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Dr. Kelly – Breast Milk ExperI was just pulling my car into the trailer park. The dust from the gravel came up over the top of my hood. I looked around. There were quite a few trailers as I pulled around to the last one on the left. It had pink siding going down the double wide. I can’t believe I spent 6 years going to college, just to make house calls or should I say trailer park calls. I had no degree. The money ran out before I got kicked out. I had a few jobs ever since. I just happen to stumble upon this one. You could say it just dropped in my lap.I had a neighbor at my apartment complex. She was close to being 9 months pregnant. She was ready to burst. I smiled when she came out to sun bath by the pool. She walked passed me and tripped. She fell on my lap with her big ass. I reached up to touch her big breast. She felt my erection under my shorts. Before I knew what hit me. She took me to her apartment. She tossed me on the her couch. She pulled off her clothes and fucked me really good. She had not had sex since her baby Daddy left her after she got pregnant. She was super horny. Her doctor suggested she have sex to induce the baby to come out. It took me two days of non stop sex before she went to the hospital. Before she left she taught me how to milk her big breast. How to play with her nipples to get the most excitement from her body. Also her favorite position to get her off. Only problem was her baby Daddy met her at the hospital. I still have my fingers cross she might knock on my door for another round after he leaves her.I went to some new born baby classes at a strip mall near my place. I left some phony business cards. “Dr. Kelly – Breast Milk Expert ” They had my name and number on the bottom. I then went to buy some supplies at a local store. I got a white robe and a stethoscope at a doctor supple store. I also got a light blue set of scrubs. The fit snug on my 6ft 4 athletic frame. It had been a week before I got my first call. Mrs. Anita Smith left a message on my phone. She gave me directions to her step Daughters trailer. Now I was putting the car into the park.I zipped up my black leather doctor bag. There was a breast pump. Some suction cups, and a few bottles. There was some baby oil, lotion and some wet wipes. I also had a big pink double dildo, a few vibrators. I also packed a big black strap on with a leather harness in case things got out of hand. A few adult toys in case the girls get super horny for some action. Never hurts to be prepared. I had two white tennis shoes on. No socks. I had shaved my body the night before in the shower. I took a long shower before coming to my first appointment. I put on the light blue scrub bottoms over my semi erect cock. I left my underwear on my bed. I put on a white wife beater under the blue scrub top. It was a trailer park. I put my stethoscope around my neck. I checked my smile in the mirror and opened the door.There was one car on blocks in the front yard. There was a dish on the roof. There was one beat up car under a tree. I walked over the pink flamingos leading up the front door. I climbed the two cement stairs to knock on the door. I opened the screen door to knock again.”Knock! Knock!” I stood for a minute. I could feel the trailer move. I then saw the door knob open. The door almost knocked me down off the steps as it open in front of my face. “Hi! Good afternoon.” I said. “Why good afternoon to you. Are you the Doctor? We were expecting a woman to be the breast Doctor.” said an older woman. She was behind the wall of the trailer looking around out the door. “Yes! Dr. Kelly. Very nice to meet you.” I said. “Mrs. Smith. But you can call me Anita.” she said. May I come in?” I said. She smiled. “Sure! Come on in.” she said. I climbed the last cement block to walk in to the trailer.All the blinds were closed on the small windows. There was a small kitchen in the front. There was a small table for two just inside. There was some small metal chairs around the table. There was two big brown couches along the wall of each side of the trailer. It was neat and clean. There were a few pictures on the the fake wood paneling inside the trailer. There was a computer table and a big TV in front of the couches. Then there was a small hallway that lead to the back of the trailer. There was a glass window that lead out to the back yard. I could see a small swing set and a small 6′ foot plastic pool in the yard.I finally closed the door behind me. I put my doctors bag on the floor. I finally could make out the lady behind the wall. She was about 34 years old. She had long curly blonde hair with dark roots and dark