Chilly Morning

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Chilly MorningThe windows were left open over night and a chilly breeze was blowing past the light curtains when I woke up. I was looking up at the ceiling, having tossed and turned throughout the night from my favorite position on my stomach. My right hand was nonchalantly holding my dick, which was stiff from having to go to the bathroom. It felt warm. I wiggled in the bed a little closer to my wife, Taylor. She was asleep, her back to me, her feet tucked in towards her body in a fetal position. I could see the curve of her hips beneath the crisp red sheet. Her breathing was deep and even; she was asleep and probably dreaming. The alarm had not gone off yet, but the sun had crept over the horizon and I could see blue sky from between openings in the curtains. My left hand reached out and cupped her ass.I twisted my wrist into an unnatural position, giving my fingers more room to squeeze her soft cheeks. I traced a pinkie finger from the deep cleft of where her ass met her thighs, along her crack and to the small of her back. It was no mean feat since I’m not the most flexible guy in the world. I retraced my path until my hand rested tightly between her thighs. Her pubic hair rubbed against the edge of my hand. I pressed up. She moaned in her sleep.Still her breathing remained even and easy, her legs closed like the halves of a treasure chest, its secret safely locked inside.I pulled my hand from between her legs and rolled out of the bed, trying hard to not make a sound. A floor board creaked beneath me, but the soft carpet muted my heavy and uncoordinated morning steps. A crack as loud as a gunshot split the air, but it was only my hip sliding into place, trying to form a better alignment with the rest of me. I made a small noise as I peed into the toilet; spraying the side of the bowl instead of splashing loudly like a welcome summer rain.I quickly turned on the tap and grabbed a wash cloth, wiped myself down faster than a squeegee man cleans a car window and walked as silently as I could again back to our bed.I pulled back the cover and Taylor drew her legs closer up to her body. Taylor is a tall woman, almost five-nine, but laying there with a chilled May breeze blowing, and an infant blue sky and nearly white light uncertainly coming into our room, she was packed into a much smaller space. Her right hand reached out for the sheet. I gave it to her and she pulled it up to nearly her chin. No matter, we both can be under the sheet.I slipped into bed and shaped my body like a spoon beside hers. Why is it called spooning? Spoons in my drawer are on top of one another, not alongside, and that’s how they are in everyone’s drawer I know. I stopped trying to figure out such silly things and nuzzled up close. I stroked the backs of her thighs, down to the muscled calves and even made to the backs of her feet. I creaked and cracked, but I was successful, a veritable explorer unlocking the secrets of a forbidden jungle.On my second trip down her legs, she stretched them to the bottom of the bed. Still on her side, but leaning more to her right and on her stomach than before, Taylor began to talk in her sleep. Her ass made a mountain out of the sheets and I felt my dick get stiffer. She was saying nothing in particular, just sounds that were probably words in the ancient tongue she spoke in her sleep when her spirit was where women like Taylor always went at night. A place where grasses were tall and winds were hot, and men chased and caught, and held and kissed and loved long into the night, dripping sweat, and mixing fluids that sometimes brought life, but always rained pleasure.I rolled over onto bursa escort her, my hard cock pressed into the crack of her ass. My weight was supported by my elbows on either side of her. Now on her belly, face turned to the light, I leaned over and kissed her softly; my tongue traced the outline of her lips, which remained closed.Her hips stirred beneath me, rolling in a small circle, like the first ripple in a lake from a stone. I wanted wider circles so I kissed her ear, and pressed my dick firmer into her cheeks. I was inside, held automatically by the deep cleft; my dick had felt warm in my hand, now it was on fire, burning.I extended my elbows, lifting off of her body, but was still pressed between her gripping cheeks, a strange push-up position that gave me enough room to lick the back of her neck. The circle made by her hips grew wider, the pebble going deeper into the dark place was working. I leaned in closer and whispered, “Good morning, beloved. The sun is up.An eye opened, and a smile was born on her face. “That’s not all that’s up,” she said.End of part 1Taylor arched her back slightly, raising her stomach a few inches from the mattress. She held her weight in her hands and twisted her neck side to side, loosening the muscles. I reared up with her, my arms