Dee humiliates Cal

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Dee humiliates CalDee and I sat in bed one Sunday morning a couple of weeks before Christmas.“Ben, I’ve been meaning to tell you. I called a company the other day and they are sending round a guy for us to do a wine tasting. I thought we could buy some nice ones for Christmas.”“Okay, so when is he coming round?” I asked curiously.“Next Saturday lunchtime. It was fun, they add a personal touch and show pictures of the demonstrators they have.”“I bet you’ve picked a hunk.” I asked.“No.” Replied Dee, “Actually, he’s kind of cute. He’s only in his 20’s. He looks the shy type. I thought I might have some fun with him. It says his name is Cal. It’ll make a change from picking someone because they look up for it.” Dee giggled. Her hand reached down under the duvet and grappled with my hardening cock.“You see, I knew you’d think it would be fun.” Her head disappeared and I then felt her warm lips wrap around my cock head. I knew what she had in mind with this guy Cal and the thought of what might happen made me cum very quickly in her mouth. Her head re-appeared from the covers and she opened her mouth to show me my cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed.“Mmm, that was nice.” She purred, “Can I have some more please.” Saturday soon came round, we did the usual. Sex before breakfast and Dee excitedly talked about what she wanted to get up too with this young demonstrator. Dee got out of bed to dress, she dressed with the idea that things might hot up later, so she wore her stockings and a tiny pair of crotchless panties. Her tight dress showed the outline of her suspender belt and the nice cut of her bra. The cut at the front of it also showed plenty of cleavage. Her long legs were greeted by I guess a pair of 4” stilettos. She made me hard just looking at her. I’m not sure what this Cal guy would think.“I bet you I can get his clothes off before we’ve tasted a couple of wines.” She teased.“It wouldn’t surprise me.” I replied.We did a few bits around the house and Dee tidied the coffee table. Bending over, showing me her bum as she leant forward. Her dress stretched over her cheeks and became virtually transparent, her cheeks clearly visible with the streaks of her suspender belt. I am not sure if she cleared the table for the wine to be put out or for Dee’s later antics, but I knew I would find out.At precisely one o’clock the door bell rang and Dee hurriedly answered it. I could hear her talking to a guy, he sounded pleasant. I popped my head round the sitting room door and saw Dee bending down to pick up one of the bags that Cal had bought with him. I know that she was doing it to show off her cleavage and I looked up to Cal’s face and sure enough his eyes were staring at it.Dee picked up a couple of bags and turned around. “Follow me.” And trotted towards the door I was standing at. I looked at Cal and his eyes were now starring at her ass as she wiggled it wildly.I opened the door for them both and said “Hi” to Cal as he walked passed. His cheeks were slightly flushed, he obviously knew that I had seen him letching at Dee’s bum.“I thought you might like to sit there Cal, on the sofa, I’ll sit opposite you. I like to sit at a dining room chair when I taste wine, I feel that I can digest it better.” She bent over in front of him, her ass again showing through her dress. This was obviously bullshit, with Cal sitting opposite her and at a lower position; he would be able to look up her dress. Cal sat and started to take bottles from the cases in the bags and placed them on the coffee table in front of him. I sat to the side of Cal and watched as Dee also sat down; crossing her legs, ensuring that if he was looking Cal would get a nice view of Dee’s thighs.“You have to understand that some of these bottles were opened at my last tasting, last night, but all the bottles are re-pressurised, so they will be as good as if opened today.” Cal talked confidently. “You asked to try the white first; this is one of our best.” Cal then went into the details of the wine and I sipped at my sample. Dee did all the right things swirling it in her glass, smelling it and then sipping. As she savoured the wine in her mouth she knelt forward in her chair. I watched as Cal’s eye’s were drawn to Dee’s cleavage and he clearly shuffled in his chair, adjusting I guess a stirring in his groin.