Cuckold Interview

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Cuckold InterviewThis is an interview I conducted with a popular local bull in our town. This was part of my thesis paper on the benefits of cuckolding. It seems swingers in the lifestyle had a significantly lower divorce rate. Couples in cuckold relationships had an even lower divorce rate and had a much higher marital satisfaction rate.Me: thank you for taking the time to do this. You come highly recommended.Bull: glad to do it. I remember how hard it was for me when I went to Grad school.Me: What field did you study? What do you do?Bull: I’m an Engineer.Me: wow, that’s impressive. Bull: yeah, most people are surprised when they hear that.Me: so what got you into the cuckold lifestyle.Bull: when I was in college, I had to work my way through. That didn’t leave any time for dating. One of my classmates was a married woman whose husband was too busy for her sexual needs. So I would go to her house when we knew her hubby was teaching and spend hours pleasing her every whim.Me: so how long have been a Bull.Bull: about 25 years now.Me: wow. That’s a really long time. How many wives have you had.Bull: I stopped keeping track after about 100.Me:holy crap! If you had to guess, how many would you estimate?Bull: somewhere between 500 and 1,000.Me: you must be pretty good to have numbers that high. Bull: I like to think so. I’m always evaluating and changing my repertoire. I almost always get second invites, though I don’t always accept.Me: what would make you not accept another date? is it looks or performance?Bul: Neither. It very rarely happens, but when it does, it’s usually the dynamic between the cuck and his Hotwife. For example, if it is apparent to me that the Hotwife is doing it under duress or to save a marriage, I’ll usually get out. Looks is almost never an issue. For me the hottest sexual organ is the brain. In fact, often I prefer the ordinary wife with an open mind, and a strong willingness to please over a snobby trophy wife any day.Me: interesting. I didn’t think cuckolding was that involved….that deep.Bull: in most cases, it’s not. But for me, I like to develop deep sexually spiritual relationships. But when I was younger, it was all about banging as many wives as I could get my dick into. And there were plenty of willing couples to go around.Me: so what are the benefits of being in a deeper relationship?Bull: more intense encounters, more frequent meeting that are for longer duration. And a chance to fully develop a thorough knowledge of what can be done to provide maximum satisfaction for everyone.Me: could you give me an example?Bull: sure. On Monday, the husband of one of my couples dropped his Hotwife off on his way to work. He said he was gonna be stuck working a little late and asked if I would mind “wife sitting” till he could pick her up. His wife, who was not particularly gorgeous, but was very sexy, was all dressed in lingerie under her coat and raring to go as soon as she walked in the door. Before hubby even got back to his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri car, she was on her knees stroking my shaft and kissing the head of my dick. Before he got to work, she had her first of many, many orgasms. By the time her hubby took his lunch break, we had racked up a sizzling hot marathon fuck. She had come 5 or 6 times both orally and vaginally and I had dumped two loads into her. One down her throat, and the other deep into her pussy. We started to watch a movie, one of our favorite things to do and she casually and slowly blew me for a solid hour. Interrupted only by a call from her hubby. When she took the call, I went down on her with the goal of making her come while on the phone with her hubby. She told hubby everything we had done that morning, how many times she had come already, how enjoyable/hot it was to upgrade to a longer, thicker, darker cock, and all,of the various sexual positions and politely told him she was trembling and would soon be coming from my oral administrations. Just as she was telling him about how hard she came when I cleaned up her pussy, She lifted her ass off the couch as she flooded my face with a gush of pussy juice. The she told her hubby that she had to go to lick her pussy juice off my face and body.Me: holy shit that was hot. I’m getting a little wet just thinking about it!Bull: Ha! Perfect. I could clean that mess up for you if you’d like.Me: I just bet you could! You mentioned your size, is that what makes you so popular?Bull: no, not really. It opens a few doors, but my adoration for hotwives and my love of satisfying them is what really brings them back. That and my love of cunnilingus and gentle rimming is what distinguishes me from other men of size….black or white. I’ve tried to become the best pussy eater that most wives have ever had. I even went so far as to ask a lesbian couple I know to train me in the art of pussy eating.Me: that’s an interesting point. Not too many black men are into pleasing women orally.Bull: I absolutely love it. To me, her or dare I say, your orgasm is more important than mine. Ladies always come first with me. For example, I once hooked up with a widow in her late 60s who hadn’t had an orgasm in the last 15 years of her marriage. It took me almost two hours of kissing, fondling, licking and sweet talking before she finally burst. It took a combination of cunnilingus and analingus, going back and forth between the two to bring her off. But when I mounted her, she just kept coming and coming. I think she had about 10 more orgasms throughout the night as I went down on her 4 more times and penetrated her after each oral session. In the morning, she rode me for over an hour racking up a few more eruptions before I delivered my seed. She immediately worked on my dick and drained every last drop I had. It was like she was let out of prison.Me (feeling more moisture): do you prefer older women? Or better yet, what would you,describe tipobet güvenilir mi as your ideal woman?Bull: I love making love to all women who take care of their