Delightful Del Pt. 02

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Part 2, The Yellow Bikini

Ding and I left the army at about the same time to pursue our respective careers outside the military. I went to university to augment some of the smaller qualifications in engineering I had attained through the army and ended up working in construction management. Ding landed a plumb job for a global security firm. According to their website, they specialised in ‘Asset Protection’ for the remote rigs of major oil and gas companies across the globe.

His job kept him away from home for long periods of time and but it seemed to have no impact on his relationship with Del. They still seemed as happy as ever even though he was only home about 3 months of the year. I still maintained a good friendship with Del but I could tell that the distance was starting to have an effect on their kids, Jacob and Anna. Being a single parent looked like a tough gig, and being a good friend I felt obliged to help out when I could. I went around for dinner on occasions and watched them so she could go for a run. I even took the three of them to a local water park a few times during summer.

Although Ding wasn’t around a lot, Del still chose to wear her usual revealing attire and although I hadn’t seen them up close and personal, the small nubs that poked through her various skimpy tops appeared not to have changed size since having children. In fact despite having two kids, she had not lost one ounce of her spectacular body.

It was on one trip to the water park that I ended up getting a closer look than I had ever imagined. Jacob and Anna were a few years older and more than capable of taking care of themselves in the safety of the small waterpark. The fenced area in which we were only had one way in and out and Del and I had set up our banana lounges with a commanding view of the pool and slides.

Once that was done, Del peeled off the long t-shirt she’d been wearing to reveal a very small yellow string bikini. I was wearing my sunglasses at the time and took the opportunity to take in the view. A quick glance around showed that I wasn’t the only one that noticed her body. A couple of guys nearby had definitely noticed and were trying desperately to look as if they weren’t looking. I guess they thought I was her husband and didn’t want me to see them checking her out. Like I’ve said, it’s hard not to.

I peeled my shirt off and kicked back on my lounge. Fortunately I still had my army physique, despite having left several years before. I had seen quite a few guys around my age really let themselves go once they left the forces. I worked pretty hard to keep in shape partly because I liked feeling fit and not running out of breath when I ran a flight of stairs, but mostly because I knew that women liked a man in shape. I didn’t have a totally ripped body, mind you, but I had a decent sized chest with proportionate arms and very little body fat. I preferred to think of myself as toned rather than muscular. I certainly wasn’t one of those steroid ridden gym junkies. I’m sure it worked for some women but I wasn’t fond of the idea of looking like I’d mistaken hair spray for deodorant, if you catch my drift.

Laying adjacent to Del, I could see how many people might think that we were a couple. The only give away was that we didn’t kiss or hold hands. Then again, I didn’t see any of the other couples around the waterpark kissing or holding hands either. They were usually too busy chasing their own kids to enjoy each other’s company. I didn’t relish the idea of parenthood, if all I had to look forward too was entertaining kids and not spending enough quality time with my wife.

Although it was a cloudy day, I could see it beginning to break across the horizon, and after an hour or two at the waterpark the glint of sun began to shine through less and less sporadically. We had given ourselves and the kids a good dose of sunscreen before we left their place but had completely forgotten to reapply. The sun breaking through was a gentle reminder. After a quick scan of the park, she found Jacob and Anna and subjected them to another going over of sunscreen.

As they ran off back to the slides, Delilah tossed the bottle back at me with little more than a “Heads up”, and then lay back down face first on the banana lounge. I popped the top and squirted a thin stripe along my arm.

“No,” she started, “I need you to do my back.”

“Geez, what did your last slave die from?” I retorted with a grin. “Why didn’t you ask Jacob or Anna to do it?”

“Because Jacob is at that age where can’t stand the thought of touching his mum — I’m just icky, apparently — and I can’t rely on Anna to give me a complete cover. She’d just want to draw pretty patterns. I swear that child is off with the fairies most of the time.”

Let’s face it, I didn’t need any convincing but I didn’t want to sound too eager. Rubbing suntan lotion into her sexy figure? I’d only fantasized about it for the last 8 years! Thoughts and questions ran quickly Betturkey through my head. I needed to do this in a way that seemed innocent but not too slap-dash. I wanted to take my time but not linger unnecessarily. I was going to enjoy this but without seeming perverted. It was a fine line to walk but by the power of Greyskull I was going to milk this for all it was worth.

