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Doctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY in a day&rsquoDoctor’s diagnosis ‘GAY’ 1I am a man in my 50’s standing 5’10” at 220 pounds. My hair is salt & pepper and my skin is white with pink at the points of color; lips, finger & toe nails, nipples, & dick head.I had a new insurance policy forced upon me by the president of the country, but figured I would make the best of it. Little did I know how this change would alter my life.I scheduled my annual physical with the new HMO doctor, a Doctor Jackson, forced upon me under the new changes, and waited in the lobby to be called back into an examination room. I felt a bit uneasy as I had been going to my old doctor for decades and now had to expose myself to a new one. I realized as I sat here that I didn’t even know if this was a man or a woman about to see me.This made me uneasy as I found myself thumbing through a magazine I hadn’t even looked at the first page of. I was wondering if it would be a woman, and if so what she would think about my diminutive sized penis. My wife jokes about it being my turtle, “Look, your turtle is in his shell again,” she would joke, not realizing how much that hurt.I was called to the counter by the black attendant there, to fill out some more forms, and then again to go give blood and a urine sample. I bleed fine but when I pee it can be messy as my penis tries to shy away from my hand and pee everywhere. It is so fucking shameful some times. Mind you, when it is hard it is 5 and a half inches and thicker than my thumb, but I guess that’s nothing to brag about either. Still it gave me 2 wonderful k**s.I find it less messy to sit and pee. I know, ‘like a girl,’ but it works and beets having a wet stain on my pants as I wait for the exam. Besides, behind closed doors who’s the wiser?I did these tasks and placed the capped cup of pee in the window designated. I exited the lavatory and found the black nurse waiting for me. I didn’t think anything of it, most offices had a mix of blacks and whites working in them. This office even had an oriental woman taking the blood. It’s not prejudice that had me note the colors of these people. It was the events that follow that opened my eyes to the significance of color.Anyway, she picked up my warm cup of pee and pointed me to the scales. She put the cup in another window and had me stand tall on the scale so she could measure my height and weight, and record them in my new file.She then had me enter an exam room and told me to take off all my cloths and sit on the table. She pulled the door closed behind her and I did as instructed.I had sat there on the cold crinkly paper surface for about 10 minutes when there was a knock at the door, and the nurse stepped in. I quickly covered up as she sat in the chair with her back to me and tapped out some info into the computer there. She spun around and told me to stand.I stood up still covered and tried to look at the pictures on the walls as she said, “I’m going to perform a hernia test, okay Mr. Smith?”I said, “Uh well I guess…”She told me to put my hands behind my head and tilt my head back. I did and I thought I heard a snicker, but didn’t look to confirm. I felt her warm fingers on my testicles as she held first one then the other, then I felt her fingers press up inside as she said, “Please turn your head to the left and cough.”I did this and she moved her fingers and had me turn my head the other way and cough again. She returned to the computer and began typing again. I stood there with my hands behind my head, like a dunce.She turned again ad asked, “When your penis gets hard Mr. Smith, does it get much bigger than this?” as she spoke she began squeezing the gland and pulling it out to see how long it would stretch.I said, “It gets bigger,” as I felt it growing to the stimulation, just when I really hoped it wouldn’t. All I needed was a stupid hard on here in front of this pretty young black woman. I tried to will it not to grow, but it was impossible as she pulled and tweaked it between her warm fingers.She said, “I would like to get a measurement of it erect for the records,” as I felt the fingers of her other hand begin to massage my balls too. I closed my eyes as I felt the blood rush into it and swell it to its proud 90% stance.She turned and went to the counter where the jars of cotton and tongue depressors were, and returned with a ruler that she place but up against my pubic bone, “Hum, 5 inches.”She removed it and I felt a sigh of relief escape my lips as I thought this embarrassment was over, but then she said, “Turn to the side.”I did, and felt her slide the ruler under my balls and back, as I felt the fingers of her other hand sliding between the cheeks of my bottom. I know I was beat red with shame now.Her fingers poked at my bottom until