First time dressing

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First time dressingI do not claim to be a grammar expert and as such you will find some grammatical errors in this story. The errors can be the switching of tense, spelling errors, or typos. I ask if you find an error please send me an email so I can correct and make the story enjoyable for others.WARNING!This text file contains sexually explicitmaterial. If you do not wish to read thistype of literature, or you are u******eEighteen, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!!II did not know I had a disorder did not know I had a [email protected] am not sure if I should be embarrassed, ashamed, depressed about my condition. I knew I had a condition but did not think it was anything to worry about. My condition did not show to others. To my wife, family and co-workers I seemed normal. Sometimes I wondered if they knew about my condition. If they had, why did they not tell me? Like most illnesses you do not notice any symptoms at first. One day I read an article online and suddenly you realized you have a disorder. For years I suspected, but did not admit the fact to me. I did not think my condition was serious, but I wanted to keep it a secret. My secret was, I was bisexual. There is nothing wrong with being bisexual. How can sucking cock or eating pussy be illness? Bisexuality itself has not been considered a mental disorder or dysfunction. What I had was a disorder or dysfunction was related to a little fetish that I developed. My fetish was dressing in woman clothes when I met men for sex. For the last five years, I believed I was just a normal cross-dresser. Now the online article was about the psychology of cross-dressing. The article stated anyone who dresses in the clothes of the opposite sex was considered a transvestite. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV lists Transvestite as a sexual disorder. Admittingly I was a Transvestite because I achieved sexual excitement by cross-dressing. Transvestite dresses for two different reasons. First reason was to seek to intensify sexual excitement during intercourse. The second reason someone cross-dresses as a woman was associated with a gender identity problem. I dressed for the first reason.In many surveys and research it had been determined Transvestites were not necessarily homosexual. It was determined many transvestites were straight men who enjoyed only meeting females. It has been estimated that 80% of are heterosexual having no desire meeting a bisexual or gay man. This leaves only 20% of Transvestites who are bisexual or gay and enjoying meeting other for adult role playing. I considered myself in the 20% of Transvestites.My fetish started when I was an adult in my 50s. I dressed for the first time when I met a stranger for güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sex. Craigslist was an excellent place to post a personal advertisement to meet someone. I posted to the personal section erotic encounter, male4male, for Orlando, Florida. My post was short and to the point, 53married white male seeks male to give head, nothing in return. A few days pasted when I received an email from a stranger from San Diego. His email stated, “Hi my name is Ray 35 straight white married, and will visit Orlando in a few weeks. I saw your post on Craigslist and wanted to know if you would like to meet. I am a straight man and not looking forward to giving a blowjob, just needing my cock sucked. Hope that you would like to meet.” When meeting strangers from the Internet I like to exchange a few emails to make sure the man is serious about meeting, and that he is not a wacko person. Exchanging a few emails and asking a few questions, you should be able to decide if you like-minded and should meet. Wanting to make sure you are what the other person is seeking, making sure there will be no disappointment. I responded, “Ray’s thanks for your email and interest. I am interested in meeting you. I am fifty-three years old, 5′-10″ and 210 pounds, about twenty-five pounds heavy but not fat. I am clean-shaven, short gray hair, glasses. I would like to make sure you are OK with my age and my height to weight, Roger.” I have talked to many men on-line, and some had an issue with age and with the overweight. Some men are seeking a ‘Ten’ to let them suck their cock. I like to think I am a ‘Three’ to ‘Five’, on a ‘Ten’ scale. I might not stand out with admirable looks; many men said I gave excellent oral service. I like meeting men and being their fantasy. Many straight, married men like to receive oral intercourse. With their eyes shut, they do not mind if it is a male or female giving them head. I am also a man and think I know what men like, a blowjob and then cumming in a warm, wet mouth, swallows the other person your load. I offer a man a service, free. I will suck their cocks, and they climax in my mouth then tell me to swallow. Rays next email back said, “Roger, I do not care about your age or your weight; I need someone to suck my cock. My motel room will be available on Friday evening. Do you know any transvestite? My fantasy is to meet a chick with a dick.” Asking if I knew a Tranny was a strange question. It sounded like that Ray wanted a threesome. My next email to Ray, “Ray I do not know any she-males, but I can check around and will let you know. My need is to suck a chick with a dick, or even maybe bend over and fucked by one.” Ray responded, “Roger did not know you were a bottom. It would mobilbahis be hot to fuck the. She-male while she blows you then watch her fuck you as you blow.”Ray and I were exchanging