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COWS, BULLS & STALLIONS P1-P13COWS, BULLS AND STALLIONS.There was a farmer who lived miles from the nearest town. This was no ordinary farm. He and his wife had a special breeding programme. They had prize bulls, stallions and cows.The bulls were chosen for the size of their cocks and balls. The cocks are a good 12 inches long, 2-3 inches around. The balls/hangers are heading towards golf ball size.The stallions are chosen for their size and stamina. Cock length 12 inches or longer and 3 inches or bigger around to reach the womb.There are three types of breeding cow.1st is for milk supply2nd is for breeding- healthy and good hips3rd is for training- these cows have come to the end of their breeding or milking life but are still good for servicing the bulls and stallions.This farm is more than a normal farm they do have horses and cows and also have a human breeding programme.The cows chosen for breeding need to have good size hips, be good looking and know how to service a bull or stallion.The training cows are used to service the bulls and stallions. These cows are usually past their milking and birthing stage and are still really good for servicing the bulls and stallions till the next breeding cycle starts.The farmer personally trials any new cows that come along and his wife trials any new bulls or stallions they earmark for their breeding programme. In time the son & daughter will take over the farm and be given specialist training on the selection process.The cows, bulls & stallions are usually chosen because they are loners, runaways or turn up at the farm. They are offered a bed, long luxurious bath, clean clothes and a good feed in return they are expected to help out with the chores.Little do they know the special tonic they are given has a stimulant in it to increase their libido, increase breast size and the bulls/stallions increases cock size & are constantly horny, hard, full of sperm & want to work.The wife is a caring motherly kind and these young heifers feel free to talk to her while they do their chores around the place. When the time is right she sends them over to the a****l breeding barn where the farmer has his bulls & cows.With the bulls & stallions fucking the cows this usually stimulates the girls who start playing with their pussies and clities.The farmer sees this and is ready with his big fat cock out and the girls cant wait to have his big fat cock in her. She drops to her knees sucking and nibbling on that big fat juicy cock till he shoots its yummy nectar down her throat. By this time her pussy juices are running down her legs and she wants the farmers big fat juicy cock in her. The bull smells the sex in the air and mounts his cow. The farmer & the bull go at it fucking the girl & the cow as if there is no tomorrow. The cow & the girl are mooing & screaming at the hard cock beating they are getting till the farmer & the bull cum at the same time with a roar.The farmer starts to nibble on her breasts which stimulates her sexual passions yet again.The bell rings for lunch.The farm has CCTV which feeds back to a control room just of the kitchen.The farmers wife doesn’t miss out she gets to try out the goods too.The Bulls & Stallions are usually waifs & strays looking for work or transient, once they have been cleaned up and given a feed & drink of tonic they are willing to work.These young stallions & bulls are sent out to work on the farm doing chores and because of the hot climate usually strip off to the waist. Over several weeks their bodies start to change, biceps are growing, body muscle is getting lean and ripped. They start to play with themselves in their sleep. Their cocks grow a good 2 inches in length and girth.The farmer and his wife check CCTV footage every evening in bed to make sure the farm is safe. Quite often they end up having a really good fuck session and deciding what chores need to be done the next day.If a new bull/stallion is playing with themselves in their sleep the wife will go into his room and suck & nibble on his big lollipop until it explodes the yummy nectar down her throat and then mount him for the ride of his life. He will cum & she will orgasm several times over the next few hours. Depending on how he performs and whether she can feel his cock in her womb. This determines whether he becomes a stallion or a bull.Remember Bulls are for milking & Stallions for breeding.Over many years the farmer & his wife have built up a very good live stock breeding programme with sales making a steady profit for the farm each year. The farmers c***dren are off at college in a few years and are getting into the swing of how the farm works.One day a young runaway girl turns up at the farm wanting work, clothes for food.The farmer & his wife look at the girl ask the normal questions name,age, where from, etc.her name is Marissa, she is 18 has run away from home, has nothing and her clothing is no better than rags. The farmers wife gives Marissa a tonic drink to warm her up while she runs a luxurious bath, sets out new clothes & a towel for her.The wife goes and gets Marissa and shows her the bathroom ready for her bath. Marissa takes her clothes off and steps into the bath and nearly falls asleep till there is a knock on the door the farmers wife has returned with another tonic and leaves Marissa to soak in the bath.[Marissa doesn’t know there is CCTV in the bathroom] The effects of the tonic start to kick in with the second drink, there is tightness in the breasts and ichyness in her pussy lips and an overall sex urge beginning to happen. Marissa yells out to the farmers wife who comes to find out what is going on. She starts to explain about these feelings & what is happening to her body & the farmers wife listens then suggests maybe she should sponge Marissa down and clean her back, Marissa lets the wife do this all the while the wife knows where to stimulate Marissa by starting on her back then moving to the front & sponging around Marissa’s breasts then down her stomach. The farmers wife then suggests Marissa stand up so she can continue to wash between her legs working her way up to Marissa’s pussy. By this time Marissa is so so horny she lets the wife clean her pussy & backside. The wife notices Marissa’s juices are flowing and inserts several fingers in her pussy and rubs her clitoris stimulating her to orgasm. Marissa is so stimulated and wanting more the wife leans over to the bathroom cupboard where she has a supply of different sized dildos and gets one slightly bigger and inserts it into Marissa’s pussy with slight movements in & out creating yet another orgasm. After Marissa recovers the wife helps her out of the bath and dries her off, putting on the new clothes which fitted lovely. The wife suggested Marissa should take the dildo & put it in the top drawer of her night stand and use it when ever she needed it. If she felt like leaving it in while doing chores that was OK also.By this time it was time for dinner and Marissa was so so hungry from not having any food for days.After dinner Marissa was so tired she asked to go to bed. She slept like a log and woke just on lunchtime the following day. The farmers wife was setting the table for her husband and the workers and Marissa gave her a hand. When lunch was over the farmer took Marissa for a walk around the farm buildings showing her the milking shed and the breeding barn where the bulls service the cows. The farmer excused himself while he brought a cow into a bull stall for mating. The farmer unclipped the bull and they watched as the bull sniffed and smelt the cows back end all the while the bulls dick was growing and Marissa made a comment about how big it was,then the bull mounted the cow finding the right hole straight up the cow started moving around so the farmer grabbed a and clipped the holter so the cow couldn’t move around. The bull then mounted the cow again and fucked the cow till he dismounted. The bulls dick was still hard & he remounted the cow again by this time Marissa was so sexed up she didn’t realize she was playing with her own pussy, the farmer smelling female sex dropped his pants & started to wank himself Marissa seeing this dropped to her knees and started sucking the farmers 10 inch fat cock. He blew his load down Marissa’s throat. Marissa need that cock in her pussy so bad. The farmer laid Marissa on a hay bale and sucked on her nipples then worked his way down to her pussy, he licked & nibbled on her pussy lips till she had a massive orgasm then he put his big fat cock into her pussy. He hadn’t had a pussy so tight for a long time. Her pussy muscles were massaging his cock before long he let out a mighty roar at the same time the bull bellowed they had both cum at the same time. The smell of a****l sex & human sex was in the air. While this was happening the farmers wife was watching it on CCTV, she couldn’t wait till her & husband went to bed that evening.She rang the dinner bell for the evening meal.The farmer & Marissa got dressed released the cow & bull and went up to the house with the other workers for the evening meal. Once the meal was over & the cleaning up was done the workers went back to the workers dorms, Marissa went to her room & the farmer & his wife went to their bedroom and watched their CCTV feeds from the day. This made them very very horny the farmer fucked his wife to several orgasms before he came. They were spent & slept till breakfast the next morning.Over the next couple of days the farmer & his wife would have to decide whether Marissa was going to be used for breeding or milking. It was agreed the farmer would still fuck Marissa when the Cows & Bulls were breeding and they would set up times for Marissa to be alone with one of the human bulls & stallions.Second scenarioSeveral years earlier there was a young man whose car had broken down and had walked to the farm and asked if he could work to fix his car.This young man was handsome average build looked after himself.The farmers wife invited him in gave him a drink of tonic while they waited for the farmer to come in.Markus introduced himself and told the farmer about his car breaking down several miles down the road and could he help to get it going again. They went out to the barn and got the tractor and a rope to tow the car back to the farm. By the time they got back Markus was ready for another drink, the farmers wife readily got another glass of the tonic and gave it to him. The car would take time to fix so they offered Markus a bed for the night which he readily accepted. The wife ran Markus a bath left some clean clothes for him to change into.While Markus was in the bath he noticed his cock was feeling tighter & bigger. He finished his bath and went to bed. sleep came quick. During the night while he was sleeping he played with his cock and came in great gushes. The farmer & his wife were watching this on their CCTV. The wife got so horny her husband fucked her good and fell asleep. The wife got up and went into Markus’s room lifted the covers and sucked on Markus’s cock which grew in length and size, she could hardly get the cock in her mouth but she managed to get the tip to her throat then proceeded to suck & nibble his cock then chew on Markus’s ball sac. She continued doing this till she felt his cock start to tighen up then exploded down her throat, he came & came she sucked & chewed till their was no yummy nectar left. Markus didn’t go soft [this was another side effect of the tonic