they found my asshole, as I squealed, “Is this really necessary?” She said, “Please Mr. Smith, hold still while I do this. Yes it is critical for our records.”I felt one of her fingers find the bud of my sphincter as she slid the ruler back to that finger, then with the thumb of her other hand she pressed the head of my penis down to the ruler and said, “6.5 inches.”I said, “I don’t remember ever having to…”She said, “Mr. Smith, they probably did it or possible guestimated the measurements, but I assure you they were in your previous records.”I asked, “Then didn’t you get copies from my last doctor?”She said, “It is my job to verify everything sir. You wouldn’t want me to lose my job would you?”I said, “Oh no, sorry,” as I felt her sliding the ruler out from under my balls.As soon as she had turned to drop the ruler back in a drawer I covered my privates up with my hands again. She turned and told me to put my hands out to the sides. I did. She said, “Sorry Mr. Smith. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Here, let me take care of that for you,” as she reached down to my hard little penis and gave it a nasty hard pinch.I yelped and covered it up and backed away from her as she smiled at me and said, “The doctor will be in in a few minutes. Please sit on the table,” before she pulled the door closed behind her once more.I looked down to see my turtle had shrunk and crawled back into his shell again. She knew what she was doing, that’s for sure.A few minutes later I heard another knock at the door and again it opened this time before my new doctor, Doctor Jackson. He is a big powerful looking black man with dark skin and blue black lips. I felt small and pail in his presence. He held out his hand and I shook it while covering myself with the other. He said, “So, Mr. Smith, how are you feeling?”I said, “I feel fine. Just in for my annual physical.”He said, “That’s good. At our age we need to stay on top of our health. I see you have an elevated heart rate and plod pressure. Is this unusual?”I said, “I guess so.”He said, “Probably because Beverley took it. She can get my heart rate up too. Let’s see, it says here you have no hernia but she noted an odd feeling in the left teste. I’d like to take a look at that. Please stand up,” as he sat in the stool and turned toward me.I stood up and looked at the walls again. I felt his big fingers take my testicle and need it like he was feeling an egg for cracks. He hummed and squeezed before asking, casino siteleri “Does this hurt?”I said no as I tried to stand still. I felt his other hand grasp my other testicle and begin the same examination with delicate squeezes and rubs. He said, “Spread your knees and squat just a bit for me,” and as I did I felt the fingers moved to the place under my balls where the shaft of my penis extends back to, and begin to rub there.I was so embarrassed as I felt my penis beginning to get hard again. I thought, “Oh no, not again, this is soooo embarrassing!” I tried to rock my hips back a bit just enough to get control and keep it from happening.He asked, “Does that hurt?”I said, “No, it’s just a bit uncomfortable.” I lied to hide my shame but it was impossible to do as he was looking right at my little penis growing right in front of him. Dammit!I wanted to put my hands down and cover myself, but I had to stand there while he checked me out. He said, “I don’t think you have a problem here. Your one teste is a little larger than the other, but I don’t feel any abnormalities I’m concerned with.”I let out a sigh of relief at that news but felt my penis grow ridged as I let down my resolve to control it. His fingers had stopped massaging my scrotum and the region thereof and he turned his back to me just as it popped to attention.I covered up and forced it to point down hoping this would make it go away.He turned back and said, “Okay Mr. Smith, I want you to get on the table on your left side, that’s it, pull this knee up to your chest, good, now I’m going to examine your prostate.”I felt his finger touch my sphincter and smear some jelly like lubricant around it before pressing at the hole. He pressed and stopped and pressed and stopped and pressed. This time I felt the finger slip in through the hole into my bowls. It didn’t hurt, but it was uncomfortable some.I felt him pushing in deeper and twisting then a pleasant tingling sensation in my penis causing it to grow firm once again. I hadn’t gotten this hard this much in months, and now it was happening all in one day her at the hands of these strangers.I moaned and my hips rocked a bit, just a little bit, but enough to let him see my reaction to his touch. He asked, “Does that feel pleasant Mr. Smith?”I said, “It’s okay.”He continued to, I guess, stroke my prostate and the sensation had me practically moaning with pleasure as I felt my sphincter squeezing