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Sam was just sitting outside of the cafeteria at school with her backpack on, listening to music, waiting for the last bell to ring for school to get out.

“Hey, Sam.”

“Missy,” Sam said, taking one headphone off her ear. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“You know what this is about. That night at the dance.”


“The fact that you totally flaked on our fight that was supposed to happen.”

“I didn’t flake. Carly drank too much of the spiked punch, so I had to take her home. I’d much rather help out my best friend than fight.”

“Blah, blah, blah. Call it whatever you want, but it was flaking and you know it.”

“I never agreed to fight you in the first place. You just challenged me and I didn’t get to say no before you stormed off. I was never going to fight you.”

The bell rang.

“And now that the school day’s over, I bit you adieu,” she said, putting her headphone back on, turning the song to All Time Low’s ‘Break Your Little Heart,’ and started walking.

“Ugh, that blonde bitch. I need to get some dirt on her,” she reached into her jacket pocket and held her phone in her hand. “What kind of secrets are you hiding, Sammie?” she said, then started walking after Sam, slow enough where Sam, hopefully, wouldn’t notice her.

They were walking along the sidewalk. Sam didn’t notice her because she was too busy listening to her music and rocking out.

“Like a Chinese drama and conspiracy/It’s the death of a Nuclear Family/Staring up at you…” Sam sang.

‘God, how far away does she live? We’ve been walking for, almost, 10 minutes!’ Missy thought.

Sam then turned off the sidewalk as she cut through the lawn and went to the door of her house, unlocked it, then walked in the door.

“Ah, so that’s where you live, eh, Sammie?” Missy said as she followed, but crouched down in front of the front window.

She didn’t see much but the furniture. Then, she saw Sam walk from a doorway with a sandwich down the hallway. She looked around and saw a gate door, so she opened the latch and walked into the backyard. She was still crouched, then she looked through the windows. The first thing she saw was a bathroom. Then she saw a bedroom with Sam’s backpack on the bed.

‘Bingo,’ she thought.

Sam then came out of the door which, as Missy saw, was a bathroom, and sat on her bed, putting a small blanket over herself, then went on her iPhone, which she plugged into the wall charger. Missy waited a few minutes, then she saw Sam pull down her pants underneath the blanket, letting them fall off her legs as he bent her legs so her knees were pointed towards the roof, then kicked them off her bed, leaving just boxers on underneath.

‘All right, finally! Showtime,’ Missy thought, taking out her phone, went to the camera and started taking video.

Sam moved her hand under the blanket. She moved it up and down at a good pace. She continued for a few more minutes, then finally sped up her motions until she finally hit her climax. She then put her boxers back on, then got up and went into her bathroom.

“Hmm, boxers. All right, Sammie. Let’s see how big you like your dildos,” Missy said, then slid the window open slowly and quietly entered the room. She made her way to Sam’s bed and pulled the blanket off, but didn’t see anything.

‘What?’ she thought. ‘Wait, now that I think about it, she didn’t pull anything out before she masturbated.’

“Confused?” Sam asked as she appeared out of the bathroom doorway. She walked all the way to the window and slid it shut, then locked it.

“Oh, Sam,” she stopped recording. “Funny meeting you here.”

“In my room, in my house… care to correct that?”


“No matter. You’re caught red-handed.”

“No. You are. I recorded you masturbating.”

“A video that, if you upload it, I can have you arrested for trespassing and recording me without my consent.”


“Yeah. Now, if you wanna get out of here without bahis siteleri canlı a pummelling, which I can legally do since you’re trespassing in my house, you’ll first delete that video.”

“Ugh. All right,” she said, unlocking her phone and went to the pictures app.

“Give me the phone,” Sam said, holding out her hand. Missy did so, grudgingly. Sam then deleted the video, then went to her recently deleted folder, then permanently deleted it. She handed her back the phone.

“There. Are we good?”

“Not yet. Now, you’ll strip naked.”

“Wait, what?”

“You heard me. Get naked for me.”


“Because,” she took a snapshot with her phone of Missy. “I have proof of your trespassing in my house. Now, strip.”

Missy let out an exasperated sigh. She took off her jacket, putting her phone in a pocket, then threw it on Sam’s bed.

“You know you’re gonna get it at school tomorrow,” she said, taking off her shoes and socks, then her skirt.

“We’ll see. Just keep going,” she said as Missy took off her shirt. She looked at the front of her boxers and noticed a wet spot that was almost dry.

“Why do you have a dry wet spot on the front of your boxers?” she asked.

“You’ll see. Keep going.”

Missy rolled her eyes, then pulled her panties down, then unhooked her bra, letting them drop to the ground. Sam took another pic.

“Nice rack. What are you, a C-cup?”

