Disciplinary at Work

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Disciplinary at WorkThis happened about a month ago at the private school I work at. I work on the maintenance team at the school. Bit of plumbing, bit of electrical work and basic site maintenance. Our boss, or line manager, Helen, who allocates the work, is a lady in her late 40’s. She is tall. I am about 5’9” and she is taller than me. Especially in her high heels. I would say about 6 feet. She is always very smartly dressed with immaculate make up. If you have ever been in a large department store and seen the ladies on the perfume and make up counters she looks similar to them. Smart with professional looking make up. One day I was working with a mate, Brian, repairing a door on a toilet cubicle as the hinge screws had been torn out of the wall and the door was dangerous. As we were working we were chatting and having a laugh. If you have ever employed a tradesman you will probably realize we can sometimes be a bit crude and that was the type of conversation we were having……Out of the blue he said to me in a low voice “ What do think of Helen then?” “Oh I don’t know,” I said. “Seems really up herself but I bet she is a dirty bitch in private. Plus her tits are superb.” Brian’s face lost all colour and his mouth dropped open in surprise.“What’s up with you?” I asked. “Don’t tell me you wouldn’t give her one”His eyes widened even more and he looked past me. I turned around and there stood Helen! “Oh my God” I said “I am so sorry”She glared at me and said “Both of you report to my office after your break” With that she turned and walked away.Brian said “I am so sorry mate, I had no idea you were going to say that. I am gutted. I have dropped us right in it”The morning dragged by but finally it was break time. We reported to her office and stood in front of her desk.“Brian” she said “this a warning, if I ever hear you using foul language again you will be in trouble. This is a school. The pupils don’t need to hear that sort of thing. Now get out!”“And you” she said looking at me “You’re coming with me to see the head teacher where disciplinary action may be taken. Follow me”She ushered Brian out of the room and told me to follow her to the head teacher’s office. I trailed after her along a corridor and across a courtyard to the heads office. Helen knocked on the door and entered. In the office sat the head teacher and his PA. We were both asked to take seats. Helen next to the head on his side of the desk, me in front of the desk and his PA off to one side taking notes. I was made to repeat what I had said word for word and explain why I had said it. I could see the PA’s eyes widen as the story came out and her cheeks reddened slightly. I stated that I had meant no dis respect and was just showing off in front of a work colleague. I also apologized and promised I would never say anything like it again to anyone regarding work colleagues.The head looked gravely at me and asked if myself and Diane (his PA) would step outside for a moment so that he could discuss the situation with Helen.Diane and myself kocaeli escort left the room and stood in the reception area outside his office. “Did you really say that?” asked Diane in a hushed voice.I nodded.She giggled and said, “You couldn’t have picked a worse person to say something like that to. Stuck up cow!” She glanced at the door and whispered, “You have never told me my boobs are superb” She pushed her chest in my direction and I was just about to answer her when we both heard the voice of the head calling us both back in. Diane gave me a cheeky look and we both reentered the room. The head looked at me and said, “Having considered this and taking into consideration that no pupils overheard what you said, we have decided that a formal written warning is the best option. This will stay on your file for two years. Think yourself lucky. If anything like this happens again we will have no option but to consider instant dismissal.” I nodded and thanked both of them. The head gave me a stern look and said to Diane “Could you get all the notes and the decision typed up and given to Helen please. I want this put to rest as soon as possible”Helen stood up and accompanied Diane, the head and myself to the door. She then asked the head if it was ok to use his office for the next half an hour, as she wanted to have a further chat with me regarding an unrelated work issue. He agreed and instructed Diane to make sure Helen had all the paperwork before she left.“Sit down again please” Said Helen.Puzzled I sat back in the chair I had used previously. “ I have been thinking about what happened this morning and I may have overreacted slightly,” said Helen. “Its just I was rather surprised by what you said and the fact it was said in front of Brian, well, I just had to take some sort of action”“Its quite alright” I said. “I shouldn’t have said it”“Hmm, yes,” said Helen “but I didn’t really want you to get a written warning that will stay on record for two years. I think that’s a bit much. But the head is very straight laced on this sort of thing” “Ok” I said. Not sure where this was going now. Helen was now looking out the window and not at me.“Do you really think my tits are superb?” she asked fiddling with her wedding ring.I didn’t answer, as I was so surprised.“Would you like to see them?”I looked towards the door to the heads office. Diane was outside typing up the notes and the door was unlocked. Helen followed my glance towards the door and got up and very carefully and silently turned the key. She then stood with her back pressed against the door.“We have about twenty minutes before Diane comes back with those notes” Said Helen. “Twenty minutes for what?” I asked.“Twenty minutes for you to give me an answer regarding my tits” Said Helen.I was stunned. “I can give you an answer in one minute” I said. “Yes, they do look superb and yes, I would love to see them. Just to make sure” I smiled as I said the last bit.Helen smiled and started unbuttoning her blouse.“I must say I am very surprised escort kocaeli Helen. What made you want do this? “ I asked.