready to react because my cock is pulsing and shooting my load. My aunt walked in just as I was cumming and had to have seen my cock plop out of my cousin and start shooting cum on the sheets and my belly. She screamed whats going on and her jaw dropped to the floor. She slammed the door and paced down the hall. We were terrified. The next morning my aunt spoke to both of us and was very upset at what we were doing. She said she understood how teens and teenage boys experiment but that it was unhealthy and we should stop. That only meant to us we needed to be more careful. AFter that my aunt looked at me differently, I think she liked my cock. We will get to that later. My cousin and I kept doing what we did. I knew my aunt was trying to catch us again or get a peak to make sure we weren’t doing anything. I cuaght her several times peaking or should I say being avoyeur watching us. We were in the basement one time and I was humping my cousin doggy style, he had his face in a pillow and i was going to town behind him when I looked up and sayw my aunts eyes peering throught the opening in the stair risers. She look right at me and at that moment I felt so kinky and hot I just lost all contraol and shot my load into my cousin and didn’t feel bad about letting bornova escort bayan out a load moan. My cousin quietly whispered say be quiet as the last of my seed sprayed out and I sluped over my cosusins back in exhaustion only to look up and the eyes were gone. The next time I saw her peering at us my cousin was lying on the basement floor and I was kneeling between his leg bent over giving him a blowjob. We were getting pretty good and making the BJ’s last longer but the tight anal pleasure we didn’t have control on that yet. I was taking my time enjoying getting my cousin off and enjoying sucking his nice cock when I i looke dup as I was adjusting myslef and saw my aunts eyes peering again thru the stairs and the slightly opened basement door. I made eye contact this time and was getting a super hard erection knowing she was watching me suck cock. I gave her a show and would lick from his balls to the time and then deep throat him all the way. Now it was time I continued to deep thraot him all the way out then all the way in. He was squirming under neath me as I used my mouth on him. All the time trying to maintain eye contact with my aunt. I knew he was about to cum, giving him a few hand squeezes on his balls made the deal done and he said I am going to cum. I went all the way down on him and looked up at the doorway into my aunts eyes as my cousin grunted and spewed his load down my throat. I kept looking even as I choled a little on his cum. Then keeping my eye on hers I clamped my hand around the base of his cock and tightly encircled his shaft tiwth my mouth as I made a load slurping noise as I lifted myself off his shaft sucking all the liquid from it and cleaning him off in front of my aunt. I only heard a gasp and the door slowly latch as I finished him. That was the hottest bj i ever gave and have been an exhibitionist ever since. that is all for now. see you soon and come back please.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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