coast to coast driving mom’s best friend part

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coast to coast driving mom’s best friend part
I watch Shelly as she slept and with my feelings all screwed up. I mean I wished she was younger but we fit together so well and so far she didn’t have any limits on what she would do with me. Yes I haven’t forgot about Bill and what he has done for me either. I laid there watching Shelly sleep wondering what mom would say or do if she could see us now. I’m sure it wouldn’t be pretty, mom is very much straight laced and, me her son in bed with her best friend, well she better not find out.

I fell asleep with Shelly in my arms and when I woke up Shelly had just come out of the shower and walked into the room as if we were a old married couple sitting on my side of the bed saying “Mike what do you think about spending a couple days in New Orleans? I’ve always wanted to see the French Quarter and see what the night life is like and maybe find a great place to let our hair down, what you think?”

Let our hair down? Haven’t we been letting our hair down enough plus I hear it can be a dangerous place if you didn’t watch your back. As I rolled off the other side of the bed to go shower myself I said ” I will agree to spend a couple days there if you promise not to get falling down drunk and behave yourself. I hear the boys down there play rough and I don’t want this to turn into a trip from hell. Ok?” As I looked over my shoulder she had her lower lip stuck out like some little girl not getting her way. She did nod her head as she picked up her cell phone to call Bill her husband.

As I turned the water on I heard her say “Hi honey, yes we are having a great time.” I closed to door as my stomach did a roll at the thought of us doing this behind his back and as I stood there looking at myself in the mirror I said to myself “What the fuck are you doing? Bill is a great guy who has helped you in so many ways and this is how you repay him? You have to cut this off and maybe in time it will become just a memory.” I run my hands over my face as I remembered how she made me feel and how much you loved being not only with her but in her bed.

After I showered and got dressed we had a bite and Shelly told me had found a room for us just off the French Quarter and couldn’t wait to get there. I told her it was only about 3 hours away so we had time to see Bienville square and the fort as well before we left, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri plus we would still be at the French Quarter in lots of time for dinner. She said ok but I think she would’ve preferred to head straight to Bourbon Street.

She did show some interest in the square but when we got to the fort she had had enough and wanted to go. Even with my navigation I got lost twice trying to find the hotel she had us booked into. Once we got parked and signed in we went up to the room and once up stairs is when I noticed that she had only booked one room not two and once inside the room it only had one queen size bed. I looked at her and she said ” Well we have only been using one room so why should I throw money away on two?” I guess she was right but I felt my stomach do a roll once again but I kept my mouth shut.

We got cleaned up and went to find a place to eat and Shelly decided she wanted to try Cajun food and I warned her that it can be very spicy and if she can’t handle spice she may want to try something else. Well she is a woman so she order some kind of sea food platter and when it came she did try to eat it just to prove me wrong but when the tears started rolling down her cheeks she give in saying she needed to go back to the room.

Once there she had her head in the toilet be sick for hours. I do have to say going the whole night not having sex with her was kind of a relief, I mean when I woke up I didn’t feel guilty. After we got some stuff to settle Shelly’s up set stomach we walked what had to be 10 or more miles just enjoying seeing the town. I can’t say it up set me to have Shelly on my arm as we walked, and I noticed a lot of men eyeing her up and down as we walked.

That night we found a place that had as Shelly put it “normal food” then to what some call a speakeasy club, we went in with me reminding her of her promise. We danced and was enjoying ourselves when a good looking lady walked over and asked me if I minded if she danced with my woman as she put it. I told her it was fine with me. As I watched the two women dance together they seem to really be enjoying themselves and the more they danced the sexier it got until it looked like Shelly’s new dance partner looked to be having full blown sex with her on the dance floor. At the end of a song Shelly looked right at me then kissed makrobet this woman making sure I could see she had her tongue in the other woman’s mouth. I felt myself getting hard as I watched the two of them.