several emails daily. After exchanging phone numbers, my phone rings at work. It was Ray calling me. I was at work and steeped outside for some privacy. First question after hello, Ray said, “Do you swallow or spit?” That was a direct question from Ray, but I understood why he was asking. I responded boastfully, “I like letting a man shoot off in my mouth and having him tell me to swallow his load.” By the sound of his voice, he seemed pleased with my answer. Ray continued, “Good; I am a straight man, and not interested in sucking any cock. I like the sound of your posting you are what I need.” Ray continued his questions; he asked, “Did you find a chick with a dick yet?” I received his email last late last night and had not started looking for a Tranny. I responded, “No, not yet; I will check Craigslist today. You know that most, she-males charge money. I am willing to split the cost with you.”Ray scoffed, “No, not fine. You need to find a chick with a dick to meet us, and one that does not charge. I fancy seeing the Tranny sucking your cock; I take her from the rear. Then I would like to see her cock fucking your man-cunt.” Ray was graphic about what he wanted. From our conservation, it appeared the sight of a man in woman clothes turned on Ray. Remembering a few years back, I met a man and a Tranny for some wild, passionate sex. If Ray wanted a threesome, I was going to make that happen. After Ray’s phone call, I started my search on Craigslist for a chick with a dick. I found several in the local area, sending them all an email. The next day, I received an email from Crystal, a thirty-five-year-old transvestite with silicone breasts. Crystal lived about thirty miles from the town I lived. Crystal provided her phone number to call confirming our meeting arrangements. When I called her, it rang six times, and I wondered if I had the correct phone number. Finally, when someone answered the phone, I said, “Crystal, Roger.” Crystal answered in a low, soft whisper, “Oh, hi sweetie; so good of you to call. What can I do for you?”Not wanting to catch her at a bad time, so I asked, “Crystal, is this a good time to talk?”Crystal replied, “Sure Roger; I just got out of bed and fixed my first cup of coffee.”The conversation was going as planned I continued, “So, are you OK meeting Ray and me on Friday night?”Crystal stretching her words said, “Oh yes sweetie; both of my holes love to be filled.”I was excited about having a threesome with Ray and Crystal. There was one thing I need to check out. I was not sure how to ask I blurted, güvenilir bahis siteleri “Crystal, do you charge when you meet someone?”Crystal replied, “Oh no sweetie; I am always free.”Glad that Crystal was not a professional, and that she was what Ray was seeking, I replied, “Great Crystal, Ray and I are not looking for a professional, just someone who likes to meet men and indulge in some fun.”Crystal responded, “I love having fun, and with the two of you, there are more possibilities. I am versatile. You two meet me at my place.” Crystal said with a playful sound in her voice. Crystal continues, “Now Ray is the straight guy who wants to fuck me, and you are a bottom which likes to give head?” I responded, “Yes that sums it up, and I also like to give head.”The meeting was scheduled for seven PM at Crystal’s house on Friday night. I sent Ray a text message giving him Crystal’s facts. She was thirty-five TV, 40D, seven inches cut, versatile.’ Crystal provided a photograph that showed that she has large silicone boobs and a male member, a chick with something extra. Ray was all excited about meeting Crystal. The plan to meet as threesome was set. On the Thursday evening, Ray called saying, “Roger, bad news; my meeting has been canceled. I am now arriving on Monday.”I said, “No problem Ray, I will reschedule.”I called Crystal to update her on the change of Ray’s arrival date. She apologized, but she was going to be out of town on Monday and could not change her plans. I called Ray back, and I told him, “Ray; Crystal will be out of town on Monday night. She cannot change her plans. It looks likes is going to be you and me.” Ray, in an upset and loud voice, said, “Roger, you will come up with another, she-male.”Taken aback from his outburst and demand, I said, “I have tried I cannot find one available. I did find one, but she wants two hundred dollars an hour.I moved to the mirror on the wall saying, “No shit,” but I could not see the red bra.Ray laughed saying, “Do not worry Roger; I was just k**ding. However, you are a real turn on with your sissy things. You are a good cock sucker not you are a good cocksucking bitch.” The humiliating words stung. Ray continued, “Feeling your nylon clad legs rubbing my cock, and that lap-dance, wow. I just needed that sweet ass of yours. I hope you did not mind, slut.” I looked at a Ray; he had a silly smile on his face. I responded, “Yes that was kind of hot. That was my first time to give a lap dancing. You felt good inside me, but you did not use a condom.” Ray admitted, “Yes, I bought one and intended to use it, but you were so hot in the panty hose; I just could not wait to fuck your ass. I hope you do not mind I am clean.”I scolded, “You should have used a condom if you were going to shoot in me. However, I am clean too.” As I said this, I could feel his man juice ooze out, and entered the bathroom to clean up again.I received a text message from Ray, “I want to meet you tonight.”I sent a text message back, “Sure, what do you fancy me to wear this time?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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