around his finger. He said, “Relax Mr. Smith, I need to use 2 fingers to get a better feel.”I felt his finger pulling out of me and my asshole squeezing with an odd pleasurable sensation I kind of liked, while simultaneously scolding myself for feeling this way.Then I felt his finger slip free and my asshole squeeze closed. I actually felt sad it was over. Like that feeling I get when I get a haircut and when they tell me it’s done, that feeling. I love the feel of the fingers and clippers doing their little massages on my scalp. Anyway, that’s the same feeling of remorse that the pleasurable entertainment is over.I then felt more lubricant being applied to my anus and rubbed in, this time with 2 fingers. I then felt the light pressure of the fingertip on my sphincter then off then on and then it slipped in. This time when it entered I felt additional pressure as the second finger worked its way in beside, forcing the muscle to open much wider. The doctor has thick fingers.I pulled my knee up tighter to my chest as I felt his fingers hold this position allowing me to adjust to the invasion. As I acclimatized to the sensation, from pain to pleasure I rocked my bottom back forcing my sphincter to accept more.He noticed my reaction and said, “Okay Mr. Smith, I’m going to examine your prostate again so try and relax.” His gingers slipped in past the second knuckle and I felt them stroking me again causing my penis to tingle and grow hard again and again I unexpectedly moaned my pleasure.Doctor Jackson did this for several minutes and finally said, “I don’t know,” as I felt him pull his fingers from me, causing me to slip back into that mellow depression I mentioned before. I was wondering what he meant by, “I don’t know?”He told me to roll to my back and I did, while moving my hands to cover my hard little penis. I looked at him as he said, “Would you mind if I get a better position? I can feel your prostate, but it’s small and I need a different position to get a better feel, if you don’t mind. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but it better to be sure about these things.”I said, “Yes, it’s okay. What do you want me to do?” as I felt my hard on soften and my turtle return to its shell. I felt better this way even if embarrassed at my meager endowment, better than if I was sporting an erection exposing my pleasure with his touch.He said, “Relax while I get set up.” As he talked I watched him duck down and open a drawer under the table and pull out some contraption. He explained, “We use these for giving women pelvic examinations. Here, put your foot here in this stirrup.”As I did this he retrieved and mounted the other one and helped me place my other foot in it. He then told me to grab the bar behind my head and pull myself up a bit. When I did this he told me to just keep holding it.I watched in fear as he put more lubricant on his fingers, this time the middle and ring finger, and then felt them press then enter my anus again and sink past the second knuckles again. I just knew my stupid penis was going to grow hard again and shame me to no end before this doctor, this black man. So I did the only thing I could think of. I closed my eyes.As I felt the fingers stroking me again, causing those tingling feelings again, causing my penis to throb and tingle and grow again, and I gripped the bar tighter as my hips started to do an uncontrollable undulation around this man’s fingers.With my eyes squeezed closed I could feel my penis thrusting in the air as I felt liquid oozing out of it and down my shaft, all because this black man was wiggling his fingers inside my bottom. He was just doing a natural prostate exam, but to me he was sexually stimulating me like crazy and I felt both shame and amazing pleasure.“Mr. Smith,” I heard him say, “Are you okay?” I must have had a look of pain on my face as I was squeezing every muscle in my body.I opened my eyes to look at him and said, “Yes, it’s just a bit uncomfortable.”He said, “I see you’re sexually stimulated by this. Would you mind if we get a semen and testosterone sample while we’re at it?”I couldn’t answer as he continued to stroke my insides sending tingling sensations throughout my body especially into my now raging hard penis. All I could do was nod my head as I closed my eyes again.He said, “Mr. Smith, I’m going to get a sample bottle. I want you to masturbate while I get it but be careful not to ejaculate until I return.”I looked at him as he tilted his head toward my erect penis and pulled his fingers from my rectum. He kept his eyes locked to mine as he willed me to lower my right hand and wrap the fingers around my prick, smearing the gooey liquids all over it before reclosing my eyes.As he left the room I heard him say, “Now be careful not to ejaculate.” I nodded my canlı casino head.In a minute he returned with a