“Fine,” I said in a mocked huff, “but just this once. I don’t want you getting used to it, ok?”

“Tell you what,” she replied, “If you do a decent job of it, I’ll offer you a position as my new personal slave.”

“Only if you promise to whip me,” I replied, laughing. I moved over to her lounge and sat next to her. My thigh rested up next to her side. I rubbed the lotion between my hands and quietly thanked every known deity for this gift I was about to receive.

Not wanting to seem too eager I started at her shoulders and wiped, rather than massaged, the sunscreen across the top of her shoulders from her neck outwards. When I reached the top of her arms, I swept my hands back towards the middle of her back whilst applying a little bit of pressure.

“Oooh,” she cooed. “Your hands are smoother than I thought. Much smoother than Ding’s.”

I recalled during my time in the army how my hands were quite calloused from the work we performed. Thankfully they had dispersed during the last few years I had spent working in construction management. The toughest physical work I did these days was signing requisitions and monthly expenditure reports.

“Soft hands; tough heart,” I replied.

She giggled. “I don’t believe that for a second, Sean.”

I ran my palms down either side of her spine, stopping only to navigate the tied string of her bikini.

“That’s actually a nice colour on you,” I remarked as casually as I could. “It’s a good compliment to your skin tone.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “It was a gift from Ding on his last trip back from China. He said he picked it up in Hong Kong during a quick stopover.”

I admired the contrast between the material and her ass check that it barely covered. I had dated a girl who had studied art at university and vaguely recalled a conversation about complimentary colours. There was something about the how any given colour is best complimented by the colour opposite it on the colour wheel. I have no idea where ‘olive’ fitted into the colour wheel, but the pale yellow of the bikini looked spectacular against the backdrop of her skin.

As I gazed over her body, I paid some attention to the material covering her ass. It almost looked slightly translucent. It could’ve just been the way the direct sunlight was hitting the material but it seemed as if I could almost see the crease between her ass cheeks under the fabric. My cock stirred at the though and I fought to control my thoughts. Although I had initially delighted in the idea of helping her apply sunscreen, I clearly hadn’t thought it through. The last thing I needed was to sport a hard on in such a public place, and whilst I was applying sunscreen to my best mate’s wife.

I ran my palms back up towards her shoulders with the same firm pressure. The sunscreen was quite thick and required a bit of pressure and multiple passes to ensure that it was all rubbed in and covered her adequately. I swept my hands from the middle of her lower back towards her neck. As they passed over her the lower trapezoids, my hands encountered a small bump. It was just big enough for me to feel it with my palm but I had a sense that it was quite a large knot.

I had never done any sort of formal course in massage but it’s just something that I knew a bit about. I’d given enough massages to girls to know a knot when I saw one. I’d also given enough massages and received enough complaints from respective girlfriends to help forge my massage technique. I may have been an amateur but I had developed a professional technique.

I passed over the knot initially but returned to it a moment later to pay it a little attention. Delilah moaned involuntarily as I worked around the outside of the knot, slowly working my way in. She arched her back slightly and involuntarily.

“Oh god that feels good,” she moaned.

“Yep, that feels like a good one,” I remarked casually. “Feels like you’ve definitely done something to yourself.” I continued to work away at the knot, gently kneading it from all sides. I followed the knot down from her shoulder blade alongside her spine.

“Jesus,” I exclaimed under my breath. “This thing is huge. When was the last time you had a proper massage?”

I had vividly recalled a conversation from a few years ago when she had mentioned that she had regular massages to help keep her muscles supple to help her with her fitness routine. She had also mentioned that she was always naked for her appointments.

She moaned quietly as I help pressure on one specific spot. “Not for a long time.”

She Betturkey Giriş drew a sharp breath through her teeth and I watched her tense up her ass. I must’ve hit a really sore point, so I eased up on the pressure.