tips on the ends of her hair. I smiled when she turned to face me more. She had on a small pair of white shorts that hugged her thick thighs and very large ass. I gulped when she ran her long pink nails on the front of her pink spaghetti strap half shirt. I could see her round stomach and big belly button. The small shirt barely covered her large breast. I could see a white fishnet shirt under the pink one. She had some white wooden clogs on. Made her look 2 inches taller. She was about 5ft 8 as she then twirled her hair with her nails. She was very voluptuous. I adore bodacious women and she was making my cock get harder”Shelly! The doctor is here. Come on out.” said Mrs. Smith. I waited a second to feel the trailer move again. I looked down the wide hall to see a young girl come out. She had dirty blonde hair. Her hair was in two small pony tails. She was a little shorter than her step Mom. She had a bigger butt, bigger thighs and a huge set of breast. Almost two cup size bigger than her step Mother. They were both hotter than my neighbor and Shelly was ready to burst. I licked my lips as I watched her walk into the kitchen. She was wearing some pink sweat pants that were pulled up to her knees. She had on a big white t-shirt. No shoes. No socks. I could also tell no bra. I was positive she grew out of the ones she had. Her nipples were big under her white shirt. She smiled as she shook my hand with her little hand.”Hi! Doctor! I thought you were going to be a woman Doctor. I’m Shelly. I see you met my step Mom, Anita. Nice to meet you.” said Shelly. “Nice to meet you. Yes! I am the Doctor. I know allot about the female anatomy. Especially the breasts. I’m here to help. I am a breast milk expert. I can help in so many ways. How many more weeks before the baby is due?” I said. “Oh! Days not weeks Doctor. I love to have the baby right now. If I could. My step Mom just had her baby 2 weeks go. It was her first. She is having problems just like me. We both want to breast feed our babies. But we are having problems. My breast are so big. It hurts, to touch them.” said Shelly.”Ok! How about you Mrs. Smith. What is the problem?” I said She paused and looked at me. “Well! Kinda of the same thing. It’s my first. I never took any classes. The nurse at the hospital did not help. I can squirt the milk. But it hurts and sprays every where.” she said. “Is your husband helping? What about the baby Daddy?” I said. “My husband is doing 3-5 in county. He got picked up about a week after I found out I was pregnant. It really doesn’t matter. If he was here he would not help. Plus he does not know his way around the female body. What I enjoy. I like to call him flash. If you know what I mean. Her baby Daddy left her when she got pregnant. She going to raise him by herself now.” said Mrs. Smith. “No boyfriend. Anybody helping?” I said. “No! Just my step Mom.” said Shelly.”When the last time you had sex? Both of you.” I said. “I’m not sure we had sex to conceive the baby.” said Mrs. Smith. “One night! About 9 months ago.” said Shelly. “Ok! Do you both use any kinda of toys to stimulate yourself.” I said. “Little personal there Doctor.” said Mrs. Smith. “Just trying to help. It helps stimulate the breast and your body. Sometime it can induce the baby to be delivered. Plus it just natural to have those feelings.” I said. Both girls smiled. “No!” said Mrs. Smith. “No!” said Shelly.”Next I need to exam both of you. Mrs. Smith lets start with you first. Let me take off my white coat.” I said. I placed the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri white coat on the metal chair next to the small table in the kitchen. Mrs. Smith walked over to me. “Should I take off my top?” she said. “Yes! It’s Ok Shelly you can stay. You can hold you step Mom two shirts. I love the fishnet.” I said with a smile. Mrs Smith smiled. She was now standing only in a pair of small white shorts. Her breast sat high on her chest. She used her big nails on her small hands to hold them up. Each side of her breast ran over her hands dropping down the sides. I brought my big hands down under them to feel them. I started to run my hands all over them. “Does that hurt? No! Good. How about now. Good!” I said. I ran my hands down the sides. Under the bottom again. Over the top. “Next! I will check you nipples. Are they sensitive?” I said. “Yes! Doctor. Your doing a very good job. I am feeling a little flushed.” said Mrs. Smith. Her knees began to shake.”Put your hands down to your side. How does that feel.” I said. I ran my big thumbs over her erect nipples. They were the size of the tip of my small pinkie. “That feels nice.” she said. “Any pain?” I said. “No! That feels very