Chronicles of my man to man experience.

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Chronicles of my man to man experience.I’m planning to use this space to share my life time experience and how I’ve bargained with my sexual desires relating to other men. I intend to continuously improve and update this narrative and I hope that I stick with it. Please feel free to share your thoughts as I write this article. Thank you.ADULT TEEN YEARS When I was 18, a male friend of mine introduced me to masturbating. Which is the greatest thing in the world, right? Every time we hang out. We hang out, if you know what I mean… We logged many hours of jacking ourselves off. He was a little bit older than I and had the ability to cum and I did not yet. Eventually I matured enough and started Cumming too. I was so excited to tell him my land mark achievement.I don’t remember how long this went on but after some time, maybe a year. We were talking about sex with girls and thinking because he was older than me I assumed he has had sex with girls. I wondered out loud what it felt like to have sex with a girl. He replied that it felt the same as having anal sex with a guy. I don’t remember being shocked by this statement. We then started talking about how similar all the sexual play is whether you’re with a guy or girl. How kissing is the same, rubbing, jacking and blow jobs. How instead of a vagina you use the ass and it feels the same. I never did ask him how he knew this. I just took him for his word.So it began. We eased our way in starting with mutual jacking. He had a nice big cut cock. Mine was little bit smaller than his but they both were similar in shape and curved up. We would always play with each other’s cock no matter where we were. We would hang out in the woods a lot. We would find a place where we wouldn’t get caught and jack each other off. He had such a nice cock and I loved playing with it. After a while he started to make remarks about sucking each other. I told him that he could suck my but I was not into sucking him. He sucked me a few times during our jack sessions. I think he only did it to get me to suck him which did eventually work. I sucked his cock.. He also liked to dry hump me. He would get on top of me and with my legs crossed he would place his cock between my legs and fuck me till he came. He would get very passionate too. One time he lost control and started to kiss me. I didn’t care for kissing another man. He also “accidentally” hit my asshole at full speed which hurt like hell. We continued to play and practice our craft together. Shortly later we started talking more about trying anal. We discussed it and I told him that I would be will but I got to give it to him first. So one time while we were naked he laid face down and spread his butt cheeks. He had a hairy ass but a nice inviting butthole. He walked me through it telling me to go slow and he lubed himself with his spit. I slowly tried to work it in. He struggled and I got just passed the head of cock in his tight virgin ass. After the head my cock starts to get thick. He could not take it and made me stop. We never did get to finish the deed. He started to not come around as much. I asked him to come over for sex play and he told me that he realized it was wrong and wanted to stop. I was totally bummed out by his decision. But I continued to masturbate and became curious about anal.I became very curious about anal and wondered what it felt like to have something in my ass. I started to put small objects in my butt while masturbating. They were very small and I could not really notice that they were in there. The older I got the more curious I became. But I suppressed those feeling until my young adult life.YOUNG ADULTIn my early 20s I did not have any gay or homosexual thoughts or so I thought. I was dating a female who I met in a College campus bar. We dated for 5 years total with many beak ups in the middle. I started to get curious about anal sex but this time I wanted to know how it felt to bang a girls ass. My girlfriend had really nice “B” cup tits, nice and firm. Her pussy was made of gold. Still the best sex I’ve ever had. She could really do thing with her pussy. Let me tell you…So one time we were in our hotel room after hanging out and drinking with friends while out of town. I was fucking her from behind when I decided what the hell. Now, we never had a conversation or discussed having anal sex prior. I pulled out of her pussy and started to rub the head of my cock on her asshole. Rubbing it gently she attempted to guide nevşehir escort me back to her pussy. I think she thought I lost track and did not know where I was. I put it back on her asshole and whispered in her ear “That’s where I want it” I slowly kept working it in her tight ass using her pussy juices as lube. This girl had the wettest pussy and would leave puddles on the bed after we got done having sex. Anyway we ended up stopping because she was about to start moaning to loud for a hotel. I guess she liked it too. However we never got back there again.We broke up and a couple years later I started dating another girl steadily. I was now in my late 20’s. We also experimented with anal sex but she could not take me. She was really small framed and I still did not fully appreciate working slow and for long periods of time. While dating her out of nowhere I started to have homosexual thoughts again. I think she did too because I believe I could have gotten her to have sex with another girl. What a missed opportunity. I fantasized about my c***dhood friend and spend many hours jacking off to thoughts of him and gay porn. I began thinking about what it would feel like fucking a guy’s ass. This was in the early nineties when the internet was just born and it took forever to down load porn pictures let along videos. Damn AOL dial up! I wanted to know what it felt like to fuck a guy. Slowly my thoughts turned towards taking a guy’s cock in my ass. I started to browse the hardware store for dildo like objects that I