“No, no, don’t stop,” she begged. “You got it right there.”

“There’s really not much I can do here without my massage oil,” I said, nonchalantly. “You should really go back soon and get a professional to take care of that.”

“I can’t. The girl that I’ve been seeing for years left to go live with her boyfriend overseas. She recommended this other guy — some friend of a friend of hers — but he was just creepy. It totally put me off and I haven’t been back since.”

I kept working my thumbs around the main offending bump.

“Mmmm,” she sighed. “I should just pay you to do it.”

Was she seriously suggesting that I give her a full body massage? My mind reeled at the possibility.

“Yeah right,” I said, “and have Ding beat the shit out of me when he gets back. Not fucking likely, Del.”

“Don’t be such a prude,” she replied. “It’s just a therapeutic massage, you know. I mean it’s not like you’ll be giving me a happy ending or anything.” She laughed at her own joke.

Obviously my acquired talent had paid off.

“Ok, but swear you won’t tell Ding?” I enquired jokingly.

“Scouts honour,” she replied.

“Ok, well there’s not much more I can do about this knot with just suntan lotion.” I left my right hand on the middle of her back and asked her if she wanted me to do the back of her legs whilst I was there.

“Yeah, if you wouldn’t mind.” She replied.

Wouldn’t mind?! I would’ve crawled over a mile of broken glass to massage suntan lotion into her legs! Again I thanked God, Allah, Buddha, the Flying Spaghetti Monster; no deity was deprived of my thanks.

I changed positions to sit on the lounge next to her exceptional ass. I poured sunscreen lotion into my hands as I gazed upon her waiting figure. Her legs were together and the material of her bikini bottoms, as small and translucent as they were, still covered her sex quite modestly. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I had a very active imagination as was very capable of filling in the gaps…….pardon the pun.

I started on the leg furthest from me, gently massaging the thick lotion into her muscular calves. As I mentioned, the lotion was quite thick and required a bit of force to ensure that it covered everything adequately. This essentially meant that I had to give her a fairly intense massage. I ran my hands from her Achilles tendon up to the bulbous end of her calf muscle, allowing my fingers to identify the evident split in her calf muscles. Like that of a seasoned cyclist, Delilah’s calf muscles presented similar muscular facets in a distinctly feminine manner. I delighted in the sensation I experienced when my hand ran across her firm muscles. I could feel her deliberately tensing them as I swept my hands deftly across their surface, my fingers inadvertently experiencing every elevation and every fold.

She had rested her head facing away from me, further encouraging me to visually explore her physique with little chance of reprimand. I drank in her sensuous physique; her flawless skin, her flawless muscle tone. As the fabric covering her ass, and the small amount visible of what covered her pussy, slowly dried in the sunlight, I watched the areas reserved purely for my mate Ding, fade into obscurity. My imagination, however, continued unabated.

As my hands made their way from her calf towards her hamstrings I began to use the advantage of a thick sunscreen to pull her thighs outwards, under the guise of spreading the lotion more effectively. As I moved my hands slowly northward, the massaging of my palms from the inside of her thighs to the outside, her legs began to spread slightly, revealing more and more of her secreted femininity. As my palms reached her buttocks, I made broader and more forceful sweeps of my hands from inside to out, delicately pulling her ass cheeks apart, carefully revealing as much as possible of her womanhood that I could without raining alarm.

On my last sweep outwards I could’ve sworn that Del elicited a slight moan and reacted with a slight pushing outward of her ass towards my hand. Her ass was noticeably pushed further out than when we began. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that she was enjoying my touch. As I drew my hand back up her thighs towards her ass, I allowed the tips of my thumbs to intrude under the edge of her bikini bottom from the middle of her thighs outwards. As my hands swept outwards, my thumb tips trailed the line of her bikini, gently pressuring and kneading her taut skin. I could feel her glutes flex as my hands trailed over her butt. I instinctively removed my thumb tips from under the fabric fearing that I may have crossed a line.

“There,” I said. “All done.” I moved back to my lounge and wiped my hands on my towel.

“Thanks Sean,” she muttered in an almost sleepy haze. “I could’ve fallen asleep with you doing that.”

