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I can remember it as if it only happened yesterday and yet it was nearly 40 years ago. The day I changed from fumbling adolescent, all fingers and thumbs, instant hard cocks and premature ejaculation into a thoughtful, caring and attentive lover.

As a moderately educated 18 year old growing up in an industrial town in England with few qualifications to speak of, I had few choices as to what to do with my life. University was out of the question, the assembly line of factory life held no attractions and apart from the fact I really only needed money to be able to go out and enjoy myself, I wasn’t much bothered about what the future might hold for me.

So I left school, looked in the mirror and decided that as I wasn’t that bad looking, tall, slim with a reasonable physique it was now time to find a job and hunt ‘ pussy ‘ the only thing my limited brain could think about in those days.

Sunday best suit on, only button up shirt and tie I had and off I go for my first interview. I got the job at the local Departmental Store, ” it’s the furniture department for you young man ” the personal manager told me as I was led to meet the Mr. Arkwright, the Chief Buyer in his office.

“Bedding department “Mr. Arkwright tells me, “We’ll start you there, the ladies love to try out the beds before they bring in their husbands to buy them so you’ll enjoy this work ” and he clasps his hands together behind his back, turns and leaves. A deep throated chuckle emanating from him as he returns to his side of the desk.

So I start my new life as a bed salesman. Old man Arkwright is right, 90% of the potential customers are woman. All shapes and sizes and all ages but they have one thing in common. They just love trying out the beds. No inhibitions here. My newly found playground is a voyeur’s dream. You would think that they would gently sit on the side of the bed, lift both legs carefully as they turn their bodies, before laying back to feel the quality of the mattress. Not a bit of it – flop down, open legged and bouncing up and down.

On busy days I was walking round with a permanent hard on, I had never seen so many different panties in all colours of the rainbow and so many stocking clad legs. This was great, I was in paradise but I was still a virgin.

Even in my inexperience, I quickly realised that many of these woman were displaying themselves on purpose, showing off their underwear to a very impressionable young lad and in quite a few cases, they were not slow in trying to arrange the conversation and their body position to ensue that hands or genitals were touched, either by me or by them, when demonstrating the side springs of the mattressses.

When you are a very horny 18 years old, you don’t think about the consequences of what might happen if you are caught touching up or being touched up by a stranger, nor what the outcome could be if you are accused of sexual assault, it just became a ‘game of dare’. Because none of these little episodes, pleasurable as they were,

came to much more than a good look up the skirt or down the blouse of these ladies or on a few occasions, my erect cock pressed up against the hand. Nevertheless, many hours were still spent in the loo, wanking off and thinking about the last customer I had just served.

That is until one day a rather attractive, slim and very chic lady returned to see me. She had visited the department several days earlier and wanted to see some headboards. Unlike beds, few if any opportunities presented themselves to practise my new found art of voyeurism or touching up, except of course when I was showing a customer the fittings at the back of the bed and then I could ensure they had to bend or kneel down to see how they are attached to the bed.

Suzette as I later found out was her name, handed me an envelope. Natural reaction to this is to open it immediately and by time I had read its contents she had left and disappeared from the store.

” Meet me outside the Odeon Cinema at 7pm tonight – Love Suzette ” was all she wrote.

I had agreed to babysit for my baby cousin at my aunt and uncle’s house that night, but I was determined to meet my new adventure with renewed hope that I might at last get my first fuck. In my excitement at this prospect, I completely forgot that I had invited 3 of my mates around to the house to play cards, whilst babysitting.

I showered, changed and caught the bus to town, arriving about 15 minutes early for my appointment with destiny. As I paced up and down, getting hornier by the second at the lurid thoughts racing through my brain, I felt a hand on my arm and there she was.

My god, she had turned up!

She was far more beautiful escort bayan gaziantep than I remembered and when she spoke my legs turned to liquid. Her voice had that soft accented tone that all French women possess.

” Can we go somewhere private ” she said. I just melted.

I explained that I was babysitting and that I had to be there by 8.15, but if she didn’t mind waiting outside until my aunt and uncle had left, she could come with me.

