Daddy gave me a Black Man to play with.

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Daddy gave me a Black Man to play with.Daddy called out for him, by name, for him to enter our living room. I stood to the side, then decided to sit down on the wooden chair by the side of the cabinet, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, after all what has a girl of thirteen got to do with dealing with servants, no, I would leave that to daddy, I was here on vacation and just wanted to get a tan.When he entered the room the first thing that struck me was his colour, jet black, was the only thing that sprung to mind, I had never seen a man so black.He smiled and acted very subservient. He spoke in polite English and his mannerisms were cowed, and for such a powerful looking man, his quiet dulcet tones were in stark contrast to his appearance.I could see through his thin cotton attire. He wore what appeared to be a light coloured sarong, but what caught my eye and my breath, was that his dark skin made the material translucent, from head to toe, he was visible to me, and the curvature of his heavy penis, was so obvious, especially when he bowed prior to leaving, daddy heard my sharp intake of breath, and smiled in acknowledgement.I sat there, thankful that I was seated, my knees were weak, and my girlish heart fluttered, to the point of exhaustion.’You saw it then’, asked daddy, as he poured himself a whiskey?I blushed and found my throat was thick, yes I saw it, in fact, it was on my mind and I could still see it, ‘Saw what daddy’, I replied coyly?Daddy came across to me, bent forward and kissed me on my upturned mouth, there was the slightest hint of tongue on my pouting lips, nothing new, we often exchanged these little niceties, in fact since I was nine, ‘If you’re going to kiss someone you like’, he said, ‘make it a memorable one’, and he slipped his tongue into my open mouth, and I sucked it, as he curled it up, all a bit of fun for a little girl unaware of the powerful implications it could conjure.This of course was a useful think to know, whenever I needed something, I sucked daddy’s tongue, perfecting and honing my skill, as kissing was something I enjoyed doing.’I need to unpack and shower daddy’, and I rose making sure I did so steadily, after my initial shock.’Dinner at eight darling’, he replied and I walked back towards the door I had entered a half hour back.’Your case will be in your room darling’, he said, as I was about to remark it was gone. ‘Top of the stairs on your right, room at the far end on the left’, he called as I started to ascend kaçak iddaa the stairs.This place was grand in every manner, like a five star hotel, and I glided up the short stairway and walked down the carpeted hallway to the last room on the left and walked in.My case was on the huge bed, it was open, and the strange huge black guy was unpacking it. I was dumbstruck, to see him there, by my bed, quietly taking my things out and putting them on the bed, and to my embarrassment, my panties and brassieres were already out and on display.I wanted him to stop, but I had a strange feeling building in my crotch as his huge hands toyed with the flimsy material, especially my thongs, as they only consisted of a small triangular patch, that barely covered my immature cunt.’What are you doing’, I asked him, trying to sound older than I was?’Sorry missus’, he replied, his eyes averted, ‘your father ordered me to look after you’, and as he spoke his voice tailed off, he had looked up and saw I was looking where I should not have, his cock was in its fullness, he had an erection, and it was fucking massive.It would appear fondling my girlish panties had set him off, ‘That’s OK’, I said thickly, you can continue, and after saying so, I walked over to a chaise lounger and sat down, I could feel myself wetting in girlish lust, and I was determined to see this man’s cock, it had to be a good ten inches at least.My position was perfect, he worked between me and the window, so his outline was framed in the evening sun coming in from the window, and his cotton clothing became invisible as his dark muscular body outline showed him to me.There was a touch of bravado in my voice, ‘What’s your name’, I said, trying to be superior, ‘I am number one boy, Missus’, he replied softly.That make my heart flutter, a rush of excitement coursed through me, ‘I can see you, you know’, I said brazenly.He looked at me with a sidelong glance, but said nothing.’Stop’, I ordered, and he stopped, still stooping over my suitcase.’Straighten-up’, then adding ‘Boy’, as an after thought, which did sound silly, considering he was at least ten years older than I.He slowly straightened and my eyes widened as he came into view, ‘Turn a little to your right’, I said, my words tailing off, as my throat thickened and my breath heaved.’Stop’, and he did. He was perpendicular to the incoming light and his outline perfect in every detail, his erection standing straight out in front of him.’Your cock is hard, does my daddy canlı casino siteleri know’?I said this quietly, the