Shelly walked back to the table arm in arm with this sexy black hair woman. Shelly said “Mike I want you to meet Carly. She and I have decided that the three of us should spend the night together. You don’t mind do you Mike?” As Carly was kissing and licking Shelly’s ear.

This has always been a fantasy of mind and there was no way I was going to pass this up, so I said “The more the merrier.”

I walked behind the women watching them play grab ass and at one point Shelly had her friends skirt up above her wrist showing me a very nice ass. Shelly looked over her shoulder saying “She has a great ass don’t she Mike? ” I nodded my head as my eyes locked on her globes. We went up to our room and once inside Shelly said “I get her first Mike then she is all yours.” Carly kissed my lips sliding sideways as she turned to Shelly.

I sat on the only chair in the room as these two sexy women started kissing and sucking this or that as they pulled each others clothes off. Once Shelly was bare to the wrist Carly had Shelly’s nipples hard as I had ever seen them and it looked like she was chewing them off. Shelly had her hands in Carly’s hair holding her to her tits. I got up and reached around Carly unbuttoning her top. Carly was sending Shelly into space with not only sucking her nipples, but a hand between Shelly’s legs as well.

Once I had Carly’s top opened I took both of her tiny tits in my hands pinching her nipples as I kissed the back of her neck. Shelly started making the sounds I have got to hear many times as her orgasm hit her. Carly dropped down between us pushing her face into Shelly’s dripping pussy. Shelly give a howl as Carly went to work on that smooth pussy in her mouth. Shelly opened her eyes looking right at me but I don’t think she was seeing anything or anyone. Her eyes started to roll back in her head as she came as hard as I had ever seen her cum.

It was a good thing the bed was right behind her, cause I think she blacked out as she fell back on the bed. Carly stood up turning kissed me hard on my mouth and letting some of Shelly’s cum flow into my mouth. She pulled back and said “Later I want her makrobet giriş first.” She ran her hand down the front of my pants cupping me before stripping off climbing on top of Shelly saying “Eat me bitch.” as she sat her pussy down on Shelly’s face.

Shelly wrapped her arms around holding onto Carly’s ass as she started licking and sucking on her new friends pussy. Carly looked straight at me as I could see her orgasm build inside of her. She let out a loud scream as the orgasm rocked her body and I could hear Shelly licking her as fast as she could. I wondered if Carly squirts when she cums like my lovely Shelly does.

By now I was a naked as the day I was born watching these two sexy ladies and not touching my cock cause I was afraid that if I did I would cum right a long with them. Carly waved her hand for me to come closer and she reached out taking me in her hand pulling me on the bed and into her mouth. She sucked on me as Shelly ate her out and I started thinking, I hope she don’t bite it off when she cums again.

I was oh so close when she pulled me out of her mouth saying that she wanted to watch me fuck Shelly. Shelly got on top putting her face right back down between Carly’s legs and back on her pussy as I slid into Shelly’s dripping wet pussy. I didn’t want to fuck Shelly to hard and force her away from what she was doing but as Carly and Shelly both got closer to their orgasms Carly got her hands on my ass pulling me hard and deep inside Shelly. I felt myself getting very close as well when Shelly’s orgasm hit and Carly started to cum right a long with her. Carly then did something no has ever done to me. She pushed a finger up my ass making me cum so hard I all but passed out myself. The whole room was spinning in my head and I felt hands pushing me away which I staggered back landing in the chair I had been in earlier.

When I vision straighten out I could see Carly had pulled Shelly back down on her mouth and was sucking and licking both of our cum out of her.

Later that night Shelly suck me hard again and sat back watching Carly and me making love. Shelly said “Tell me when your about to cum cause I want you to cum inside me Mike.” When I got close I told her but Carly dug her finger nails in my ass not letting out. Carly held me until I was done shooting my load inside her.

Carly turned to Shelly saying “Sorry but when I get fucked by a guy, I like to have him finish with me.” I pulled out and Carly pushed Shelly on her back sitting her cum filled pussy on Shelly’s face. I got up and sat down in the chair falling asleep to the sound of the women making love to each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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