the guys cocks didn’t go down for a long time and they could produce sperm for this time as well] so the wife climbed into bed & mounted Markus dick and bounced up & down on it till he came filling her womb with his sperm. The wife was sure Markus would be earmarked a Stallion as she could feel his length go through the opening into her womb. Even her husband who had a large, long fat cock didn’t reach that far.Markus woke in the morning to find he was hard and his cock had grown in length, he also noticed his sheets had dried cum all over them and he needed to shower to wash his cum encrusted body. He thought he must have had an amazing dream to have produced that much cum. [little did he know the farmers wife had had a great ride on his cock while he was asleep]Markus had his shower & went downstairs to have breakfast, and met the other farm workers.The farmers wife was eager to get Markus into the breeding programme as soon as possible.Several of the human cows hadn’t got in calf and she was eager to get things started. The tonic needed to be taken at least 3 times a day which was easy enough to do with a few drops in cups of tea, cups of coffee or other cold drinks.The farmer took Markus down to the human breeding barn to see how he reacted to the other Bulls & Stallions fucking the human cows. Right on cue Markus couldn’t control himself watching the bulls sticking their big fat cocks in these yummy cunts/pussies. In another pen the Stallions were fucking gorgeous looking cows. The cows couldn’t get enough with the strong fucking they were getting. The stamina of the Stallions and Bulls meant they could continuously fuck & produce sperm for up to 2hrs before they needed a rest. The cows could also go the rounds too.Something in the tonic created lactose or milk in the human cows when mixed with the bulls semen.When mixed with the Stallions semen which went direct into the womb this produced human calves.The farmer & his wife had found years earlier they couldn’t have c***dren and sort the help of a geneticist. They found there were a lot of couples in the same situation and there was a need for lactose, milk & human calves for women who couldn’t produce or didn’t want to ruin their figures. The farmer found a geneticist who had been doing research into the production of lactose & milk for women who wanted to feed their babies but couldn’t. He had also been researching conception for couples who couldn’t conceive. The geneticist had discovered a simple test to see if semen & pussy juice was fertile. He also produced a tasteless liquid that only needed a few drops in any drink taken 3 times and the women would be more receptive to fertility, producing milk or lactose and guys depending on the semen results would on average grow larger cocks and when mixed with the women’s juices would produce lactose or milk and fertilize the women’s eggs in her womb. For fertilization the semen needed to be discharged direct into the womb and orgasm to happen. The semen that mixed with the women’s fanny juices and created a orgasm produced either lactose or milk. Hence the term “Bull large awesome cocks that stimulated a cows fanny and created orgasms” and “Stallions even larger and longer cocks that stimulated an orgasm in a cows fanny and went direct into the cows womb”.The farmer & his wife tried this alternative therapy and were successful over the next few years in producing a boy & a girl.They offered their farm as a trial to the geneticist. One of the side effects of stopping this treatment was lose of any memory of what has happened during the time taking the tonic drops.Back to the story;Markus started going hard when watching the cows been serviced and dropped his pants to release his super hard cock which seemed to have grown longer & larger than when he woke up. The farmer seeing this encouraged Markus into the lactating cow pen. Several cows rubbed against Markus with one walking on her hands & knees to suck & nibble Markus’s yummy glistening cock she swallowed it whole and used her mouth muscles to stimulate his cock. Her throat muscle pressured his cock head while her tongue was rubbing the underneath of his cock, this was sending Markus into mind numbing xtacy, then he felt his nipples been sucked on by 2 bulls the one servicing his sucking cow & another bull servicing another cow licking & nibbling his balls & sac. All of a sudden he felt a firm soft feeling in his rear end & turned to see the farmer was servicing him to make Markus his Stallion. Markus was in eutopia all sorts of thoughts, feelings were going through his mind & body. Markus didn’t care this was new and he was enjoying it. Then all of a sudden Markus felt a feeling like a freight train rumbling through his body and he came in the cows throat nearly chocking her and he felt a hot feeling in his insides & the farmer exploded in Markus’s rear with such force they all collapsed on the ground. Each of the cows sucking Markus’s nipples proceeded to clean out Markus’s rear end & the other started to clean Markus’s cock, while the 2 Bulls swapped places and cleaned up the other’s cow. Markus & the farmer started to suc on the 2 cows nipples till lactose and milk came out. The farmer guided the cows to a milking machine and put the cups on to extract their milk/lactose. By this time the Bulls & Markus were ready for another round. While the cups were on the cows they entered the cows from behind and proceeded to fuck them again. The suction of the cups on the cows nipples vibrated through the cows bodies and it wasn’t long before the bulls came again this produced more milk, so Markus & the farmer were so so hard and ready they started fucking the cows while the bulls cocks were sucked clean by the 2 cows. This time the farmer & Markus came with so much energy they were spent. The bulls sucked clean the farmer and Markus’s cocks and the cows fannies and it was time for the farmer to take the cups of both cows tits. The 2 cows were lead to another room to rest, eat and replenish. The bulls were lead to a big room were the bulls were housed to eat, drink & rest.The farmer and Markus walked back to the house & were greeted by the farmers wife with a lovely hot meal and more fluids to rebuild their strength. Over the meal the farmer & his wife asked Markus how he felt. Markus thanked them both for taking him in and asked if he could stay. The farmer asked his wife and she announced Markus’s semen tests showed he was a stallion and by the way he performed last night in his room & today in the barn she was sure there would be a good take on his calves. She asked her husband & Markus if Markus could go to bed with them tonight [she was so so horny from watching the show in the barn] after they cleaned up & got things sorted for the morning all three went up to the master bedroom.The farmers wife went into there en suite to shower & change & left her husband & Markus to talk.The farmer wanted to ride Markus tight rear end and to fuck his wife from behind while Markus fucked her from the front.When the wife came out of the bathroom she was wearing a see through nightly with slightly bigger than a G string knickers. Both men couldn’t control themselves and removed her clothing using just their teeth. The farmers cock was rock hard and 10 inches long and nearly too big to go in a mouth. Markus cock was also rock hard and had grown in length to between 13 & 14 inches and the width was enormous. Markus started nibbling on the wife’s neck & nipples working his way down to his prize. The farmer started from behind sucking and nibbling his wife’s neck down to her butt then proceeded to lick & nibble her pussy from behind while Markus was sucking & nibbling on her from the front. Markus found her erotic clit and nibbled on this till she orgasmed then he proceeded to lick & suck the juices from her pussy while her husband was doing the same till she stopped them both & said she wanted both of them to enter her pussy. Markus in the front & her husband from behind. Both men were leaking precum so badly they entered her pussy with ease and proceeded to fuck her. Markus sucking & nibbling on her nipples he tasted something was it liquid yes it was and the taste was so so good Markus sucked and sucked till his fill. Markus huge cock was so long and touching the inside wall of her womb on every thrust Markus could feel her muscles contracting & pushing against his shaft length. He was so long his balls & sac didn’t even touch her clit or pussy lips. Then he remembered the farmers 10 inch cock was also in her tunnel and the sensations both cocks were having rubbing against each other was bringing both men to an amazing climax, then all of a sudden both exploded Markus filling her womb with what felt like gallons of cum and her husband filling her canal. Both men were still rock hard due to the tonic she had put in their drinks and were soon ready for the next session. Markus decided he was going to work on her rear canal and proceeded to start preparing her for his still rock hard cock. She was slightly shorter than Markus and so they could 69 her sucking & nibbling on his yummy lollipop and Markus sucking and working on her rear. While this was going on the farmer was sucking on Markus’s rear end preparing it for his cocks penetration. Once they were ready the wife carried on sucking and nibbling Markus’s awesome lollipop, Markus then began chewing on her clit & pussy lips while the farmer started to penetrate Markus with his big fat cock. All of a sudden they all felt an urge cumming on yes the next orgasm was coming on. Markus’s cock went down her throat spewing large amounts of cum, the farmers cock exploded down Markus’s canal filling Markus’s bowel. Due to Markus’s sucking & nibbling on her clit & pussy lips and a couple of fingers in her pussy the farmers wife’s orgasm went on for ages. After a few minutes they had recovered enough to suck & lick each other clean. Then round three started with Markus fucking the farmer while he sucked on her pussy, then he changed and started fucking her rear entry. The farmer was fucking his wifes pussy. Markus & the farmer could feel each others cocks through the thin membrane between her pussy canal & her anal canal, the farmer started to suc on his wife’s tits and discovered the milk flow. In his head he knew his wife had taken the tonic was she wanting to get pregnant, he would talk with her later in the mean time he was ready to shoot and he could feel Markus ready too, all three exploded in orgasm and were spent, they fell asleep and awoke as daylight was showing through the bedroom window. The all showered together and dressed ready for the day ahead.The farmer & his wife did talk about the milk in her tits & found out several weeks later she was pregnant & they both knew it had to be a mix of Markus & his semen.Moving forward to Marissa, her breasts were starting to get hard & tingly. After the fucking from the farmer she was tested to see which category she would fit in lactose, milking or breeding. The test came back on all counts so she was encouraged to help out in the barn where she got so excited her juices were running down her legs, the farmer suggested she could choose to be serviced by a bull or a stallion, she chose both. The farmer let her have a bull & a stallion so she sucked on a handsome 10 inch bull cock and then sucked on Markus’s 14 inch cock. Markus & the Bull took turns sucking & nibbling on Marissa’s pussy lips, inserting fingers in her anal canal and in her pussy