Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 7

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Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 7Phil’s SurpriseMy SurpriseChapter 7I could think of nothing else all night long. I tried watching TV. I tried reading. I went out to eat and even tried going to a movie but walked out halfway through. Visions of them out having a good time, her making all over him and making love to him haunted me all night long.I wondered what kinky things she might be doing for his birthday.About 1AM I awoke on the sofa. The tube was full of snow and I heard Karin talking and giggling at the front steps just before I heard the key in the door.”I will. I will.” I could barely make out her saying as she giggled in through the door.I closed my eyes pretending to still be asleep as she tip toed over to me and knelt beside me. First she pecked light kisses then she began kissing my lips and lightly licking them. The sensation sent a wave of through my stomach to my groin instantly arousing me.Rolling over onto my back as she continued licking and kissing my lips, my eyes slowly opened. She smiled.She kissed me on the cheek again. “Wakie, wakie!”She kissed me again, deeper, licking and nibbling on my lips and running her tongue deep into my mouth. I couldn’t resist. I kissed her deeply back.”HMMmmmmmm!!!” She said. “Taste anything familiar?”It was obvious that she had been sucking cock again and that the taste coated her mouth and cheeks.She smiled. “Time for your midnight snack.” She giggled her alcohol giggle. “Don’t you want wake up and taste his cock on my lips again?” I said nothing as she again licked all over my lips letting her tongue venture deep into my mouth. “You liked it last time.” She said not stopping her kisses.I licked at her lips and kissed her back. “I thought about you while I was licking it tonight.” She said between licks and pecks.”Tell me you like tasting Phil’s cock on my lips!””I like tasting Phil’s cock on you lips.” I confessed. “Yesssss, Hmmmmmmmm. I know. I licked long and hard for you so you could get a good taste of what I was tasting.”After kissing and petting a few minutes she asked me. “Do you want to see one of the surprises I gave Phil for his birthday?””Yes!” I said.She stood up. “Well you have to come into the bedroom to see it.” She said leading me again to the bed.She took me by the hand and led me to her room where she told me to undress as she tossed her multiple pillows against the headboard. Then she lit the candles.She pulled her top and bra off revealing her breast. Her nipples had always been puffy large and beautiful but tonight they seemed much more erotic and lusty looking under the candlelight.She unsnapped the mini skirt, but leaving the black sheer panties, thigh highs and garters on.As she tossed her skirt to the side she told me to stand there and play with my cock for her while she watched.I did. I stood at the end of the bed and stroked my cock.She laid back against the pillows and spread her legs letting her fingers slide under her panties and I watched as she played under the fabric pulling a finger out every so often licking and lightly sucking on it never taking her eyes off my meat.She just gazed at it telling me how much she loved looking at cocks and how she liked watching me play with mine. She talked trash like never before, admitting to me how much she was enjoying having a lover and my knowing it.”It’s much better than having another cock in secret you know!” She said. “I like that you know what I’m doing. Especially since you won’t or can’t do a thing about it. That is exciting me to no end.””Of course you can stop this anytime you want to, you know. All you have to do is say the word.” She smiled silent, then she looked up at me. “But you won’t! Will you? “No I won’t.” I said.”You love me this way.” She said. Her eyes never left my bulging cock. “Tell me I can have all the cock I want!””You can have all the cock you want Honey!””I love it when they give me their nice hot cum after I’ve been teasing them all night.””Don’t you dare cum!” She commanded refusing to give me any much-needed relief.She motioned me to bring it up to her lips and took it deep into her warm mouth, almost causing me to instantly cum. It was all I could possibly do not to explode.She took it out and licked all over it, then pulled my face to her lips and kissed me deeply.”Now you can taste two cocks on my lips. Do you like tasting two cocks on my lips?” She asked. “I love it!” she said with excitement. “I love the idea of it.”I was immersed. She had had two cocks in her mouth that night