Enslaved Chapter 67

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Enslaved Chapter 67“Nothing much seems to change aboard the ‘Paradise’,” remarked Quentin affably. It was the following morning and he was relaxing in the small upper sun-deck used by guests. He was addressing a rather pale-faced man of about forty who sat alongside him. Madame Vesta had hinted he was a member of the British aristocracy but was using the name of Rodney Smith. He was it seemed, thinking of consigning his young wife to the vessel.“I wouldn’t know,” came the answer, “this is my first visit.”Quentin was aware of that but wished to show he was something of an ‘old hand’. “Takes a bit of getting used to at first, doesn’t it?”“It certainly does,” agreed Rodney.“I always remember the first time I came up here,” continued Quentin, “and was quite startled to seek a naked woman scrubbing the deck. Just like that one is now, it seems to be a morning ritual for them, or sometimes two.”“It shook me a bit, too,” admitted Rodney.“That one belongs to me,” said Quentin almost proudly. For it was Simone who was on her hands and knees, scrubbing without pause. Two red swatches decorated her bottom but he reckoned there would be several more before her task was done. Simone was not exactly used to heavy toil.“Oh really?” said Rodney. He picked up his opera glasses and focused them on the distant figure.“Nice backside, eh?” said Quentin.“Superb,” replied Rodney. “Quite a mature woman, I would say.”“Thirty. She’s a French woman… and a rather upper-bracket one. Very hoity-toity. I had a lot of fun taming her.”“You mean… er… you mean… you did it yourself?” asked the Englishman. “It wasn’t done on the ‘Paradise’?”“No, I did it myself. With the help of a few assistants.” He wasn’t going into details.“Amazing,” breathed Rodney, still looking through his glasses. “You must be very well organised.”“I am,” agreed Quentin in an off-hand way. “I’ve had a gold chain put on her… so you can have her whenever you like.”“Mmmm… I might well do that,” said Rodney. “I like my women a little on the Junoesque side.”“She’s got lovely big tits. Like three-quarter melons.”“I can’t quite see them from this angle, so I’ll take your word for it. Her hind quarters are certainly splendid. I won’t ask you how you came across her… and… and arranged it all.”“Best not,” said Quentin. “The least said about such things the better. I believe you’re sending your wife here.”“Yes, I’ve more or less made up my mind…”Quentin grinned. “I can recommend it. Does wonders for them.”“I can imagine…”At that point Julia came up on the deck, looking very pretty in a plain white summer dress edged with pink ribbon, with white k** shoes to match. Rodney stood up, Quentin did not.“This is my companion, Miss Julia Chant,” he said. “Shortly to become my wife, I hope.”Julia smiled modestly and allowed a bowing Rodney to kiss her hand. “You are a lucky man, Quentin,” he said.“I agree,” nodded Quentin. “How’s Melissa, Julia?”“Well, last night she had a very sore bottom. I imagine she has recovered a little by now.”“Melissa is Julia’s personal slave,” explained Quentin.“You mean you keep her at your home… like that woman down there?”“That’s correct,” smiled Quentin. It was amusing to keep surprising this rather naive Englishman.“Any plans, Julia? For Melissa, I mean?”“A few,” said Julia. She pointed to the distant foredeck. “Very shortly you will see an adjustable pillory being erected there. Melissa is going to spend eight hours a day in it. And a lot of the time she will be servicing the deck hands. I understand their number has now been increased to ten.”“Well,” laughed Quentin, “they should keep her happily amused!”Rodney Smith raised his eyebrows. He could scarcely believe he had heard the words which had come from this mild-mannered pretty young woman. “Y-you… mean… you mean…” he began.“I mean,” said Julia in a voice which had a sudden sharp edge to it, “that I am going to have Melissa fucked to a standstill while she is on this trip with us.”Quentin coughed. “There are rather special circumstances,” he said to an even more startled Rodney. “I won’t burden you with the details.”“No, no, it is your affair of course,” he said hastily. But that he was brooding on what had been said was evident.Quentin saw Miss Judith come up on deck and picked up his pair of opera glasses. As on the day before she was garbed in a bikini-style outfit. This time in white with thigh-length white boots. She made her way unhurriedly to Simone who, not unnaturally, seemed to start scrubbing even more energetically. However, that did not save her. Miss Judith said something, then pointed along the deck. The strap swung and landed across Simone’s ample rump. A fraction of a second later the sound of it – and Simone’s gasping cry – reached them, whilst she squirmed along the deck in pain. Obviously Miss Judith was dissatisfied with the work in progress. A second stroke fell across that juddering, twisting bottom before the overseer moved off along the deck. Another wailing cry, then Simone forced herself up and resumed her scrubbing.