“Mmm, I like that.” Said Dee. “What do çanakkale escort you think Ben?”“You drink the white Dee. Do you think Cal has got it right first time?” I said jokingly.“I think perhaps that Cal might know exactly what I want!” Dee replied looking at me with her knowing smile. “OK Cal, what is your favourite?” Dee looked at him naughtily.“I err, I err, prefer red, but we can get to that later.” He stammered his face clearly reddening. “Perhaps you might this little one?”“Why should I know you have a little one Cal?” smirked Dee.“Oh mmm, I didn’t, oh sorry, the wine, it’s a little one from a small vineyard in France.”“Really Cal, you must show me.” Dee winked at Cal.His hand now shaking, almost violently, poured another glass of wine, he then turned the bottle to me and I took the remains from it. He passed the glass to Dee. “I think you might like this one even more.” He smiled weakly.“But, have I tasted your best yet, Cal? And you haven’t shown me your little one. Have you?”Cal was now blushing furiously. “I don’t have a small one, well not another small one, you don’t see do you?”“No I don’t see anything Cal. I really do think you should show me.” Cal at this point looked at me nervously.“I think you have to show Dee your small one Cal.” I said simply.“But I can’t, I don’t have one.” Whispered Cal.“Nonsense!” retorted Dee, “Of course you do, and I really think that you have to show me it.”Cal shuffled in his chair, his cheeks now glowing red. He bent his head down. Dee stared at him from her chair. “Cal, look at me, don’t be shy.” And with that she opened her legs. Even I could see up her skirt, passed her stocking tops and onto her little panties, the split in the middle opened perfectly to show her damp hairless pussy. “Look at me Cal.”Cal raised his head, his eyes almost followed her legs up to her crotch and stopped and stared at her pussy. “Well, Cal?” Dee whispered, “Shall I help you?” Cal nodded.Dee stood up and walked around the coffee table, then knelt down beside Cal and reached out to his crotch. She then proceeded to unbuckle his belt and reach for the fastener. Cal panicked and grabbed at her hand. “No stop please, you don’t understand.” Remarked Cal.“Come now Cal, don’t be shy, I only want to see.”“No.” Replied Cal, “You won’t understand.”“Well let me find out.” And with that she pushed his hands to one side and unbuttoned the top of his trousers. Cal froze and he clamped his hands firmly into the sofa as Dee pulled down the zip and pulled the material apart. “Oh Cal, that is so sweet. Look Ben, Cal has got some pink panties on.”Cal looked over to me. “You don’t understand, I don’t usually…”“Stand up Cal, let me take your trousers down. I want to see.” Cal stood and as he raised himself off the sofa Dee pulled his trousers down to his ankles.“Oh Cal, they are so naughty, turn around.” I looked as Cal turned slowly, he wore a cute pair of silky pink panties. They stretched over his cute bum and the front held an impressive bulge. Dee ran her hands up his hairless thighs, reaching his bum cheeks and slipped her hands inside the material. Her fingers squeezed his cheeks. “Ben? We are going to have fun with Cal, aren’t we?”“It’s not that I want to. I just don’t think you understand.” Commented Cal. “I just like the feel of them.”“Mmm, Ben likes panties too, he wears them sometimes, when he wants me to dominate him.” Dee giggled.“Oh please Dee, I would like that too. I’ll do anything you ask.” “Really!” replied Dee, “Now that’s better. I want you to sit back down and watch. But I want to see your appreciation.”Cal sat back down next to me, his trousers still around his ankles and an impressive bulge in his panties.Meanwhile Dee sat back in her chair, poured the rest of the wine into her glass, took a sip and then leant back. She took the hem of her skirt and pulled it up seductively. It crept up her thighs revealing her stocking tops and then she lifted her bum and pulled it around her waist. Dee then spread her legs to reveal her open crotch covered pussy. Her hands travelled to her crotch and she rubbed them over her bare wet pussy.