“My pleasure.” And it truly was my pleasure.

“You’ll definitely have to come over soon and give me a proper massage.”

I smiled, but on the inside I was doing backflips.

The next hour or so passed with little to tell. We lay under the shade of the palms reading our books, completely comfortable with the silence, only interrupted by Jacob and Anna bugging Del for drinks and food. Although we were handily tucked away under the protection of the surrounding palm trees, there was a noticeable increase in the ambient temperature as it edged closer to midday. The heat must’ve affected Del to the point of discomfort because she suddenly announced that she was going to brave the kid-infested waters and take a dip in the pool. I must admit that the idea had played across my mind as well but the thought of having to contend with hundreds of screaming children far outweighed the benefits of cooling down.

I tilted my head to look over to her and was greeted with the sight of her back facing me, dripping with a few beads of sweat that traced their way down her back. Delilah had evidently rolled onto her side facing away from me to scan the pool. She reached behind her head and pulled the hair from her neck in order to relieve the heat it had trapped. I traced the line of her bikini across her neck and back with my eyes, following the path of the sweat as it gently caressed the toned features of her back that I had explored with my hands not that long before.

She lifted her top leg towards her tummy and stretched her hands above her head, accentuating the line of her alluring figure and pulling the bikini bottoms tighter across her ass cheeks, running the risk of disappearing completely. It was a sensuous sight. The filtered sunlight through the palms glinted off her glistening body; her hips, her buttocks, her thighs, her calves. The pose she struck was reminiscent of a typical Sports Illustrated bikini model pose. None of those models had anything on Del.

“Yep, I’m definitely going to have to get wet,” she announced, looking back at me.

My mind distorted her comment into something far less innocent. I smirked.

With that she stood up and sashayed towards the pool, her hips gently swaying with each step. I watched entranced as she waded into the lagoon-style pool, deeper and deeper until eventually the water was deep enough for her to dive. I watched her flawless form as she dipped below the surface, only briefly flashing her incredible ass as she dived down. She re-emerged moments later still standing waist deep in the pool and flicked her hair back, smoothing it back with her hands. It happened in real-time but in my mind it happened in slow motion with the backing of a sensuous melody.

She continued to swim lazily around the pool for a short while before eventually turning back towards me and exited the pool. She started walking towards the shallow water, back towards me and I watched on, entranced as the water cascaded down her chest and over her breasts. She had obviously not noticed but the fabric of her bikini had become quite translucent in the water, and her dark areolas were clearly visible in contrast to the lighter coloured skin of her breasts. Her nipples too had become quite erect and were forging their way through the flimsy material. I was utterly mesmerised.

As she exited the water, her dripping form revealed the translucence of her bikini bottom in all its glory. I was rewarded more than I could possible imagined! Not only were her nipples clearly visible through the wet fabric, but a thin strip of hair was visible above her pussy lips. The strip stopped just above her pussy and I could clearly see that the remainder was shaved clean. It was more than I could ever have hoped to see; the manicured delights of the woman I had lusted after for so many years.

Del walked towards me, still oblivious to her sexual revelations. Fortunately, I was the only one who could see her translucent nudity in all its glory. Our obscurity to the rest of the waterpark had ensured that. I tried not to react as she approached our lounges, her features on clear display for me. I fought a losing battle against my growing hard on as I drank in her near naked form from the relative security of my sunglasses.

As she came closer to me, I could see the lips of her pussy clearly through the moist fabric. Her clitoris was quite pronounced and I watched as it shuffled between the lips of her pussy as she walked towards me.

“The water is soooooo nice,” she said as she drew nearer.

“Back so soon?” I enquired, nonchalantly looking up from my book.

“I just needed a quick dip to cool off. You should try it.”

I lay on my front with my book open, pretending that I wasn’t fighting some incredibly vivid images and thoughts of the near naked woman standing in front of me.

“Maybe later,” I replied. “There are too many kids around at the moment.”

Ironically, the cold water on my raging hard cock would’ve helped me with my predicament but getting to the water’s edge would probably have seen me arrested for indecency.

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