“They don’t spare them here, do they?” said Rodney, almost a shade nervously it seemed.“They do not,” answered Julia emphatically. And who, though Rodney would never be aware of it, could know better than she!“Not getting cold feet, are you?” enquired Quentin. “About your wife, I mean?”“I’m not sure she could stand up to it…”Julia laughed. “Oh my dear man, you’d be surprised! Oh yes, you’d be surprised what a woman can stand. Or be made to stand!”“She certainly deserves it,” said Rodney, tight-lipped.“Unfaithful?” asked Quentin. Rodney nodded. “Then don’t hesitate,” advised the ‘old hand’.“Just think how nice it will be when you have her coming crawling to you. Begging.”Rodney’s hand shook a little as he put down his opera glasses. “Yes,” he said. “It is certainly very good to think on those lines.”Julia kaçak bahis tapped Quentin’s knee. “They’ve started,” she said.On the foredeck Ahmed and Jason could be seen putting up a pillory. “I think I’ll go down and let Melissa know what’s in store for her.” She got up and went down the companion-way.“Attractive woman, that,” remarked Rodney. “But tough.”“Very, on both counts,” agreed Quentin. Yes, he reflected. Julia was tough when taking it and tough when it came to dishing it out!“Like a drink?”“Why not?”Quentin snapped his fingers and from the back of the deck a young, fair-haired slave-girl came forward. She wore the customary rings through nose and nipples. Her waist chain was of silver. “Master?” she enquired, curtseying. Quentin scarcely noticed her. When you had Carlotta, what more did you want?“Gin and tonic. A large one with lots of ice.”“Yes, Master.”“And I’ll have a dry sherry. Chilled.”“Yes, Master.”“Pretty little thing,” said Rodney.“Oh, I didn’t notice.”Within a minute the girl was back with their drinks. Casually Quentin fondled her tight-rounded bottom as she stood alongside him. But he did not even bother to look at her.“Cheers… as you English say.”“Cheers,” responded Rodney Smith.Contentedly the two men sipped their drinks and, from time to time, savoured the spectacle of Simone sweating her guts out on the deck below.Julia obtained the key of Melissa’s cell-cabin and went below. Excitement bubbled within her, the pleasures of power were indeed heady!Opening the door, Julia was momentarily surprised to see that Melissa was not alone. In fact, she was being fucked by the Norwegian overseer, Erik. He had her on her back on the bunk and his haunches were moving powerfully. With amusement Julia saw the flash of hate in Melissa’s eyes. Erik, slowing, turned his head… and at once, Julia raised her hand.“Take no notice of me,” she said. She had not seen this blonde man before but the white pouch laying on the floor indicated he was an overseer.“Th-Thank you, M-ma’am…” said Erik. He was breathing heavily and, from the perspiration sheening on his bronzed body, would appear to have been enjoying himself for some time.Julia watched as the muscular haunches increased their pace again. She saw that the organ thumping in and out was very big indeed. Hand-picked as usual, she thought. Then she moved close to the bunk and took hold of Melissa’s auburn hair, twisting her head towards her. Green eyes, filled with mingled fury and fear, opened wide.“Has this gentleman been fucking you long, Melissa?” asked Julia.“A-About… about… t-ten minutes… M-Mistress…” Melissa, too was a little breathless.“Mmmm… lucky you. Are you enjoying it, girl?”“Yer… ahh… y-yes… sss… M-Mistress…” Melissa dare say nothing else!“Has he made you come yet?”Melissa nodded. “Y-Yes… hhhaahh… yes… M-Mistress… a few minutes… a-ago…”The haunches, Julia noted, had begun to drive faster and more urgently. The panting increased. “And, if I’m not mistaken,” said Julia, “he’s shortly going to make you come again.”Melissa’s mouth was beginning to sag open, little gasping cries came from it. With a smile Julia continued to look down.Now groans and grunts from the man…And louder cries from Melissa. She was squirming, jerking and juddering uncontrollably.“Come, you randy bitch… come…” sneered Julia.With eyes glazed over, Melissa did just that as Erik finally unleashed his pent-up lust.After a few moments, he disengaged himself and put on his pouch again. Julia had an opportunity to confirm that he was most exceedingly well hung.