and loved it. I looked down at her full pouty lips and thought of them tipobet wrapped around two cocks that night.”I love having more than one cock in a night. It makes me feel more like a woman.” She said with a smile. “A hot, trashy woman. Getting satisfied and loving it.” She said still playing with herself.She talked to me ’til she could hold back no longer. Her eyes closed and she arched her back stretching into a wonderful, straining orgasm as I watched. She lay there for a few seconds and after she regained herself, she looked up at me still standing there with my cock in my hand. She pulled my face down to her breast, holding it in one hand and fed my lips to her nipple. I licked it then took the big nipple completely into my mouth and sucked as she lay back letting out a sigh.I was like a starving c***d.With a big smile she gently pushed my face to her panties. I could make out her pussy lips through the sheer nylon panties.Her knees came up and her legs spread giving me full access.”Kiss my panties!” she beaconed. I kissed lightly all over the mound. I could smell the sex all around and the failure smell of cologne that I had smelled when I had been around Phil. “Want to see my surprise to Phil?” She asked.I nodded.”Are you ready to unwrap the package?” She asked teasingly.She looked marvelous, more radiant than I had ever seen her. Her hair fell back and curled against the pillows. She looked long and sleek, her thigh high black hose and garters shaped her waist and flat stomach perfectly.She giggled pulling her knees together and pulling her panties off then lowered and spread her legs for me again.Then I was taken back! I could in no way control my actions. Below her flat stomach was a smooth white mound, bald and smooth as a baby’s rear. I was ensnared. I had never lusted after her this way.”I shaved my pussy for him.” She said. “He said he loved shaved pussy lips, so I just went ahead and shaved it all for him.”That above all things turned me on too, a slick shaved pussy, and she would never do that for me ‘Too much effort’. And now I was looking at her pussy, bald and smooth, up close for the first time. “He said it was, ‘Much slicker to make love to and much softer and more erotic to lick’.””You like?” She said lightly rubbing her long fingers over her mound and down between her thighs spreading her pussy lips very slightly.I was mortified. I wanted to hold her, and make love to her, my sexy damn wife.But I was locked there between her legs watching her tease me. “Do you approve?” She asked.”You are the most erotic woman I have ever seen!” I said from the depths of my heart, and her new boldness in bed just inflamed me more.Her pussy seemed almost vulgar it was so sensual. It seemed much larger. Her lips were extremely engorged and full to the point of looking like a juicy over ripe fruit that was bursting open. Her enter lips were slick and seemed to long for a cock.I kissed all over her bald mound, laying my face on her flat stomach as she lay her hands against the back of my head. Then I put my face to her, smelling and taking in her sexuality. The smell of his cologne hit me again. I was sure he had finally been there that night.I was overcome and felt that I had given in to my desire for her to fuck other cocks. I pulled back slightly to look again. I was captured.She giggled. “Phil loved it!” She said, slipping one hand down to the top of her pussy. “And he got it especially nice and wet for you tonight.””I’m sure he did.” I smiled, my blood running hot through my veins, and my face flush.I was longing to taste her, to put my face in it.She ran one hand down letting her long slender fingers cover her pussy. Then she let one finger easily slip inside and stir smearing her lips with the juices as she pulled it out and offered her glazed finger to me.I reached out and took it into my mouth closing my eyes. “HMMMMMmmmm””You like?” She asked with a coy smile.”I love!” I said.”Good boy, then you can have the present that Phil sent you.”I wasn’t hearing or even concerned with what she was saying now. All I could think of was licking that beautiful pussy as I leaned forward and placed a gentle kiss on her fingers, and then on the top of her mound. Laying her knees ever further apart, she gave me full access to her pussy as she reached down with her fingers, putting her long red nails on either side of her lips, coating them and pulling the lips apart for me.Then I saw it. There it was, there was no question. Her pussy was full of cum. Her panties had been holding it inside for me.My body tipobet güvenilir mi was electrified. I looked up at her and