stretched even further around her, my cock pressed firmly into the backs of her thighs and the cleft of her ass. She wiggled some more and my dick jumped, a reflex as old as man himself.She bucked quickly like a bronco and threw me off of her I was so surprised. Before I knew it she had rolled out of bed and was practically running into the bathroom. Her long, nearly jet black hair was a sharp contrast to her light as butterscotch skin. I heard her splash into the toilet and then the shower turn on. So this won’t be a quickie after all. That was fine with me. I got out of bed and reached into the drawer of my nightable. I took out a small dildo, about four inches long, jet black and shiny. It was just the right size to get something started. I often wondered if Taylor ever inserted it in the morning, slipped on a pair of those leather thong underwear and held it in place inside her pussy all day long. I could imagine her giving a presentation to a client, pointing out the quality of this painting or that one, all the while squeezing her most private muscles until she came with a quiet shudder. “No, I’m ok, just got a chill all of sudden,” she’d say to a client who noticed her shake.I licked the tip of the dildo. No taste at all. She’d have washed it off anyway. I headed back to the bathroom.The bathroom was filling with steam. Taylor had her back to the stream of water and it was beating a rhythm on her back; her head was down. I wondered if her eyes were closed. It didn’t matter, she was not the type to jump even when startled.“Hey, can I come in,” I said, my head already getting damp from the rebounded water from her back.“Sure, come on, there’s room.”I stepped into the tub and pulled the curtain back into place. We were in our own little world now, a hot steamy rain was falling and we were naked to the world. She looked down at me and giggled.“Umm, looks like something’s not there anymore. Age catching up with you?”She reached down and grabbed my now soft penis in her hands. They were hot. She pulled me closer by dick and even if I wanted to stay back, I was kind of attached to my dick.I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her to me, two people like planets in space, their gravitational force attracting one another. But unlike in space when two celestial bodies collide and it’s a cosmic disaster, Taylor and I coming together escort bursa was like the Big Bang – we were creating something new and wonderful. It was like that no matter when we got together or where. To hell with opposites attracting; there’s no greater power in the universe than a horny male and female who happen to be in love.I leaned in to kiss her neck, her head still pointed down, the water hitting her back. She gripped my dick tightly and rubbed her wet hands up and down, lengthening it like one would taffy. But this wasn’t taffy, taffy was sticky; I was slick and hard, looking for a place to go and hide. I traced my fingers down her back, and pressed the length of the dildo into the middle of her back. I slid it down slowly until I had it pressed between her ass. I pushed it deeply, a black hotdog between a fluffy bun.I was stiff as the fake cock by now and Taylor was rubbing my balls with one hand and tickling my left nipple with the other. She turned me around so the water was now hitting my back. She bent her knees and sank lower, taking my cock into her mouth. It was hotter than the shower and softer than the water. I licked my lips and moaned. The small dildo fell from between her cheeks, a small splash in the puddle at our feet.I ran my hands along the back of Taylor’s neck and slowly thrust my pelvis to her, my dick reaching deeper and deeper into her mouth until my balls were pressed up against her chin. She hummed a muffled tune on my cock and it throbbed like drum in time to her song.She let it pop free and licked at the head, took it in her hands and rubbed it alongside her face like a massage ball. First her cheeks, then her forehead. She pressed my cock flat onto my stomach and blew softly on my balls, a hand reached behind me and cupped my ass. Then I felt a wet finger tickle my anus. Oh no, time to cut this short before I cream rinse her hair.I stepped back until I was up against the wall, my head turned to the side so I wouldn’t bump the shower.“Hey, watch out, don’t get the hair wet,” she said and stood up and away from the spray.“We have to take this someplace else, or you’re going to make me lose it right here,” I said.