“Yep. Now what?”

“Just stand there. I’ll let you know what’s next,” she said, taking her own shirt and bra off.

“Not a bad rack yourself, If I can give you any compliment. What are you, a D-Cup?”

“Double,” Sam said, then started to walk around Missy. She stopped behind her. “Hmm. I’ve never really stopped to notice before, but you have a nice ass.”

“Why thank-” Missy started, but then stopped as Sam felt it. “-You.”

“Surprised? I don’t blame you,” she said, quietly, into her hear. “I’ll let you in on something of an open secret. I’m attracted to girls, not guys.”

“Oh really?” Missy said, turning her head a bit.

“I’ll let you know when you can move,” Sam said, moving her head back with her hands gently. She then backed up a small step back, then pulled her boxers down and breathed out. “That’s better.”

Missy wondered what she meant, before Sam took a step forward and she felt a warm fleshy-feeling thing on her ass. It moved all over before finally resting on her crack.

“I’ll let you in on another, actual, secret,” she whispered in her ear. “I have a cock.”

“What?” Missy asked quietly as she was in shock.

“Yep. What you’re feeling on your ass, that’s an almost 8-inch, hard, cock right there.”


“Yep. Here, feel it for yourself,” she said, taking Missy’s right wrist in her hand, then brought her hand behind her back to feel it. She gripped it in her hand and felt all over it. Sam let out a contented sigh.

“No wonder you don’t have a dildo. You masturbated by jerking off.”

“Yep and it wasn’t enough. I rarely get to see another girl naked in front of me anymore, even before and after gym. All those cock-teases barely get out of their bras when changing, so I’m always left with blue balls. Oh yeah, I have those too,” she said, quietly in a raspy voice in her ear.

“So that’s why you’re a loner. Only hanging out with Carly and Freddie.”

“Well, that and I’m an introvert. Now, turn around, but don’t look down. Only look straight ahead,” Sam instructed.

Missy turned around, slowly, letting go of Sam’s cock. Sam then put her hands on her shoulders, then pushed down and Missy bend her knees, then got on them as she came face-to-face with the thing she just felt in her hand a moment ago.

“Now that you see it,” Sam began. “Suck it.”

“What?” Missy said, mesmerized.

“You heard me. Suck it. Grab it, give it a few jerks, wet your lips, then take it in your mouth, and suck it,” she responded.

Missy, not knowing what to do, followed her instructions. She took tipobet giriş her in her hand, feeling it, gave it a few slow jerks, then slowly licked her lips, then took it in her mouth. Sam moaned as she sank on to it. Missy didn’t know what to think of the situation. Was it a dream, or real? Whatever it was, she couldn’t make heads or tail of it.

“Good girl. Now, move back and forth on it,” she said and Missy started moving slowly.

“Oh yeah. Look me in the eyes,” she said and Missy looked up at her, seeing the grin on her face. “Now, get ready,” she said and Missy wondered what she meant.

Soon enough, she found out as Sam grabbed the back of her head and started making her go faster. She didn’t go deep, but she did fit most of her cock in her mouth. Missy didn’t know what to think. She was being mouth-fucked by a girl with a dick at the moment. She started staring at the abdomen in front of her.

“Move your tongue all around my cock,” Sam ordered.

Missy did as she was ordered. She swirled her tongue, tasting the dick.

“You like the taste, bitch?”

She didn’t answer.

“Answer me.”

“Mmm,” Missy moaned, not knowing how to answer.

“Oh yeah. Keep moaning. The vibrations feel great.”

Missy kept moaning as Sam ordered.

“Oh yeah. Get ready and hold your breath,” Sam said, going faster and deeper. She kept going until she buried herself in Missy’s throat and came. “Oh yeah,” she said after she was done.

She then pulled slowly out of Missy’s throat. Missy coughed.

“You ever give head before?” Sam said, panting.


“Really? With all those parties you go to?” Sam said, going over to her nightstand by her bed and reaching inside the drawer. “Though, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. You do scare guys off with your coldness. You ever have sex either.”

“No…why?” she said, fearing the answer.

“Because…” Sam said, getting a small square out of the drawer, opening it, taking out the contents, then put it on her dick, and started rolling it on.

She turned as she rolled it and started speaking.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you.”

“What? No no no no no no no no,” she said, standing up.

“I’m not letting you inside my pussy. My mouth is one thing, that’s another thing entirely. You may have caught me off guard before, but I still have enough wits about me to know when to get the fuck out,” she said, picking up some of her clothes. “Besides, you permanently deleted the video and those pictures you took could’ve easily been photoshopped. You have nothing on me.”