canal. Marissa yozgat escort had seen the bull servicing other cows and Markus servicing the breeding cows and she wanted both those cocks in her. 1st she primed the bull & his 10 inch cock sucking & nibbling till the precum was running then she let him enter her pussy, insisting Markus the stallion enter her mouth, she sucked on his stallion cock till the bull blew his load, then Marissa got Markus to mount her, he started by sucking and nibbling on her clit & pussy lips & working his way up to her engorged tits and nipples then he tasted a taste he had had before, yes he remembered the session he had when he first arrived with the farmer & his wife. The bull had started her milk flow and he was going to fertilize her eggs by the time he was finished. While he was sucking & nibbling on her tits he inserted his awesome sized cock into her breeding pussy, he felt his cock hit a wall and knew he was in her womb. With soft & slow motions in & out his cock seemed to be getting bigger and getting tighter in her pussy canal he signaled to the bull to enter her rear canal to have the sensation he had had when the farmer & him were servicing the farmers wife. Soon enough he was enjoying the feel of another bulls cock rubbing against his slowly realizing it wouldn’t be long before he would be cumming so he slowed down till he could feel the bulls cock swell signaling they were both ready to cum. Marissa had been having numerous mini orgasms after the bull entered her from behind. Markus & the Bull were ready to explode and did at the same time Marissa had a mind shattering orgasm which left her blacked out. She came too minutes later and cleaned both cocks. The bull & stallion cleaned up what was leaking out of Marissa’s pussy & anal canal. Markus & Marissa both knew in their own minds in a few weeks time she would be confirmed as been in calf.The BULLSThe bulls were hand picked by the farmers wife not for their good looks. Some Bulls were good looking and tested to be both Bulls & Stallions. This was a special group often used to service both breeding cows & milking cows. These guys were rested when there was a glut of Bulls & Stallions.The wife loved base ball and grid iron and would go to all the local college games knowing the players were always horny and could never get enough fucking or sucking. The wife had looked after herself over the years and the guys always fell for her motherly charms, a good home cooked meal and someone who would listen to their problems. Quite often she would pick out several & meet them at a local motel and let them do what they wanted. On one occasion she befriended one solid build player who took a lot of ridicule from his team mates. She focused on seducing him, a good choice as you will find out later. His name is Dave. Dave was plain looking when dressed in his playing gear his bulge looked like a good 10 to 14 inches and during a game could be seen snaking down his pant leg.Dave met with the farmers wife at a local bar and after a few drinks they ended up in the motel room.Dave was all fingers and thumbs and didn’t know where to start, he was feeling her tits through her top, then grabbing her pussy through her skirt. His after game pants were getting tight so he decided to drop them & step out of them while lifting her top up over her head exposing her tits. She lifted his top over his head while Dave pulled her skirt down then they fell on the bed with Dave moving her knickers to the side while he pushed his 14 inch cock into her pussy. The wife let Dave fuck her like there was no tomorrow & he shot his load within minutes. Once this was over the wife jumped on top of Dave and waved her finger above his eyes signalling “leave me to it know” Dave lay there and let her do what she wanted. First she started with nibbling his ear nibbling down the side of his face dropping a quick kiss on his lips on the way to the other ear. She nibbled and sucked going from one ear to the other for 5-10 minutes then she started nibbling down his neck giving a little bite down the centre bone then she nibbled on his right nipple till it turned red then went over to the left nipple till it was red. Dave removed her knickers while she was nibbling around his chest then she started down to his fury trail chewing mouth fulls of his pubic hair Dave was so hard but she wouldn’t let up she stopped at his cock base then went down to his feet and started nibbling each toe on each foot working her way up to his crutch then starting on the other foot. When she got to the base of his ball sack she 69’d so Dave could suc & nibble her pussy & clit. She started nibbling on his ball sac and chewing each ball creating copious precum, by this time she had had several mini orgasms but she carried on sucking then started up his lolly pop shaft she could feel he was getting close so she spun around and landed on his cock using for pussy muscles to control his pushing in and out and also creating pressure on his cock. When she felt she was near she plunged down with her head and french kissed Dave till he was breathless all the time riding his cock. They both exploded with such force they fell asleep. About an hour later she woke up to feel Dave was still hard and she started to rock & roll on his cock till he woke up. They talked a bit while she was riding his cock and she asked if he could fuck her behind while she showered hi with kisses, nibbling & chewing. She rocked forward till Daves cock was positioned in her rare and they took their time while Dave slow fucked her. She nibbled his ears, neck and mouth while her hands rolled his nipples. Dave managed to get his fingers into her pussy and started rubbing her clit till they both came again. The wife found out that Dave was living away from home & would be dropping out of college if he didn’t get a job so she offered him a job on the farm dependent on her husbands approval. Dave said he would come out and check it out at the end of the semester but could they meet at the motel after the next game which she agreed too. The next game came with Dave signaling the wife he had a surprise for her later she nodded agreement and signaled she also had a surprise for him too. The game finished Dave showered & debriefed with his team mates. Dave met at the motel with one of his team mates and was surprised to see another guy with the farmers wife. They introduced each other the wife her husband and Dave his team mate Mike ,to soften the shock the husband offered Mike & Dave a drink which had been laced with a few drops of tonic. Mike & Dave were soon hard and uncomfortable so dropped their pants to relieve the pressure the wife dropped to her knees & sucked on both cocks till they came. The farmer sat on a chair in the corner watching then he suggested Mike & Dave should lick & nibble his wife’s pussy so they both dropped to their knees and proceeded to suc, chew & nibble her pussy & clit. She explode with such force she collapsed onto the two young men. By this time both guys cocks were rock hard again. Both cocks were a similar length & width so she asked them both to fuck pussy. She got them to lie down with their legs open and touching each others face and riggle together till their cocks were touching then she mounted them both she hadn’t done this before & the sensation of stretching her pussy was sending allsorts of sensations through her clit & pussy with the up & down movement it didn’t take long for the guys to cum with such force she orgazimed real hard. The farmer couldn’t take it any more so he mounted her from behind and came in her with such force he collapsed on her. They all recovered and sat & talked for a while all the time the guys cocks were stiff & getting harder like they were outgrowing the skin so the farmer offered them some relief by rubbing ice on their cocks which gave the guys relief for a little while. After a few more drinks the farmer decided to introduce some more fun, he suggested the guys each take turns fucking each other with the last cock in his wife’s pussy or rare end. The farmer started by sucking Dave’s cock & Mike sucking the farmers cock & Dave sucking Mikes till they were ready. As the boys hadn’t had a cock up their boy pussies before the farmer & his wife prepared them with different size dildos till their holes could take a 14 inch cock. The farmer started with his 10 inch cock in each of the guys so they were ready. Mike was going to fuck the wife, Dave was going to fuck the farmer & the farmer Mike, they did this for ½ an hour then swapped places till they had all fucked each other, by this time their cum was building so the wife suggested Mike fuck her rare canal, Dave fuck her pussy & the farmer fuck Dave. The wife had been having mini orgazims during this session and could feel a major orgazim building, when her pussy & clit started twitching with intensity this started the guys orgazim which in turn sent the farmer over the edge exploding so hard up Dave’s pussy he collapsed again. They slept for a while. When they woke it was daylight and they decided to book the room for another day and proceeded to fuck, suc, nibble & chew till check out the next morning. At one stage they ordered pizza in, the delivery boy was a team mate working his way through college too and they gave him a blow job as a tip & invited him back after his shift finished which he did.By the end of semester the farmers wife had fucked most of Dave’s team mates. The fucking was much more intense after a game as their adrenaline was very high. At one stage they had to book a family suite at the motel to accommodate the team. Word got around after game fuck sessions were awesome and not to be missed. The farmer & his wife managed to get the team fucking each other and the wife managed to fuck each player. The coach even came along to one of the fuck sessions when his wife was out of town and enjoyed himself so much he started after training fuck sessions on the guys who weren’t performing to good. He loved breaking in the virgin rare canals of newbies.End of semester came & true to their word the farmer & his wife took on ½ the team as workers on the farm during the break. Before this the wife had tested the guys to see which would be Bulls & who would be Stallions. Mike & Dave tested as stallions and the rest were Bulls. This gave Marcus a break from the breeding programme, Marrisa was in calf so Marcus got to service the farmer & his wife as Marcus cock when inserted in Marrisa touched her womb wall and they couldn’t risk a miscarriage. The shorter Bulls were allowed to fuck the in calf cows to produce lactose and milk ready for the birthing.The time came when Marrisa was due to calve so they allowed Marcus to help things along he discovered he loved this process of fucking the calves out and even got to fuck the cows rare ends as well. Marrisa in due course calved a beautiful bull calf and then a beautiful heifer calf. Within hours they were taken into the nursery and feed lactose & milk. Marrisa was put into the recovery room for a week. The farmer asked her if she wanted to stay which she agreed too so he put a fanny cage on her pussy to stop the bulls & stallions fucking her till her pussy & insides came back to pre calf size. As we know Marrisa loved the fucking she got so was allowed to be serviced by Bulls & Stallions in her rare canal till her pussy was tight again.Dave & his team mates were able to service the cows that had calved and the milking cows. On the next semester break the stallions would be used for