chinese ball torture chapter two

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chinese ball torture chapter twoI knew it was danny’s last night in town. I wanted to make it special. It was his idea to go see a play at a fancy theater. My dad was a douchebag about some issues. Trust me I still got away with murder. He was old fashioned about making me wait until I was sixteen to have my first real date. I hated him for that shit. I was not your average k**. I had a huge secret. Right after I turned f******n my dad got me a job at the restaurant where he worked. It was all kinds of i*****l and corrupt. People thought I was a slacker in my advanced classes. Nearly every weeknight I worked from five to ten. On Sundays I made big money working from six am until ten pm. Very few people knew I had a job. Not even angie knew I busted my ass to work every day but Saturday. My mom shouldn’t have let me do it. She rationalized letting me work so young because each summer since she was f******n she got shipped off to pick tobacco. She loved the experience. It gave her money to have awesome school clothes. People used to ask me if I ever wore a shirt twice. I was notorious for buying vintage clothes that were so ugly they were cute. Asking me why I was wearing my grandma’s clothes was quite normal. I had an addiction to bold patterns. In a lot of ways it hid my body. Working so hard made me lose weight. I had no choice but to ask angie if she and her boyfriend chris would go with me and danny to see a play. I needed to be picked up from her house to go out with a boy. Thank god they agreed to go. I told aunt jonell I had to go someplace fancy with angie. Her passion was shopping. She wouldn’t be caught dead at a thrift store. Her eyes lit up and she said ‘you want to go to the mall?’ I said ‘yes, but don’t get used to it.’ I only shopped at a few stores. They were more contemporary. I hated clothes made for regular people. My tits were too big for most dresses. I love hitting a trend before it becomes popular. My aunt wasn’t like most mothers. She raised my mom in the sixties. When I wore skirts they were usually a mini-skirt most chicks wouldn’t be allowed to wear. I was finally getting used to having massive tits. Aunt jonell had huge tits. A lot of people didn’t understand why my family let me rock so much cleavage. Aunt jonell’s fashion philosophy was to flaunt my assets. I picked out my outfit immediately. It was one of the first spaghetti strap tank tops I ever saw. I was pretty firm in my belief that you never show too much tit and leg at the same time. Long skirts had just become popular. Aunt jonell hated that trend. She liked the skirt because it had a delicate floral pattern. It was in various shades of brown which matched the shirt I wanted. We argued in the dressing room. She couldn’t stand the thought of a person seeing my bra strap. The shirt had a built in bra like a bathing suit. It was so tight and low cut I can’t believe she let me buy it. The big issue was my mid-drift showing. That was against her rules. I was only a size seven but in her eye’s my belly was too big to be exposed. I analyzed myself in the mirror. The slight curve of my belly was pretty fucking cute. I left the store quite certain danny would be pleased. That night I got dressed and felt so nervous. I was out of my element not wearing jeans and a tacky polyester blouse that hid my body. The skirt was tight enough I saw my panty line. Nothing could be tackier so I slipped of my panties feeling quite rebellious. I had never left my house not wearing a bra or panties. I loved the feeling of cotton shifting up and down my pussy when I walked. My aunt dropped me off at angie’s. Her instructions were firm to pull up my skirt and push down my blouse so my belly didn’t hang out. Angie opened the door and we were both startled. I don’t know why she did it. She had this cute little bob hair cut until that day. She chopped it off into a really short pixie style just like a boy. All I could say was ‘you cut your hair.’ She smiled like it was a wise move and said ‘I love it.’ I said ‘me too. You look so cute.’ She responded with ‘why are you wearing real clothes?’ We both considered our vintage clothes far superior to real people clothes. I asked her if I looked stupid or fat. She said ‘no, have you lost weight?’ I said ‘I think so.’ The question made me feel self-conscious. Even though we were going to a theater she was wearing her normal baggy khaki’s and her favorite vintage blouse. She looked at me concerned and said ‘damn do you think I should wear a dress?’ I told her she looked fine. Nonetheless she went to her güvenilir bahis closet and pulled out one of the dresses she only wore to church. It was this horrible black and white polka dot monstrosity. If I was a good friend I would’ve begged her to stay in khakis. I kind of wanted to see my hot friend dressed like a dork from the early nineties. We couldn’t have looked more different. She had some snide comment like ‘I wish I had an aunt jonell to buy me cool clothes.’ I wanted to hit her. Sure aunt jonell bought me one outfit. Anything else in my closet was purchased with money I busted ass to earn. When you work that hard and everyone around you has no clue what a job is like you get pissed. Danny picked chris up and then he came to get us. Those grunge years were so fun. Now it is pretty damn tacky for boys to have long hair. They both wore their long blonde hair down instead of pulled back in a ponytail. They could’ve been brothers. Chris will always be a boy that makes me have butterflies in my stomach. He was one year older than me and we went to the same elementary school. We had chorus together. It’s a memory that haunts me. I was only in second grade. For our musical our teacher was pairing up boys and girls. She always liked me and picked me for special things. All I knew was I had to hold hands with a boy and dance around a Mexican sombrero. I was mortified the boy she paired me with would say ‘eww or gross’ because he had to hold my hand. She called out chris’s name and he had the sweetest smile on his face. He was a beautiful