Chubby Freshman Chapter 5

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Chubby Freshman Chapter 5Chapter 5After their love making the two students discussed their likes and tastes about gay love. Harris said that he had like Francis’ look the moment he saw him in class and wanted to do this from that moment. “Are there other guys or mature men you like?” asked Francis. “There is another guy I see around campus, a senior I think. He smiled at me and said hello just last week when I was leaving the library.” Francis asked “Is he cute? You think he may be gay or like slim guys like you?” Harris replied “Oh yes he is chubby and blonde hair and a lovely smile.” As he told Francis about the other student he stroked his cock and seemed to be in a bit of a dream state. Then he stopped and said “I should not be doing this and telling you about him” Francis put his hand on the huge cock and started to stroke it saying “Oh no, not at all. This is so erotic. Tell me more.” He looked down at the huge cock in his hand and stroked it slowly. He then put two hands on it and smiled as continued to stroke it gently at first and then faster and harder until his new lover erupted squirting semen over both of them.Several days later as Harris was entering the library he saw the chubby senior at the checkout desk and decided to longer around reading messages posted on the message kiosk. When he turned around the cute senior was approaching the kiosk. Harris looked at him and blushed as the student asked “Find anything interesting?” Harris stammered his reply saying “Oh no I was just looking.” The senior student full of confidence replied “Actually I am looking” and stared at Harris and then smiled. “What are you looking for asked Harris” nit rally thinking about what he was asking. The senior looked around and said “I was going to get a coffee. Care to join me?” Harris blushed a bit more and said “Yes. I was going to do some research but I can do it later.” The senior replied asking “You want to get a coffee here or in town. I have an errand to run near there and there are lots of nice cafes to choose from. They are a lot more interesting than here on campus.” “I don’t have a car today” replied Harris wishing he had asked his mother for hers. The senior student replied “No problem I can give you a ride.” Thinking that he would like to ride this freshman given the large hands the freshman possessed. On the drive over the senior introduced himself as Dean and shook Harris’ hand holding it a bit longer which Harris took as a sign that the senior guy may be interested in more than a coffee. Dean told Harris that he had seen him around the History Department as he was a senior in the Department. The two students took seats on the terrace of the trendy café which hosted an executive lunch crowd. A waiter with very effeminate mannerisms and wearing very tight pants with a nice package showing arrived and asks if he could help. Harris was looking around the café noticing that there were only lunch time patrons were men and mostly well dressed older men. He then noticed the waiter standing with his hand on his hip waiting for their order. He looked at the effeminate waiter and as he couldn’t help noticing the tight pants and the cock nestled to one side. As he looked at the smiling waiter he replied “Just a black coffee for me thanks.” He looked at Dean who was watching for Harris’ reaction to the waiter. The senior then ordered a cappuccino with double cream.Dean noticed that Harris didn’t get flustered with the presence of the gay waiter and liked tuzla escort bayan that as some guys would be embarrassed and then he said. “I hope you don’t mind coming to this café. Not many students come here or at the clubs and restaurants in this neighbourhood.” Harris replied smiling “Oh no, not at all. Actually I wanted to check this café out as I had seen it when I visited the gallery across the street last weekend with my parents.” Dean smiled and said “I guess you know that mainly gay men come here and you may have guessed I am gay. Does that bother you?” Harris was looking at Dean and also at a mature well dressed man sitting at the table behind Dean as he replied “No not at all. I find it interesting that you are.” To Harris it seemed that the older man was checking him out and smiled at the young slim freshman. Harris continued asking “Are there many gay guys in the History Department or many that you know at the university?” Dean replied that there were a few but were deep in the closet as were a few professors.The mature man sitting behind Dean was a chubby man probably how Dean would look when he was that age. He was very handsome and smartly dressed with an expensive stylish silk suit. Harris did like his look and though that the man may be interested in him but with his lack of experience was not sure. Dean was aware of who was seated behind him and noticed Harris looking at the man. Dean had seen the handsome mature man at the café and other venues before and knew that he preferred young studs like Harris. The senior student said “It seems like you have attracted some attention from the man behind me.” Harris blushed and replied “Sorry I didn’t mean to show him such attention as I am here with you.” Dean replied “Not a problem at all. We take advantages of opportunities to make connections when possible.”The two students stayed and chatted amicably and Dean suggested that they could leave and have a coffee at his apartment where it was more private. He added “Before we leave I will go to the washroom and you can have a chance to connect with the handsome mature gentleman.” When Dean left the table Harris looked at the mature man who smiled at him and said a quiet hello. As Harris was standing he looked around and as there was nobody nearby replied “Hello. Enjoying your coffee?” The mature man answered “Yes I am. I do like this café for the coffee and the ambiance and the clients. Perhaps we can meet and have a coffee another day as you seem to be busy this afternoon. Here is my contact information” and he offered a business card with just a name William and a telephone number. “You can send me a text message and we can arrange something.” Harris put out his hand to take the card and smiled and as the mature man passed him the card and a soft hand for Harris to shake. Dean and Harris arrived at apartment of the senior student and when they entered the older student kissed the younger student passionately. The two embraced and Dean reached down and caressed Harris’ cock. He knew the instant he touched it that it was something special. The older student then started to unbutton the younger student’s shirt and kiss his chest and lick the slim body. He then took Harris by the hand and led him into the bedroom which was small in comparison to Harris’ bedroom at home but it was neat and had a large mirror on the wall and a dressing table with a mirror and chair in front of it. On the closet door Harris noticed a couple of silky tuzla escort bayan robes of different colours hanging on hooks. Dean looked