could safety put in my ass. The first contraption was a piece of 1/2″ pipe insulation with a condom on it. It took a while to get it in my ass but I got there. It felt okay after a bit but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I finally worked up the nerve to mail order a dildo. I lived along at the time which made it easier to get dildos in the mail and use them. I loved the new toy. I kept working with it until I could take it like a woman. LOL. I remember searching hours on the internet for information on group jacking, gay sex and how to have successful anal sex. This went on for several years and many sex toys later.ADULT HOOD In my early 30’s I met the girl I’m with currently. She has no idea of my homosexual thoughts. And hell I’m still learning about them myself. She’s also a hottie and she enjoys anal sex a lot. We don’t do it all the time but when we do it’s all good. At this point I’m still having gay thoughts and can’t shake them. I’m really playing with my ass a lot. I have several dildos at this time and one I had was huge (10″ and 1.75″ think) I was able to take it. By now there is several gay dating sites and I’m a non-paying member on most of them. I have many pictures of me posing with dildos in my ass and such. I’m chatting and learning what it’s all about. I got a lot of compliments. At this point I still don’t have the nerve to hook up, but I’m really horny for it and I’m wanting to very badly. This goes on for years.I was about 39 or 40. A guy I met on a dating site and I have ben chatting each other up. We got off many times together while chatting what we would do if we hooked up. We never shared face pictures but did share body pics and of course cock pics. He had a nice looking cock. But most of all he could host at his place. I finally could not take it anymore I had to explore my gay side. I wanted to do it one time to get it out of my system. I decide to meet him. I spent the evening getting ready and put on a black thong. I drove 30 minutes to meet in the Walmart parking lot near his place. I was so nervous driving there but I was determined to finally do this. I had a smooth shaved cock and I could feel the silkiness of the pouch on the thong. I was so horny. I can feel those butterflies again as I’m writing this. I got off the exit and pulled into the Walmart parking lot. I parked in the area that we agreed on. I waited for 5 or so minutes when I realized that it’s possible that he might not show up. This actually helped me relax a little. A few minutes later a car pulled in the lot matching what he said he’s be driving. The car came towards mine and he pulled up next to me. This is the first time I’m seeing his face and he’s seeing mine. He was older than me maybe by 8 years. He was not exactly what I had in mind but I was never attracted to a man’s face. We had a few minutes of nerves chat when I asked “So what do you think?” He replied “I’m good” I replied “me too”. escort nevşehir He asked if I wanted to ride with him or follow to his place. I followed him to his place thinking I don’t want to give up my means of leaving in case things got weird. I even wrote his license plate down just in case. We pulled into drive way and entered the house through the garage. As we walking into the kitchen he turned and gave me a hug. I was a little uncomfortable with hugging him. Maybe it was because he was much older and a little fatherly in appearance. But his cock picture was what I was looking so I continued on think it’s only one time. We sat in the living room on his couch. We put on some old gay porn he had, nothing that interested me btw. He unbuttoned his pants and started to rub his cock. I unbuttoned mine and started rubbing. I asked him if I could jack him and he replied yes. He started jacking me too. My pants were still up but open so I pulled them off and he followed my lead. Before long our underwear were also coming off. We stroked each other for a while. It felt so good to hold a hard cock in my hand again. His cock was really hard. It was about 5 1/2 to 6 inches, cut and THICK. He started to lean over as if he was about to suck me but I really didn’t want to do oral either way because I wanted to play 100% safe, leaving only skin contact to jacking. Finally I said are you ready? and said “yes”. I brought my lube with me and I put some on my fingers rubbing it on my asshole and inserting my fingers hoping to open up a little more after seeing his thick cock. He put a condom on and I lubed his hard cock. As he sat on the couch I turned away from him and sat on his cock. I slowly let it sink into my virgin ass taking little bits at a time until it was all the way in. I rode his cock for a bit then I leaned over showing him where his cock was. I then pushed the coffee table forward guiding him to get me doggy style. As he fucked me I could feel the wave through my ass cheeks when he bumped into me. My stiff cock was dangling free and bouncing as he was taking me. I found this to be the hottest part.He then guided me back to sit on his lap where I rode his cock with my cock flopping up and down making the situation hotter. His hard cock was just right for hitting my prostate. It was not long before I was Cumming all over his floor. It felt so good in multiple ways. I’ve been waiting for so many years to have that experience and I finally did it and it also felt really good. I worried about feeling guilty but that was at a minimum. I was not able to hold out long enough for him to cum unfortunately. After I finished I promptly left and headed home as I was still very nerves. I messaged him thanking him for his kindness and consideration as he knew it was my first time or at least very new. I drove home feeling accomplished and I remember think okay it’s finally out of my system. I deleted all my gay porn short cuts and profiles. I did it, it’s over and I can move on. Wrong! It wasn’t very long before I was watching gay porn and fantasizing about taking cock again. I created all new gay dating accounts and was right