Taking my hand, she led me around the corner to her parked car. Unlocking it I opened her door to allow her to get in, not because I was any kind of gentleman but because I was hoping for an eyeful. Not my Suzette, in a very ladylike manner she managed to enter the car and I was only left with my ever increasing hardness and an open door to close.

We drove off with my mind in turmoil as she placed her hand on my thigh, I was speechless as she reached across and gently caressed me almost imperceptibly moving her hand and for a split second brushing it against my already rock hard cock. We chatted absentmindedly for awhile but most of the time I just listened,

falling deeper and deeper under the spell of her dulcet tones. She told me that she was French, 24 years old, was teaching French at the Girls Grammar School locally, married but that they had no children.

As we drove on and as I relaxed a little I decided to repay her caresses with a few of my own and reaching across I placed my hand on her leg, slowly running the palm of my hand up and down her leg making sure that each time I did so her skirt was riding higher and higher until the hem of her skirt was high enough to reveal the bare skin above her stockings. What bliss, the mixed feelings of bare skin, silky stockings and suspender belt straps.

Because I was intentionally trying to feel her up, even this almost pathetic act of seduction was bringing me quickly to the boil and now barely having her hand in my crotch brought me to a shattering orgasm. She pressed her hand harder into my groin as my cock shuddered and released its load into my pants, but she said nothing, she just continued to gently stroke me until I had finished and started to subside.

By the time we arrived at a house a few doors down from my relations, I had come to my senses and although I was uncomfortable because of the sticky mess inside my underpants I walked past those couple of houses and rang the bell. I managed to see my Aunt and Uncle off without giving the game away and as soon as they had gone and I had been to the bathroom to clean myself up I returned to the car, collected Suzette and showed her into the lounge.

With her back towards me I gently removed her jacket and laid it over one of the chairs and together we sat on the settee. What to do now!!, raced through my mind and as if she had read my incoherent thoughts she immediately took control of the moment. Rising, she walked slowly over to the door and turned the light control dimming the wall lights to a gently glow, turned and came towards me.

” This is your first time isn’t it, ” she whispered.

I was shaking with anticipation and before I could even stammer an answer she said,

” Tonight is going to be a night we will both remember all our lives “. ” Will you let me teach you how to please a woman ” she asked and at the same time she bent down, cupped both hands and by placing them under my chin she drew my face towards her own.

Our first kiss, just touching, a fleeting caress.

I stood up slowly not breaking the contact of our mouths until we both stood in the middle of the room. As I wrapped her in my arms she started to run her fingers through my hair, playing with the ends of my curls. I felt her tongue press against my lips and my whole being reacting to the urgency of its request to be let in. I opened my mouth and felt the tip of her tongue enter, exploring the inside of my lips, my tongue, my teeth, the roof of my mouth. I was on fire. Round and round, in and out, darting, moving, caressing, pushing, sucking. As the intensity of our first kiss grew we stood locked together, my hardness pressed against her, my hand running up and down the sides of her body, seeking the curves and undulations of her exquisite form.

Momentarily our lips parted and she pulled back a little. Placing her hand between us she explored the flat of my stomach, lifting my shirt and pulling it out from my trousers she grabbed the belt buckle and quickly opened it. She was kneeling now, as they dropped to the floor. I kicked off my shoes, wriggled out of my socks and she helped me step out of the trousers, whilst at the same time removing my pants.

Naked from the waist down, with a raging cock pointed straight at her face she looked up. Without taking her eyes off my face her tongue traced a line around the head of my prick, licking the pre-cum which had oozed from it’s opening, With her hands around the throbbing shaft she pulled it straight out in front of me and sucked me into her mouth. In one long continuous motion it went deeper and deeper into her mouth, I was ready to explode and as it reached the back of her throat I came. I had no control, I just let go blast after blast of hot jism.

As the pulsing of my orgasm subsided, she slowly let my cock withdraw itself from the confines of her hot mouth but without letting go completely, her tongue once more ran across its tip sending shivers of delight down my spine.