“I am Melissa’s owner,” she said.Erik bowed. “I am an overseer here. The name is Erik.”“Pleased to meet you, Erik. Was she satisfactory?”“Yes, thank you Ma’am. Most.”„Lucky for her…”Erik smiled. “Quite so,” he nodded.“Well, I won’t detain you, Erik.”The overseer bowed again and took his leave, looking smugly content. Yes, that Melissa had been most enjoyable. Melissa was laying on her back in a kind of daze, still breathing fast. Julia swiftly took down the cane which hung on the wall and lashed it across the fronts of Melissa’ thighs.Two gasping shrieks…“You should be kneeling, slave!”Melissa knelt erect, breasts heaving. “I… I b-beg p-pardon Mistress,” she managed to say. She was learning to grovel verbally again. It was so necessary. One suffered less. A little, anyway.A slow triumphant smile from Julia, which filled Melissa with such hate it was like a knife in her vitals. She shuddered, grinding her teeth. Oh how could she endure this?“Nothing like starting the day right, eh my girl?” said Julia.“N-No Mistress…”“Have Ahmed and Jason fucked you yet?”“Yes Mistress.”“Those boys don’t waste time. And it’s nice to meet old acquaintances, isn’t it?”“Y-yes Mistress…”Oh the taunting torment of words!“Well, Melissa, I have come to inform you that you are going to make a lot of new acquaintances.” She saw apprehensive dread fill Melissa’s eyes. “Because you see, during our stay on board the ‘Paradise’, I am giving you to the deck hands…”An awful groan came from Melissa. Momentarily her head drooped and her eyes closed. Julia gave her another cut across her thighs.“Look at me!”“A-Aaaagghhh!” Melissa’s head jerked up.“There are ten of them,” smiled Julia. Again Melissa groaned.“Oh God… no… oooh…”“Oh yes Melissa. At this very moment, a pillory is being erected on the foredeck. You know where I mean, of course, you will spend six hours a day in that.”“M-mistress… oh dear God… h-have mercy…”Wwwhheepppttt!The cane fell yet again. “Silence, slave! Two sessions of three hours each. EVERY day, Melissa. I estimate you’ll be fucked between two and three times an hour. Certainly at first. They’ll be rather greedy…”„H-have pity… anything but th-that…”Wwhheeeppptttt!“A-Aaaagghhh!”“I told you to be silent, slave!”Melissa güvenilir bahis broke into a torrent of great heaving sobs.“When did you ever show me mercy?” said Julia gratingly. “When did you ever pity me?”Utter despair filled Melissa’s eyes. What Julia said was so, so true! Why, now that she had the whip hand, should she spare her? Oh how bitter were Melissa’s tears!Julia stood up. “Miss Judith will be coming to fetch you shortly,” she said. “And I’ll be on the foredeck to welcome you.” With another long, gloating smile, Julia turned and left the cell-cabin.Melissa slumped to the floor in utter defeat.From his vantage point, Quentin saw Julia come on to the foredeck and examine the pillory which had been erected. Rodney Smith had gone down to watch Simone at work from close quarters.A short while later, a half a dozen of the crew came up a hatchway and assembled on the foredeck. This looks interesting, said Quentin to himself, and bestirred himself to make his way forward. He leant over a rail to survey proceedings. The foredeck was little more than the length of a cricket pitch, so he had a good view.The crew (or, rather, half of them – for the rest were up on duty) were a motley collection. Two Lascars – that is to say, half Chinese, half Indian – a full blooded Negro, and three whites. They were a hard bitten looking lot, whose ages seemed to range from about twenty five to fifty. Certainly a most unpleasant collection for a young woman to behold!A short while later Miss Judith appeared through another hatch, leading Melissa on a collar and chain. Quentin saw that his wife – or ex-wife, as he now thought of her – seemed in a state of shock and moved rather like a somnambulist. Well, doubtless Julia’s news had come as rather of a shock!There were excited murmurings from the crew when they set eyes on the lovely young woman being given to them. What looks, what a figure! Miss Judith led her charge up and down the line several times… and one could almost feel the lust rising in the men as they looked at a magnificent pair of bouncing breasts and a soft, white, seductively-swinging bottom.“Take off her collar, Miss Judith.”“Yes, Ma’am…” Melissa was unresisting. She seemed quite numbed by what was happening.