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CUCK HUBBY IN CHASTITYCUCK HUBBY IN CHASTITY Being locked in chastity can do plenty to a man. The longer he can’t getfree, the bigger the changes. “What do you think of these?” Bella wanted to know. “They’re called DatePanties. ‘Cheeky’ style. Because they leave my butt cheeks showing.” The curvaceous woman turned around so her husband could see the rearview. He opened and shut his mouth, throat so dry he couldn’t speak. Shewas extremely sexy, with her long red-brown hair, generous bust, fullhips, and gorgeously rounded bottom. The tiny panties showed off thatlast feature to great advantage. Also, they were the only thing she waswearing.”Well?” she said. “What do you think, Bunny? Hmmm?”Her shaken up husband stood there gaping at her. She asked him if HEwould like a pair of date panties for himself. That brought him backinto the present moment. Bobby, who she had renamed Bunny, looked downat himself. He had on a filmy top with a scalloped collar. It was theupper half of a set of bedroom lingerie. She hadn’t given him thematching panties, however, because she didn’t want to cover the pinktube that contained his penis. The rigid sheath was short and narrowenough that he couldn’t get an erection, something he was very aware ofas he continued to stare at her. His distress registered with Bella and she giggled, walked over to him,and took his face between her palms. “Poor baby. Poor Bunny. Poor babyBunny. Are you having second thoughts about letting me put you into thatpretty pink chastity device? Are you?”He put his hands self-consciously over his crotch, which was shavedhairless like the rest of his body and his face. Bunny mewled softly,sadly. He swallowed to get some moisture into his throat and then said,”I’m sorry. I mean, I’m not but…” His eyes, adoring yet worried, methers. He went on, “I mean, I wanted to be put into chastity. You knowthat. And I was willing to go along with being dressed this way, if itmeant you would lock me up. But… but…””But what, baby Bunny? But you didn’t think I’d be so enthused aboutplaying your chastity game after I made you close the lock on your pinkprison? You didn’t think I’d find oral sex SO much better than thatboring old penetration that I used to put up with? Did you forget thatyou always finished quickly? Much too quickly? Quick like a bunny? Hasit been rough on you, these past months, being locked up almostconstantly?” She chuckled as she reached out to rub his nipples throughthe soft and slippery material of the barely-there top. Bunny whimperedand pressed his thighs together involuntarily. “Pleeease,” he moaned. “Don’t tease me like that.””Not like that? How would you like me to tease you instead? Or would yourather I took you out of chastity? I could, you know. I’d unlock you,slip that nasty old tube off your handsome cock, and show you awonderful time in bed. Except that you’ve been so antsy, loving that I’mplaying the chastity games you crave, but super horny because I’ve keptyou out of action for longer than you expected. How long has it beenthis time, Bunny boy?””Y… you know.””Of course I do. But I want to hear you say it.””It’s been th… three weeks.””Right. With seven more days to go before you’re eligible for parole.The sentence you agreed to was one month, love Bunny. Isn’t that whatyou wanted? Or was that length just your fantasy? Did you imagine thatI’d miss penetration so much that I’d relent?” She continued toying withhis nipples, making him writhe and murmur. “I’m sure you wouldn’t wantto go back on what you agreed to. Would you?””N… no.””Well, then, let’s have fun with MY part of the deal we made. The partwhere I turn you into my girlfriend for nights of unrestrainedpleasure.” She laughed at her clever way of saying that, then turned tothe dresser where she had cosmetics, perfume and accessories spread out,ready to be used. First Bella picked up an old-fashioned atomizer that was full of anespecially flowery scent. She held it under her spouse’s chin andsprayed some into the hollow of his throat. Then she applied just awhiff to the inside of each of his wrists. Finally, just to be funny,she made him lift his chastity out of the way so she could spray thefragrance onto his bald scrotum. He didn’t want to smell like some sillygirl who didn’t know how to limit her use of perfume, but that’s whathis bride liked to make him almost resemble. Next she picked up lip gloss, flavored-and-colored strawberry, andapplied it liberally to his mouth. Pleased with the results, she movedon to eye shadow and liner, using them sparingly so that he still lookedlike a guy, but a very feminized one. Bella leaned close to give him anair kiss. She gripped his slender upper arms and pulled him toward herso that her large warm breasts pressed against his narrow chest. He tooka deep breath, then licked his lips without thinking, so that he got agood taste of the gloss.”Now you’re SURE, right? You don’t want to cheat on the agreed period oftime? I mean, it must be SO hard for you.” She paused and put on athoughtful expression, than said, “Oh, wait. It CAN’T be hard for you. Imean, your dick can’t. Not all the way. That tube is just too darnedsmall. And I’m so naughty, parading around in these super-sexy panties,with my boobies exposed.” She leaned closer, as if he needed to bereminded of the magnificence of her bust. “But then, it’s not about whatyou want, anyway. gaziemir