good Doctor.” she moaned. Some warm milk hit the palms of my hands. I rubbed the warm milk into her light skin. “Very good. Ok! Now your turn Shelly. Give your Mom her shirts back and give her your shirt.” I said.Anita moved to my right to let her step Daughter move in front of me. She put her white fishnet shirt back on. Her big nipples fell through the holes and were exposed. I gulped as watched Shelly take her shirt off. Her pink sweat pants were rolled down under her belly. Her big belly was exposed. I shook my head. Her breast were the biggest I had seen. Her nipples the size of my thumb. Her aeroles were dark and puffy. Her skin was slightly tan. Her step Mom even gasped at the size of her step Daughter. “Shelly you have grown some since I last saw you. Don’t be shy Doctor.” said Anita. I gulped again.My two hands moved under Shelly big breast. She moved her head so her blonde pony tails moved back and forth. I had not even touched her nipples and she was moaning softly. I felt a big spurt of milk from her nipples on my forearm and wrist. I looked down to see she had spurted her hot milk on my skin. I smiled as I picked up her two huge beach ball size breast in my hands. I let them fall. “Wham! Wham! Her big breast shot some more milk on my arms. I then moved my hands down the big sides. I ran my hands under and over them. “Does that hurt? Anything tender or hard?” I said. Beside me, I thought. I could feel my cock was ready to exploded out my scrubs. “No! Doctor! It feels very nice. I like what your are doing. Most men run when I take off my shirt. The baby Daddy was drunk and passed out. I just got on top for a second.” Shelly giggled.”How do your breast feel now Mrs. Smith? Been a few minutes.” I said. I was holding her step Daughters big breast. “Little hard. Little puffy in the front.” she said. “I was afraid of that. How about you Shelly?” I said. “About the same.” said Shelly. “You both stay here. Let me get something out of my bag.” I said. I walked back to my doctor bag. I reached into to get some baby oil. I had a big bottle in my right hand. I looked back to see both girls looking over there shoulders. Mrs. Smith white pair of shorts was wedged in her big ass. Shelly pink sweat pants were rolled down almost showing off her big ass that was trying to escape. I could see both were not wearing underwear. I walked passed them. I turned to stand in front of them.”Ok! Mrs. Smith your first. Hold out your hands. Shelly please watch.” I said. Shelly eyes followed the baby oil onto her step Mom’s hands. I then pour some oil on Mrs. Smith large breast. The oil dripped down between her big cleavage. Some went don to over her big belly onto the floor. I then put the bottle down on the table behind me. I started to rub the oil all over Mrs. Smith big breast. I ran my hands under, over and down the sides. I really began to rub her big nipples making a little warm milk come out. She moaned and dropped her head back. Some of her hair stuck to the oil on her neck. I started to tug on her nipples making more milk come out. “Oh! Doctor Kelly that feels really nice.” said Mrs. Smith. “Do you feel any pain? How do they feel?” I said. I released her breast causing them to splash on her chest. She used her long nails on her breast. Moving the oil off them onto the floor. She crooked her right finger and stuck it in her mouth.”Ok! Now its your turn Shelly. Maybe I will have you sit down in the chair. That it face me and your step Mom. Mom go to the other side. Right next to Shelly left arm. I might need your help with her. Shelly breast are so large. I will massage this side and you help on the other. Shelly relax.” I said. Mrs. Smith leaned over her step daughter. Her big oily tits dripped on Shelly’s huge breast. I then picked up the baby oil from the table. I began to pour some on Shelly big breast. Shelly put her hands under her breast. Mrs. Smith did not waste anytime and was rubbing the oil in her step daughter breast. I then started on her step daughter other breast. Shelly put her head back as she enjoyed her double breast massage. I really began to push her breast together. Mrs. Smith put her hands between Shelly breast. She pulled them out making a big oil bubble on her daughter chest. I smiled.”How do they feel Shelly? Are you in any pain? How are they?” I said. I looked in Mrs. Smith bright green eyes. She looked back in my blue eyes. I gulped when Shelly voice cracked. “Oh! They feel wonderful. I never had them massaged liked this before. They have grown so much since I got pregnant. I always admire my step Mom breast. Now mine are bigger.” she moaned. “God! Shelly! Your breasts are so big. Your nipples are huge. I can barely