breeding in the next cycle.The farmers wife as I mentioned in part 1 also calved producing twins as well a boy and a girl. While his wife was recovering the farmer was able to have 2 cows to service for their milk to feed the hungry babies.PT -Years go by The farmer and his wife are older their twins Roberto & Roberta had been trained in the farm and had been allowed to experience the next generation of baseballers & gridiron players. Marcus & Marissa were older too and were able to live in a sleeping room at the back of the calving unit and ate with the family. Marissa & Marcus had also been given some of the responsibilities of running the place and really enjoyed this phase of their lives. Marcus was still super large & long and still servicing the cows & new heifers. Only the special heifers though as the years of servicing had slowed down his recovery time. 3 times a day in stead of anytime he felt. Marcus potency hadn’t changed and he was still able to plant the calf seed in the womb of any cow or heifer. The farm only gave Marcus the special heifers like Marissa were their calves could be given to couples who could afford more.Marissa had been allowed to keep a set of twin calves Jacen & Jacenda who grew up with the farmers twins Roberto & Roberta. Both sets of twins enjoyed each other as their father was Marcus and they lived in the big farm house.As the farmer & his wife grew older they were slowing down and more of the choosing was done by Marcus & Marissa and the twins. The twins were in a good place to choose fellow college students for testing. Dave had moved out of state since his college days, but still kept in touch with the farmers wife and would come to visit for one week of his holidays each year. His family only knew he was visiting friends from his college days. Dave’s wife had given up on sex after their last c***d was born so dave looked forward to his holidays at the farm. He would usually be given a new heifer to service when he arrived so he could relieve his pent up frustration. These heifers were great because they loved the older Bull’s cocks in their tight fanny’s. The older cocks took longer to reload while they were in the heifers which brought on multiple small orgazims till the physically draining big orgazim hit both the heifer & the bull. The older bulls & stallions were able to select which heifer or cow they wanted to mate with as a thanks for the years of service. If the older bulls & stallions wanted to service younger bulls & stallions to keep them in line they were able to do that too. As Dave was an old firend of the family he was allowed to service the twins. One evening when Dave was visiting Jacenda & Roberta decided to visit uncle Dave in his room.Jacenda dropped her gown as she entered the room exposing her young supple firm breasts & her no hair pussy. She walked over to Dave’s bed and pulled aside the sheet that was covering his body this woke Dave up and he soon sported a huge hard on which Jacenda went straight for his ball sac and chewed on it till he was rock solid, she then worked her way up his shaft till she enveloped his lolly pop head till he was producing precum. Then she stopped and went for Dave’s mouth and gave him the most intense tongue & mouth job he had ever had, then she impaled her pussy on his stiff as a lolly pop shaft. This nearly sent Dave over the edge but he was able to control himself after years of servicing. Roberta had sneaked into Dave’s room without Dave & Jacenda knowing and started nibbling Dave’s nipples which sent him over the edge with such an intense orgazim which set Jacenda off as well due to her young tight pussy and the sensations of a large cock stretching her vagina. It didn’t take Dave long to recover and Roberta hadn’t stopped her ministrations on Dave’s nipples then moved down to his ball sac while Jacenda was still on his huge lolly pop. Roberta then moved back to the front & started sucking & chewing on Jacenda’s pussy & clit straddling Dave so he could eat her pussy. It didn’t take long before both Dave & Roberta were ready so Jacenda changed positions with Roberta. Dave ate & cleaned out Jacenda’s freshly seeded pussy. The taste of his seed & pussy juice sent him over the edge giving Roberta & Jacenda both mind blowing orgazims. He hadn’t had a good service like that for years & wandered whether he had got both of them in calf. After a few hours Roberto & Jacen ended up in Dave’s room as well and cleaned out Jacenda & Roberta and cleaned up Dave. Roberto & Jacen luved sucking on huge cocks and soon had Dave as hard & stiff as he had been earlier with the girls. Soon Roberto was riding Dave’s huge cock with Jacen sucking on Dave’s ball sac and nibbling on Dave’s inner legs. Roberto could feel Dave’s cock getting even stiffer in his boy pussy. Jacen wasn’t going to be left out & managed to get Dave so Jacen could enter Dave’s pussy. Dave hadn’t had a cock in his pussy for years so he was tight like a first timer. Jacen could feel every sensation his cock was creating in Dave’s pussy. Jacen’s cock was large enough to rub against Dave’s prostate G spot which also had Dave building up to orgazim. Dave’s cock up Roberto’s tight pussy & Jacen’s large cock up Dave’s tight pussy was sending sensations through Dave he hadn’t experience in years. All three guys came together with such force they all colapsed onto one another. While the guys were recovering the girls started cleaning them up. The girls were so horned up after watching the guys they found a mouth each to lick, flick & chew their pussy’s & clits till they came as well. They all fell asleep & didn’t wake till 10am. The farmers wife made them all a hearty breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, Tomato & toast to rebuild their strength after the night of fucking & sucking.The farmer & his wife had been woken by the noise cumming from Dave’s room they were so horney watching through the hidden camera, an old bull servicing the young heifer’s & young bulls. The farmer hadn’t been this hard in years he fucked his wife with such force they both came together & collapsed.Dave decided he would have have 2 weeks at the farm & organized to cum back in 6mths time.Little did he know he had impregnated the 2 heifers – Roberta & Jacenda and they would be calving later in the year. Everyone was so pleased. Jacen & Roberto were allowed to keep servicing the girls till Dave came back 6mths later. Dave was over the moon with the news and serviced Roberta & Jacenda the whole week he was there. The sex was amazing every time he entered their pussy’s he could feel the baby moving. The girls sex drive was insatiable they couldn’t get enough. As the time came close Dave was invited back for the birthing. The heifers were put in the birthing unit, Dave was given tonic and became permanently hard and was allowed to service both heifers until they birthed. A bull calf was born to Roberta and a heifer calf born to Jacenda. They named them David & Davida after their father. Mean while Roberto & Jacen had both fallen for a college girl who luved it when several guys were sniffing around. Little did she know they would put a few drops of tonic in her drink. Jacen & Roberto organised for this lass to meet in their dorm room. The boys offered her a wine which she drank then she complained of been hot & stripped off to her knickers. Jacen & Roberto got the hint and stripped to their jocks, then suggested a game of strip poker. Of course both boys lost and were so hard the lass leant over & sucked on both cock heads. The boys managed to get into positions where their cocks were been sucked & her fanny was been sucked, nibbled & chewed. Her juices were flowing like someone was peeing. Soon enough she was orgaziming so Roberto put his bull cock into her pussy while Jacen sucked & chewed her clit. Roberto been young didn’t take long to blow a big load into her womb then Jacen took over while Roberto sucked & nibbled on her pussy & clit. Jacen didn’t take long either. During the evening they double fucked her, one fucked her fanny & the other fucked her rare then they swapped over. Jacen & Roberto luved the sensations their cocks created either against each other when they double fucked or with the membrane between the pussy & anal cavity when they were fucking. This lass couldn’t get enough fucking and soon become the life of any orgy party Roberto & Jacen had in their dorm room. The boys were so pleased their parents had splashed out for a bigger room when they enrolled in their courses. The parents were looking at purchasing the motel complex where they had had many great sessions. This would mean as 2nd years they would be able to stay off campus and live in the motel. The college students were starting to use the motel for their liaisons.Dave’s parents were getting old & needed help, as Dave’s marriage was waning he moved back home to look after them. Dave has a close relationship to his c***dren who were now all at Colleges around the country By moving back home meant he was closer to Jacenda & Roberta, David & Davida & could spend time with them. He told his parents about his life & his luv c***dren, they invited Jacenda & Roberta and the c***dren over & soon became doting grandparents even changing their wills so the girls inherited the house & property and left their other assets to Dave’s other c***dren.The prize bulls, stallions and cows.The bulls were chosen for the size of their cocks and balls. The cocks are a good 12 inches long, 2-3 inches around. The balls/hangers are heading towards golf ball size.The stallions are chosen for their size and stamina. Cock length 12 inches or longer and 3 inches or bigger around to reach the womb.There are three types of cows.1st is for milk supply2nd is for breeding- healthy and good hips3rd is for training- these cows have come to the end of their breeding or milking life but are still good for servicing the bulls and stallions.This farm is more than a normal farm they do have horses and cows and also have a human breeding programme.The cows chosen for breeding need to have good size hips, be good looking and know how to service a bull or stallion.The training cows are used to service the bulls and stallions. These cows are usually past their milking and birthing stage and are still really good for servicing the bulls and stallions till the next breeding cycle starts.Stallions.Over the years there had been many memorable Stallions. The ethnicity mainly was from the chocolate races, skinny but heavily built and known for their horse size cocks usually a 1/3 longer than the bulls & thinner. These horse cocks when inflated had lots of knobbly ridges from the base to the fore skin. These ridges when in a breeding canal invoked sensations to drive the receiver wild. The membrane lining when in the erotic state becomes very sensitive bringing on multiple orgasms in the receiver.The Stallions & Bulls chosen from the Baseball & Grid Iron teams were already on performance shakes which makes their bodies bulk with all the training and their cocks grew in size as well. The bimbos that followed these teams only wanted bull cocks or horse cocks and they didn’t care how many they had after a game.One stallion comes to mind, the cows thought his cock was magic.His horse cock was a good 9 inches when deflated and could be seen snaking down his trouser leg on a normal day. Everyone could see the snake when he attended escort yozgat classes, his tutors had fantasies of that snake in their pussies or boy