escort Is it? No, it’s all about satisfying my whims. And mydesires.” She chortled. “So my horny little Bunny will just have to stayin that tight tube and have blue balls until I say otherwise.”He nodded his agreement and whispered, “Yes, dear.”Finally she selected some heels for him, only two inches high becausethat was still his limit. But they were zebra patterned, like somethinga hooker might select. Bella had him strut around in that shamefuloutfit, his chastity tube moving slightly with each careful step. Sheinstructed him to put more swish in his hips and to roll his shoulders.Soon she had him walking in an exaggeratedly girly style. His eyesbegged her not to make him remain in the role of her lesbian lover, butshe had no intention of granting him his wish.”Let’s go to the kitchen,” she decided. “I feel like a glass of wine.You may pour for me.” They walked through the house and Bunny was horrified to see that thecurtains on the large picture window in the living room were openedwide. They had to pass right in front of there. Worse, when he was inthe most visible location, Bella told him to stop for an inspection.Bunny hated when she committed small indignities like that on him. In nohurry, the stunning woman, still clad only in panties, heedless that shetoo might be seen from outside, circled him, brushing her plumpfingertips over his neck, shoulders, and upper back. He squirmed but didnot move away.At last she said, “Oh, I didn’t pick any extras to go along with thatlovely perfume and attractive make-up. You wait right there while I goback and select something. I won’t be a minute.”Actually, she was about five minutes. He heard her open her cell phoneand then speak in a hushed voice. He hoped desperately that she wasn’tcalling… him. A car drove by on the street out front and itsheadlights momentarily glared through the window, making Bunny twice asafraid that he would be spotted. Mrs. MacGruder lived directly acrossfrom them. If that blowsy middle-aged harpy noticed him standing there,she would talk to Bella and want to hear the entire story. Bunny knewshe was heartless because everyone gossiped about how she dominated hermeek husband Carl. The unfortunate little man had been under her thumbfor two decades. And she showed more than normal interest in the hunkyguy who did her landscaping. When Bella reappeared, her husband was relieved. He just wanted to getaway from that window. She had chosen a small bow which she clipped intohis short hair, just above his right ear. He followed her the rest ofthe way to the kitchen, eager to be out of sight. She had him take thewine from the fridge. It was a modest pinot grigio. He got a tall,stemmed glass and poured carefully. She reminded him to concentrate onhis posture, to make sure it was appropriately girlish at all times, butespecially when he was performing any sort of duty for her. Bella took asip and sighed approvingly. Bunny watched with envy. She denied himwine, coffee, sweets and especially beer. In the past he had enjoyed anoccasional bottle of imported ale, as much to savor its rich taste as todemonstrate his masculinity. Now he wasn’t even allowed to wear anythingmade of flannel or denim — though she had said that if he was a goodgirl she might buy him a pair of cut-off dungaree shorts, telling him hewould look cute in Daisy Dukes. Bunny had to stand by obediently, like a servant, while she unhurriedlyfinished her drink. She pushed her chair back and patted her lap. Hewent to her and sat himself gingerly on her broad thighs. She gave him achaste kiss on the cheek and blew in his ear, then whisperedseductively, “What would you like to do now, Bunny? Are you ready forsome fun?”Being in such intimate contact with her body, he felt his need forrelease rise even higher. His penis strained against its smooth cage butthe effort was futile. Bunny nibbled his lower lip and tried not to lookas frustrated as he felt. Being in chastity for that long can do strangethings to a man, make his mind pliable, and allow a woman to mold hispsyche into something new. Bella rubbed his bare belly, letting hermischievous fingers drift lower, to where his pubic hair used to be. Shetouched his chastity lightly and repeated her question.”I…” Bunny took a steadying breath. “I’m ready for some fun,” hemanaged to say, making his voice as sultry as he could. She had taughthim to respond this way, to make it convincing, and to follow through –if he didn’t want to be punished. The memory of his most recentspanking, just the night before, was much too fresh in his mind. Herubbed up against his wife, thrilling to the way her large breastsrolled against him. His hands went to her hips and stroked them, whichjust added to the unwanted stimulation of his imprisoned member. Hefought to keep his mind on what he was doing and adjusted his positionso he could lower his face and fasten his mouth over her nipples andsuck. Left and right. Left and right. Bella purred and stroked his hair,telling him he was her sweet girlfriend. Bunny couldn’t stop thinking about his trapped penis. He honestly lovedthe idea of being kept in chastity by his desirable wife. But somewherealong the line he had lost control of the fantasy and now he wasdisturbingly deep into the mental slavery she had initiated. It chilledhim gaziemir escort bayan to realize how far she had brought him in such a short time. Sincethe pink tube had arrived, rush-shipped