small jar in hand, about the size of a baby-food jar. He removed the lid and set it by my side. Then he asked me to look at him while I continued to stroke my penis. This was very hard to do as I lay totally naked looking at this black man standing between my thighs while I fisted my penis. Talk about embarrassing!I did it but it was hard. Then he asked, “Do you feel shame with this little penis of yours?”I couldn’t say it, but I nodded my head to confirm what he suspected.He said, “I see you are circumcised too. Have you ever wondered Mr. Smith how it would feel to masturbate your penis and it be huge and feel the foreskin slipping back to expose the large glans then slipping back inside with each stroke?” As he talked he was squeezing more lubricant onto his fingers again.I looked at him and didn’t know how to answer, I wanted to say yes, but it felt so nasty wrong to admit something like this. I felt him move his fingers to my anus again and I lifted my bottom to give him better access. I wished I had a big dick, no a real cock instead of this little penis of mine to stroke and yes even feel the foreskin slipping off and onto the head.I felt him press then stop then press then the fingers slipped inside me again and I felt my penis begin to throb, as he said, “Let go. Stop masturbating.”I didn’t want to. I wanted to cum as I felt his fingers stroking my insides. But he said “Stop! Remove your hand and answer my question Mr. Smith.”I removed my hand looked into his eyes. What question?He said, “Have you ever wondered how it would feel to masturbate a huge penis and feel the foreskin slipping back to expose the large glans then slipping back inside with each stroke?” I stared to close my eyes again when he said, “No Mr. Smith. Look at me, keep looking at me until I tell you to close your eyes.”I nodded my head as I locked my eyes on his. He said, “No Mr. Smith. Tell me the answer.”I said as I looked into his eyes, “Yes I wish I had a big cock sometimes instead of this,” as I felt myself begin to reach again for my little raging hard penis but stopped as he indicated with his look, “and I can’t imagine what it would be like to be uncircumcised but I have wondered.”I felt his fingers begin to stroke me again and I lowered my head while keeping my eyes open and on his. I wanted to close them, to grab my penis and stroke it, to ejaculate so badly now as this big black man did things to me I had never felt before. My hips began to undulate again working my anus around his fingers as I looked into his eyes.He asked, “Would you like to masturbate a big cock and feel the foreskin like we just talked about?”I was getting so horny and yes I would love to experience that, so I said, “YES! I would.”I was watching him as he continued to stroke my insides driving me insane with sexual hunger, even this perverse idea of stroking a big uncircumcised cock had me quivering with desire. His other hand moved from my knee to below my crotch and then in a moment his hand came back to my knee.I watched as he said, “Give me your hand,” as he held his hand out to take mine and pull it toward my hungry penis. I thought he was going to let me finish this. I wanted this so badly! I kept my eyes on his as his hand pulled mine lower.Then I felt a nudge and then something sliding up under my balls, and then pushing them apart as this thing slid up between my body and his. Then I saw it.I watched as the black snake like cock with the head sleeved in blue-black skin rose from my balls behind my own penis. It rose to the same height but looked twice, no three times thicker. Then it rose some more.I watched it as it rose over twice as tall as my little penis and I could feel the doctor’s balls rubbing mine, his pubic hair tickling mine, and his hand pulling my hand toward it.Then he let go. I had the choice to stop, but I didn’t, well only for a moment. But then I continued to reach out and grasp his huge cock, and felt it with my fingers as I gripped it and regripped it and noticed as I fisted it my fingers didn’t meet around it. When I fist my penis my turtle gets lost.This wonderful huge black cock was so soft for looking so menacing. It was so solid inside and thick. I pulled down on it and felt the skin pulling down as I watched the sleeve of flesh expose the great purple head inside.I don’t know why, I’m not gay, but for some strange reason I really wanted to touch this too, but my other hand was still on the bar behind my head. I looked at him inquiringly, and he nodded his head. So I let loose the bar and moved my other hand to the cock in my hand, my fingers to the head now slick with pre-cum. I slipped the foreskin up and played with it swirling my finger around under it between it and the head inside.I looked back into the eyes of my doctor as I rubbed the base of my small shaft against the base of his wonderfully