Fathers and Sons

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Fathers and SonsFathers and SonsMy sister was getting married in Vegas and had invited my father even though Mom was dead set against it. Their divorce had not been amicable and it was years before my sister and I knew the reason for the divorce in the first place. Dad was gay.I am sure Mom still took that as an insult to her womanhood and even though she knew it was not a choice he had made she still would not let it go. My sister and I argued with her and pointed out he had always been a great father but even admitting that she had demanded we not have anything to do with him.My sister and I ignored her tantrums and got along fine with dad.My sister’s fiancé had a nice job and I liked him fine. Dad liked him and he was fine with Dad. When my sister asked Dad to walk her down the aisle everyone thought that was a normal thing to do, except Mom.Mom knew not to show too much anger and jeopardize the wedding so she kept her anger mostly to herself. My sister was marrying the man she had always hoped for her.Another twist to the tale was that as soon as s*s was married Mom would no longer get money from Dad. I had graduated from college and my c***d support money had ended the year before. I was a stage manager for a musicals company and Mom fretted I was gay too. I reassured her I was not but did not tell her I was curious about it. I had a lot of gay and lesbian friends and co-workers but all my sex had been with women.Well not all of it.Some of my partners were mostly lesbian and some of my friends wanted me for a threesome with their husbands. Two of the husbands had sucked my cock but not to the point of ejaculating. I was fine with all that and knew I could probably be coaxed into going further.It had never crossed my mind that the further would happen with my Dad.The problems began when we could not find rooms available for our entire stays in Vegas. My room would be available from Tuesday to Thursday, Dads was available only Friday. The wedding was Saturday morning.Neither Dad or I knew we were going to be able to attend until the last minute and neither of us knew it was the weekend of a very major convention. We decided to share the rooms and go home right after the wedding.The next problem was that neither of us had reserved a room with two beds in it but we thought a king size bed would be fine. I was six one and lanky and Dad was five-ten and slim. There would be enough room for two more of us on a bed.When he came into my room as I was walking from the shower to the dresser naked. “Hey son. Nice ass,” he said.“Thank you sir,” I replied and went to give him my usual hug and kiss on the cheek.Dad was a dapper looking man. There was nothing to indicate to most of the world he was gay but gay men immediately noticed him. He was handsome and I was happy to have his good looks.“Any plans for the evening?”“Yes, we have a dinner at a place called Auntie El’s with the future in laws. I have decided to wear a polo shirt with a sports coat.”“I am glad to see you are growing into my style. Have you met any of them?”“Only the groom. Your daughter and son have been successful in blunting your ex’s misgivings and he told me that he and his family were looking forward to meeting you.”“Remind me to thank my daughter and son. I need to take a shower. When do we need to be there?”“We have an hour and a half or so. I was told it is a thirty minute cab drive at that hour.”“OK, I will be ready.”We were in fact going to be early but left anyway. My sister and her fiancé’ were already there and after s*s drowned Dad and me with kisses we joined them at the table.We ordered appetizers and Dad ordered wine and I ordered a beer. My soon to be brother in law Larry had a beer and my sister had a wine. His father soon joined us, his name was Wayne, and he ordered wine.Both fathers were slim dapper men but his was a redhead which explained Larry’s Escort Bayan red hair.We talked for about ten minutes before the ladies joined us. s*s and I were pleased that Mom said hello to Dad but knew anything else she said to him would likely not be very cordial. We learned that Larry had a sister but would not be in town until Friday. They told us she was a teacher and her name but three minutes later I had forgotten it.Dinner was excellent and we all got along well with that one exception. Mom ignored Dad.When Dad and I left the others tried to get us to join them at the Bellagio casino but I begged off and said, “Dad and I have tickets to a show.”As soon as we got in the cab Dad asked, “Do you have tickets to a show?”“No, just protecting you from Mom.”“Thanks. I would like to see one of the Cirque shows.”“Lets see if we can find tickets.”We did and very much enjoyed the “O” show then went for a walk on the strip before returning to the room.“I need another shower,” Dad said.“Yeah, me too. You go first, I will go get some ice.”That little task took longer than expected since the only ice machine near the room was empty and by the time I got back to the room Dad was walking out of the shower nude.“Oh, nice ass Dad.”“Thank you sir. It is the favorite on many.”“Many?”“Well, two. I am a frequent guest for threesomes with Dan and Robby.”