canals. Yes even the straight male professors had these thoughts.Our stallion cruses into his classes sits down near the front where the tutors can see straight into the crutch area of every student. The trouser fabric stretches even tighter over the crutch area when he sits down creating a much more exposed snake through the fabric. The female tutor notices several bulls & stallions have a similar experience. She sits their in a dreamland while her intern deals with the formalities of the lesson. Her dreamland is taking her to a place where she is receiving these bull & stallion cocks one in each hole & maybe 2 at a time depending on their inflated size. She also notices several cows don’t have knickers on, some have shaved pussies & others are hairy, even so her pussy is getting wet and she needs to focus on the lesson to hand. Her intern finishes his tutorial as she comes out of her day dream. She must get these cows, bulls & stallions working on a project that requires her personal tutoring. She announces the project and puts the students into teams. ½ will be in her tutorials & the other ½ will be in her interns tutorials. She sets the dates & times for the 1st tutorials.She has several tall thin Espanic’s, Afro American’s, a jet black African and a white guy all tall and slender with long snake like bulges down their trouser legs. She had also put the girls with no knickers in this group as well and was going to enjoy their extra curricular sex education training. She decided to invite them over to her home in the country surrounded by trees for privacy from prying neighbors and also had a swimming pool. She provided the food and the students provided the drinks. It didn’t take very long for the guys to shed their shirts to expose their upper torso’s. Been the good hostess she was the food & drinks where been drunk in good supply. The girls had also ditched their foot wear & extra clothing.At one stage one of the guys dived into the pool loosing his trousers & decided not to fetch them when he saw the other guys were doing the same. Soon the girls were joining in the fun with only their knickers & bras on. The tutor sat their admiring what was going on then suggested they might like some more food & drink. Several stayed in the pool as their cocks were enlarging and been caressed by the girls who were still in their knickers & bras. The sensation of the knickers rubbing up & down these snakes was so so hot. The guys were fingering under the fabric these pussies till they couldn’t take any more, the fabric was moved aside and the enormous snake entered the pussy canal. One couple were oblivious to anything around them his ridged horse cock was sending sensations through her body every millimetre he pushed in, by the time he was fully in she had had several mini orgasms and he could feel his cock touching the wall inside her womb. She was going wild on his cock her muscles were so tight in her pussy he had to stop himself from cumming to soon. He discovered by biting her tits she slowed down and he flicked her clit to bring on her orgasm. He could feel she was building up so he paced himself to cum when she did and what an explosion that was. She blacked out momentarily with the intensity of the explosion. The others in the pool were recovering from their orgasm’s as well. Those out of the pool were so aroused they were in various stages of luv making. The tutor had three guys feeling her while she was removing ones pants to expose his massive horse cock which she put straight into her mouth. She struggled to get the whole thing in and managed to get it passed her throat muscle. By this time the other bull and stallion had removed her clothing and were sucking on her tits and pussy. The bulls cock was probably 10 inches long & the size of a beer can round. The stallions were a similar size & length. They soon had their tutors pussy juices running. She got the bull to enter her 1st, she was tight but his cock was touching all the right spots as he went in to full depth. The bull started to move in & out causing her to have mini orgasm’s, then she asked one of the stallions to enter her from behind thinking it would be great to have 2 cocks in her pussy but no he entered her rare which nearly sent her over the top. It had been a long time since her body had had such an intense work over. The stallions ribbed horse cock was creating mind numbing sensations all the way up and she could feel both cocks rubbing against each other with a membrane between. She could feel the stallion cock in her mouth starting to build up for a major explosion which in turn had her muscles clenching down on the bull cock in her pussy and the horse cock in her rare, then it happened an almighty explosive reaction starting in the mouth then her pussy & rare at the same time the stallions & bull thought their cocks were going to break off till her muscles relaxed and they all collapsed in a heap on top of the bull. When they recovered the tutor offered more food & suggested they might all like to stay over night and see how things developed. Several new couples decided to go back to his or her flat to continue their sex but the majority stayed. The tutor gave a couple of the guys aprons to protect themselves from the barbe que. Several of the other guys would flick a tea towel or pinch the exposed bare bums of those cooking.One couple decided to feed each other while she rode his 12 inch cock. Food & drinks were flowing the tutor was enjoying the attention even one young cow decided to eat & lick her tutors clit & pussy [69] while a stallion was fucking the tutor. With the cows rare in the air a bull came up behind and entered her from behind, this lowered the cow onto the tutor who proceeded to suc & nibble the cows clit & pussy they didn’t last long before they all came the cow cleaned everyone up then they all jumped in the pool. The tutor suggested a game of truth or dare. They started with a dare for a timid cow to suck on a stallions horse cock, then another dare for a stallion to suck on a bulls cock. After about an hour of same sex sucking – cocks, pussies/clits the challenges became tougher – bulls & stallions fucking each other, then there was a cock in a pussy, a cock in everyone’s rare, then 2 cocks in a hole. By the next morning everyone was ready for sleep and slept where ever they collapsed. The tutor fell asleep with a cock in her pussy & her rare.The tutor thought this was going to be a great year Pt 10Wow I have just cum across a new recruit for the farm and its to early to decide whether he is a bull or stallionHe is a white guy in his mid to late twenties, his name is Jacko, average body type, 175cm tall, greeny/blue baby eyes, darkish brown hair. He says his body is average but I disagree. My impression is;Jacko tall, handsome, yummy body, muscle where it needs to be – chest, legs.His neck is thick and long enough to really enjoy a great nibble, suc & chew and leave a whole trail of hickies from his shoulder to his ears. His ear lobes just ask to be sucked & chewed, his face I just want to lather with kisses, sucking, nibbling. His bluey/green eyes ask for help and draw you to his personality.Jacko goes to the gym 2 times a week to put muscle on his body. His chest is smooth and his nipples ask to be played with. He has wash board abs starting to develop. His arms and fingers are long. His legs are firm, his inner leg asks to be nibbled & chewed. His firm butt is so so yummy. That leaves his cock [I’ll leave this till my story]I met Jacko one night at a park, he was sitting alone on a park bench. I rolled up to him and started passing the time and eventually got onto girlfriends etc.Jacko’s story.Jacko is the eldest of 6 c***dren, was born in war torn Hungary, his parents smuggled the whole family out of Hungary for a better life. It was tough for the family in their new country his mother & father both worked 2 jobs so the c***dren could have a better life, eventually more members of his extended family escaped and they were able to save enough money to buy a big villa for the whole family. As the c***dren grew older they all went to college.Growing up in a large family Jacko thought his cock was average compared to the other male family members. The older males in his family had larger cocks and he knew from the sounds coming from their rooms they new how to use them to service their women.Jacko played around with his cousins and local girls and lost his virginity before he was 16. By the time he went of to college jacko had a string of girls who wanted his attention, he was happy to service them. They became his cows and on several occasions he even fucked some of the young bulls from his local community, this is when he found out he was bigger than most guys and his cock always managed to touch the G spot or prostate. His stamina is amazing. He can control when he cums. Quite often cuming on the 2nd or third orgazim in bulls & cows. It must be his hungarian heritage cause he is able to seed and stay hard then seed a second time. Then rest for an hour then start again.Jacko wasn’t in a relationship and between jobs when I met him, he had gone out for some fresh air and was contemplating his life when I came across him.We agreed to meet up the following day and talk some more.So I phoned Marius to see how the farm was going and he said the farmer & his wife had retired to the motel and Dave & Marius were running the farm till the twins were old enough too. Marius said they were needing farm hands preferably bulls so I told him about Jacko.So when I met up with Jacko the following evening we carried on from where we left of & were becoming fast friends. I needed to have a leak so excused myself & Jacko said he needed a leak too so we wandered of to the park toilets. While we were doing our business I looked over and saw how big Jacko was he certainly wasn’t average but larger than me & most other guys I knew. We finished our business and walked around the park talking. I suggested Jacko come with me to the farm for a break and he readily accepted. I needed to sort some things out before we left and Jacko’s younger sister came to look after my apartment while we were away.Jacko was excited & asked lots of questions about the farm. I told him about the breeding programme not mentioning the human breeding programme. We got to the farm after several stops & were met by Marius & Dave. We were escorted up to the big house and shown our room and left to settle in I suggested we both shower & freshen up after our long road trip ready for the evening meal.After the meal Marius & Dave showed Jacko around the farm buildings starting with the live stock buildings then moving onto the human breeding buildings. They had purposely left an older cow tied up in a pen with a Bull. Jacko was stunned when he realized they were humans. The cow had semen running down her legs from the bull servicing her front and rare. Jacko saw another pen with bulls mounting other bulls and a smaller bull had so much cum running down his legs there was another bull trying to clean him up. By this time Jacko was so hard which Dave & Marius both noticed. They offered Jacko a cow and explained their human breeding programme. Dave went off and fetched a cow from another pen sluiced her down so she was clean for Jacko. Jacko didn’t care if anyone was watching and instantly dropped his trousers releasing his super hard cock. I was at the house watching this all unfolding on the monitors and was sure Jackos cock had grown 3-4 