enormous very thick meaty shaft, and moaned. I wanted to say thank you, but how could I do this?He let me do this for several minutes before he reached for a package on the counter. He opened it and handed me the content. I had to let go of the oozing gooey nob to take it.I found it to be a large slippery very sheer condom, and I looked from it to him. He said, “Put it on me Mr. Smith.”I had to use 2 hands to do this and really hated to let go of my new huge throbbing piece of manhood, but I finally did. I don’t know what I was thinking, I probably wasn’t as I rolled it over the head and worked it down the length of the shaft.As I said, I wasn’t really thinking about it, about why he would be putting on a condom, but I have to admit it was so thrilling to stretch this large condom over this huge cock. I felt like WOW this is so wonderful to actually have a tool like this to fuck with!My doctor then told me to grip the bar with both hands. I reluctantly let lose his now sheathed cock, and did as I was told. I looked for answers in his face, but he just smiled.I felt him place his left hand on my right knee again, and the fingers of his right hand pull out of my anus causing me to moan in a silent whisper my displeasure, “Ohh, nooo.”He then pick up the little jar as he said, “Now Mr. Smith, I can continue stroking your prostate until you ejaculate. Would you like me to do this for you?”I nodded, and he said, “I need an verbal answer Mr. Smith.”I said, “Yes please.”I felt him rock his hips causing his sheathed cock shaft to lower a couple inches then rise a couple down and up down and up as the base rubbed the length of my so hungry shaft. He asked again, “Do you want me to stroke your prostate till you cum?”Again I said, “Yes please Doctor,” as I felt his hips rock farther back causing his massive cock to stroke the entire length of my little penis from the base to several inches above the head, again and again and it felt so delicious, and made me so desirous to get this to its conclusion.I had passed the point of caring how this looked. I wanted to orgasm and if he needed me to I was ready to beg him to give me my orgasm now.Once more he spoke, “Do you want me to stroke your insides with this?” as he pulled so far back I felt kaçak casino the head of his cock nudge my anus and stop then nudge again then stop.I realized at this moment what he was implying as everything came rushing in to focus. ‘I am not gay’, my brain was screaming at me, but my penis was also screaming for me to beg him to give me this orgasm any way he wanted too as long as he did it quickly! I said, “Oh my I can’t believe this is happening. I’m not… Dammit… Yes… PLEASE! Do it… do it now please doc. Oh please yes stroke my…”With this I felt his cock nudge again and stop, which shut me up. I watched as he poured some of the lubricant onto his cock now nested at the opening of my rectum. Then with a shove I felt the head pop in. I felt it worming about inside me, then with another thrust I felt it inch by inch invading my bowls.I never took my eyes off his as he pushed into me and pulled out several times each time pushing into me just a bit deeper, deeper until finally I felt my doctor rubbing and grinding his balls against my bottom and a fullness like nothing I have ever felt before.Then he began stroking his cock in and out, literally fucking my ass. No, really, he was really fucking my rectum and my entire insides with that huge black cock of his. I felt so incredibly crazy and was about to reach for my penis again, but he stopped me. I watched as he slipped the little plastic bottle over the little head of my little penis, as his thrusts lifted the lower half of my body off the table.Each thrust into me was filled with amazing sensations as I felt like his cock was sliding between liver and k**neys, through coils of intestines, stroking my lungs causing me to gasp, and bumping my heart making it flutter and palpitate with lust for more.Then it was withdrawn and I felt a void where he had filled me and did things to me as his wonderful cock, a cock I wish I could poses, a cock that would be an amazing thing to feel the insides of my wife like this, a cock that dances all around the insides of the one it is fucking. But when withdrawn it left such an emptiness.Then it was thrust back and I could feel it again as I felt his balls grinding into my rump and did my best to grind myself back against them. In and out like this, in and out, again and again, as he drove the air from my lungs and the reason from my mind and all that was left of me was this body of fuckable flesh, full of desire to do this and only this again and again and again.I felt him stop deep inside me and so I worked my ass in circles around him as he continued to look me in the eyes. I was practically standing in the stirrups with only my shoulders