Dearest Friend

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Dearest FriendSubmission, fixed some format issues. The following is a work of fiction. The people are real. But the encounter is pure fantasy. They went to school together as k**s. Not really friends, more acquaintances really. 25 years later there was a Facebook post about their high school home coming. A bunch of the folks from the mid 80’s classes were meeting at a bar to have a few and pretend they were 18 again. He recognized her instantly. In his mind she hadn’t changed at all. Granted, there was more of her to love, but he liked “a little something to grab a hold of”. He was surprised that she called him by name immediately. Less hair on top and more hiding the face, maybe it was the blue eyes. He considered himself a 5 foot troll. But he knew his eyes did get noticed. She on the other hand, had gotten even more beautiful in the 25 years since he’s last seen her. They chatted a bit. There were a lot of people there to catch up with. A few days later the “friend request” came across online. They started to chat online, instantly feeling absolutely at ease with each other. The conversations ran from the mundane to the wildly personal. They could tell each other anything. No one would judge. No one would laugh, except when they were being silly. Then they would laugh until their stomachs hurt. The friendship grew. They became closer and closer. Chats became text. And the text became all day conversations. It took right at years’ time for him to realize that he’d developed romantic feeling for her. They had decided that they’d never lie to each other. Full disclosure was not needed. But what they did say would always be the absolute truth. So, he told her. He was falling in love with her. He’d fought it, but he saw it coming and there wasn’t a damned thing he could do to stop it. She was kind in her response. But she had feeling for another man, a very close friend of his. It also didn’t help that he was a married man. Not happy, but not unhappy enough to move on just yet. He’d promised himself that he’d stay with her until the k**s got out of school and reevaluate after that. But the fact that he’d developed feeling for another bothered him. He loved his wife, but questioned if he was still in love with her. As a fellow drunk said to him one night while he was traveling for work “if you have to ask the question, then you’ve answered it.” It was amazing the kind of things you could discuss with total strangers. Especially those who, by their eyes you could tell had been on the road too long. He had gone as far as to ask her outright if she’d consider having an affair with him. She admitted that there was an obvious attraction between them. And that they’d “be good together.” But then she asked the question that drove it all home.“Where will you be on Christmas morning?” she asked. And she was right. She deserved more. She deserved someone who would be there all the time. Not part time. So that’s how it was, Dearest of friends but just friends. He traveled for work quite a bit. Usually leaving Monday morning and returning Friday evening. Far too many dinners alone staring at his reflection in the mirror behind the hotel bar. He did get smiles and looks from others. Never an overt offer, but enough suggestive conversation that he was sure he was getting hit on by women, men and even a couple once. But he never pursued it. They were not her. The text conversations always helped to keep him sane. She was always there. And she did care. He was in the habit of telling her not only what town he was in, but what hotel too. On a number of occasions he had offered her a place to stay if she ever needed to just get away. He always made sure she knew that he’d take the couch or second bed. Whatever she was comfortable with. She always thanked him for the invite but always declined. That day’s text was common with them. “hey, how’s it going?” he sent. “ugh not so good . rough day at work. Home has its problems too. Still in Louisville? ” She replied. “sorry to hear you are having a bad day. Yeah Louisville all week. Install of new equipment” He replied to her“thanks gtg , meeting time, ttyl” She ended. He didn’t hear from her for the rest of the work day and that was fine because he was also busy and really didn’t have time to chat. After working a few hours over he was sitting at bar at the hotel. Watching the sports talk show on the big screen and making small talk with the other guest and bartender. That’s when he looked up to see her reflection. She was standing right behind him. He had on several occasions thought he’d seen her in a crowd or passing on the road. But güvenilir bahis he knew it was always just wishful thinking. Then the scent of her perfume floated to him. He smiled at her in the mirror and pulled out the vacant barstool next to him. She sat without a word. The bartender asked her what he could get for her.“I’ll start with a Coors light” she replied. He immediately told the bartender “anything she wants goes on my bill.”She started to protest but he told her “hush woman, your money’s no good here.”Then he gave her his best smart ass smile. She reluctantly let him have his way. She was stubborn, annoyingly so at times. He’d never tell her so, but he loved that about her. Her strength was part of what made her so completely beautiful to him. They sat in silence for several minutes. He knew if she was upset enough to make a 2 plus hour drive it would be best not to push her. They started to make small talk about some pro athlete that was the focus of the current television discussion. After another round of beer was done she proclaimed that it was time for something stronger. He agreed. He told the bartender“A glass of ’Makers 46 for me.” He scanned the available bottles behind the bar and said “Cazadores for the lady.”It wasn’t her usual brand. But it would do. She didn’t argue and downed the shot in a single motion. “Another?” asked the bartender. “Yes please.” she replied.After her second was gone she looked at her friend and sighed. He took that as the sign. “You want to talk about it?” He asked.She looked up and her eyes lost focus.“No, not really.” she replied.