she smiled back at me. “Happy birthday from Phil. He said, if you liked kissing me, after I had sucked on his cock, then you might like licking my new shaved pussy after he had filled it. Phil’s gift to you for being so understanding.”She slid two fingers inside coating them with the thick cum and smeared it all over the outside of her pussy lips, then wiped the last of it on my lips, as I blankly looked back at her. Then she went inside, coating her fingers again, and this time bringing them to her mouth and licking her fingers clean.I looked back down. She was full of cum! It was oozing out of the bottom of her slit.She looked at me waiting. Her lips were now glazed with his cum.”My fantasy,” She said. “has always been, for you to lick my pussy after another man had filled it. I just never thought you could handle it.””And you know, now, I think this has actually what you’ve always wanted too.” She said.I couldn’t take my eyes off her glistening lips as she talked. I felt like a man d**gged.I kissed her outer lips and then with my thumbs spread her lips and my tongue scooped up the juices flowing out of her pussy. God it was better, more erotic than I had always imagined.Her head fell back against the pillows. “Yessssss! Oh god yesssssss!”She raised her hips to me. “Lick his cum out of me. I want you to taste his cum!”All my inhibitions left me and I devoured her slick pussy. I licked and lapped trying to get every morsel. At that point, I didn’t care what she thought of me for doing it.”Ohhhh god I can’t believe this. I can’t believe it.” She moaned. “Lick that pussy baby, lick all the cum out of it. I saved it for you. I licked her deep like I had never done before.”I’m soooooo glad you like it. Is it nice and warm for you baby?”She was so decadent. I had never seen or even imagined this side of her.”I love it?” I replied. “Ohhhhhh I do love it.”It was still warm and thick.”Ohhhhhh, I love that you love it.” She said. “God I can’t believe that you are actually doing It. God you are a sexy man. You like licking another mans cum out of my pussy?””Do you love my pussy?” She asked? “Do you love me?” She went on.”I do!!!” I exclaimed “Ohhhhhh god I love you so much. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll do anything your pussy wants me to.””Does his cum taste good Baby?” “Ohhhh this is so erotic. Yes, it does taste good.”She stretched arching her back and her legs spreading wide for me. “I have never felt like this. I feel so damned decadent. I feel like a slut, a wonderful and free sexy slut wife.”Her lips were so puffy and turned on. They were so slick and rolled and slid underneath his cum and my lips. Her juices were flowing and mixing with his. It was such an erotic feeling. I could not believe how much cum he had filled her with.”Do you like your baby like this?” She asked. “You like me being your slut wife and enjoying another cock?””Yes I love you like this!””Meee toooo! I love me like this.”I licked it deep and all over all the way up there her navel and down to her ass. I was engulfed by it. Her pussy and I seemed to be the only things on earth. The more decadent she was now, the more I loved it. My body was tingling at what I was doing, as she rotated her pussy into my face. I felt like a man possessed by lust and I wanted more. As she came, her pussy convulsed, and contracted as though it were alive, delivering more cum to me from deep within. It felt as though it had a mind of its’ on. It was like it wanted a cock to milk. Like her pussy was my master and now I wanted to please it. It was amazing. It was not my pet but I was its’ pet. “You like my pussy feeding you other men’s cum? Don’t you?” She persisted, grinding it into my lips and making me to admit that I loved her like this, lusting and in control.”Tell me!” She said. “I want to hear you say it. You like me sucking other cocks. Don’t you? You like me telling you about it.””I do!” I said looking up at her lying there back against her pillows. “I love you sucking other cocks.”I lapped again until I thought I had it all and moved up to her. She put my face in her hands and pulled me to her. She began kissing me, licking his cum off my lips and cheeks and out of my mouth.Then she looked at me straight in the eye and asked. “Do you want more?”I looked at her and said. “Ohhhh yessss. I want more!””You want me to enjoy more cock and bring you more cum?””Yessssss!” I confessedShe smiled and said “Gooooooood! tipobet giriş With that she rolled me over on my back and straddled me in a 69 position with her pussy over my face. Lowering it to me she let her lips just touch mine and I began to lick