“Take your cock out of your panties Cal, I want to see you playing with yourself.” Cal didn’t hesitate and his hand slipped inside and pulled out his hard cock. His precum streaked from the end to the top of the panties, he then stroked çanakkale escort bayan it slowly up and down. “Mmm that’s a good boy.”Dee then took her glass and took another sip, before turning the glass and pouring the remains over her pussy. She squealed “Mmm that coolness makes me so horny, I bet you wish could lick it off me Cal.” She then rubbed the glass along her pussy, the glass smeared with her juices and the wine. She then passed it to Cal. “Lick it clean for me Cal.” He took the glass nervously and placed it to his mouth, sticking his tongue out and licking the rim.“That’s it Cal, lick it clean.”“Yes Mistress Dee.” Echoed Cal.“That’s a good boy Cal, you know what to call me as well.” Replied Dee.This was all too much for me and I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my cock out. Dee noticed and looked over to me.“Now Cal, take hold of Ben’s cock and play with him.” I took my hand away and it was replaced by Cal’s. “Put the glass down Cal and play with your own cock as well.” Cal did as he was told and wanked on both of our cocks.Dee the stood and peeled off her dress over her head. She then gyrated in front of us, her hands exploring her body, slipping into her pussy then up to her mouth and sucking the juices off then. She then turned and knelt on her chair. Her bum was now pointing at us as she arched into the chair. Her hands then folded over her cheeks as she pulled then apart exposing all her sex to us both. “Pass the lube to Cal, Ben.” She asked and I pulled the drawer open, took out the tube and passed it to Cal. “Now Cal, pour it on the wine bottle.” Cal did as asked and then handed the bottle to Dee. She took it from him and then said “Now Cal where do you think I am going to put the bottle?”“In your pussy Mistress Dee?”Dee slid the bottle over her pussy lips and then ventured a little higher and on reaching her bum hole she gently pushed it in. The neck of the bottle slipped in easily and she pushed it further as the bottle widened she pushed a little harder. She then stopped and pulled it out before pushing it back in rhythmically before pulling it out with a plop. We watched as her gaping ass hole flexed open and shut. Dee held out the bottle. “Now Cal, lick that clean too.”Cal took the bottle and nervously put it to his mouth as Dee looked over her shoulder and watched him licking it clean.“That’s a good boy. Now come up behind me and do that to my ass.” Cal put the bottle down and stepped towards Dee’s dilating ass hole. He knelt down and I watched as his head moved towards Dee’s ass. Cal put his hands on Dee’s ass cheeks.“No Cal, you cannot touch me!” Dee commanded. “I’ll do that.” And she grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart. I could clearly see Cal’s tongue darting out and lick Dee’s ass hole. Dee moaned with the pleasure.“That’s lovely Cal, but I want Ben to fuck my ass now and I want you to help him put his cock there.”I stood up and pulled my jeans and pants off, then moved towards Dee’s ass. Cal cautiously grabbed my cock again. My body shivered as he took a firm grip on me and pulled me forward as he looked up at me.“that’s it Cal, now suck it and make it wet.” I told him forcefully. He bent forward and my cock disappeared into his mouth, I felt his tongue lap at the underside of my cock, before he pulled it free and once again pulled me towards Dee’s ass. My cock nudged at her opening as he helped me push my meat into her slowly opening ass hole. I pushed a little harder and my cock glided into the hilt.“Oh yes Ben that feels so good, fuck me. Fuck me and cum in my ass.”I started to pump slowly and then soon picked up a rhythm, my cock sliding in and out as Cal watched on intently. “Come on Cal, I want to see you enjoying yourself, I want to see you wank your cock.” And with that Cal stood up on his knees and he grabbed his cock and started to pump in rhythm with my pounding and Dee’s hand was buried in her wet pussy. “Oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum.” Yelled Dee and I felt her body clenching in joy. Her orgasm ripped through her and her body shook and with one last lunge my cock exploded deep inside her. I pumped four powerful loads into her before I stopped and caught my breath. Then I slowly withdrew my cock. I slipped free from Dee and my cum stringed from her open ass. Cal then exclaimed “OH no Mistress Dee, I am going to cum myself.” His escort çanakkale cum then spewed from his cock and flayed it’s way, streaking through the air and splattering onto Dee’s ass cheeks and then the next spot splattered across her ass hole to mingle with my cum now dribbling from it. Dee’s ass was a real mess, our mingled cum was now flowing from her ass and down the inside of her legs.