lift them.” said her Step Mom. “Ok! Now lets try to stimulate her nipples. Use two fingers at the base. Run them out. Tugging on them. That is really good Mrs. Smith. I see some milk coming out. Shelly your Mom milking you. Can you feel her? Look at your breast.” I said. Her big nipples open up causing some big spurts onto her belly and over my fingers. I watched as Mrs. Smith really tugged on her step Daughters nipples.”Ok! I need to check your milk now girls. Mrs. Smith lean over. Now hold them up for me. I will get a sample. Squeeze some in my hand. Now some in yours. Take a sip. Oh! That is really good. Nice and healthy.” I said. “That is nice Doctor Kelly.” said Mrs. Smith. “Do you want some Shelly? Maybe just a little taste. Gently lick my fingers. Oh! That is nice.” I said. My cock was semi hard before. It was rock hard now as both girls nipples dripped. The front of my scrubs were sticking straight out.”Now! Let’s try some from Shelly. OK! Mrs. Smith get some from your side. I will get some from mine. Here you go Shelly. Oh! Another healthy sample. Both of you taste just perfect. No troubles now. How does she taste Mrs. Smith?” I said. “Very nice. Little more sweeter than me. Shelly how is it?” said her step Mom. “Mmmmm… very nice. Let me taste yours again Mom.” said Shelly. She leaned up to cup her Mom big left breast. She shot some warm milk in her mouth. “I can taste the difference. My is a little sweeter. Taste good from the tap.” Shelly giggled. God these two were making my head spin. They both tasted each other breast milk in front of me.”Doctor Kelly. I am starting to feel weird down there.” she pointed to her pussy. “Ummm…its just natural. Everyone gets those feeling.” I said. “Doctor! Maybe you check Shelly. Make sure she is ok.” said Mrs. Smith. “Ok! Help me take off her sweat pants. Lift yourself up Shelly. That it Mrs. Smith grab one side and pull down. Grab both legs and pull them off. “Shelly! Your not wearing any underwear.” said her step Mom loudly. I gulped to see her big blonde hairy bush. Her two big cunt lips stuck out and matted down some wet hairs. She was very wet. “What? Like you wear any either Anita. I see your fat ass hanging out all the time around here.” said Shelly. “Now girls. mobilbahis Its only natural. I know it feels better when your pregnant.” I said.”Is your pussy tingling???? … It looks very natural and wet.” I said. “Yes!” said Shelly. I looked down at her pussy again. She had moved her legs open. Her breast fell down the side of her chest. Her step Mom was still massaging her Daughter breast as I check both of them out. My hard cock shifted in my scrubs. I slowly reached down to her belly. I ran my hands over it. “Tell me if anything hurts.” I said. I then pushed under her big belly. She moved her legs open farther. I ran my hands down her big thick thighs. Mrs. Smith’s eyes followed my hands. I then started to push on the outside of Shelly big blonde bush. I moved some of her big hairs in my fingers. She still had said nothing. I looked over at her step Mom who was now pinching her nipples and sending warm milk on her Daughter.”Ok! Everything looks good. Now I am just going to touch inside. I will go slow. Let me know if it hurts.” I said. I gulped. Shelly bit her lower lip. Mrs. Smith gripped her step Daughter big left nipple. I gently moved my index finger up her big bush. I touched her soft right cunt lip. I then touched her left cunt lip. I gentle ran my finger back and forth very slow. I heard Anita sigh. I heard Shelly moan softly. I then pushed my the tip of my index finger in her wet pussy. I started to slowly move it around. Her pussy muscles were milking my finger. I pulled my finger out after ten minutes. It was very wet. She had not had an orgasm from me. I stopped her from cumming in front of her step Mom. I did not want to blow my ultimate goal.I looked up at Shelly eyes. They were closed as she bite her lips. I saw Mrs. Smith looking down at me. I moved back up leaving my finger on Shelly pussy lips. I started to tug on Shelly nipples causing them to spurt milk on the back of my hand. I then cupped her pussy and aimed her nipples at Mrs. Smith hand. She sighed again. I then saw Mrs. Smith stand up. I stood up next and looked down at both of them. “What’s wrong Mrs. Smith?” I said. “Sorry! I was getting a little warm down there myself. Watching what your doing to Shelly. I know your a Doctor and just trying to help her. But I am starting to get wet.” said Mrs. Smith.I smiled. “It’s perfectly natural. It’s Ok Anita. Lean over and let me feel your breast again. Let me exam them again. Tell me how this feels.” I said. I reached over to massage her big breast. Her nipples