“Well come on then,” she said, smiling at her play on words. She opened the shower door and slapped her ass softly as she stepped out. “I’m needing some attention,” she said.I turned the water off and followed her out. She grabbed a towel from the rack and spread it out onto the bed. She lay down on her back, her feet flat on the mattress, her knees pointing east and west, her pussy centered like the sun in the sky. I was about to get burned by all its glory.I snatched a pillow from the bed and dropped it onto the floor in front of her. I kneeled down and leaned in, my hands on each leg, sliding along her moist skin. I licked first one calf, then down to her ankle where I blew softly. I felt her tremble, a leaf attached to a limb out there in the breeze. I picked up her foot and kissed it; I must have spent a minute on her foot before I moved to her other calf and started the whole thing all over again. I could smell her juices and imaged I could her them drip onto the towel, but that was make believe. What was real was her breathing, a deep and groaning sound like a volcano before it erupts, or the ocean before it breaks into a tremendous wave that washes a beach clean.I pressed her legs together from the thighs, hiding her sex and then lifted her legs up over her head until her butt was practically off the bed. I slid my hands to the front of her thighs and traced a path down to her ass. With her legs folded into her chest, just a slit bursa escort bayan of pussy was visible. I liked that slit quickly, like the last line of ice cream around the edge of a stick.I dropped my tongue and touched her asshole lightly.“Damn, you better fuck me now,” she said. Taylor uncurled her legs and practically pushed me away. She sat straight up, dipped a finger into her pussy and held it out to me.I sucked it.“Does that taste like in a little while to you?” I shook my head. “No. That’s what give me that dick now tastes like.”She spread her outer lips and I could see pink. There’s nothing like pink in all the world, soft and beautiful. Who’d eat a purple pussy or blue? But pink? And you wonder why bubble gum is pink. They know what’s what, and so did I.I checked on my man down there and he was still ready for battle, but just for the hell of it, I climbed up on the bed. “Suck it, let it feel how hungry you are.”Taylor practically ripped it off me. She slurped and sucked – the soldier was ready for battle!I climbed on top of her and eased my dick into her pussy, my lips pressed to her mouth and my tongue at home inside. She gripped my ass and pulled me deeper into her and we began to collide like stars.There was heat and light and sweat. I raised up onto my elbows and drove inside like an archer’s arrow, hitting the target again and again. My pelvis pushed against her clit on one stroke and the head of my dick was the only thing left inside her on the other. Still she never let go of my ass. She gripped my cheeks with the fingers of a woman holding on for dear life.Suddenly I heard that hum again. I felt it, too. It was inside her chest and throat and her pussy, too. It ran and jumped like jazz, improvising with every heartbeat; a high note here and low note there – silence, then all over again, but different. I didn’t move. She rocked and squeezed, Taylor’s orgasm was the Big Bang.She opened her eyes. “Turn over.”“What,” I said.“Get on your back.”I raised up by she grabbed on tight. “Don’t pull out, just roll over.”?So I did, with her still around me like a soft quiet night. She rearranged herself and straddle me, her tits hanging low on my face. I licked a nipple.“Suck it harder,” she said. Who was I to not obey.Taylor leaned to one side then began to wriggle her ass. She was laying on me, her breast in my mouth, her hands up near my head, practically doing an Alvin Ailey dance move on my dick with her ass. It was so much as up and down or side to side as much as it was all of the above. Her pussy was a tornado and there was nothing I could do except let it take me to OZ – the Orgasm Zone.I reached back and grabbed her ass. I felt it tighten and loosen, squeeze and relax. I pulled her cheeks apart and rubbed her asshole with both index fingers. I pushed one inside and could feel my dick between the thin walls of her ass and pussy.I was running out of time. “Rub my balls,” I said, but I wasn’t sure if she understood me, my mouth was covered in tittie. But she raised up slightly and her left hand reached back to my balls. I only had one finger in her ass now. She tapped them softly and I could feel the cum about to find its way free. Taylor was fully upright now, a hand on my balls, another on my chest, pinching my nipple. She was smiling. The tornado had stopped, but I was still spinning, out of control, but in the hands of a fateful mistress. She pushed her wrist down beneath my balls and pressed a searching fingertip to my asshole. That’s it, all hands on deck, we’re about to blow!She felt me tense up and then with a move swifter than a shooting star she was up off me and her mouth was around my dick. She sucked and pushed a finger inside my ass and I came like a storm, shaking and moaning, passion spending its last.Taylor lifted her head and I saw her swallow. My eyes closed.“Wake up, you got to go to work.”The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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