“Well” she said, “Perhaps you were right and I am a dirty bitch, perhaps I get turned on by guys wanting to see my body, perhaps I have always wanted to do something in the heads office or perhaps I am just bored.”The blouse was now undone and she shrugged her shoulders and it fell off behind her to land on the floor.Her boobs seemed even fuller in the expensive looking bra she had on. It was an exquisite piece of lingerie and probably cost more than I earned in a day. I opened my mouth to ask another question but she held up her hand.“No more questions” she said, “the only thing you need to decide now is, do I put the blouse back on or do I take everything else off?”She was still leaning against the locked door. I got out of my chair and joined her. Cupped a breast in each hand and kissed her on the mouth. She was so tall I had to stretch upwards to reach her lips. She placed her hands on each side of my head, pulled me towards her and sucked my tongue into her mouth. I reached around and unclasped her bra so that it was loose, then pushed the bra upwards at the front to get my hands on her breasts. She released my head and slipped the bra off her arms. I kneaded her breasts firmly then rolled the nipples between my fingers and thumbs causing her to gasp out loud and her nipples to stiffen. I bend my head downwards and sucked on one nipple then the other. I glanced upwards whilst doing so and she had her head back, her eyes closed and her mouth open, gasping with pleasure. With my mouth occupied with her nipples I reached down, and with both hands, and pulled her skirt up so that it bunched up around her waist. I let a nipple slip out of my lips, raised my head again to kiss her deeply and with a hand on each bum cheek pulled her towards me so that she could feel my erection press into her panty covered pussy.“Oh God” she said as I moved back slightly so that my fingers could gain access to her pussy. I rubbed her through her panties and found she was sopping wet. With the tip of my middle finger I stroked the length of her pussy lips, paused then pressed my finger and her panties about an inch inside her. She gasped then reached down and pulled her panties to one side and put my hand back on her pussy. “Don’t stop,” she said.Using the underside of my middle finger and the palm of my hand I rubbed, stroked and fingered her until her juices were running off of my hand. She was panting and gasping between deep French kisses. Using my thumb I found her clit and within 30 seconds she came to a shuddering orgasm. Her chest flushed bright red, her lips locked to mine and pussy rhythmically gripping my fingers. We were still standing up with her back pressed against the door. As her orgasm subsided her legs, I assume, went weak and she slid down the door into a crouched position, her head down and her hair hanging over her face. After a few seconds she seemed to catch her kocaeli escort bayan breath and she looked up and smiled at me. She started to get up but I put one hand on top of her head to stop her. With the other I pulled at my belt to loosen it. Her hands came up, knocked mine out of the way, and she undid my belt and trousers, pulled my boxers down and sucked my cock deep into her mouth. Her head moved back and forwards as her lips slid up and down the length of my shaft. She tried deep throating but gagged a little so concentrated on my glans and shaft whilst massaging my balls. I was so turned on by now I couldn’t last long and I groaned that I was about to cum. She took me as deep as she was able and I came in her mouth with four or five spurts. She kept sucking until every last drop was out of me then, looking up at me, swallowed the lot. My wilting cock plopped out of her mouth as I sank down next to her on the carpet to catch my breath. After a few minutes she said “Well that was fun but we had better get dressed as Diane will be in soon with those notes. Oh and by the way, I plan to lose the notes, they will never find their way to your file”I thanked her and she smiled as we both got dressed. No sooner had we both made ourselves decent again Diane knocked on the door and tried to open it. I heard her exclaim in surprise when she found it locked. Helen unlocked it and Diane came in.“Everything alright?” she said “Its just that we rarely lock the door” “Everything is fine” said Helen “Now, do you have the notes typed up?”“Yes here you are” said Diane “A copy for each of you and I have a copy for the head I would like you both to sign before you go” She handed us both an A4 envelope. We walked into Diane’s office and after checking the document both signed it. “Well” said Helen “I think that is the end of the matter. I hope we can both put it behind us and move on in a professional manner.”“Yes” I said. “I would like that very much.”Diane gave us both a quizzical look and Helen walked out of the heads office as I held the door open for her. I thought that was the end of the matter but Diane put her hand on my arm and asked me to check my copy of the notes to make sure she had not made any errors. I said I would check them today and let her know tomorrow. She smiled and closed the door of the head masters office. It was not until I was sitting in my car after work that I actually did open the envelope to check the notes. The first two pages were a written copy of all that had been said in the meeting along with the disciplinary decision but attached to the sheets with a paper clip was a hand written sheet on yellow legal paper. It read…“I heard the door lock when you were both in the office alone. I thought there might be a problem so I listened at the door. I heard everything. I know you fingered Helen against the door and I know she sucked you off. I masturbated listening to you two. I have always fantasied about getting fucked on the head masters desk. Pop your head in the door in the very near future and nod if you fancy helping me live out my fantasy. If I don’t see you then I know you’re not interested, but I promise I am dirtier than Helen. D xx”If I get a few likes and comments on this story I may let you know what I did next..

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