started to drip milk on Shelly face. She opened her eyes to look up. She moved her hands down her breast. She then touched her belly. She could not touch her exposed pussy. Her belly was blocking her finger access. I smiled when I felt Shelly hand touch my right leg. She then touched my other leg. She ran her hands around my muscular calves. She look at her step Mom dripping on her face. “That is some view Doctor. I think your helping my step Mom. I never heard her breath like that before.” said Shelly.I gripped Anita big nipples causing her to moan very loudly. I then thought I smelled a different aroma in the trailer. I watched as Anita shook her big ass inside her small white shorts. “Mom! The front of your shorts are stained. There a big spot in front of them.” giggled Shelly. “Shhhh!! Shelly!!! Let Doctor Kelly do his magic. I’m so sorry Doctor.” said Shelly step Mom. “Its only natural. It’s been awhile for each one of you.” I said.I looked down when I felt Shelly hand run up my inner thigh. She was going to touch my cock in just a second. I did not want to stop her. I needed someone to free my cock. It was now or never. I then felt her hand rub on the outside of my scrubs just over my hard cock. She moved her other hand to push down the other side of my cock. “Damn! Doctor Kelly. Are you happy to see us??? or is that a night stick in your pocket??” Shelly screamed. Anita moved back and my hands fell off her her big breast. She looked at the front of my scrubs. “Shelly that is not a night stick.” said Anita. “Maybe we should stop girls?” I said.”I don’t think so Doctor Kelly. You have seen my Step Mom and Me. I think its just fair we see you.” said Shelly. I did not move. I stood there with my hands down my side. Shelly leaned over and pull down the front of my scrubs. The bottom of my scrubs were around my knees. My 9 3/4 inch cock sprang out almost hitting her nose. She gasped. Her step Mom moaned. “Oh!! My!! God. Doctor Kelly you have been a bad boy.” said Mrs. Smith. I looked down at my cock. There was a big drop of pre-cum on the tip. I watched as Mrs. Smith was now next to my right side. She reached down to put her hand on my cock. She had to move her step Daughter hands off. I then felt her free hand on my ass. She squeezed my ass as she fed my cock into Shelly mouth. Shelly licked the tip of my cock. She moved the pre-cum off in one lick. I then felt her small hands on my big hairless balls. I turned my head to kiss Mrs. Smith. Her big breast were pressed against my side.Mrs. Smith pulled off our kiss. She then pulled my top off over my head. I still had on my white wife beater as she ran her hands under it. She ran her long nails down my bare chest and abs. I then felt Shelly hands on my abs. She ran her small hands up my chest. I gasped when I felt half my cock down Shelly throat. She was gasping for air as she deep throated my cock. Mrs. Smith moaned in my ear as she kissed my neck. I then started to grope her big breast in my hands. Some of her hot milk hit my wife beater. I then felt the wife beater being pulled over my head. Again they both gasped as they saw my bare chest and abs. I smiled when they stopped and checked me out.A minute later I moved my hips forward causing Shelly to move my cock inside her hot mouth. She was licking around the tip. Then down the bottom of my shaft with her tongue and teeth. I then reached down Mrs. Smith big ass. I reached under her belly to open her white shorts. I had a hard time with the big gold button. “Here let me get that. Get back to milking my breast.” said Mrs. Smith. I then heard her white shorts fall on the kitchen floor. I dropped my hand back down to her big ass. I cupped her big left ass cheek. She moaned again. I got one finger inside her butt crack. I was playing with her ass. We both turned when Shelly spit out my cock. A big huge wad of saliva hit her breast. She gasped for air. “Fuck!! I usually can get a boy to cum already.” yelled Shelly. “Let me try honey.” said Shelly step Mom.The girls switched positions. I felt Mrs. Smith sucking my cock. She ran her long nails all over my cock and under my balls. She ran one nail the length of my ass as she had more of my cock in her mouth than Shelly. I then turned to my left to greet Shelly. We started to kiss. I wrapped my hands around one of her huge breast. I pulled her big nipple to my mouth. I bite down hard causing her to moan. Mrs. Smith dropped my cock when she heard her step Daughter scream. “Damn! Shelly.” she screamed. I gulped again when I felt Shelly warm breast milk in my mouth. I started to lick her nipple faster. Shelly dropped her hands down to her side. She could not get her fingers inside her