Eating Out and Staying In

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Eating Out and Staying InThe night was a rainy one, perfect for staying in and relaxing by the tv. Anna and her fiance Jared planned to do just that. They’d ordered takeout and were now taking it easy on the couch, Jared’s head was in Anna’s lap while the latter fed lo mein to the both of them. It was a peaceful night. A good session of spending some loving time together. Anna’s favorite show was on, neither of them had work tomorrow, and they were in their comfortable pajamas. Nothing could make the night better. Well, maybe one thing could.Anna’s gaze was fixed on the tv, her hand in Jared’s curly brown hair playing with the thick locks. She loved to do this. Her mind was on a wonderful evening ahead of them, but Jared’s mind was on other things. His head on her lap put him awfully close to one of his favorite places on her. She was so soft and plump, perfect for laying on. The silky skin of her exposed and milky thighs under his cheek was giving him some ideas. He ran his hand up her thigh and brushed the hem of her light blue shorts. She ran her hand through his hair more deeply, a smile growing on her face.That was a good sign. Jared took that as a signal to keep going. He moved his long fingers further up her shorts, stroking her leg just barely with the tips of his fingers. A wry grin took over Jared’s face and he moved his face further down, trailing soft kisses along her skin. His other hand, which was wrapped around her waist, squeezed at her side. Anna’s smile grew wider. The fabric of her white tank top was so sheer he could see the dark outlines of her nipples through it. He wondered if he could get them hard before she realized what he was doing.Jared squeezed softly at her waist, stroking her body lovingly while showering her with more and more frequent kisses. His face moved to rest directly above her mound and he looked up at her questioningly- almost pleadingly. That was the ticket. Her nipples began to harden beneath her shirt, poking out and almost teasing him. Desire filled Jared’s brown eyes. “What?” Anna asked, clearly confused. She leaned down and pulled his face up to kiss her lips. And then while his mouth was free, Anna took the chopsticks and fed her fiance another bite of lo mein. It tasted good, but not as good as what he wanted would. “Y’know… I like Chinese and all, but I think there’s something I’d rather be eating.” He said in a teasing tone and Anna’s face flushed red.”And what would that be?” asked Anna, but judging by her expression she was already forming an idea.”You.” Jared answered simply, moving his free hand to grasp her mound through her shorts. Anna gasped, tightening her legs around her hand and biting her lip. Jared knew how much she loved that. She’d told him time and time again how good fabric felt when she wasn’t wearing any underwear- especially when pressure was applied. Masturbating by rubbing herself through her shorts was the only way she could get off by herself she’d once confessed to him. He planned to use that to his advantage. He uncurled his other arm from her waist and moved to get more comfortable. He got off the couch and moved to kneel between her legs, which he adjusted to rest on top of his shoulders.Palming her pussy through her thin shorts, Jared kissed up and down her thighs. Anna squirmed under his touch and let out little squeaks and faint moans. Jared loved those noises. They meant that he was doing his job. He rubbed in large circles, kaçak bahis up and down, and side to side. She liked the circles the most if her noises were any indication, so after cycling through the three Jared went back to circles, slowly tightening the circles and pressing down harder as he went. “O-Oh wow-” Anna gasped, reaching down to twine her fingers in his hair.Suddenly Jared removed his hand. Anna let out a whine of protest, but Jared quickly replaced it with his mouth. “God…” Anna moaned as Jared lightly kissed her slit through her now damp shorts. He started off gentle, kissing up and down her slit before settling in on where he knew her clit would be. The kisses slowly grew more and more open-mouthed as her shorts got wetter and wetter until he was practically eating her out through her shorts. Anna was a writhing mess, both hands pulling on his hair now. She spread her legs wider and Jared took that as an invitation to pull her shorts to the side.There it was. Her soft, pink, twitching pussy. It had already been spread by his tongue work and was just begging to be touched. It was silky and smooth, a small patch of hair just above her clit. Already wet from his mouth and her own arousal it