inches since I had seen it in the park. Jacko couldn’t wait to penetrate his cow and entered her from behind fucking her like the energizer bunny, he then picked her up turning her over as he did while his cock was still in her. He walked around the pen bouncing her up & down on his cock then he laid her down on a hay bale and exploded in her he spurted 5 or 6 times till his seed was flowing out between her pussy and his cock. When he finished seeding her he had her clean his cock till he was ready to cum again this time he entered her rare fucking her hard till he came a 2nd time with the same amount of force and seed. This time Dave & Marius were naked and down ready to clean the cows rare & pussy while the cow cleaned Jacko up. Dave & Marius asked Jacko whether he had trouble producing seed to which he said no he can cum 2 times with what seems like gallons and have a break for an hour & he is ready go again and he can go all night. Wow Dave & Marius thought we could use you in our breeding programme. On their way back to the house they talked about fantasies. Jacko said he wouldn’t mind trying to fuck a bull like he saw in other pen to which Dave & Marius said would he like to try that evening. We all agreed to sleep in the master bed that night and invited another newby cow to join us. I was so hard from watching the barn monitor and asked Dave if I could show Jacko what to do. Marius put a cow/bull and bull/bull video on from the recordings to get us all going. I got Dave to sit on the bed while I went down between his legs and sucked his cock pre cum was flowing. I suggested Jacko might do the same with Marius so Jacko followed my lead on Marius’s cock. When I was ready I pulled Dave’s legs up over my shoulders and licked, sucked & generally lubed Dave’s boy pussy. Jacko followed my lead. Jacko had his tongue deep in Marius’s boy pussy then inserted a finger then 2 fingers, 3 fingers then 4 to make sure Marius’s hole was large enough for his bull size cock then Jacko was mounting his boy/cow [Marius] and nibbling on Marius’s nipples. Marius was moaning more, harder. Jacko started fucking his bull like there was no tomorrow. Marius came without touching himself shooting his cum up to his chest where the cow started licking him clean. The intensity was so much for Marius he blacked out so Jacko grabbed to the cow who by now was waving her rare end in Jacko’s face while she cleaned Marius and planted his cock staright into her pussy and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Marius came too and saw the cow above him and pulled her pussy down onto his cock where he proceeded to fuck her while Jacko was fucking her rare. The sensation of 2 cocks sent all three over the edge with such an explosion they all collapsed in a heap. Dave & I had cum when Jacko was fucking Marius the 1st time and we lay there admiring Jackos stamina.After resting for about an hour we swapped around Jacko then started sucking on the cows pussy & clit till she came in 2 shuddering orgaizms the he entered the cows pussy where she had several more orgasims before he exploded into her womb by the time he had finished his seeding her womb was full & she was leaking out her pussy then Jacko grabbed me for his second seeding. He turned me over & said thankyou for bringing him here. Jacko then slowed down and took his time slowly fucking my boy pussy, nibbling my nipples, nibbling my neck, nibbling my ear lobes and passionately kissing me. I knew from now our friendship has changed for ever. Dave & Marius cleaned up the cow & they left Jacko & me in the master bed. Jacko asked me if I would be the 1st to fuck him. I hadn’t cum a 2nd time yet and explained how it would be and to let me know if it hurt and I would stop [I didn’t tell him that I couldn’t stop when I was ready to cum] We took it slowly I prepared his pussy by licking his hole then using some lube putting 1, then 2 then 3 then 4 fingers in to loosen him up when this was done I lubed my cock and entered Jacko slowly till I was balls deep, man what a feeling a virgin boy pussy. Jacko knew how to use his muscles and constantly contracted his pussy muscles around my cock it took all my will to stop cumming I wanted this to last so just lay down between his legs with my cock in his pussy and kissed him all over his face, head, neck deep tongued his mouth till he was ready to cum. We both exploded together then he flipped positions and fucked me with passion & luv. I stayed hard & we both exploded together for a 2nd time in 20 minutes then collapsed. We fucked each other 4 more times during the night and colapsed just as the sun was coming up. Marius & Dave woke us for lunch by fucking us Marius in Jacko & Dave in me. What a way to be woken up embracing your new lover and been fucked by friends.After lunch Dave & Marius offered Jacko a job on the farm and a place in the breeding programme. Even though Jacko’s cock wasn’t the size of some of the Stallions and Bulls he filled a cows womb because he produced 50-100ml of semen each time and could cum 2 times in 1/2hr with an hours break then 2 more times.Jacko the farmer & farmers wife:Jacko was introduced to the farmer & his wife and they both had a soft spot for him after he told them his story. Dave & Marius had told the old couple about Jacko’s ability to produce so much seed do it twice in a row then after an hour do the same again. Even though they were elderly they both kept in good shape & didn’t look their age. They asked Jacko if he was interested in spending the night with them. Jacko thought about it and agreed to help them out .Jacko and the farmer organized the evening starting with a restaurant meal then see where it goes from there. The wife spent the time getting ready and when they arrived back she looked stunning nothing like her 60 plus years. The farmer & Jacko showered, sluiced & douched ready for the evening ahead.They all met in the Managers lounge had a nice sherry then went out for dinner.The food was awesome, Jacko felt a wandering hand on his leg from time to time during the evening. They ordered a very good Sav. wine with their meal. The old girl was so wet from her low vibrating dildo by the time they got home she was undressing Jacko on their way in the building. She needed his cock in her pussy now. Jacko lifted up her evening gown while she was undoing his trousers. Before long his trousers were on the ground and his cock was up her pussy while her back was to the wall. The farmer knew his wife so removed Jacko’s trousers after taking his shoes & socks off. Then the farmer started removing Jacko’s shirt & jacket. Jacko was fucking her naked then the farmer removed his wifes evening dress then her bra. The farmer then started to suc on his wifes nipples then he dropped to the floor & licked, nibbled & sucked around his wifes pussy & Jacko’s balls and cock. Jacko’s cock fill the old ladies pussy & canal the vibration of her dildo still in her pussy sent both of them over the edge real quick. She was having multiple mini orgasims and suddenly both exploded with Jacko’s semen filling her womb and running outher pussy, the farmer was still underneath and hungrily licking any escaping semen. Jacko was ready for his second cumming so picked the farmer up and pushed his hard cock up the farmers boy pussy. The farmers wife dropped to her knees and sucked on her husbands cock while Jacko was fucking her husband the wife could feel her husbands cock harden ready to cum them all of a sudden he erupted in her mouth. The farmers pussy muscles went solid around Jacko’s cock causing Jacko to explode deep into the farmers bowels. After the wife cleaned both them up they opened a bottle of wine and talked till Jacko was ready again. Jacko suggested they shower & clean each other up. They showered & played with each other and ended up on the master bed.Jacko was surprised how supple the farmer & his wife were. He suggested they take there time.The wife started sucking on Jacko’s ear lobes then his neck working her way down to his yummy nipples she spent a lot of time sucking, licking, chewing & nibbling these yummy orbs, she was so aroused by Jacko’s body smell it was intoxicating, she worked her way back up to his mouth kissing him so so hard. The farmer had discovered Jacko’s long fingers and started sucking & devouring them one at a time then he started nibbling his way up Jacko’s inner arm leaving luv bites on the soft tissue then he started licking under Jacko’s arm pits [they were smooth as a babies bottom]. Jacko just lay there and accepted the attention he was getting from the old couple. He was experiencing feelings he had never had before. Jacko’s cock started leaking copious pre-cum so the old couple refocused their attention to Jacko’s leaking cock head. The wife moved up to Jacko’s nipples and started her journey down while her husband started at Jacko’s toes & feet working his way up the legs. He stopped at the inner thigh at the soft flesh and cleaned up Jacko’s pre-cum then went back to Jacko’s baby soft inner thighs nibbling, sucking and chewing giving a little nip here & there leaving little bite marks. All this was taking its toll on Jacko he was getting harder to the point of been uncomfortable & sore from the pressure. The farmer & his wife asked Jacko who he wanted to fuck first. Jacko suggested the husband & wife 69 while he fucked the farmer then he wanted the farmer to fuck his wifes pussy while he fucked her from behind. They started with the wife chewing her husbands ball sack and the working her way up his shaft using her tongue to play with his cock head then she swallowed him hole. While she was doing this he was chewing her clit and pussy lips creating mini orgasims while he fingered her anal passage. Jacko got the wife to moisten her husbands boy pussy then he entered the husband for the 2nd time that evening this time the farmers pussy muscles felt tighter around his cock. Jacko needed to use heaps of self control to stop cumming to soon. Jacko started slow and every few strokes got the wife to bite his ball sac. This hurt but had the desired effect. Jacko could feel the farmers muscles contract signalling he was getting close then he came in his wifes mouth with such force she bit his cock in turn causing her husband to bit her clit sending her over the edge causing her to black out this all happened so quick causing Jacko to super explode in the farmers pussy. Jacko quickly pulled out of the wife turned her around and lodged her pussy onto her husbands still very stiff cock, he then went round behind and used his semen to lubricate her rare passage then stuck his hungry cock in. He tried pulling right out on each stroke and went into her pussy then back to her rare passage. He was enjoying the feel of another mans cock rubbing against his, this was making both cocks super hard then all of a sudden both cocks exploded in her pussy waking her up from her blackout.They all feel asleep with Jacko’s cock in her pussy & the farmers cock in her rare passage. During the early hours Jacko needed to pee and decided climb back into bed on the farmers side and proceeded to fuck the farmer while he slept. The wife was dead to the world in a very deep sleep after been fucked like she was. She was sleeping contented and dreaming of younger days when she could go yozgat escort bayan for 24hrs. The farmer came to when he felt Jacko’s large cock enter his rare passage and proceeded to play with his wifes nipples & squash her tits while Jacko’s large hunk of