at Harris as the younger student surveyed the room. When Dean saw the boy looking at the silk robes he spoke to him in a very soft voice saying “I like to wear those and other pretty things” as he caressed the younger student’s hand. “Would you like to see me wearing some pretty things?” Harris was completely taken by surprise and although his brain was completely confused it seemed his body was reacting as he seemed to be excited. He replied slowly saying “Yes I suppose so.” Smiling Dean said in a very soft voice as he took the students hand “Sit here on the bed and I will change into something sexy for you.”He then took a robe and went to a drawer in the dresser and took out some items and went to the bathroom. In the bathroom Dean had a very quick shower washing his ass and his feet to ensure cleanliness for his plan with this young student. After drying he put on a bit of light coloured lipstick and a curly hair blonde wig and a pair of pink silk panties and then the matching pink robe. He finished dressing as slipped on a pair of femme slippers with pink fluffy bows at the toe. Dean walked back into the bedroom and said softly “I liked to be called Deanna” and stood in front of Harris and smiled at the student. “Do you like” he asked? Harris was both nervous and excited as he looked at the cute gurl. He stammered an answer “Yes I do” but was unsure if he was supposed to like this situation. Deanne replied “Oh I am glad you do. Push back on the bed so I can join you.” As Harris moved back and started to lie back partly being pushed by Deanne who climbed up and straddled him. Deanne then leaned forward and kissed Harris and whispered softly “I do hope you like my girly mannerisms.” She then leaned back and opened her robe and asked “You like my titties?” Deanne took the fat breasts and held them together forming a small bust. He then put a finger in his mouth wetting it and rubbed it around the wide aureoles and fat nipples. “Want to taste them” he asked the younger student. Deanne then moved forward so that his nipples were hanging over welcoming mouth. Harris licked and bit gently on the nipples as Deanne moaned. She then leaned down and kissed the younger student and whispered “We need to take some of your clothes off” and started to unbutton his shirt and then unbuckled the belt on the jeans. “Stand up so I can take these off” Deanne said as she stood and then kneeled on the floor. Harris stood and quickly took off his shirt as Deanne lowered his jeans tugging them down so the student could step out of them. Next Deanne pulled down the briefs and said “OMG you are hung like a horse” as she saw the big cock hanging before her excited eyes. She then took it and started to kiss it taking the head into her mouth sucking it and moving her experienced tongue over the head. Harris gripped her head gently to balance himself as she took as much of the student’s hardening cock into her mouth as she could finally gagging and the slowly allowing it to grow even more as she sucked.Deanne stood and pushed Harris to his knees and opening her robe said “Kiss and lick me” as she moved closer toward Harris. The student who was growing excited with being with a gurl licked and kissed as instructed. Dean sensed the excitement and asked “You like my pretty panties?” Harris replies “Oh yes very much you are so cute.” escort tuzla Deanne turned and instructed “Take down my panties and kiss my ass.” Harris obediently did as he was instructed and started to kiss the round globes presented before him. Harris looked at the smooth ass and spread the luscious cheeks and saw just some light blonde hair and smelled the apple flavor aroma as he put his tongue between the lovely cheeks and flicked his tongue over the puckered anus. Deanne moaned and climbed up on the bed and said “Fuck my ass with that big cock.” Harris moved the robe up revealing the round smooth bum. He was so excited being with a gurl that he kneeled behind her and started licking the ass cheeks presented to him. He licked producing as much saliva as possible and pushed the tip of his tongue into the pretty gurl’s ass. Deanne moaned and as a result of the student’s ministrations and encouraged him to do more of it. She reached down and played with her hardening cock as he licked and sucked her ass. As he felt the puckered anus becoming wet with his saliva he took his cock and placed it at the entrance and pushed forcing the head into the tight ass. Deanne moaned and yelled a bit and then bit the sheets as she felt the pain of the big cock entering her ass. Harris was exceptionally excited as he was with this pretty gurl. His cock was truly hard and he pushed and slid out finding a rhythm that matched what the gurl was doing and the two moaned in unison. “Fuck me harder you stud” cried out Deanne who loving the attention her ass was receiving. Harris replied by making his cock driving motions more pronounced as he took hold of her hips. Shortly thereafter he cried out “I am going to cum.” He had never had an organism as fast as this in his life. Normally he needed to masturbate for a long time before he squirted any semen. This time was different as Deanne wearing a wig and in her robe and panties and had made him so excited.Harris yelled out as he ejaculated several large squirts of his sperm into the tight ass. When he finished he fell forward trapping Deanne under him and lay there for a few minutes recovering his breath. When he rolled off the gurl she said “That was fantastic” and turned over on her back and then said “Lick me some more” and held her cock in her hand offering it to the slim younger student. Harris wasted no time in moving his body to take her cock in his mouth. He sucked and licked the head and masturbated it with a couple of fingers as he sucked it. He felt her buck and then he felt her squirt her semen into his mouth. He tried in vain to swallow all of it but a lot leaked from his mouth down on his chin and some onto his neck. The remainder flowed on his hand as he took his mouth off her cock. “Kiss me” she cried out to him and he leaned forward and kissed her exchanging her semen for her saliva and mixing it with his. The two lovers then lay touching and caressing each other. “Have you done this before” asked Deanne. “Not with a guy like you. Just one other and he is chubby but not pretty like you.” “Another freshman student was he” asked Deanne? Harris replied “Yes he is in my classes.” Dean replied asking “Is it the chubby guy who has that preppy look?” Harris answered ‘Yes. Do you know him?” Dean replied “Oh that bitch. Not really I have seen him and he seems to be always on the look. What a slut!” Harris detected the jealousy and said “he is nowhere as good as you” and leaned over and kissed Deanne. He then asked “Are there other students who dress like you?” Deanne replied “Yes a few skinng bitches who wear the skinny jeans and show their effeminate mannerisms and their boy cocks. They hang with the pretty girls who are not threatened by them.”

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