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CHARLOTTE’S MENTORCharlotte’s Mentorbymikeperk©With a surge of warm expectation he heard the car pull onto the drive. From this point there would be no turning back and his new life would be formally launched tomorrow.Joe’s existence during the two years since his wife had succumbed to breast cancer had been pretty miserable, but his imminent marriage to her sister promised a return to a comfortable, if not particularly exciting, future.Pauline had been their young bridesmaid when he’d married Brenda more than twenty four years ago. The two girls were close then, but the bond between all three of them had grown even stronger as the years had passed.It had been a happy marriage, marred only by their inability to have c***dren. Ironically, Pauline had given birth to a daughter less than a year after her own wedding, just six months before her husband was killed in a road accident.Baby Charlotte, perhaps due to the lack of a father’s discipline, had grown into a rebellious adolescent, frequently leaving her mother at the end of her tether. Eventually Joe had intervened and tactfully nudged the youngster away from most of the potential catastrophes that threatened to transpire and, as a result, had built up a tremendous rapport with the girl.She had a lot to be grateful for, even though it had been some considerable time before she admitted it.He had bought off the irate shopkeeper and persuaded him not to report it when she’d tried her hand at shop lifting at the tender age of twelve.By f******n she’d been taught that swearing was only a sign of immaturity and that being polite often achieved more than her previous rudeness.At sixteen her hormones had become a physiological time bomb. Her wish to pierce her nose and lip was negotiated down to a minor ring in her belly button where it wasn’t so obvious to potential employers. Similarly, the tattoos intended for her arms were eventually talked down to a single, tasteful rose on her left buttock.All this, and much more, had been achieved without reference to her mother who, Joe guessed, was happier in her ignorance.Pauline had been brought up as a Catholic and tended to see life through rose tinted glasses. She loved her daughter but felt God would provide all the direction necessary to enable a proper upbringing. After all, she’d conceived her baby without any formal sex education and Charlotte could, she felt sure, expect the same celestial guidance throughout her life.Joe realised his intended second bride was relatively inexperienced and, apparently, had little interest in sexual matters, but loved her enough to settle for the promise of companionship and the remote hope of some occasional intimacy.He opened the front door before Charlotte rang the bell.After tomorrow’s ceremony he would reside at Pauline’s address and, at his suggestion, her daughter would take over his bungalow. He’d argued that, as the youngster was now eighteen, she needed her independence while the parental couple could benefit from being alone to settle into their new life.She hugged him and kissed his cheek.”I’ll leave my stuff in the car for now,” she said quietly. “Give me a quick conducted tour around what you’re leaving and then I’d like to talk.”Joe gave her a quick look, sensing another counselling session was at hand.”Have you got a problem?” He asked tentatively.”Not really,” she murmured, “it’s nothing we can’t work out between us.”Now apprehensive about the possibility of further, untimely demands being put upon him, he quickly whisked her around the property that was to become her home and then steered her back to the small conservatory.”Sit down,” he instructed, “and I’ll go and mash some tea.””I’d rather have a scotch,” she murmured unexpectedly, “and it might be a good idea if you had one as well.””I’m not sure I approve of you drinking spirits…” Joe observed hesitantly.”I don’t usually, but Escort today I think we may both need a little Dutch courage.”He chose not to argue any longer and made for the drink’s trolley, watching her carefully while pouring the whisky.She was clearly agitated about something. Her fingers kept flicking the long hair back over her right ear while she crossed and uncrossed her bare legs.Her eyes were everywhere except on him.”Okay,” he muttered when passing the glass, “perhaps you’d better get it off your chest?”She sipped the amber fluid, took a deep breath and finally locked her huge green eyes to his.”I want you to show me how to fuck.”The words bounced repetitively around Joe’s brain as he sat gawping at her.Incapable of speech, he couldn’t believe what he’d heard.The silence seemed to go on for ever as he consciously attempted to grapple with the implications of her request and stared at the girl as if seeing her for the first time.Charlotte appeared to relax now that her wish was revealed, leaning back in the armchair to await his response.As beautiful as her mother had been at the same age, but a damned sight more provocative.Long, red hair down her back, thick and burnished by brushing. An oval face with a sprinkling of freckles on high cheek bones. A snub nose and large mouth below the glinting green orbs that were her eyes. She wore a