“I’ve got some good news for you, Melissa,” said Julia loudly. “The number of the crew is not ten but twelve.” She smiled, but it scarcely seemed that Melissa had heard. “So there will be six this morning and another six this afternoon. Put her in the pillory please, Miss Judith.”The blonde overseer raised the heavy top of the wooden pillory and motioned Melissa. At this point, Melissa looked wildly from side to side, as if seeking some means of escape. A long, pitiful moan came from her, for the first time she seemed aware of how brutalised were the crewmen she was being given to.“Perhaps you would like a good thrashing first!” said Julia in a voice of steel.The utter haplessness of her position swept down on Melissa. Covering her face in her hands, she stumbled forward. In moments, her neck and wrists were in position and the top of the pillory had been lowered… and padlocked. Melissa’s head was about waist height. White and curvaceous, her hindquarters projected invitingly. Her breasts hung beneath her, ready for fondling and squeezing.Quentin was watching intently, trying to imagine the horror in Melissa’s mind. He saw Julia approach the pillory. “The height of the head can be raised or lowered by turning this handle,” she said, turning to the crewmen. “Some of you may like to avail yourself of this creature’s mouth. In which case, you will be able to position it to your personal satisfaction.” She turned to leave the foredeck, giving Quentin a merry wave. “I’m coming to join you,” she said. Quentin smiled down benignly.“Er… Miss Julia… a word,” said Miss Judith.“Yes?” Julia’s manner was short, as if impatient of interruption. Oh what change was there!“I think we shall have to erect an awning. Otherwise, in one position, she’ll roast to death in the sun.”Julia considered. She had liked the idea of Melissa sweating it out in the heat but saw the impracticality of it. “Good thinking, Judith,” she replied. “I’ll get Ahmed or Jason to rig something up.” Then she mounted the companion-way to the deck where Quentin stood.By the time she arrived, the men had gathered around Melissa. Hands were feeling and mauling at will. Melissa’s sobbing moans of revulsion, interspersed with pleas and protests, could clearly be heard. Quentin and Julia smiled at each other.“She deserves it,” said Julia.“Indeed she does,” agreed Quentin.Ribald shouts came up to them…“Just look at that lovely arse!” That lovely arse was slapped.“And those beautiful tits!” Those beautiful tits were squeezed.“Your cunt’s warm girlie. You had a fuck already this morning?”Julia turned to Quentin. “Erik,” she smiled.A member of the crew was removing his trousers. It was one of the Lascars. “Hey, not so fast,” shouted one of the whites. “We’re going to draw lots for this. First time round, anyway.”“That’s fair,” said another. So it was generally agreed. In turn, the crewman rolled two dice along the deck, the highest score obviously going first, the lowest last. It was not quite clear to the watchers how the order had turned out, but the winner was clear. It was one of the whites who, now in his late thirties, looked rather like an ex-pugilist. One cauliflower ear, a flattened nose. Not that those features were going to worry Melissa particularly! There was another part of his anatomy of more immediate concern.Manipulating himself with one hand, whilst delving the other between Melissa’s thighs, the ugly brute soon brought himself to erection. He was a man of no great size; simply adequate. He moved and covered Melissa who twisted and turned in a futile attempt at evasion.“Whoa, my türkçe bahis beauty!” Melissa got her bottom slapped a couple of times and then was gripped more firmly. A wail of despair rose up as she was penetrated. Haunches began to jerk to and fro, flabby flesh of male buttocks bouncing. Sounds of lustful pleasure soon came.“What’s she like?” came an enquiry.“Hhhooorr… ahh… l-lovely… lovely… hhhaaahhh… oh yes… a… lovely fuck…”Sadistic delight was coursing through Julia’s veins at the thought of what Melissa was enduring – and was going to have to endure. Oh, it was absolute bliss! Two more men were disrobing. One of the Lascars and another white. The latter, perhaps the eldest, was already playing with himself. Doubtless a little anxious to be fully ready when the time came! The Lascar went round to the front of the pillory.“Don’t see why she shouldn’t warm me up a little at the same time,” he said.Julia clapped her hands in sheer joy. She had guessed and hoped this might happen.“Come on… come on… my pretty… take it in… and suck. Or I’ll smack your lovely bottom real good and hard!”The look of satisfaction which spread over the Lascar’s face soon showed that Melissa was doing as instructed. At that moment the first man, heaving and grunting, shot his bolt.After about twenty seconds he rolled off, and looking happily slaked, seated himself on deck, leaning against the ship’s rail.Still playing with himself, the eldest man who was to be second, advanced. But he was still nowhere near erection.