“How are they doing?”“Business partnership wise they are doing well. Personal partnership wise not so great. Robby told me that the only time Dan makes love to him is when I’m there. He thinks their relationship has run its course.”“Are you interested in either?”“Hell no. I can only stand either one when they are together.”“You are an intelligent man,” I said as I walked past him towards the shower now as nude as he was.Dad was a lawyer and handled the guy’s company affairs among others. He also owned a piece of it among others. Dad had enough money to do anything he wanted to do but was a bit conservative in his spending.He was sitting at one of the chairs when I came out, still nude drinking a rum and coke. I fixed myself a drink and we talked about my job and love life. As I related my threesomes I saw his cock become mostly erect. Mine was all the way erect before I finished my story.We did look at each others erections but did not mention them and they had subsided a lot, although not completely, before we went to bed.Dad seemed to be waiting to see if I was going to put on shorts and when I got in bed naked so he did too. There were no ulterior motives, we always slept naked.I rolled to him and kissed him good night then went to sleep. About an hour later I got up to pee and found Dad masturbating as he sat on the edge of the tub with his feet in it. I thought that was a great way to do that, minimal clean up.He stopped while I pissed then after I washed my hands kissed him on the cheek and returned to bed. As I got in bed I was wondering why finding my Dad masturbating had not made an impression on me.As it turned out it had, I had an erection. When Dad came back to bed I went to the bathroom and masturbated.Dad appeared to be asleep when I got back to bed.The next morning Dad and I went to rent tuxedos then had lunch at a famous chef’s place in Caesar’s. We went to our room, took another shower then took a nap. We were again naked.When I awoke Dad had his ass against mine. The bed was enormous so I was sure it was not an accident.Apparently Dad was horny.I reached behind me and gently slapped then caressed his ass and asked, “Blue Man Group tonight?”“Yeah, that would be good. Dinner at the Venetian?”“If you like but I would be fine trying the prime rib at the Palace cafe. We could go explore some clubs and see if we can get laid.”He slapped my ass and said, “We are not here to get laid, we are on family business.”He continued to caress my ass Bayan escort and I continued to enjoy that.“I need the bathroom,” he said.A very fine erection led the way for him.We dressed and walked to the Venetian and laughed hard at the Blue Man Show. I stopped to pick up brochures by an entrance and got a pamphlet on a place that advertised itself as an adventurous dance club and restaurant.“This looks like an interesting place for supper,” I said.Dad laughed and nodded yes. A short cab ride later we were seated at a very strange place with an even stranger menu. Dad asked the server what some of the items on the menu were. One was a souped-up chicken fried chicken and I ordered that. Dad ordered the sort-of gumbo.We both admitted we liked the food, and after a second drink we wandered towards the club which turned out to be as strange as the restaurant.Every kind of human was there somewhere including a few in costumes. Soon a guy that looked like a former movie star put the rush on Dad.Dad allowed him to chat him up and I went in search of my own adventure.A married couple befriended me and asked me if I would like to have a drink with them in their room. I told them I would be back in a second and told Dad he could have our bed for most of the night if he wanted. He nodded to me and nodded at the guy and they left.I went back to the couple and said, “A drink would be nice.”They smiled and led me to their room. I was naked with a pussy on my face and a mouth on my cock quickly. The mouth on my cock was not the one with the pussy, she was facing the other way.“I want his cum in my pussy remember?” she said.Her husband slowed down on my cock and I concentrated on the pussy until she had a loud orgasm. She got off me and got on her hands and knees and I was quickly fucking her doggy style. Her husband slid under her body and began to lick her pussy and my dick. I took the occasional long stroke out of her pussy to give him to opportunity to suck my cock before I resumed fucking his wife. She had several orgasms of different intensities as I managed to last a good while but eventually ejaculated, first in her pussy then in his mouth. I fucked her until my cock began to loose its firmness and she had another orgasm before I had to stop.The wife changed position and joined her husband at my cock and shared it with kisses for a while before she urged him up to the pillows, straddled him and began their fuck. I kissed her tits and her lips intermittently unit he lost control and filled her pussy with his cum. He had lasted just over a minute.She slid next to me and I kissed her softly as I caressed her tits. Her husband was already asleep.I slid my hand to her pussy, found her clit and masturbated her to the orgasm he had not given her.She snuggled to her husband and got up, dressed, kissed the wife and left. The movie star guy was not with Dad when I got back to my room.