appearance, smell nice and put in an effort to look their best for me. Kind of like you (and a wink). I do have a few slight preferences though. I adore married women who play with their husband’s knowledge and/or participation. Single women have too many aspirations that I am not ready to fill.Me (much more settled down now): marriage?Bull: yes, I also enjoy older women, BBW and women of color and different races. Due to my love of oral sex, non-Caucasian women seem to have more appreciation of our time together. Me: What is the oldest woman you’ve ever had?Bull: mid 70’s.Me: wow! How old were you?Bull: in my 20’s as I recall. For a while, I was enjoying a small group of widows and divorcees who knew each other very well. I think they called themselves “The Slutty Granny Club” or something like that. They all went on a Mediterranean cruise (several of them were Jewish) and offered to treat me to a vacation.Me: did you go?Bull: I did. I never had so much sex in one week in my whole life! They would come to me in teams of 2 or 3 and wouldn’t leave until they all came at least once. They were so sweet….and horny!! I alternated sleepovers, with each one taking a night for all 10 nights. On a few nights, one of the others would ask to join which would be OK with the room holder. They gave me a beautiful framed picture of all of us at the Captain’s dinner with an inscription of (thanks for 100 nights of adventure). I didn’t know what they meant and they explained it was an estimate of the number of times they were “satisfied”. Me (definitely feeling like he would be my first cuckold partner): well, you certainly are different from any bull I’ve ever heard about. I assume you’re totally straight?Bull: not totally.Me (disappointed at the prospect of HIV): really? Explain. Bull: I am what most would call passively bi. By that I mean there are times when the husband or the wife want the husband to either take my load, or want hubby to clean my dick when I’m done with the wife. Also, there have been times when the hubby will be underneath his wife in a 69 type position and the husband will work his wife’s clit while I’m pounding her pussy. Inevitably his tongue will come in contact with my equipment. I’m OK with that. Also, in situations where the wife is a femdom.Me: What’s a femdom?Bull: the wife is the dominant spouse sexually. Occasionally, the hotwife will order her hubby to suck me while she and I make out and fondle each other, until I’m hard enough to take her again. I find this very exciting, but I’m a bit into soft humiliation.Me: I’ve heard of that somewhat. Can you tell me what you’re referring to.Bull: if the couple is into it, I’ll participate in the hot wife’s effort to sexually humiliate the hubby. For example, she may tell her hubby how much bigger tipobet giriş my dick is and how much more she rather fuck me rather then him. I’ll wait until the wife is really turned on and tell her that it’s her hubby’s turn to take her. Inevitably she will protest that he’s too small or can’t fuck her as good as I do. Then I’ll make her ask nicely for me to continue fucking her…I also may make her beg for my big black dick instead of her hubby’s little white dick. There are many variations on the theme, but you get the picture I’m sure.Me (thinking how hot this would be to do with my hubby): Give me more examples?Bull: it really runs the gambit. Sometimes I’ll hookup with the Hotwife while hubby works and we’ll it record for hubby to enjoy later. Or she’ll call her hubby in the middle of things and tell him how good it is to be with a real man with a man sized dick. She may tell him she’s getting pounded in there marital be…sometimes on his side of the bed. One couple wanted me to play with the Hotwife whenever her hubby went out with his friends. Such as bowling night or poker night…which she/they called balling night and poke her night. She would call him on his blue tooth with updates on orgasms, how deep she took a real man’s cock! How she was using her hubby’s pillow to prop up her ass and pussy for my enjoyment. Hubby would be extremely turned on to hear this stuff while he’s with all his buddy’s. It was a lot of fun. Another time a couple had me meet the wife at a nice restaurant and take her to a higher class hotel afterwards. All at her husband’s expense. She’d bring home her soiled panties and force him to lick my jizz out of his wife’s pussy and/or her ass. Stuff like that.Me: are there any limits?Bull: for me there are. I’m not a big fan of hard humiliation that really cuts to a guy’s manhood.Me: example.Bull: it’s a very subjective thing. One example would be that it’s OK to tell her husband that I’m touching parts of her pussy that he could never reach. But saying things like “your dick was never able to satisfy me…you’re worthless as a lover. That’s why I need other men”. Or it’s OK to say “watch what this stud is doing to me and learn bitch” as opposed to “you’ll never have a big enough dick to please me you worthless bitch”. But I’m sure you can see it’s quite subjective. Me: oh my. This has been a very informative interview. I’m sorry to have taken so much of your time.Bull: hey there’s worse ways to spend an afternoon that talking with a beautiful, sensual woman.Me: you’re so sweet. I’m not sure how to say this, it’s a bit embarrassing.Bull: we’ve been so open and candid. You should feel free to say anything.Me: Well…I’m quite turned on by everything we’ve discussed. I’d like to talk with my husband about us getting together one night…if that’s OK with you.Bull: absolutely! I think you are one of the most sensual sexy women I’ve met in a long time.Me (getting up to leave): good. I’ll talk to him tonight.Bull: (gently touching my are and softly kissing me): just a little incentive for you.Me (pussy absolutely soaked): please, I don’t think I can resist you.Bull: I totally understand. You are definitely worth the wait.And she escaped, just before she could drop to her knees and give him a long, slow blowjob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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