the new escaping juices from her pussy.She pressed it lightly to my face so I could lick deeper and savor all the juices from her.”That’s it baby take his cum out of there. Make my pussy happy. Phil is going to love it when I tell him this!”My heart stopped as I lay there under her. I thought of her telling Phil? I’d thought this was a private moment for us.We finished and rolled back over. She positioned me on top, with my cock in her face.”Poor baby! All turned on and no attention.” She looked up at me. “I bet he has a lot of cum stored up for momma too.”Your not going to tell Phil about this are you?” I said voicing my concern.”Ohhh don’t mind Phil, he will love it. He thinks you’re a latent Cuckold husband anyway.”With that she tugged down on my balls with one hand and pulled back tight on my shaft with the other almost making me cum on the spot.”If you’re good, I’ll invite him over and let you watch him fuck me. Would you like to see me licking on his big cock?””Yes, I would like to see that.” I admitted.”You’ve imagined it for years, haven’t you? For years, when we’ve been making love, or when you were lying there in the bed, playing with you cock; in your mind, you’ve watched me licking on another cock and it fucking me.”She looked up at me devilishly and down at my oozing cock. It was so turned on. She played with herself, not taking her eyes off my cock.Pre-cum began oozing out of the head again and down the underside as I slowly stroked my cock, just inches from her face. With her finger she reached over and scooped the drops, then put her fingers back between her legs and rubbed it between her lips, using my precum as a lubricant on her clit.”So do you think he deserves to cum now?””Ohhhhh yea!” I said with out hesitation. “He needs to cum so bad. “Mmmmmm, I think he does tooo. Besides, I want him to cum!” she teased looking at it like an old friend.She took it in her mouth and the warmth and wetness shook though me. It was all I could do to not shoot off immediately. I strained as she toyed with my swollen cock, licking it and teasing it, slapping it against her face, then sucking it again. She pulled back and looked at me and smiled like some a vamp that had just done something naughty and said. “I think I like our new arrangement.” “Now slide that big cock inside me and make love to your wife.” She said then kissed me, the way only love can kiss.At last, I could make love to my wife. I moved down between her legs and my cock easily entered the warm slippery envelope of her shaved pussy. She squeezed the muscles of her pussy causing me to feel it deep inside, especially around the head. But before I could begin driving my cock inside her, she stopped me’. “You know what?” She smiled. “I’m going to make you prove it to me. If you want me to enjoy myself, and you think you can handle this, then I’m going to make you really prove it to me!””I’ll do what ever I have to, to prove it.” I said. “I like you like this.””Don’t be so sure. I may make you watch Phil fuck me and then make you lick me clean, while he watches you. Ohhhh, I can come up with all sorts of test to make you prove it. I may even make you lick his cock clean after he’s cum in me.” “If you want to keep me this excited and turned on, then believe me, my sexy husband! You’ll be proving it to me, over and over!””Oh!” She stopped me for a second. “Did I tell you that Phil wants us to all have dinner together?”How did I get in this position? All of this, I had not bargained for! I had a simple fantasy of watching my wife having sex with another man. I didn’t know she was going to be so taken with him and dominated by him, and especially that I was going to be a pawn in the game, but it was turning me on in a way I’d never felt before. I was in a contestant state of arousal.It was like Tonya and Phil were giving her some new mind set. Now they both had her believing that she should allow Phil to be dominating her and setting all the rules.She wasn’t about to give him up and still give me my fantasy, so I was going to have to play their game, the way they controlled it, or just forget it all.”Now slide that big cock into your little wife, and give her what she wants. Let’s get this fantasy headed where it should be.” She said slipping me into her. My cock glided in and out of her slick pussy and almost immediately filled her with a huge new deposit of warm cum. We made love most of the night talking trash to each other, teasing and loving.Little did I know where her self-revelation and freedom was going to lead? Her adventures were just beginning.

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