“Ok” was all he needed to say.After his drink was done and the bill paid she said that she was beat after a long day and would like to rest. He rested his hand on the small of her back as he escorted her to the elevator to his floor. She was impressed with the suite he had.“One of the perks of being a platinum member, free upgrades, of course I usually never get to share it with anyone.” He told her. They sat on the couch next to each other. He watched her take off her shoes then flexing her feet. Something he’d seen her do a number of times before and it always mesmerized him. He wasn’t a “feet” guy at all. But hers were so small and so damned cute. He had told her before about his opinion of her “sexy feet” which always got a reply of “eww, feet are gross” and a laugh. They leaned back into the couch. She curled her feet under her and rested her head on his shoulder. His arm fell easily around her. He said nothing. He could tell she didn’t want to talk. He was happy to just sit in silence and enjoy the fact that she felt comfortable and safe in his arms. After a time he could tell she had dozed off, but only for a few minutes. When she woke she smiled sheepishly at him.“It’s probably time for me to go to bed.” She said“Probably is” he replied.”“You take the bed and the couch is for me.” He told her. Now her stubborn side came out fully. “No, it’s your room and you have to get up for work early. You take the bed.” She replied. He started to protest but she went into what he called full pain in the ass mode. “Either you take the bed or I’ll sleep in my car.” She proclaimed. “Fine” he resigned.“you are such a fucking pain in the ass, you know that?” he told her. “I know, but you still put up with me” was her response.And she was right. He reminded her that he usually preferred to sleep in the nude but would retain his boxer briefs tonight. He was a gentleman after all. “No reason to go out of your way for me. Do as you normally do. Now get ready for bed I need to call my daughter and tell her I won’t be home”. She told him. He performed his nightly routine in the bathroom as she made her call. As they passed near the bathroom door she said “Turn off the lights. I don’t want you to see me in my PJ’s and glasses.”“I’m sure you look fine.” he said. “Just turn them off.” she shot back. “Fucking pain in the ass.” he grumbled under his breath.“Yeah yeah, whatever.” she replied. He put a pillow and a spare blanket on the couch then undressed and got into bed. As he turned off the light a thought occurred to him. She hadn’t brought a bag with her. He could see a few toiletries being in her purse, but not pajamas. Just then he heard the bathroom door open as simultaneously the light was turned off. The room was almost black except for a small sliver of light from where the curtains would not quite stay closed and faint green glow from the clock on the nightstand. “I laid out a blanket and pillow for you on the couch.” he told her. “Thanks.” she replied.But the voice was too close. In the half türkçe bahis second it took him to realize what was going on. She had slipped into the king sized bed with him. Then back to her earlier position of laying her head on his shoulder.“Is this ok?” She asked. “Yes” was all he said as he wrapped his arm around her pulling her close while burying his nose into her hair. He inhaled deeply as he tightened his hold on her. He loved her scent. He could feel the softness of her skin as her bare leg wrapped around his. He could feel her breast resting on his chest with her fingers gently running through his chest hair. She was naked, as he was. He didn’t really think of it as sexual. It was just “nice”. He felt as ease, he felt content. He felt at home.With his free hand he started to softly caress her arm while he kissed the top of her head. She looked up at him and they kissed for the first time in earnest. He had stolen a few kisses over the years. She had always called him “bad” for doing so. But she always kissed back. They continued to kiss. Hands started to roam and he was running his fingertips over body. She ground her pussy into his thigh as he started to squeeze her wonderfully plump ass with his hand. They were making out like a couple of teens. Something he’d wished they had done when they actually were teens. But they were different people then. And as her hand found his already hard cock the past was forgotten. He rolled her onto her back and started to kiss his way down. Starting at her ears and then to her neck. The entire time his hands roamed all over her thighs and stomach, teasingly avoiding her already soaked crotch. His mouth found her breast, her nipples standing and aching for attention. He sucked and playfully nibbled on them, making sure to give them both the proper attention they deserved. After several minutes of playing with those great 38’s he started to slowly kiss his way down to her stomach. Getting a giggle as the tip of his tongue found her belly button. Still farther down he went going slower the closer he got to her sex. Her breathing was starting to get deeper as her anticipation grew. Her pubic hair was trimmed short. He actually preferred the natural look, not that there was anything wrong with a little maintenance. He found her lips and ran just the tip of his tongue along them. She let out a soft moan. He then drove his tongue in between them as far as he could.“My God, she is delicious.” He thought to himself. He lapped up her juices like a dog on a hot summer’s day. His hands ran along her outer thigh and found a home on the side of her ass as her legs came up and spread in order to give him the better access. Determined to satisfy her, he tried the “alphabet technique” using the tip of his tongue to write the letters of the alphabet in her pussy. Heavy breathing and moans were his reward. He sensed she was getting close and started to focus on her clit with his mouth as his fingers explored between her swollen lips. The moaning got louder. He wanted to her to cum on his tongue. He dove in deep again and started to rub her clit in little circles with his thumb. She grabbed his hair with both hands, holding his head with her thighs as the first orgasm hit her. He was rewarded for his efforts with beautiful soft screams, her pussy griping his tongue and that wonderful taste. Afterwards, He kissed his way back up and found her mouth. Opened mouthed with tongues entwined she tasted herself on his mouth. Then with a mischievous smile she said“My turn” and slid her way down to his waiting cock.It was rock hard and the head covered in shiny pre-cum. 6 inches with a slight upward curve and a pronounced mushroom head. He thought he did ok in that department. 