“Not so fast. When I was walking home, I raised my phone up to take a snapchat to send to Carly. When I saw you behind me in the camera, I quickly took a picture of that,” she said, showing her the picture on her phone. “And when I got home, I emailed it to myself, so I have multiple copies. Then there’s this,” she said, taking a picture of Missy. “You naked,” she showed her. “And, you don’t know the passcode to my phone, so you can’t delete it,” she threw her phone on her bed. “Now, get on the bed, on all fours, and prepare to take my cock in your pussy,” she said and Missy was dumbfounded.

“(Light growl) Fine,” she said, grudgingly.

She put down her clothes down and got on Sam’s bed, facing away on all fours. She braced herself as Sam got on the bed behind her and lined her dick up with her entrance. Sam wiped her head on the entrance with one hand, using her other hand to reach down and play with Missy’s clip, causing her to moan a bit and get a little wet. She couldn’t help but think as to why Sam was bothering. Sam then slowly inched inside her as she winced. Sam kept going until she felt a barrier.

“Ooh. You weren’t lying. I can feel your hymen. Welp,” she pushed in slightly more. Missy felt searing pain as it happened. “Say, ‘goodbye’ to it,” she said as she slid inside until she was all the way in. She stopped, feeling the surrounding tipobet güvenilir mi walls clamped on her. “Man, this feels great. You’re so tight. I haven’t had a pussy like this in a while.”

“So, you’ve fucked other girls before?”

“Just a few close friends. We get each other off sometimes. You ok?”

“The hell do you care about my feelings?” she asked.

“You should enjoy your first time. I’m not heartless, I just don’t like being fucked with. I give the fucking, not take the fucking,” she said, as she started slowly, but kind of forcefully, thrusting in and out of Missy.

“Well, go slow if you really care. I’m still hurting here.”

“All right,” she said as she kept going the pace she started.

Missy tried to make the best of what was happening. Sam then reached down and played with her clit a bit more, adding more pleasure to the pain, dulling the pain a bit. Sam kept going, speeding up a little. Slowly, Missy was feeling less pain and more pleasure as she did. She then started getting into it. She closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure. Sam felt her start to loosen up a bit, so she sped up a little more. Missy threw her head down, eyes closed and a slight smile on her face. Sam saw. She then backed out, then stood up on the bed and stood over Missy’s ass. She straightened her out, put a pillow under her head, and put her back at a 90-degree angle. She then sunk down and lined herself back up with Missy’s entrance, then inched back into her, thrusting. Missy started moaning a bit as she felt the dick thrusting and the balls slapping her clit lightly, which told Sam to go faster, so she did. She increased her speed to the fastest she could go. Missy moaned more loudly into the pillow. Sam smirked at the girl she was pleasing before her. She then felt a familiar feeling and she then came into the condom, slowing down slightly.

She then exited Missy and flipped her on her back, then re-entered her, thrusting on her last leg as Missy panted. Sam could tell she was close. Sam then played with her clit more, getting her closer, Missy then screamed a bit as she was getting there, so Sam opened her legs up more, getting in deeper, and sank her front on to Missy’s, putting her arms under her back, thrusting hard, then she put her hands behind Missy’s head and kissed her deeply as Missy couldn’t take it anymore and she came. The feeling caused Sam to cum again too, filling the condom closer to the brim. She then stopped thrusting, laying there a moment on top of Missy, kissing her. Missy then used what strength was left in her to pull Sam’s head off of her with her hair. Sam then smiled at her and planted another last kiss on her before sitting up on her bed, taking the condom off and threw it in the trash.

Missy was left stunned there as she was gathering her thoughts. Sam then laid down next to her.

“How was it? I felt you cum, so you must’ve gotten something out of it,” Sam asked her.

Missy turned her head with a blank expression on her face.

“Well?” Sam said, head on her hand, which was attached to her arm, laying partially on the bed, then bent up to hold her head.

“This. Never. Happened. And neither of us will ever speak of this again. Got it?”

“Yeah, totally. You enjoy it?”

“Your dick got me off. Don’t ever ask again,” she said, getting up and getting dressed.

“It was more of my technique, in addition to my dick, that got you off. Remember, I’ve had practice at this,” she said, sitting on the edge of her bed.

“However you put it, you initiated it, it happened, now we don’t eve speak of this encounter again. Got it?” Missy said, almost fully-clothed.

“Yeah, sure. So, I cracked you?” she asked. Missy put on her shirt, then her backpack, and walked to the door. “Hey,” she looked at her. “You ever wanna go another round, I’m always free,” Sam said, laying on her left side, feet close to Missy, head held up by her hand, seductively as her dick lay flaccid on her leg. Missy quickly inhaled and exhaled, looking at her, then opened the door and walked out, closing the door behind her. Sam heard the front door open and close.

“I cracked her,” she said, lying back on her bed with her phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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