and neck on the table. I came to the realization he was no longer fucking me with his big long wonderful black cock, no, now I was fucking him with my hungry bottom. I didn’t care anymore. I was so hungry to fuck and be fucked and feel the orgasm, not just my orgasm but I wanted to feel him orgasm, feel this amazing cock thrust in and explode with a violent crescendo. Then he started to fuck me again, and his pace got faster. My ass felt a heat that radiated out through my body out to my arms and legs, out to my hands and feet, out to my fingers and toes. Then I heard him say, “Now Mr. Smith, close your eyes.” I did and tossed my head back, my hands gripped the bar as I braced for impact, and with all my senses I felt his hard fast pounding thrusts throughout my insides, I could feel his soft skin slipping over his hard shaft the slippery sheathed flesh sliding through my stretched muscle and deep into my entire body.I felt the throbbing of his cock as he thrust deep into me, and held himself as deep inside me as he could get, and I felt him swelling and pulsing and throbbing as his great cock danced about my insides. Then as I felt him pull back, almost all the way out, and drive back in deep again like a ram hitting an opponent head on, This time I felt my ejaculate shoot out of me… as I knew at the same moment he was ejaculating deep inside me. Again and again he bumped me like this, and with each of his rams I felt him shoot another load of his semen into me, and with each of his thrusts each and every time he drove another blast of my semen out of me into the little jar.I still had hold of the bar and my feet in the stirrups and was breathing actually gasping for air, as I realized I must have passed out. I felt a wet swab wiping the jelly like lubricant from my bottom and then from my hiding turtle. I felt shame for what I had just done so I thought about keeping my eyes closed. But this was silly, as I had just shared this experience with this man.So I opened my eyes, and to my horror I saw the pretty young black nurse wiping my nasty privates clean. OMG how embarrassing! I tried to cover myself, but she swatted my hand away and told me to please hold the bar. I did and closed my eyes as I felt her pinch the head of my turtle between thumb and forefinger and pull its neck out of the shell so she could swab the shaft.I could feel my penis trying to pull back but she just pinched me all the harder, and said, “Mr. Smith, you need to relax. I’m going to shave you down here the next time you come in so this will be much easier. Please relax.”I inhaled and willed myself to relax as best I could as I felt her return the cool wet swab to my now throbbing anus. Here she inserted her finger wrapped with the towelette. I don’t know which finger as I was way too embarrassed to look. I felt her tickling touch as she did her job. Then she helped me out of the stirrups and off the table back onto my feet. She handed me my cloths and told me to dress, that she would be back in a minute to sign me out. It was all very businesslike from this point on.She returned as I was tucking my shirt in and slipping my feet into my loafers. She had a clipboard in hand and had me sign a final form, then handed me a small square sheet, a prescription she explained, that would help with swelling, a hemorrhoidal cream.I was escorted to the front desk where I was asked it next week would be okay. I asked what for, to which the nurse at the desk said, “For your follow up appointment.”I wondered if I really wanted to ever come back to this clinic ever again, then said, “Ya, a week from today is fine.” She said, “3 pm and you don’t need to fast for your follow up sir.”I said thanks and left, wondering if I really would actually consider coming back knowing what I do about this place, this doctor, now. I reasoned I didn’t have to decide that now. I could go home and take a much needed nap.I was fast asleep, dreaming of having a big fun cock to stroke and fuck with, when I was awakened by Anna my wife. She had found and picked up my prescription for me. She asked if I have hemorrhoids, stating she never heard me complain of them before.I told her thanks, and no, I just have a rash from the exam and the doctor thought this might help. She was satisfied with this and left me to go back to sleep. I really wanted to, but my bottom ached, so I got up and went to the john to apply my soothing salve. It was sooo cool and pleasing.I spent the week thinking about my ordeal. As I said, I’m not, let me repeat that I AM NOT GAY! But as the week passed I thought about how much better I feel now that I have started seeing my new doctor. Maybe I will go, just to see what happens at the follow up. I care, so if you like this or you don’t, please take a minute to leave a comment.

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