6 inches was average for the average man of 5’10”. So he considered himself hung pretty well for a man of only 5’4”. He wasn’t the only one who could tease. She got her mouth almost on him but not quite, letting him feel her breath tease the length of his cock. Then the tip of the tongue ran from the bottom to the tip. Circling around the head she tasted the slippery precursor to what would come, if she let him. In truth she wanted him as much as he wanted her to do it. She finally gave him what he wanted engulfing his cockhead in her mouth. It was heaven for them both. She bobbed her head up and down taking him in as far as she could. Taking breaks to run her tongue down the shaft and playfully suck on each of his balls. That drove him crazy. She knew and enjoyed what she was doing. But too much of a good thing was too much for him. His muscles stiffened as he held güvenilir bahis siteleri back the oncoming orgasm for just a few seconds trying to savor it. But she pushed him over the edge and he released into her waiting mouth. As his body spasm she swallowed as fast and eager as she could. The act of making him cum had triggering another orgasm in her. She climbed back up to him and kissed his waiting mouth. They could taste each other as they kissed. And He loved it. Normally after he’d cum. He was done for a while and his wife surely never wanted to go for round 2. But he wanted this woman more than anyone in his life. He wanted tonight to last forever. And his cock agreed. They kissed and fondled nonstop. With her on top of him sliding his stiffening cock between the soaking wet lips of her pussy he rolled her over and prepared to mount her proper. As his cock slowly entered her the rest of the world went away. He was home. That first stroke was always wonderful. Like the first drag off a good cigar or the first drink of a cold beer. He planted himself in her as far as he could. Their bodies crushed into each other. They couldn’t get any closer even though they both tried. Slowly at first he started to thrust into her. Gradually building up speed they feel into a rhythm as they stared into each other’s eyes and kissed as passionately as either ever had. The tender love making lasted several minutes but soon turned into good old fashioned fucking. He pounded her as fast and hard as he could as she grunted and moaned in time with him.“Oh God, fuck me, fuck me harder” was all she could manage to say between moans and grunts.As much as he hated to admit it he wasn’t a 20 year old k** anymore. And the pace was about to kill him. Not that he would mind going out like this but he didn’t think she’d care for it. He deemed it time to change positions. He rolled her over and she ended up on top of him. They never came uncoupled. She slowly started to grind herself on him as he reached up and took a hold of her beautiful breast. Her nipples were still standing as hard as pencil erasers and he loved playfully giving them a twist. As did she buy the sounds she made. Her pace quickened as he grabbed her hips and helped her rock her pussy on his still rock hard cock. As her excitement and speed rose she said.“I want you to do me from behind”The request was almost a demand. And who was he to disappoint a lady. She got on all fours as he positioned himself behind her taking the opportunity to run his tongue from her pussy up to her tight little rosebud as she let out a little scream. As he laughed at her she gave that ass a good smack. She let out a gasp then a moan. As she laid her head on the bed with her ass high he began to give her slow spanking. Not really painful but enough of a sting to make her feel it. As her breathing started to get heavier he ran his finger between her very swollen lips. He positioned himself behind her and rammed his cock home. Hands on her hips he fucked her like an a****l. The sound of his balls slapping her was almost as loud as her pants and little squeaks. Not to mention the squeak of the mattress. They booth were nearing their breaking points.“I’m going to cum again soon.” he told her between heavy breaths. “I want back on top of you.” was her reply.He lay on his back as she climbed on top as quick as she could. Riding his cock for all she was worth. He reached down and started to massage her clit with his thumb. That was all she could take. As she started to scream he could feel her orgasm around his cock and it pushed him over the edge. As they climaxed together they kissed and continued to grind their bodies as hard and close as they could. Both spent physically and emotionally she once again took her place next to him, her head on his shoulder. They feel into a deep sleep as neither of them moved from that position the rest of the night. Six o’clock came with the alarm on his cell phone. He quickly silenced it as he looked at her. She was still there. It had happened. He reluctantly and slowly slid her off him so he could get ready for work. 20 minutes later he had to go. He kissed her cheek gently goodbye and went to a quick breakfast and work. At noon he couldn’t take it anymore and went back to the hotel over his lunch break. Not knowing what he’s find when he opened the door. Too afraid to even speculate he went in. She was gone. He found a note on the already made bed. It read. “Thank you for last night. I hate to admit it but you were right. I guess I have been secretly in love with you for a long time and I just didn’t know it. I hate when you are right. ?I have to go home and deal with some things. I will call you tonightI love you”He didn’t know to cry or jump for joy; He just reread the letter over and over again as the beautiful sunlight shone on him smiling to himself.

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