glimmered under the dim light of the television. Jared looked up at Anna as if for permission. “Please…” Anna whispered and stroked his cheek, blue eyes dark with desire. That was what he needed to give her what she needed.Jared set to work. Gently- just barely touching- he dragged his tongue slowly up her outer lips. He went back down and then up again- not diving in yet, not touching her clit. Just getting her worked up and ready for him. Anna ran one of her hands through his hair and then grabbed tight at the base, pushing Jared’s face deep into her slit. That was unexpected, but not unwelcome. Jared made the most of the situation and began to toy her inner lips with his tongue, swirling and stroking her hole but not quite diving in yet. He wanted to savor this. Her tastes were delicious and as he’d expected, much, much more satisfying than take-out. The taste drove him crazy and made him want to just go to town on her. A tent was already prominent in his own pajama pants. But he was pleasing her right now- he could get his own release afterward.Burying his face in her soft pussy, Jared swiftly licked her hole. She gasped and her pussy throbbed under his touch, begging for something larger. Not yet. He dipped his tongue in and out and slid it up and down her pulsing hole, getting her nice and ready for him to take care of that pretty hard clit. He moved upwards then, looking up at Anna for a brief moment and licking his lips. Anna’s face flushed even redder than it had already been and she covered her mouth with her other hand- half out of embarrassment and half to stifle her moans.Her clit was ready for him. It was begging to be sucked, swollen and hard with arousal. He loved this part. Jared suctioned his mouth securely around her clit and began to suck. Anna gasped and squeezed her legs around his head, breaths coming in short moans. He loved the feeling of security that that gave him. Like he was really doing a good job- like she wanted him down there. It was his duty to please his fiance and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to do it. He sucked the little nub softly at first, giving her a rhythm to work with as she ground against his face. And then harder. Faster. Anna was a writhing mess under güvenilir bahis his tongue by the time he was done sucking. Loosening his grip on her clit, Jared squeezed Anna’s thighs with both of his hands and began to swirl his tongue around the bead of pleasure. Large circles and then tighter and tighter ones until he was flicking her clit back and forth with his tongue. “That’s so good Jared…” Anna whimpered. Her voice was breathy and high. He continued to lick her clit, altering his patterns until he knew what felt good for her. She seemed to like a side to side motion the best. He flicked the bean back and forth feeling her grow wetter and wetter with every lick. Now he could involve something else. She was ready.Removing one hand from her soft thigh, he leaned back and used it to gently stroke her warm slit. She shivered. He prodded her hole gently, feeling around to make sure that Anna was aroused enough for what was to come. She was. Her hole pulsed under his touch begging to be entered. He would do just that. Jared carefully slid his middle finger into her hole. Anna gasped and Jared looked up only to find her grinning like crazy, face alight with ecstasy. Jared slid his finger deeper until it was as far as it would go, feeling her silky walls stretch around his strong hand. They were so soft and wet- god his cock would love to just bury itself deep in that hole and blow its load… Patience Jared. He slid that single finger in and out of her at a decent pace. It curled upward in a ‘come hither’ motion that wetted Anna’s depths more and more with each pump. Soon he added another finger. It slid into her warm softness with ease. Anna curled her toes over his shoulders and pulled his hair, whimpering as he pumped faster and faster at a steady rhythm. He loved the feeling of her walls tightening around him. The noises that she made and the silkiness of her pussy against his hand were already bringing precum to bead at the tip of his cock. It leaked through his plaid pajama pants in a dark spot while his cock throbbed and strained against the soft fabric. He wanted her. He needed her.But first… He wanted to give her something that Jared knew Anna loved. He dipped his head low and began to lap at her clit. He quickly suctioned on and sucked sharp and hard, eliciting a cry of ecstasy from his fiance. He pumped faster and faster with his fingers as he sucked and swirled his tongue around her pleasure center, curling upwards more and more. Her pussy pulsed around his