white halter top over unrestrained breasts, revealing several inches of bronzed skin between it and the short skirt that hugged her slim hips. Her lean legs were long for someone of such short stature, terminating with tiny, c***dlike feet.She was sensational, the very essence of a sensuous young woman, he thought, as a stonking great erection threatened to burst through his pants.”I don’t understand,” he finally managed to reply in a strangled voice. “Try reading the sex manual I gave you.””I know the theory, almost off by heart,” she murmured, wrinkling her nose with impatience, “but if I’m old enough to be independent, it’s time I got some practical experience.””Oh, come on,” Joe exploded. “If you’ve succeeded in keeping men at arm’s length all this time, I’m amazed. However, if it’s true and you’ve now decided the time is right, lower the defences and give the boyfriend a treat.””I intend to,” she said, pouting before going on, “but I don’t want an amateurish fumble with him, so please teach me how to do it properly.””I can’t,” he gasped desperately. “How can I possibly make love to you the day before I marry your mother. For Christ’s sake, I’ll be your stepfather tomorrow!””That’s why it must be today,” Charlotte grinned disarmingly. “Right now you’re free to make it with who you wish, but once married, I suspect your principles will get in the way.””But, why me? I’m old enough to be your father!””Because I trust you, because you understand me, because you’d never hurt me and because, in a funny sort of way, I love you,” the youngster gushed. “Is that enough reasons? Besides, I believe if you’re honest, you’ll admit you’d like to do it and I think I owe you the opportunity.””Your mother would never forgive me…,” Joe continued to put up a half hearted fight.”She’ll never know about it from me,” the girl interrupted earnestly. “I know you’re not intending to see her between now and the ceremony, so I could stay the night without anyone being the wiser.””That wouldn’t make it right,” he snapped before gulping the contents of his glass, “I’d still have to live with the fact that I’d taken advantage of you.””Rubbish, it’s not as if you’re enticing me out of my knickers,” she giggled. “If anybody can be accused of seduction, it’s me!”Joe’s mind was in turmoil. He felt the situation was morally unacceptable but, by God, he’d give his back teeth to get between her thighs and, he realised, he no longer wanted to find an excuse to avoid the experience.”Just think of me as a Escort Bayan wanton wench who’s got the hots for you,” Charlotte continued to wheedle. “Let me take the lead until your libido overcomes your conscience. If I can’t turn you on, then I don’t get my way. How’s that for a compromise?””Okay,” he squeaked, accepting his scruples were about to evaporate.”Thanks,” Charlotte whispered as she stood up and kicked off her sandals. Then, with a smile and a pirouette, she whipped off her top, dropped her skirt and stepped out of her minuscule panties.Joe’s head spun with excitement as he goggled at the vision before him.Slim and lithe, her body looked perfect. The skin was evenly tanned all over, obviously the result of several sessions of nude sunbathing.Her breasts were small, firm and upturned, with pert little nipples sitting proudly at the top. The belly was flat and enhanced by the ring through the button.Then, with a start, he nearly shot off in his pants as his eyes ran over the smooth, depilated groin.Now he knew he was lost! The one and only fetish he could admit to was his delight with a bald fanny.She sidled up to him, slowly turning to display the rose on her shapely posterior and then reached for his hands to pull him out of the chair.Within seconds she’d unbuckled his belt and slipped off his shirt. Before he realised what she was about, his pants were around his ankles and she was on her knees with his over excited cock deep within her mouth.He felt her tongue move against the pulsating member as her hands slid up the back of his thighs and immediately lost control, spurting semen directly into her throat. Gulping down his juice, she continued the oral massage of his softening penis for several minutes, causing him to gasp with the excruciating sensation emitting from its head.Finally, she was done.”Decision time,” Charlotte whispered quietly. “Lead me to the mattress and complete my education or tell me to get lost, in which case I’ll masturbate and go, leaving you in peace.”Joe reached down, lifted her into his arms and made for the bedroom.The next few hours were a maelstrom of sexual activity. Nearly out of his mind with desire, he buried his head between her thighs, placed a hand under each soft buttock and lapped with his tongue, taking her straight through two separate orgasms before she pleaded for him to bury his restored cock within her throbbing vagina.They started in the missionary position. He slipped in up to the hilt and began a rhythmic motion, in and out, thrusting hard against her pubic bone. Despite the plentiful lubrication it was tight, with the friction quickly bringing them both to a conclusion. Charlotte smiled as she climbed the stairway to her zenith just seconds before Joe surrendered to her rippling spasms and jetted