pussy. Her belly hung to low. She shook her ass as I gripped her big fat tits. She turned to see her step Mom finally get all 9 3/4 inches of my cock in her mouth. “Damn!!! Anita! You go girl. Fuck! You swallowed that horse cock.” yelled Shelly.After twenty minutes of the best cock sucking I had in sometime. I moved Shelly down on her knees. They both took of the bottom of my scrubs. I was now completely naked in the kitchen. I pulled Mrs. Smith off the chair onto the floor. I reached down to fuck Mrs. Smith breast. She placed my cock between her large cleavage. Shelly spit in between her Mom’s big breast. I aimed her breast milk at my cock. It was so hot on my cock. Between Mrs. Smith warm cleavage and both girls breast milk. My knees began to shake. Mrs. Smith started to jack my cock. Both girls opened there mouths. I grabbed my cock and jacked it one time. “MMMMMMmmmmm!!!!!!!” both girls said. I started to cum on both of there big breast. güvenilir bahis siteleri Mrs. Smith jacked my cock into her step Daughters mouth. Shelly moved my cock into her Step Mom mouth. Both girls licked my cock cleaned.After a few minutes I helped both girls onto there feet. Mrs. Smith grabbed a drink from the fridge. A big glass of fruit punch. Both her and Shelly drank some. I grabbed some water. Next Mrs. Smith grabbed my hand. She walked me over to the couch. “I hope you got some more in those big balls of yours Doctor. It’s been over 9 months since I fucked.” said Mrs. Smith. She pushed me on the couch. I moved to the edge so my cock could stand straight up. She licked her fingers and fingered her bald pussy.She was the exact opposite of Shelly pussy. Her big cunt lips spread apart as they slid down my cock. Shelly stood next to the couch to watch her step Mom fuck me. I reached up to massage Mrs. Smith big breast as they bounced on her chest. The couch was making all sorts of noises. The trailer moved each time Anita slammed her pussy on my cock. I gripped her big ass pulling her tighter. She had just given birth but her pussy had already tighten back up. “God you so big Doctor. Twice the size of Shelly Dad if not more. I might not go see him in jail if you keep this up.” moaned Mrs. Smith. I turned to see Shelly smile. She was still trying to touch her hairy pussy. I motion for her to sit down next to me on the couch.She walked around her step Mom. She put her knees down next to my hip. I moved her big fat thighs apart. I slipped my hand under her matted down pussy hairs. She gasped when she felt my index finger on her fat pussy lips. Mrs. Smith did not miss a beat fucking my cock. She motion for Shelly to suck her breast. Shelly latched onto her step Mom nipples. I was sucking on Shelly big breast. Shelly mouth was over flowing onto my stomach as her Mom milk fell out her mouth. I finally got Shelly breast to open up. She looked down with her eyes to see my mouth full of her milk. We both smiled. Mrs. Smith was grunting now. I then felt her first orgasm on my cock. “I’m cumming Doctor. Your making me cum. FUCK!!!!!!!!!” she screamed. I then felt a big rush of Anita wetness on my cock. My cock was on fire.Mrs. Smith slowed down for a second. Then she really started to fuck me harder. She moved Shelly off her breast. She put her hands around my neck. I was sucking her big breast as I also fingered Shelly. I could feel Mrs. Smith whole body on mine. She had moved her feet onto my knees. She was really fucking me hard. I reached around to put my finger in her ass. She screamed and had another big orgasm on my cock. Shelly tensed up and had her first orgasm on my finger. I pushed another finger deep inside her as her Step Mom fucked me inches from her. Both girls moaned. The trailer smelled of sex. After thirty minutes I tensed up with Mrs. Smith still on my cock. She put all her weight on me as I began to fill her up. She whispered in my ear to keep cumming deep inside her. After ten minutes my cock finally fell out her tight pussy. I could feel the cold air on the tip. I kissed Mrs. Smith as she fell off me onto the couch.Both girls were on there knees looking down at my semi erect cock. I was ready for more. Mrs. Smith leaned down to lick of her juices from my cock. I was hard once again as she spit me out for her step Daughter. “Your turn Shelly.” said her step Mom. I got off the couch. Both girls groped and pinched my ass. Anita reached under to stroke my cock and play with my balls. “Doctor. You have some big balls. Damn!” both girls moaned. I turned to face them. My cock was sticking straight out. It was dripping onto the shag carpet under my feet.I gently moved Shelly on her right side facing the end of the couch. I sat down moving Mrs. Smith