little boy. Holding his hand all those years ago made me form intense feelings for him. My crush wouldn’t have been so severe but our lives were connected. Sometimes I lived at home and sometimes I lived with aunt jonell. Aunt jonell lived in a ritzy community and so did his grandma. He was the cute neighbor boy always riding his bike. I was the little shy girl that was too scared to talk to boys. Our connection went even deeper. When he started dating angie and I went to his house it made sense. Before I started working on Sunday my dad and I always went to the flea market. We loved collecting strange things. So did chris and his parents. Way before angie was around I saw him each week. Chris and I were both in the gifted program in elementary school. I knew his parents because they chaperoned field trips. As classmates we felt obliged to stop and chat each week. No one could have better parents than him. I was too shy to talk very much around chris. That was the strange aspect. My dad chitchatted with his parents like old friends. That is how I learned he was lucky enough to live in the most amazing historic home in our town. It is so old it has two staircases. One is for the family and one for the slaves. Right behind the big house is a tiny little house for slaves and then servants. That is a part of our family’s bond. My house is the only other historic home in our section of town. He loved my house because it is as old as his house. In some way it was connected to the plantation that revolved around both houses. His dad is a strawberry farmer. It was quite normal for our two fathers to discuss how the berries were coming along. My dad and I were not very close. He was not a loving father. One of my biggest secrets was that a lot of my money was given to him in order to fuel his d**g habit. It didn’t matter if we waged war on a daily basis. On Sunday we functioned as antique junkie shopping partners. Almost each week he repeated the same lecture which was a variation of ‘you need to marry that boy.’ He was pissed when I told him he was dating angie. He told me point blank ‘you’ll get your turn.’ In some ways I already had. My daily ritual was to walk home from school with angie. Chris was on the drum line in band. Usually he didn’t interfere with our girl time. Recently he started walking home with us. No one was home and we bonded. To give them alone time I usually called aunt jonell to come get me. In some ways it seemed like angie knew how bad I wanted him and she flaunted it. One day I was not prepared for what she suggested. I think she was intimidated to see her fat, dorky and shy best friend reach an equal level of popularity. She went to the kitchen and walked up to me and chris holding a jar of honey. It wasn’t like her to look so deviant. He looked confused. I was in a state of panic when she pulled his shirt off. He had such a gorgeous chest. He looked like a ken doll. He looked so vulnerable as she unzipped his pants and pulled them off. canlı bahis His boxers were tight and you could see how hard he was. We made eye contact and he almost seemed embarrassed. Angie pushed him down on the bed. Like she was saying nothing unexpected she said ‘we are going to pour honey all over you and lick it off.’ I could normally read her like a book. I didn’t know if she was serious. I didn’t know if I could do it. He was the only boy that made me too shy to concentrate. I could see the tip of his huge thick cock straining against the fabric. I let my jaw drop when she poured out the entire jar of honey on his chest. She looked at me and said ‘don’t you want some honey?’ It was an evil look that declared this is my toy but you can touch it. Almost in a daze I sat down on the other side of him. She started rubbing the honey up his shoulders. I needed permission to touch him. Like an evil dominatrix she told me to rub it everywhere but his cock. I thought to myself this is just cruel torture for us both. But having the chance to touch the man of my dreams was something I couldn’t resist. I scooped up a gob of honey and pushed it down to the edge of his boxers. She told me to rub it all the way down to his toes. I have done a lot of cruel things to a boy but nothing this extreme. I went for it inching my hands up his thighs with an almost tender motion. With my hand between his legs he couldn’t help but thrust his cock up wanting it to be stroked. I scooped another gob off his belly and spread a thin layer down each leg. He relaxed a bit with my hands not so close to his cock. You could tell his senses were overloaded when I coated his feet. Like the most evil cunt in the world she said ‘I want you to suck each toe and lick all the honey off both legs. I’m going to lick his hands, fingers and chest.’ I hated her so much for putting me in a situation to suck toes belonging to the man I wanted to marry. She might as well have just stated ‘you’re only good enough for his feet.’ I almost didn’t do it. Then I thought about the situation. Damn near any boy we ever met would die to be in this situation. Some men had no problem telling anyone the ultimate fantasy was having us both. I also wanted to see him writhing in pleasure. I truly hoped she finally planned to fuck him when we were done. No man should go through this much torture without sex as a reward. I honestly thought what she was planning would include a blow job from us both. We did work well as a team. She started sucking his fingers when I started sucking each toe. I actually wanted to trade places with him and have someone make me feel such intense pleasure. Since I couldn’t suck his cock I wickedly used my skills on his toes so he would know what I offer. He made this intense whimper which turned me into an a****l. I could watch angie and determine her skill level. She licked him like a cat. I worked my way up his calves with eager intensity and way more sucking than she could provide. One of our major differences was my early opportunities to learn the art of pleasure before she was ready. Her parents were strict until she began high school. The previous year not many people knew I was partying with