“Hi son. I hope you had a good evenings entertainment.”“Yes, I did. Much better than most. And you?”“Satisfactory but he was too eager to allow both of us to enjoy our meeting fully.”“Sorry to hear that. I hope you don’t mind but I’m not going to take shower, I am beat.”“Get in bed. The bed and I smell anyway.”I got in bed naked again. I was not sure if I kissed Dad on the lips purposely or not but I did. I fell asleep immediately.Perhaps half an hour later I woke up spooning with Dad. My cock was comfortably nestled between his ass cheeks.He was caressing my ass.I reached around him and found his erect cock and squeezed it then just held it as I went back to sleep. Maybe twenty minutes later I felt Dad pressing back on me then felt my cock slip into his ass. Without thinking about it I pushed my cock into him as I again grabbed his cock. I fucked him slowly for a while then turned us over until I was on his back fucking Escort him harder. He was moaning.I kissed his neck and he turned his head so I could kiss his lips which I did.I soon lost control and ejaculated deep into Dad’s ass. He whimpered and sighed. I got off him turned him over and sucked his cock for maybe twenty seconds until he filled my mouth with cum.I slid up and gave my father a cum filled kiss then we cuddled to each other.I was mildly surprised that I had just had sex with my father but was only mildly surprised. I had no problem going to sleep.The following morning we went to the shower together and after we were clean we sucked each other off. We dressed, went to breakfast then went to to get our tux’s. Apparently Dad and I were now fuck buddies.We were not very surprised to see both Larry and his father there and we became better friends as we waited for our suits.When Wayne went into the same dressing stall as Dad I was a little curious although his son was not. Larry went into the cubicle with me.He sat on the bench and as soon as I was down to my boxers he took my cock in his mouth and sucked me off. I sat and as soon as he was naked I sucked him off. We kissed each other and share the cum in out mouths for a few moments then tried on our tuxes. We looked good, kissed, then redressed.His Dad and mine were apparently fucking, it was a while before they emerged.On the way out of the store they told us that Dad and I would be their main source of relief since we could get together anytime without raising eyebrows.“How did you know we would play?” I asked.“We figured that after we sucked you off you would do the polite thing and return the favor.”“That may have been your safest bet all week.”“It was.”“Does you mother know about your Dad?”“Yes, they have threesomes at times and she is hoping either or both of you will join them in bed.”“Does s*s know about your hobby?”“Yes, she wants you to join us in bed.”I had not reply to that.“She also wants her father with us. And before you worry about it sometimes the guy in bed with Mom and Dad is me.”I nodded and smiled. “I think all of that will happen soon.”What about your sister?”He laughed and slapped my butt before saying, “I met your sister when I found her eating my sisters pussy. I ended up fucking both. We think you will love her immediately.”I thought how ironic it was that the man Mom thought was perfect for her daughter sucked cock and fucked his mother. Then I thought she would just die if she learned her ex and his son were fuck buddies.The wedding was fine but when we learned Mom was going back that same day Wayne asked Dad to join them in their room that night. Dad and Wayne fucked each other and his wife. Larry asked me to stay with the sister in her room that night sincee she was staying too. Her name was Audrey.She was a striking looking redhead with a great body. She laughed a lot. She helped me bring my stuff over to her room and we fucked as soon as I was settled. There was no conversation or agreement, we just got naked and fucked.We held hands as we wandered around the strip then fucked in the shower when we got back.We took a nap and I awoke her by eating her pussy before dressing and going out to see Mystere on a double date with her brother and my sister. We enjoyed the show and enjoyed the dancing afterwards.We fucked twice that night and in the morning before we headed to the airport.Some one asked us if we were newlyweds and she answered, “Not yet.”I nodded in agreement. By the end of the week we were living together. By the end of the month we were back in Las Vegas for our wedding. We had eloped and had not told or invited anyone except our siblings.We were a normal married couple that fucked a lot until her period arrived.She apologized but I understood and I made sure she understood I was madly in love with her by kissing her and cuddling with her at night. I even turned down a blowjob.Two days later she told me my sister was also in her period and had asked them to spend the next weekend with us. She suggested her brother and me spend the evenings in our second bedroom.I suddenly realized I wanted to suck a cock.

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