his second donation of the day.Their recovery was rapid, aided by her constant massage of his body with fingers and lips.When she felt his penis bounce back, Charlotte rolled over onto her hands and knees, offering her rear towards him. He took her doggie fashion, hanging onto her pendulous breasts while ramming against her bum. This time it lasted a little longer, with the youngster gasping through an awesome climax when Joe eventually discharged his spunk.Again, her lips encouraged his manhood to swell, but Joe’s stamina was visibly flagging. Sensing she needed to take the initiative, Charlotte straddled his hips and sank slowly down onto the tumescent member. Joe laid still, content to leave her in control as she dictated the action, up and down, inside her dripping vulva. Twice she shuddered through a high spot of pleasure while grinding the root of his tool against her clitoris before leaning back to allow her fingers to encroach between the inflamed button and his shaft.Raising his head to view the change of tactics, Joe took one look at the smooth Bayan Escort thighs spread open across him and his rod buried within the hairless hole, felt her fingers fidgeting around the perimeter and ejaculated more fluid into the pleasure pot.Now he was exhausted.Charlotte tried everything to revive him, but had to admit defeat as he fell asleep.Joe awoke at dawn, still feeling physically fatigued.Charlotte had gone.Lethargically his mind drifted back, remembering the action of yesterday that had led to him climaxing so many times. No wonder he felt below par, he reasoned with himself. No sex for two years and then a bout like that, it’s surprising I survived at all!Then there was the dream. Well, at first, he thought it was a dream. Charlotte had persuaded his cock to regain its maximum size and was trying to coax him to insert it into her backside. He’d prevaricated at first, explaining he was too tired, but the youngster had insisted and he’d capitulated, poking a well greased shaft deep within her buttocks. He remembered it was hot, very tight and sensational as her anus clenched his tool like a vice and her internal muscles rippled with the invasion. His orgasm had been an explosion that left him panting as he’d collapsed onto her soft body – but did it really happen?The mental debate and vivid memories excited him into an aroused state and, as he grasped his shaft to progress the pleasure, he grimaced with discomfort from the bruises along the length of his member. That settled it, Charlotte had clearly enticed him beyond his normal endurance.Gingerly, he held his foreskin between thumb and forefinger, moving it just enough to seek gratification with a carefully controlled balance between delectable sensitivity and pain. The ejaculation was bliss, accompanied with a graphic recall of the youngster’s shaven slit, while the languorous after effect quickly slipped his reverie into slumber.By nine he was eating breakfast and looking forward to the wedding. Champing on crisp bacon, he smiled to himself as he again read the note from Charlotte that he’d found propped up against the teapot.Dearest Joe,I guess you were right after all. My instincts are strong enough to guide my body to physical pleasure without any special tuition. However, thank you for allowing me to use your body to seek that reassurance and I’m now anxious to seek further practice from elsewhere, without bothering you again.I will always remember our wonderful night together and look forward to the privilege of being your step-daughter. Mum is a lucky woman, I’m almost jealous, but hope you’ll find happiness together.See you later.Yours affectionately,’C’ xxx. P.S. Whatever you do, don’t breath a word to Mother about last night, she could never understand you were doing me a favour!At noon he was walking down the aisle with Pauline, having just exchanged their vows. Charlotte smiled and winked as they passed her, standing against a pew with a well groomed lad of her own age.At eleven the party was over. Joe had sent Pauline ahead to the bedroom and was tactfully waiting a moment before following.He found her sat up against the headboard avidly reading a book.”Hello darling,” she greeted him. “I found this among a heap of stuff that Charlotte left behind, apparently discarded as no longer required.””Oh, what is it?” Joe replied nonchalantly, not at all prepared for the response.”An illustrated sex manual,” Pauline murmured without looking up, “and it’s pretty hot stuff. Some of the pictures are so explicit they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. I can’t think what Charlotte wanted with a book like this.””Why not?” The question was posed as he recognised the publication as that he’d provided some time ago. “Surely it’s reassuring that she is prepared to educate herself about such matters?””I ‘spose,” her voice trailed off as she turned the page and studied the next illustration. “My God, that’s disgusting…Well, some would say so…but, it might be interesting to try it… Joe, what are you hanging about for? Please get yourself in here this minute… I can’t wait to try some of this!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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