“Cal, I didn’t tell you that you could cum, how dare you!” Dee said sternly to Cal. “You must be punished.” “I’m so sorry Mistress Dee, I couldn’t help it. I promise I won’t do it again.”“Clean up the mess Cal, use your tongue and make sure that all that cum is cleaned off me. Do it!” she yelled at Cal.“I’m so sorry Mistress.” And he leant forward, his tongue reaching out as it swiped its way over Mistress Dee’s inner thigh. He scooped up our cum, spilling from the sides of it but most of it found its way into his open mouth. He the swallowed, but continued up her inner thighs with his tongue until he reached her bum hole. “Oh yes Cal, use your tongue, lick all that cum from my ass. Yes, push it in, that’s it, all the way, mmmm…”I looked down and watched Cal’s tongue drilling Dee’s hole as she pushed back. He carried on slurping as my cock hardened once more in my hand.“Lie on the floor Cal.” Demanded Dee. “Yes Mistress.” Replied Cal and broke away from Dee’s ass. He lay on his back as Dee stood up and removed the rest of her clothes, she then spread her legs over Cal facing me and slowly squatted over his face. She brushed her pussy lightly over his mouth, her lips brushing softly over his. Then when her pussy was over his nose she dropped down, squatting hard on his face, almost suffocating him, with her ass once more covering his mouth.“Lick me Cal, lick me.” She commanded again, “Oh yes Cal that feels so good. Yes, that’s it, deep in my ass!” She then looked up to my face, her eyes twinkling at mine and I stepped forward and slapped my cock against her cheeks, before aiming it at her mouth and shoving it in. She slurped greedily at it as I put my hands around the back of her head and grabbed handfuls of her hair and pumped myself deep into her willing mouth. Dee carried on looking into my eyes as I watched my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, her saliva slobbering from her stretched mouth. Her hands then grappled with my thighs as she pulled away from me.“I want you to cum all over me, over my tits. I want to feel it run down my body.” She grabbed my cock and pumped furiously. Still looking up at me she whispered, “Please cum on me, I want you to spurt all over me.” I couldn’t help myself and my cock erupted again as she pointed it at her tits. Hot globules of cum spurted from my cock, splattering her tits, running and dripping from them. As it poured down her body, it splashed onto Cal’s helpless face.Dee let go of my cock after she had milked it of everything. Then she ran her hands down her naked body, scooping up the remains of my cum and then reached round behind her and smeared it over Cal’s cock. Dee the slipped to the side of Cal, kneeling beside him as she carried on wanking on Cal’s slickened cock. “Oh Mistress Dee, please let me cum.”“No way Cal, who do you think you are? Get up and stand in the corner. If you’re going to cum, you’ll cum when I tell you.”Cal stood up shakily, his face smeared with cum, his clothes dishevelled. He went to the corner of the room as commanded by Dee and faced us as we once again sat down to watch his performance.“Now Cal, I want to watch you cum, I want to see your pathetic cock waste it’s cum all over the floor. Dee now sat, her legs spread towards Cal and she played with her pussy.“You just wish that your cock was sliding in my pussy. Don’t you Cal?” “Yes Mistress.” Was all Cal could say. “But you’ll have to do with cumming over the carpet, won’t your Cal?”“Yes Mistress.” And with that Cal wanked furiously on his cock. Quickly he groaned and next his cock erupted. A string of cum squirted from its end, stringing across the carpet and uselessly wasted on the carpet. Cal stood there, his head bowed, the last remaining drops of cum dribbled from the end of his wilting cock. “I think you had better go now Cal.” Cal obediently collected his clothes and dressed.A consolation for Cal was that Dee ordered several bottles of wine and put another date in her diary for him to visit again in the new year.“Next time Cal, I will email you and I expect you to be dressed as I tell you, your humiliation will continue, but next time I won’t be so sympathetic with you.”“Yes please Mistress Dee, I will do anything for you and Master Ben.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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