soaked fingers and Anna pulled hard at his scalp with one hand, grasping one of her large breasts with the other. “O-Oh Jared it’s too much!” She cried out and began to shake. That was it… Just a little more… He looked up at his beautiful wife to be and could barely resist stopping his sucking to smile. Her hair had fallen into her flushed face and she was biting her lip. Her full chest heaved with every breath and her thick thighs squeezed his head. Her soft stomach jiggled as he fingered her and for once, Anna was having too much fun to cover herself or be self conscious. She was stunning. More precum dribbled from the head of Jared’s cock and he had to resist reaching down to squeeze out his load.”Jared… Jared… JARED!” Anna screamed just as a crack of thunder sounded outside. She shook hard and fast, squeezing her fiance’s head in her thighs so hard he thought she might crush it. That would have been the perfect bahis siteleri way to die. Creamy white squeezed its way out of Anna’s pussy and around his hand. Jared always knew just how to make her cream. But now he couldn’t take it anymore. It was time for her to take his cream. Pulling his head back, he removed his hand from his shaking fiance and licked his fingers. They tasted so sweet and tangy- just perfect. Anna opened her eyes and looked down at him with desire dark in her gaze. An embarrassed smile fluttered across her face. She breathed hard as she removed her hand from his hair, reaching up to squeeze both of her nipples through her shirt. She wanted him just as badly as he wanted her.In one quick swoop, Jared slid her shorts off. He pulled his own long pants down to his knees, and without any boxers to keep him down, his lengthy cock was freed. It was girthy and rock hard, head red and shiny with precum. He wouldn’t even bother with the condom. He knew that Anna didn’t want him to anyways. She loved the feeling of his raw cock buried deep inside her stretching her walls and pushing all the way to the back. “I need you, please.” She breathed. That was what he’d wanted to hear.Jared positioned the head of his cock at her entrance. It was so soft and wet that it slid in without any trouble at all. Jared pushed his way to the back in one quick swoop, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from Anna. Oh god that felt amazing. She was already stretched to perfection from his handy fingerwork, but not so much that she gaped around his cock. She was still perfectly tight around his girth. Jared loved every inch of it. Wrapping his arms around his thighs from where he kneeled, Jared began pounding in and out of her mercilessly. There was no wait, no hesitation. Her pussy was creamy and lubed up for him, just begging to be filled. “Don’t hold back, oh god don’t hold back. I want to feel your load.” Anna cried through gritted teeth as she dug her fingers into his shoulders. When she said things like that it made it impossible to hold back even if he’d wanted to.His thrusts were impossibly fast. He was like a jackhammer pounding her slick hole slamming into the back every damn time. He’d been close before he’d even put it in her, but now… Well, she’d given him permission not to hold back. Gritting his teeth Jared groaned deeply. Anna scratched at his shoulders and pulled him deeper and deeper. He couldn’t take it. He had to blow. He didn’t give her any warning. Jared just sped up and up, cock throbbing and getting harder with every push until the cream that surrounded his length was too much for him to handle. Cum shot from his slit like a canon, burying itself in thick ropes at the back of Anna’s pussy. He let out a deep groan as his cock twitched and spurted inside of his fiance. It felt so good. No, it felt better than good, it felt fucking amazing. Like all of the tension in the world was just being drained out of him by his dick. He didn’t stop thrusting as he came. He fucked his cum deep into Anna’s hole, mixing it with her cream in a fluffy white pie. He grabbed at her ass and doubled over, squeezing hard and burying his face in her stomach.”Your pussy tastes so much better than take out.” He breathed hard, looking up at her after a moment’s breath through curly bangs. Anna grinned back down at him through half-lidded eyes.”Your cum makes me feel a lot fuller too.” She said simply, brushing his hair out of his eyes lovingly with a playful glint in her eye. This moment was perfect. Rain poured down outside, the tv was a soft blare in the background, and the scents of Chinese food and sex mingled in the air. Who said you couldn’t eat out while staying in?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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