after they ordered it on-line,and she had made him put it on, he had been slipping further and furtherinto her trap. He continued to love the idea of chastity, but thereality now unnerved him.At the same time, her desire to dress him in lacy lingerie had robbedhim of any ability to stand up to her. And the way she repeatedlyreminded him of his past poor performances in bed, that also left himfeeling inadequate. Any chance he had to regain his male pride waseliminated by her taking the lead in their physical relations, the wayshe was doing now. Bella bit his neck and tweaked his vulnerablenipples. She licked his ears and put her finger deep into his mouth,making him suck on it. All of that drove him into a frenzy of unrelievedneediness. He arched his back, thrusting out his chest. She took the cueand, wetting her fingers, reached under his meager covering to diddlehis nipples and push him even further. Once Bunny started to ‘ask for it’ that way, not only pushing out hisupper body, but simultaneously grinding his bottom down on her, she knewhe was primed for the main event. The controlling woman slid him off ofher, allowed him to get shakily onto his feet (or rather his heels), andstood alongside him. She took him by the hand and led him back towardthe bedroom. Besotted with pleasure, his body heat making the cloyingperfume spread its aroma, he followed wordlessly. She stood by the bedand told him to ‘kiss my butt’. Wanting only to please her, with theunrealistic hope that she would remove his chastity and allow him somerelease, he sank to his knees and planted his lips repeatedly on herwide sitter. She helpfully jutted out her bottom and even reached aroundto grasp his ears, so she could pull his features tightly against hercheeks. He was still being her lesbian lover and delivering ardentkisses when they heard the front door of the house open. There were heavy footsteps and, moments later, she saw her lover’s tall,broad-shouldered form filling the doorway to the room. He grinned at herand said, “Isn’t that a pretty picture. Glad to see you’ve foundsomething your wimp hubby is good for.”She grinned back and said, “Hey, Turk. Glad you rushed right over. I’mwearing those Date Panties you got me, so I figured we should have adate. On the bed.”He laughed, went to her and, while her husband continued to kneel andworship her ass, the big man kissed her deeply, his large rough handsroaming over her impressive curves. She responded by cupping one handover the manly bulge in the crotch of his denim jeans and rubbing theother up and down the front of his flannel shirt. He told her, “Let meget out of these work shoes and we can party all night.””Just sit on the side of the bed, stud. Let my sissy husband take thosedirty old shoes off for you.”She stepped away from Bunny, exposing his red face and still puckeredlips. He looked up at the towering Turk and cringed visibly. The swarthyintruder reached down and gave the side of Bunny’s face a few playfulslaps. “You heard the lady, you little pervert.” Turk sat. “Get thoseshoes off my feet so I can get out of these pants… so I can screw yourwife. She sure as hell doesn’t want you fumbling all over her andshooting off before you even get all the way inside.” He looked awayfrom Bunny and locked eyes with Bella, telling her, “This arrangement isworking out so well, we might NEVER want to let pansy boy out of hislock box.”The sexy woman tittered at is remark and sat alongside him. While Bunnystruggled to unknot Turk’s thick shoelaces, the couple mashed theirmouths against each other and made their tongues dance together. Turkpawed Bella’s naked breasts. On the floor, Bunny kept working but wishedhe could run to another part of the house and hide. This was theultimate shame, he told himself. They ignored him and continued swappingspit. He sniffled and got the first shoe undone. Eventually he had themboth untied and then went to work at the laces in the eyelets to loosenthem, and at last was able to tug the shoes off those size 12extremities. Bella got onto her back and lifted her hips so Turk could gently slideher Date Panties down her shapely legs. He sneered at Bunny and barked,”Let’s go, Pink Lips. Get me out of these pants. NOW.” Turk unbutton hisshirt while the helpless husband undid his wide leather belt andunfastened his pants. With shaking fingers he lowered the fly andcautiously eased the fitted jeans down those muscular legs. Turk woreboxer shorts, something Bunny hadn’t been permitted to put on since hemade his one-sided arrangement with his bride. The dusky man stepped outof his pants and snapped at Bunny to remove his socks. Turk tossed asidehis shirt. That left only the shorts. Bunny reached for them and hookedhis fingers under the waistband. He blinked nervously as he beganlowering them, revealing abundant black pubic hair.There were a breathless few seconds as Bunny paused to delay theinevitable. Acting out her scenario of having him be a male lesbianwould have been preferable to this. He was humiliatingly aware that hewas facilitating the ravishment of his wife, while she kept histhrobbing penis locked away, the key hidden somewhere in the escort gaziemir house.Bunny pulled down the boxers and Turk’s exceptionally long, virile cocksprang free. Soon he was as naked as the woman who was hungrilyanticipating what was to come. Bella spread her legs when he kneltbetween them. He smiled down at her