back at fantasizing again.By this time I had gotten married to my then girlfriend. This adds a lot of issues that I’ll talk more about later, but it added to the guilt. I also had some guilt regarding the religious aspects. I was still on the dating site and this guy was cruising me pretty hard. We talked for several hours total. I finally decide to meet him in hopes that he might not be as thick as my other friend. I drove to Dunkin Donuts and sat waiting in the parking lot. We were only meeting up to check attraction levels. I watched the guy pull into the parking lot and he parked next to me. I got out and talked to him through his passenger window. He was younger than my other friend, closer to my age. He was married with k**s and felt safe that he wouldn’t rat me out and believed that he would be safe because he has a wife at home. That’s not really logical BTW. He was kind of stalky in build. Again not exactly what I’m attracted to body wise, but we decided to meet up for same play. A couple of days later we met in the parking lot of business close to a home he was watching for a friend. The house was empty as it was for sale. We went to the family room in the basement. He had already been there to put a blanket and pillows down. He dimmed the lights and we took off our pants. We got on our knees nevşehir escort bayan and began to fondle one another. I was rubbing his hard cock which was no ware as thick as the other guys. In fact for a minute I thought oh shit it’s too small. I rubbed my cock on his and he reach between my legs and started rubbing my asshole with his fingers. Man did that feel good. It made me wonder what it would feel like to be rimmed. He was really getting into it and started tonging my ear which I hated. I asked him how he wanted to do it. He wanted missionary which I was in full agreement. I lay down on my back and he got between my legs. For whatever reason this position was not going to work for us as he couldn’t even get close to my ass with his cock. So we decided that I would be on top. He got on his back and I straddled him. He had his condom on and I already shot lube up my wanting ass with a lube shooter. Great product! I slowly took his cock all the way in. I rode him for a while and then he took over. He fucked my ass a thousand miles an hour like a jigsaw. I started moaning which he attempted to curb because of the neighbors. I came all over his chest. Again I left a partner without coming. It appears once I cum, I got to go. We still talk once in a while but never met up again.I decided to revisit my other friend Mr. Thick Dick. We were still chatting all this time and I figured to give it another go. After several months we hooked up again at his place. This time I let him suck me and I suck him. He could suck cock and it felt great. But this time I really struggled taking him because I had fallen out of practice with my dildos. We didn’t get to play long as I just could not take him this time. However I did a nice job at jacking him off to completion but it’s not the same. I want him to cum while fucking me.Sometime later we agreed to meet at his place in the afternoon on a Monday. He had to leave work to meet me. I drove to his place and as instructed I entered through the front door without knocking. He greeted me totally nude. His cock was not hard yet but I could tell that it was willing and wanting. As I walked passed him I grabbed his cock and gave it a little stroke. I used the rest room and when I came back he was hard and ready. This time instead of sitting on the couch we went directly to the bedroom. I got naked and we climbed into bed. We laid next to each other and started stroking each other’s cocks. he went down on my sucking my cock for a bit. I asked him if he was ready and he said “yes”. He put a condom of and I lubed both of us up. I got on top of him and started riding his cock. I was able to take him well in this position. His stiff dick was hitting me right and I quickly came all over his chest. He rubbed my cum into his chest like tanning lotion. I then got doggy style at the edge of the bed. He stood behind me and entered me. He was harder to take in this position but I wanted to hang in there for him to finish. I think he noticed it was difficult and decided to stop. I got dressed and he was telling me how he was going to brag to the girls at work with the scent of my cum all over him. I found this to be hot and wondered what the girls look like. I then left feel satisfied that I came from anal but still wanting to get him to cum while fucking me. I plan to try again hopefully soon.HELP TAKING THICKNESSI want to get my ass to a point where I can take my friends thick cock. I bought an inflatable butt plug think that this would help. I had to plan its arrival in the mail just right to avoid someone else intercepting it at the mail box. I received it in the mail and it’s as cheap as I was wishing that it wasn’t going to be. However I do think it will aid in stretching my ass. I also was thinking of other ways of being able to take him and wonder if anal-ese would help. Not wanting to ship anything else to the house I researched the active ingredient which is Benzocaine USP 7.5%. I researched what else has Benzocaine and found that oral pain relievers contain Benzocaine 20%. I purchased Dollar Generals brand because it does not contain antiseptics. I put a little dab (about two pencil erasers) on my finger and rubbed it on and around my asshole sliding my finger in to get a little inside as well. You need to be careful because you won’t feel pain and might harm yourself. I know he’s not that going to do that and that I just need a little help taking him. I tried it out today (April 2017) and found it works great. I used it along with some toys and was also able to get an object 1 7/16″ thick in my ass by the end. If things go well we plan on meeting up this week. Hopefully I’ll have some great video and pictures to share with you.TO BE CONTINUED

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