queasiness in my stomach making me light-headed and feeling sick, a nice sort of sickness, but more incredible, I was having difficulty in holding my urine back, I was dribbling piss, and as he looked, my thighs were open for him to look all the way between my legs and see here that rock hard cock should be going.’Are you going to fuck me’, I asked him, my voice barely discernible? I was shaking, as like shivering, my body was reacting to powerful sexual impulses, I never realized a girl as young as myself could have such powerful urges and needs, I was out of my depth, and this big black man seemed to sense that.’I can smell your fresh piss’, was all he said in reply to my question, I could feel my head explode, then I heard daddy call my name.’In here’, I called back, and daddy walked into the room.’I see you and our number one boy are becoming acquainted’, he said? He was holding his whiskey glass and took another drink after he spoke.I could feel the blood rise to my face, as daddy’s eyes focused on the erection, as my eyes were.’Up for a bit of fun are we my beautiful daughter’, he took another sip of his whiskey, ‘nothing like a good shag to clear ones head’, then he looked at me, ‘want a really good look darling’?I swallowed hard, I had never felt so horny as I did right now, and now that daddy was there, I strangely felt secure with a familiar face and voice to reassure me.’Is he mine daddy’, I asked in a little girlish voice, ‘yes darling, do you like him’?’He makes me feel naughty’, I replied, as I shifted from one soft cheek to another, I was squirming in a sexual way, I could feel my thighs grind, as I tried to crush my fledging clitoris between my labia, daddy saw that and came over and sat down beside me.’Don’t you think it’s about time you became a woman darling’?I knew what daddy was asking me, ‘You just want to watch us’, I rasped back, the fact I did not deny it was proof enough for my astute father, ‘Take off the robe and let my daughter see you’, he barked, and within seconds, the black Adonis was naked, and hairless, he was clean around his pubis, even his anus was shaved, my mouth watered at the thought I could press my mouth in there, his ball sack was small and tight, his anus puckered and bright pink, the skin slightly crinkled, I would have fun trying to force my tongue in there.It was too much, I needed to casino şirketleri feel release, ‘Make him lick me daddy’, I groaned in pent up sexual frustration, my knees drawn back and open, as daddy bent forward and pressed his mouth to mind, and forced his tongue inside, where I sucked on it like I did when I was nine, all the time feeling my panties being pulled down as if in slow motion, the the heat of his breath and his pink tongue finally made contact with my cunt, ‘Oh daddy’, I groaned from my very soul, as I clung around his neck, I was cumming with the black man’s tongue in my cunt, I was squirting into his face and mouth, and he was lapping and swallowing, all the time my daddy was watching as his little girl lost control of her bodily functions.The pleasure became painful, the look on my face the same, I squirmed and twisted as daddy constrained my upper body, and his black tormentor ploughed my little girls hole, ‘daddy it hurts’, I cried, but my father was having his own pleasure, I was being taken beyond the point where pain and pleasure become inseparable, where blood and semen are a deadly mix, daddy pinched my nose and covered my mouth, my air supply was limited and I felt faint, my heart pounded as I started to drift from consciousness, all the time the pain drifting from hurtful to extreme pleasure, my head spun and body became limp, then everything exploded, I was having an out of body experience, colours and flashes, starts and laughter, my cunt and my lower body drifted away from me.I awoke many hours later, the room was dark except for a few candles burning, my head ached and I felt sick. I was naked and lying on top of my bed, everything spun around me and I had no strength in my body.The clock suddenly struck nine, I had been out for nearly seven hours, WTF had happened to me.Suddenly I realised someone was in the bed with me, and slowly bit by bit things stared coming back. I turned and daddy was there on the bed beside me, and beside him was a black girl, a negative of myself, naked, young and beautiful, we were all naked, and my cunt suddenly felt sore.As a girl, this was a recurring dream I had, and I always imagined sex to be this deviant, and my father was always my tormentor and the man who deflowered me. As a teenager I was sexually forward to to daddy, even touching him inappropriately, and boasted of my masturbating, and feeling horny, a lot of my girlfriends had similar exploits, a passing phase of breaking up with the only man in our lives who had intimacy with us, out first tormentor, out first sex object, and out first erection, if I please men sexually it’s because my father was there first, so if you enjoy this girls sexual fantasy, just say in the comments, love Mariel

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