behind me. She laid her big breast on my arm as she looked over at me entering her step Daughter wet pussy. I looked over Shelly shoulder at her big breast on top of each other. I felt Mrs. Smith hands on my ass as she pushed my hips forward. I slowly enter Shelly hot pussy. Her pussy muscles eased as I slid my big cock deeper inside her. She was breathing heavy as I fucked her harder. I grabbed her big hips forcing more of my cock inside her. “Yes! Yes! Faster! Faster! Doctor Kelly!!!” she screamed. I really began to fuck her from behind. Mrs. Smith was dropping her big breast on my arm. She then shot a big drop of milk on my abs. I felt the warm milk drop down my abs onto her step Daughter ass. I pulled my cock out slow. There was a big trail of wetness from Shelly pussy. “God! Shelly your really wet honey. Look at the Doctor big cock.” said Shelly Step Mom.I looked down to see my hard cock was coated. I plunged it back in making a big loud wet noise. I started to fuck Shelly more harder. The couch was shaking. The trailer was shaking. I was loving every second of it. I finally put my hands under and over Shelly breast. I was really man handling her breast. Shelly started to shoot some more milk from them. I then felt Mrs. Smith hand on her pussy. A few minutes later she fell on my arm. Her pussy quaked and sprayed on my back. I plunged my cock all the way inside Shelly. She screamed. She started to orgasm. “Ahhhhhh!” I yelled. A minute later my cock exploded deep inside Shelly pussy. A few minutes later I pulled my cock out of Shelly. I rolled over on the couch. Shelly got on the floor between my legs to clean my cock off. She then smiled at her Step Mom.Both girls grabbed my hand and took me into Shelly big pink bed room. I saw the crib for the first time. They threw me on Shelly big bed. Then they laid down next to me. They put there big breast on my chest. “What’s wrong Doctor Kelly? Did you not have fun?” said Shelly. “Oh! I had fun. You both are so hot and sexy. Your my fantasy. But there one problem.” I said. “What’s is it Doc?” said Mrs. Smith. “I’m not a Doctor. I did go to school. But I did not graduate.” I said. “Oh!” said both girls at the same time. “I’m sorry I lied to you both.” I said.”It’s Ok! Doctor Kelly!” said Shelly. “Your secret safe with us. Of course we have a big secret to tell you.” said Mrs. Smith. “Yeah! Were not Step Mom and Step Daughter. She actually my real Mom.” said Shelly. “It’s true! Shelly my real Daughter.” said Mrs. Smith. My mouth dropped open. “My dad still in jail. The baby Daddy did leave me. He could not keep up with both of us. We both have a big sex drive.” said Shelly. “My husband went to jail because he could not handle me. Her boyfriend left shortly after he went to jail. We wore him out from being horny all the time. Being Pregnant makes you really horny. Doctor Kelly.” said Mrs. Smith.About a week later Shelly had a baby boy. I moved into the back bedroom with Mrs. Smith. Shelly watches both k**s in her room. They take turns milking my cock night and day. I take turn milking there big breast. I took Mrs. Smith down to the jail. Her husband was denied parole. Mrs. Smith told the parole board he need more time to get better. You know with the new baby being at home in the trailer. Shelly is all smiles. She found my Doctor bag with all the adult toys. She likes to use them when no ones at home. I had to stop and pick up some more batteries on the way home last night.Your probably wondering if I retired my Doctor scrubs. Well! Almost! It seems there are allot of single pregnant Mothers in the trailer park. I have been going door to door. Making trailer calls. I bought Mrs. Smith and Shelly a nurse outfit for them to wear. They like to play along and have fun. Plus they have a craving for breast milk now. Tonight there going to try to use a strap on and feel what it like to fuck a horny pregnant girl.I quit my job. I started a new milk service. We ship Shelly and Anita breast milk all over the world. It seems they can’t keep up with demand. I bought a huge milking machine for both of them. I found out if they are stimulated just right they can produce more breast milk. “Hi Girls!” I said as I walked in on them. Shelly is sitting down on one chair. Her real Mom Anita is on another chair in front of her. There both facing each other. I can hear the milk machine. There is four big suction cups on there huge breast. They found my huge pink double ended dildo. There using it on each other as the machine milks them. My cock is in Shelly mouth. I’m looking at her Mom. I’m no Breast Milk Expert. But I do play one on TV.Love,Buckxoox

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