“Come on Harry, get it up! Look at the crumpet waiting for you!” cried someone.“It bloody well won’t come up. Not yet,” said an aggrieved Harry.“Let Jim go next then. She can give you a suck instead. Might do the trick.”“Good idea…”“A very good idea,” grinned Jim, the Lascar. He removed himself from Melissa’s mouth and came round to the back of the pillory. He had a penis of considerable length but no great girth.“Oh I love ‘em white and young!” he cried out almost laughingly as he entered quickly. Another sobbing wail from Melissa, whose mouth was now empty again. But not for long. Harry, still flaccid, came before her.“Get sucking,” he ordered in a surly way. Poor Melissa had no option. The limp object was put in her mouth and she gave of her best.“They’re certainly keeping her busy,” grinned Quentin.“I love to see enthusiasm,” said Julia happily.The solitary Negro was undressing. Like so many of his race, he was well-hung, but could not match any of the overseers on the ‘Paradise’.“Which way you goin’, Sammy?” asked a companion. The Negro winked.“Back way, man,” he replied.So, Julia realised exultantly, the negro was going to bum-fuck Melissa. Oh goodie… goodie! She hadn’t had any of that for some time. So a treat was in store.Jim was thrusting steadily but unhurriedly. He was a man who liked to make it last, and was doing so. Rather to the admiration of his colleagues. For Jim had been going steadily for some five minutes. Not many men, at it for the first time, could hold out so well against such a luscious young bit.“She goin’ to come, Jim?”“Huuuhh… could be… hhuuuhh… yeh… could be… hhuuhh… she… she’s lovely and… and juicy… hhhuuhhh… now…”“Give it to her faster.”“I… hhuuuhh… I’ll take… my… hhhuhh… time…”All the same, Jim was human flesh and blood, and the raging lust within him was fast overpowering his control. He began to ram faster.And faster…He couldn’t tell whether the girl was coming or not, though she was squirming convulsively.“Hhuuhh… hhhaaahhh… hhhuuhhh… hhhhaaaahh…”Jim rose to a crescendo of thrusting, then let himself go… crying out exultantly, before slumping down to groan contentedly. Only slowly did he disengage and as he did so, Harry came around with a sly smile on his face.“Did the trick,” he said. He was holding his penis in his hand, playing with it a little to keep it in erection.“A rather pitiful object,” remarked Julia.“But I am sure it gives him pleasure,” said Quentin sagely.It certainly seemed to as Harry rammed away with a frantic sort of fervour, as if afraid he would lose his hardness before he’d had his fun. The Negro had decided to adopt the same tactics… and Melissa was sucking on fast-stiffening black prick.Harry had all his fun in about two minutes flat. But seemed perfectly satisfied as he rejoined his comrades, lounging on deck. “Beautiful fuck, isn’t she?” he said.“Beautiful,” agreed those who had had Melissa.“Pity you couldn’t have given her a bit more.”“I don’t have to give her anything,” replied Harry lazily. “She has to give it to me.”Sammy, now solidly strong, withdrew from Melissa’s mouth. He looked down at the distraught tear-stained features, the slavoring mouth. And he grinned.“You’re getting this up your backside, white Missie,” he said.Melissa’s eyes were glazing… but the import of what the Negro had said did not escape her. A hoarse shriek came from her throat.“NOOO… OOOOOOOOOOOO!”Julia raised her eyebrows and smiled. “She doesn’t seem too keen,” she said.“Are you surprised?”“Not one little bit!”Now gleaming black haunches. Young powerful haunches. And the ramrod of flesh poised slightly higher.“No… aagh… no… for God’s sake… NO… OOOH!”White teeth bared; black face grinning lustfully. “You gonna enjoy Sammy, white Missie…”A lunge…Another lunge…A terrible scream, accompanied by a satisfied grunt.“Mmmmm… you nice and tight, girl… mmmm… yeh… yeh…”The screaming went on as Sammy rammed and rammed with rhythmic power.“I think I’ve seen enough for the time being,” said Quentin. “Getting thirsty again too.” He was not interested in buggery anyway.“I’ll join you shortly,” said Julia. On her face was a smug look of contentment. She was not going to miss a single moment of Melissa’s bum-fucking. Why should she? She could still recall with what horrible frequency that woman was wont to ram a massive dildoe up her anus!Besides, there were still two more brutes for Melissa to deal with!That bottle of champagne would still be cool when she made her way up to the sun-deck.

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