manhood sent electrical shocks through his body then he could feel Jacko ready to erupt. Jacko turned around to clean out the farmers butt while the farmer rolled over and cleaned Jacko’s cock till he came again this sent the farmer over the edge as well sending sots of semen over Jacko’s chest and the farmers lower body. Jacko cleaned up the farmer & the farmer cleaned up Jacko they fell asleep in each others arms.They woke at lunch time cleaned up in the shower and went out for brunch. Jacko never dreamed he would be so so lucky, He enjoyed the farm life and the occasional visit to the old couple. Jacko discovered if he took the tonic he didn’t need as long between seeding, so Dave & Marius agreed for Jacko to be the head Stallion till all the cows & heifers were in calf. Many heifers couldn’t get enough of Jacko’s huge cock and seed with many still bulling after been in calf. Jacko started enjoying the new feeling of something growing in the belly of the heifers when he is impregnating them. As the heifers got bigger he loved the feeling of the calves playing with his cock head from the womb. When the due dates came up they used Jacko to bring on the delivery, this was successful as the heifers waters usually broke during the penetration and fucking session with delivery usually several hours later. After the usual time in the birthing unit Jacko was usually the first stallion cock in the heifers, this produced heaps of milk and the other bulls were then able to fuck the heifers at will to continue the milk flow. From time to time Jacko was allowed in the milking shed to service the cows & heifers while the cups were on, this also produced more milk and sent the heifers into orgasm after orgasm. The farm had more orders for lactose milk & breast milk than they could produce so they decided to recruit more cows & heifers. Dave & Marius went through their books to see if any previous cows would be suitable. They recalled several this way but also sent out groups of three a cow, a bull & a stallion to cities with large populations of vagrants. The only problem was getting them before they turned to d**gs. The scientist who had produced the tonic had also produced a milk tonic for males. It was to be taken by males with breasts. Jacko volunteered to visit the city by his family and found one such male in a nearby park he was fair, tall, built for and played rugby his breasts were large and just like a D cup.Jacko chatted the guy up then hooked him up with his sister. The sister invited him out for a drink then slipped the new tonic in his drink while he was in the loo. By the time she took him back to Jacko’s hotel the guy was getting so tight across his chest then he discovered his cock was getting very hard & he needed release. Jacko showed him the bathroom and hung around creating small talk while he had a piss. The guy started feeling strange and started talking sex with Jacko who encouraged the talk. Jacko helped the guy out of his clothes and put him to bed where he fell asleep. Jacko was woken several hours later by the guy wanting Jacko to fuck him. Jacko got him on all fours on the floor good his lube lathered up the guys pussy then shoved his big cock all the way in till his balls were hitting the guys ball sack. Jacko fucked him hard for nearly 20min till he came, then Jacko flipped the guy over onto the bed and pushed his cock straight back in for round 2 but this time Jacko noticed milk coming out of his nipples. Jacko leant down and tasted it, he hadn’t tasted milk so good before so his lips suctioned onto the guys nipples and sucked and sucked changing nipples when one was dry. The more Jacko sucked & fucked the guy the more milk was been produced. The guy was off on another planet when Jacko suggested he might like to come back to the farm he worked on. Jacko cleaned him up, brought him new clothes and some birthing milk pads to stop the leaking through his shirts and off they went. By the time they got back to the farm his man boobs were so tight no milk would come out when they put the milking cups on Dave got Jacko to fuck the milk out which he did. By the time they finished there was 3L of milk in the bucket. Dave took the milk away for testing. The test came back best quality so they were able to sell the milk for premium price. The guy was soon part of the herd, he would only fuck cows & heifers but didn’t mind the Bulls & Stallions seeding him the more seed he had the more milk he produced. Jacko recruited several more guys like this and they were very happy to live at the farm. When their semen & milk ran out they were offered jobs away from the farm. Some even went oversea to be part of rich men’s harems to be whores for their orgy parties, their boy pussies been well used.PT 12 Jacko meets both sets of twinsJacko, Jacen & Jacenda, Roberto & Roberta; [still working on this]PT 13 Side Track – SUPER SIZED STALLIONOne day a super hunk was walking along the road feeling super horney as the last two encounters had left him unfullfilled and really needing to release the only problem was as soon as he dropped his pants his latest luv interest took off because of his size. Yes he was 14 inches long soft and depending on how charged he was his stallion cock grew from 16 to 20 inches long and quite thick. This super hunks name is Caleb. Caleb had only been fully satisfied by a guy who loved fisting and had been stretched. The problem was he still had lots of pain afterwards due to how long his stallion cock is and how short the boy pussy canal went. He had been with many women but only ever got 2/3 his cock into the pussy before hitting the womb wall. He felt like he was completely out when he was pulling back. While walking the dusty country roads he was contemplating this.Marius was driving back from town when he spotted this handsomely gorgeous guy off in another world. Marius decided ½ mile down the road he would stop the truck and waited for super stallion to catch up.Marius asked out the window if this stranger wanted a ride “Marius” extending his hand “Caleb” extending his hand in the truck. Hop in, Caleb climbed in. Marius asked where he was headed, Caleb was wandering & picking up work were he could. Marius suggested he might like to work on the farm.Caleb asked what type of farm he worked on. Marius talked about the breeding programme leaving out the human component. Caleb was excited about the prospect and the opportunity to work on his muscular body doing hard labor.An hour later they arrive at the farm and drive up to the farm house Marius offers Caleb a drink then introduces him to the other workers then takes him to his room to freshen up, dinner would be in 1/2hr.Caleb had a shower & discovered he was getting hard and couldn’t understand why. At dinner everyone got to know each other quizzing Caleb about his life. They all went to bed and Caleb was getting uncomfortably hard, he couldn’t even release himself. Morning finally arrived, Caleb had a shower & went downstairs to have breakfast. Marius suggested he & Caleb have a look around the farm. They started of at the sheds, yards, even had a ride out to the back of the farm to look over the stock and the harvest fields. When they arrived back Caleb asked Marius what the sheds by the house were for. Marius took Caleb down to the first shed to show Caleb the special breeding programme the farm runs.On queue the pen with the bulls in had 6 bulls servicing the cows and the next pen had a stallion servicing a cow then another pen had several cows ready for the milking room. These cows tits were huge and leaking milk. Marius & Caleb followed the cows into the milking room where they had milking cups attached to their tits. By this time Marius had his cock out and was ready to mount one of the cows on the cups. This cow was moist so Marius’s cock slipped straight in. Marius signaled to Caleb he could pick a cow. Marius’s mouth dropped open when he saw the size of Caleb’s cock. Caleb picked a cow and proceeded to mount her from behind. He was surprised how easy his super sized stallion cock slipped in. This cow was orgaziming due to the sensations the milking machine was having on her tits while extracting her milk. Caleb’s cock touched the wall of her womb. This was the first time the majority of his supersized cock had fit a cows pussy. Caleb didn’t take long with the vibrations been produced by the milking machine. The cows pussy went super tight as another orgazim hit her sending Caleb over the edge. Caleb didn’t seem to stop cumming, when he did stop he collapsed onto the cow spent, the cow also collapsed under Caleb’s weight. Marius couldn’t believe his eyes it was an hour later since they entered the shed. Caleb talked to Marius about this project. They went up to the house for dinner and bed. Marius put the CCTV footage on the TV in his room and kept replaying and zooming in on Caleb’s supersized cock. Marius thought the farm needed Caleb’s supersized cock to produce offspring.The cow Caleb had fucked in the milking room the day before was bursting with milk and ended up on the cups for 45min they had never had a cow on the cups for so long by the time the other cows had been milked Caleb’s cow was back needing to be milked again. By the time the milking room had been cleaned the cow was back again for a 3rd time. Marius met with Caleb in the milking room.Several of the other cows were brought in. Caleb & Marius started servicing them. Caleb decided to lay on the servicing bench where the cow mounted his supersized cock. Caleb started playing with the cows tits and pulled them down to his mouth while the cow positioned herself over his cock head. Caleb’s nibbling, sucking chewing & tweaking the cows tits started to moisten her pussy lips allowing her pussy to sink down on his supersized cock. Caleb couldn’t believe his luck the 2nd cow to nearly take all of his cock. This time Caleb took nearly an hour before he shot his load in the cow. He was still super hard and wanted to have another cow so mounted the cow Marius was servicing up her rear canal, Caleb had always wanted to try anal servicing and he couldn’t believe how sensitive the anal muscles were and the feeling of another guys cock up the cows pussy, it didn’t take long for Caleb to shoot another massive load. Both Marius & Caleb came together sending the cow into a wild frenzy, she nearly drew blood on Marius’s neck. All three orgazimed with such force. Both cows were led away to rest.Marius asked Caleb if he would like to be part of their breeding programme and said he could have any cow, bull or stallion he wanted. While Marius & Caleb were walking through the shed a bull came up to Caleb and started sucking his supersized cock. This was a new experience for Caleb, Marius suggested he just go with the flow.The bull was able to swallow 8 inches so Marius suggested the bull lie down on a bench with his head hanging over the end. Caleb had never had anyone deep throat him before and was able to get his supersized cock down the bulls throat, it wasn’t long before the bull was receiving Caleb’s semen into his stomach. Marius lubed up the bulls pussy ready for Caleb to service. This was the 1st time Caleb’s supercock had been able to go fully into any pussy. The bulls pussy muscles had never had a cock this size & length before. Caleb kept pushing and pulling in the bull sending the bull into orgazim then another orgazim and on the 3rd orgazim Caleb shot his load deep into the bull. Caleb was so far up the bulls pussy canal it felt like he