all the popular k**s. I hid my secret adventures from the five smart Christian girls who played with each other. No one knew I had a very serious boyfriend all that year. We met at the movies on Friday but instead of going inside we walked to the high school dug outs to fuck around. When angie got busted sucking dick in the auditorium the boy she got off sent out a warning she sc****d his dick with teeth and she freaked out when she tasted cum. She spit it out, washed her mouth and said nothing could ever taste so gross. Maybe it was evil but I wanted chris to realize that I’m no amateur. I used my hands to deeply rub the muscles he was straining. I spent a long time on his lower legs only teasing his thighs. Angie didn’t know anatomy well enough to comprehend the intensity I could inflict between his legs. She was in her own world still licking like a cat. I knew what I was about to do would freak him out. I rubbed the sides of each thigh with my hands and with my mouth I began sucking, licking and kissing his inner thighs like a maniac. He lost control. He was thrusting up and down off the floor as he moaned like a dying man. I clutched his ass and used my tongue to push his boxers up enough to suck his tight quivering balls. I knew his dick was off-limits and I truly hoped getting his balls güvenilir bahis sucked nice and hard would allow him to cum. With my face buried between his legs I could see that his boxers were soaked with pre-cum. Angie was finally licking his belly while I expertly licked and sucked his balls. He was thrusting so hard it was almost difficult to please him. I clutched his ass so hard to keep him steady. I know the feeling of my nails digging in his tight ass hurt in a good way. I never went down on a chick but what I was doing was the way I love to have a man lick my pussy. I could suck on the outer edges of his balls but mostly I took him deep in my mouth enjoying the new sensation of sucking fabric. I had no mercy on him trying to make him cum. I never saw a boy aching to blow his load so bad. I knew if I could touch his dick even through his underwear he would be able to cum. I went ravenous when I could taste his pre-cum. He was so close. He thrust hard and down pushing his dick against my face with his balls bulging out of his boxers as much as possible. She wasn’t looking and I ran my tongue up and down his cock praying for him to cum. He started nearly screaming please, please, please like he would do anything to have his dick stroked. Angie looked down and realized I was licking his dick. Like she owned the universe she quit touching him and said ‘that’s enough. I told you not to touch his dick. Get off him.’ I nearly slapped the shit out of her. She had this cruel smirk on her face. She petted his cock once like a dog and said ‘this dick is mine bitch.’ Chris was in a state of shock. She kissed him and said ‘baby you need to jump in the shower now. I got you all sticky.’ I wouldn’t have helped her do it if I knew she planned to inflict emotional scarring blue ball trauma. I know how much we both licked and sucked that poor boy. If two dudes coated me in honey and sucked me from my head to my toes without touching my clit I would swing on them in fury. The look on chris’s face screamed shock, embarrassment and anger. He didn’t say a word and he left the room trying adjust his poor swollen dick. When he was gone I launched in on her. I said ‘damn it angie you can’t do that to a man.’ She laughed at me and said ‘you’re just pissed you didn’t get to touch his dick. I know all about your c***dhood crush issue. You have to realize he is my boyfriend now. We are deeply in love.’ Like I was talking to a c***d I told her it hurts when a man gets teased that much without an orgasm. She was proud of herself. She said ‘don’t worry he’ll whack off in the shower. We do this all the time. He gives me head and then he does his gimmick in the shower so nothing gets all messy.’ I laughed at her. I said ‘look angie this is not sixth grade. If you can’t give a hand job, suck dick or fuck he will find someone else. I know your pretty and all but Chinese ball torture won’t get you a wedding ring.’ She was pissed. Her speech was classic. ‘Do you even know how many boys want to be with me? Name one boy in the whole school not dying for a chance. You know why linda? I’m not like you. I don’t have to suck or fuck to keep a boyfriend. I’m not a fucking slut.’ I gave her my best shit eating grin. Then I informed her of my situation. ‘You may want to act all innocent because your dad’s a preacher. Unlike you I don’t eat pussy at sleepovers. I like men. I like sucking dick and fucking. When you’re not such a little girl one day you’ll regret not fucking chris when you had your chance.’ It was her moment to be cruel. She said ‘one day you’ll fall in love and understand having a real boyfriend instead of being an easy fuck. But I assure you it won’t be with chris. You’re too fucking fat.’I didn’t have a response. I stormed out and walked all the way home pretty much in tears. At school the next day she found me as soon as possible. She looked guilty and said ‘I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.’ She hugged me and said ‘you’re really pretty and I know so many boys that want to be with you.’ I said ‘let’s forget it ever happened.’ I knew we would never be truly best friends again. In the next few weeks I started dating joey. He has his own story. As much as I cared about joey I had been secretly dating danny on the side. Standing in angie’s yard seeing chris and danny I wanted to melt. I didn’t know which boy I wanted more. Danny embraced me like we had an addiction to each other. He told me I looked like a sexy Victorian porcelain doll. I swear gay men say the sweetest shit. I could hear chris say ‘why did you cut your hair?’ I giggled against danny. Any woman who hears that from a man should realize that is his way of saying ‘your hair looks like shit.’ I wanted danny that night. Chris would come later. Never in my wildest dreams did I realize I could have them both at the same time.

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