and she said, “Let’s do it, Turk.I’ve been looking at my failure of a husband for the last two days,wishing you were here instead of him. I’m tired of chasing his sissy assaround, getting him to do his chores, and having to swat him every threeminutes. The only fun I have with Mr. Panties is trying differentoutfits on him.””Yeah?” Turk said as he pressed his firmness against her yieldingness.”Isn’t there one other thing he’s good for?”She chuckled. “Well, sure there is. You know that. When you’re not hereand I get too hot to wait for you, I have to use Bunny there as mylezzie love toy. She’s such an eager eater when it comes to my wetpussy. I mean, once she gets started I can’t stop her. At least, notuntil I’ve had a bunch of orgasms.”Turk pushed his tool into her, all the way up to his weighty balls, inone easy movement. “You’re pussy’s plenty wet right now. You won’t needthat machine-mouth to get off this time.””I know, babe. But I’ve been thinking about another use for for hertongue.” She gasped as he began to pump in earnest. Her legs wrappedaround him and she met his plunges with upward heaves of her hips. Bunny could only remain where he was, on his knees, in that nearlytransparent top, at the perfect eye level to watch them copulate likeuntamed a****ls. They went on and on, changed position, and startedover. The lovers were tireless. And inventive. Bunny gaped at theaction, his balls hurting, his face flushed. Without meaning to, hebegan to caress the minimal covering he wore. Then his fingers strayedto his nipples and he teased himself uncontrollably. He reached downwith one hand and clutched his chastity, massaged his balls, groaned,and felt the arrival of the clear fluid that he leaked at times likethese. His wife teased him about that, calling him Drippy Dotty. Hetried not to cry as the savage lovemaking led to a quaking climax forBella. While Bunny’s great shortcoming had been a total lack of control,Turk’s valuable asset was that he could refrain endlessly fromejaculating. Bunny was so envious. If he could do that, it would be himup there on the bed, possessing Bella’s irresistible body. After what must have been an hour, they were doing it doggy style, andBella was flung into her second noisy finish. But this time Turk didn’tslow down afterwards. Instead, he redoubled his efforts, driving herinto a third orgasm, at the same time that he let himself go and emptiedhis heavy balls into her. The stayed at a peak of passion, his fingersdigging into her plush hips, and then began to come down slowly. In theend they were lying side by side, their breathing returning to normal.That was when Bella said, “Hey, Turk. Remember a little while ago, whenI said I had a new use for my lesbian lover’s talented mouth? I want herto make sweet girl-on-girl love to me right now.””You mean, like, without you getting washed up? Down there?””That’s right, stallion. I want her to eat my pussy. And to clean it upat the same time. You dumped such a load in there that I’m overflowing.”Turk sat up and glowered at Bunny. “You heard the lady. Get up here,candy ass, and do the only thing you’re any good for in bed. Show hermessy slit how much you love it. Be her lez lover and lick up every dropof my spunk.” The brutish man’s eyes glowed with sadistic delight. Hewas getting aroused by the idea of forcing the lesser male to comply.Bunny gagged but started to climb onto the mattress. He moved close tohis target and lowered his face, tongue already extended, eyes pleadingfor a reprieve that would never come. Hating every second of it, wishinghe could go back to just his chastity obsession and lose the girly lookand… this, he began to lick up the oozy cream. It was disgusting buthe had to continue. At the same time, he was getting his wife excitedagain. Even after three climaxes. Bunny kept consuming what seemed likean endless supply of cum and Bella started to jerk her hips and pushthem harder into his face. Turk put a powerful hand on the back ofBunny’s neck to make sure he didn’t slow down. Swallowing sperm andlapping simultaneously, the defeated husband brought his spouse to aloud orgasm. “Omigod,” she said between deep breaths. “That was the best. Deep solidfinishes from your huge cock, Turk. And then a bonus one from Bunny’swell-trained tongue.” She sighed. “I want to do it like that ALL thetime.””Sure, babe,” her stud assured her. “I got off on grabbing his skinnyneck and holding him there. And the way his sissy ass was sticking up,it kind of gave me some ideas. Looked almost like a real girl, if youknow what I mean.”She said, “You’re saying that while he’s going down on me, cleaning upone mess from you, he might get another load shot up his ass? That wouldbe too damned funny. And after that, I’ll bet he would never dare towhine about anything I do to him.””Or anything I do, either,” Turk added. “And I might do a lot.”Quaking with fear from what he was hearing, Bunny slipped off the bed.To try to placate them, he knelt silently at the foot of the mattress.The couple turned their faces toward each other and kissed tenderly.Bunny could only stay where he was, running his hands over hisdiaphanous bit of covering, almost as if he was beginning to want to bedressed that way. Because — again — being locked in chastity can doamazing things to a man. Or a former man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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