was filling the bulls stomach & the bull thought the same. When Caleb softened another bull came over to clean both of them up. The only semen was on Caleb’s cock & all over his bull from the bulls cock.Caleb wanted to talk with Marius “why was he so horny & cumming all the time” Marius explained they have a tonic to keep everyone healthy & ready to go. The twins came to visit and Marius introduced them to Caleb. It wasn’t long before they were all having fun. None of the twins could take Caleb’s supersized cock in their mouth and the boys were the only ones Caleb could fully penetrate. Caleb had the boys & the girls on all fours and penetrated all four anal pussies one after the other then Caleb decided to get the boys to penetrate the girls pussies while he carried on penetrating the boys anal pussies, before long they all came and needed to rest.The tests had cum back from Caleb’s semen sample showing he was very fertile. Marius spoke with Caleb again there were several new heifers that needed servicing so the prep work started on them to get them ready for Caleb’s super cock. Marius & the boys were given the task and a special dildo was made and used too. The farm had an extension pussy attachment made so Caleb could still get the full experience at the appointed time the heifers were presented to him. Caleb started by sucking on one heifers tits working his way down her stomach to her pussy & clit spending heaps of time there sucking & nibbling, this heifer was a wash in pussy juice so he started on the other heifer to get her ready the first heifer started sucking on Caleb’s super cock head swirling her tongue around licking the precum. The 2nd heifer was juicing so much Caleb had the 1st heifer take over while 2nd heifer attached the extension pussy to Caleb’s super cock. The extension was similar to a fleshlite but without the end. Once Caleb’s cock was through the extension the 2nd heifer started licking & sucking on the head lubing up Caleb’s super cock. Caleb pulled the 2nd heifer onto his cock & proceeded to fuck her. Caleb grabbed the 2nd heifer and pulled her to his mouth and proceeded to suc, nibble & chew her clit & pussy while he was fucking the 1st heifer silly. The extension allowed Caleb’s supercock to fully enter a heifers womb and also allowed Caleb to enjoy the experience before long Caleb’s ball sac started to draw up while his cock head increased in size then exploded in the heifer as Caleb softened and with drew from the heifer they inserted a pussy plug to stop his semen from cumming out. Then Caleb mounted the 2nd heifer this time he had the 1st heifer chew on the 2nd heifers clit while he serviced her, all of a sudden the 2nd heifer tensed up & her pussy muscles started contracting creating an orgazim, Caleb wasn’t ready to cum yet so proceeded to fuck her harder & faster then all of a sudden she tensed again, muscles grabbed Caleb’s super cock with such force he shot his load deep into the 2nd heifers womb the same as he had before. As Caleb softened the 1st heifer inserted a pussy plug in the 2nd heifers pussy to reduce the semen lose. By the next morning both heifers were producing colostrum, the plugs were removed and the old bulls were able to clean up any semen residue, ready for Caleb to service them. The farm had strict guidelines for there breeding programmes. No bull or stallion was allowed to service a heifer or cow in season. The designated Stallion was the only one till the cow was in calf. This didn’t stop the other bulls & stallions cleaning up of getting a cow/heifer ready.The old bulls were allowed to prepare the heifers & Caleb ready for the next round. Caleb asked if he could have the 1st bull he serviced when he 1st arrived. As a thankyou Caleb asked the young bull to be the 1st to service him. The young bull started working on Caleb’s anal canal while the old bulls were working on the heifers, before long Caleb was mounting the 1st heifer from behind while the young bull mounted Caleb. Because Caleb was an anal virgin his anal muscles were so sensitive & tight the young bull blew his 1st load quickly then proceeded to service Caleb with force, one of the bulls got under Caleb & the heifer to clean up any juice or semen cumming out of the heifers pussy or Caleb’s anal passage. The heifer took the opportunity to suc on the old bulls cock. Before long Caleb was ready to shot his big load deep into the 1st heifer this tensed up Caleb’s muscles making the young bull cum again. The plug was inserted and the 2nd heifer mounted Caleb’s super hard cock. The 2nd old bull swapped with the first old bull to clean the heifer & Caleb. Marius wanted to be in on the action and became the 2nd male to penetrate Caleb”s anal passage. Marius shot his load deep into Caleb’s anal passage causing Caleb to shoot his 2nd load into the 2nd heifer. Another plug was inserted into the 2nd heifer as Caleb softened. Caleb & Marius then mounted the 2 old bulls as thnx for the service. This time Marius & Caleb took their time servicing from behind then they flipped the old bulls over and nibbled & chewed on their nipples till the old bulls came, the heifers cleaned them up, While the bulls were in this aroused state Marius & Caleb carried on chewing & nibbling on the old bulls nipples till they came in both bulls. The bulls & heifers were returned to their resting pens while Marius & Caleb went back to the house. On day three the heifers were tested & found to be in calf. The farm waited in anticipation for Caleb’s first calves to be born. Because of Caleb’s size the doctors kept a close eye on the heifers. Usually in the 3rd trimester the sire Stallion is allowed to service the cows & heifers. Due to Caleb’s super cock size he could not fit in the birthing canal so he entered through the rare canal, the unborn calf would usually play with the cock. Caleb enjoyed using his cock to play with the unborn calf. When the time was near this quite often induced the calf. Both heifers produced heifer calves which the farm kept for breeding stock. For some reason any cow or heifer Caleb serviced produced amazing quantities of milk pushing the milk production higher. The farm also discovered the bulls Caleb serviced also produced better quality semen for IVF facilities and the bulls nipples leaked colostrum which was used for new calves.Caleb’s semen had special qualities which the farm wanted to exploit and Caleb was willing to partake. He didn’t want any cares or responsibilities at his stage in life. Caleb & Marius became very good friends quite often having fun with the older cows, bulls stallions and the younger cows heifers,bulls & stallions. There were many times it all became a mass of bodies.The milking cows needed servicing to produce milk. There were bulls just to pleasure the stallions when they weren’t servicing cows and heifers.Caleb & his young bull Will became very good friends and spent many nights sleeping together for company.Caleb & Will would go of to bed and always slept naked. Caleb would start by nibbling on Will’s neck and work his way to an ear sucking & chewing then on his way to the other ear give Will a quick peck on the lips then start nibbling & chewing on Will’s neck working his way down to Will’s nipples he spent many minutes sucking, chewing & nibbling on each nipple and changing between them this always got Will super hard, then Caleb would start sucking Will’s chest, stomach and working his way down to Will’s cock. Once at Will’s cock Caleb would slober around Will’s ball sac giving little nibbles on the ball sac then lick & suck Will’s cock shaft till he reached its glistening purple head. Caleb luv’d teasing Will’s cock. Caleb would them start nibbling Will’s soft inner leg working his way down to Will’s toes & feet driving Will crazy, then he would start on the other foot working his way up to the soft inner leg. By this time Will was finding it very hard to control his cock from erupting. Caleb would then get into the 69 position with his cock down Will’s throat while Caleb engulfed Will’s cock using his throat muscles & tongue to send Will over the edge. They would both shoot very powerful semen loads down each others throats. Caleb would then turn around and embrace Will and they would smother each others face with cum coated saliva and deep throat kiss each other tonight Caleb would fuck Will until they both came again. The days Caleb had been servicing cows & bulls Will would instigate the ritual and would finish up with his hard cock in Caleb’s anal canal. Caleb luv’d sucking on Wills nipples and drinking the colostrum coming out. Some nights Will’s nipples were so sore from Caleb’s insatiable thirst drinking and sucking. Some nights Will would orgazim up to 4 times by the time they fell asleep.Will always luv’d having Caleb’s hard 16inch cock up his anal passage. Most nights they would embrace when Caleb was inside Will’s luv canal. From time to time Caleb would get Will in the doggy position and fuck him from behind. As Caleb was nearing orgazim Will’s anal muscles would clamp down around Caleb’s super sized cock causing both of them to explode.From time to time Caleb & Will would have a heifer or a cow in bed with them.These nights were really special Caleb & Will would lay the heifer/cow on the bed fully clothed then proceed to undress her using their teeth. They would smother her with kisses and nibble around her neck then rub their way all over her clothed body till they removed her top, then they would start chewing & sucking one on each nipple, drinking the liquid till they had their fill then they would work there way down her stomach chewing & sucking till they got to her pants. Her pants were usually very wet from her juices by this time and started chewing through the fabric making her even wetter. Usually the heifer/cow has been having lots of mini orgazims. With one on each side they pull her pants down her legs and off. Kneeling naked between the heifers well spread thighs they let there hands stray over her open ripe pussy. Her pink labia begins to swell to the soft touch of Caleb & Wills fingers, her beautiful deep pink pussy opening its inner folds to the gaze. Will & Caleb’s naked bodies couldn’t help but respond to the view; their cocks growing rock hard, jutting out thickly from their bodies, throbbing, clear drops of pre-cum glistening and dribbling out of the open eye of their purple cock heads. Will couldn’t help but lean forward and let his tongue stroke up and down her hot wet exposed slit. The heifer writhed under their tongues and attempted to roll over. Caleb’s crouched position behind her, and his desire not to hurry this rare interlude, stopped her. Reluctantly Caleb stopped tonguing her anal hole and continued to massage down the backs of her legs to her feet.Will continues chewing on her clit while Caleb sucks & chews her pussy lips. Caleb starts to lube up her anal canal then Will mounts her from the front & Caleb mounts her from behind causing the heifer/cow to instantly orgazim. Caleb & Will then start the slow & sensuous motion of pushing in & retracting in the canals, working till they loose all sense of what they are doing getting faster & faster till they all cum exploding in the heifers womb & anal canal the heifer/cows pussy muscles start to contract as she nears her next orgazim sending Caleb & Will over the edge. They would fall asleep & wake in the morning having a quick fuck before having a shower & going down for breakfast.

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