Wiping me clean with her tongue she started to rise and, as I helped her to her feet our lips again came together, the sweet taste of her lipstick and the heady aroma of her perfume were now replaced by the salty taste of my own cum mingled with her hot breath and delicious saliva.

Gently she pushed me onto the settee, pulled off my shirt and stood in front of me. Slowly, rhythmically she started to remove her clothes. She unbuttoned her blouse to reveal a lacy white satin bra, as she took off her shirt more of the bra and her breasts became exposed to my gaze. Reaching behind her she unsnapped the hooks, then bringing her hand to her chest she caressed her tits. Through the lace and her fingers I watched as her nipples engorged and grew, seductively she let the bra fall and still partially covering herself with hand and arm she slowly revealed her charms. They were not large but they seemed perfectly formed to my inexperienced eye. Pert, round, flawless and pointing upwards, the erect nipples seemed almost too large but I was again growing with excitement, I had to stop myself from leaning forward to reach out and to touch them. The prospect of feeling and sucking on them filled me with expectation and my cock once again stirred.

Still standing about a yard away, she continued the sexy striptease. She unzipped her skirt and letting it fall to the ground. She stood before me in matching lacy edged silk French Knickers, white garterbelt and black seamless stockings. I could hardly contain myself. She beckoned me with her open hand and as I took it, she lowered herself to the carpeted floor, I followed her downwards until I was half lying and half sitting beside her.

For the first time since we arrived she spoke.” Make love to me, feel me, kiss me, lick me, suck me. We have hours and hours, take you time and we will enjoy each new sensation. “

Taking my cue from her previous actions, I cupped my hands and placing it under her chin, I drew her face towards me and started to kiss her. Opening her mouth to

me I inserted my tongue and slowly worked it around just as she had done. By now we were lying flat on the floor, me half on top and Suzette half underneath my body, each of us with a leg between the others, pressing our bodies together. I started to caress her soft hair and breaking away from her mouth I kissed and caressed her ears with my tongue. Down her neck I let me tongue trickle, back to her lips, the tip of her nose, her eyelids and back to her neck. Darting from place to place with my tongue, I raised myself off the ground and lowering my head I brought my mouth to her breast. I held each breast in my hands and massaged them with my tongue leaving a trail of saliva as I paid hommage to each one in turn. Each time I reached the nipples I stopped and a gently squeezed them with my lips as I took each one in turn into my mouth. They became bigger and more engorged with blood, deepening in colour and her soft moans assured me that I was pleasing her.

I continued my downward spiral, licking her stomach and her naval until I reached the beginning of the whispy dark line of her manicured pubic hair above the top of her knickers. I continued to massage her breasts with both my hands tweaking her nipples between thumb and forefinger as I carried on licking between the tops of her legs and the lace and satin covered lips of her cunt. She lifted her legs and I swiftly removed her panties, bringing them to my nose and lustily inhaling the delightful pugency secreted from her most intimate organ.

I was beside myself with lust but still I didn’t allow my lips to actually come into contact with her cunt, licking and sucking only around and about her vital spot. The heat and smell emanating from this centre of my desire was electrifying and all at once I felt her hand on my head, pulling me towards her as she lifted her body off the ground to meet my tongue. I knew then the moment of truth had arrived, she wanted me to eat her out.

With one hand still on her breast I brought the other down and spreading my fingers I opened her cunt and placed my mouth over the full fleshy lips. Her pouting cunt was saturated, as I licked and sucked great streams of sweet tasting juice invaded my mouth – I had found the elixir of life. I lapped it up, I was like the cat that got the cream, I had never tasted anything so wonderful in all my life, I just licked her inside and out not caring how much I swallowed, only knowing I couldn’t get enough of this delicious syrup.

She reached down between us and pulling her lips apart pointed to a small pink nodule that was straining to come out from under a hood of skin and screamed ” Lick it, suck it – be quick, be quick “. I needed no further invitation but immediately pressed my mouth to this love button of her desires and sucked. I maneuvered my gums around her lengthening clit and massaged it, I nipped it very gently but firmly with my teeth, I pointed my tongue and flicked it over the end and kept tonguing, nipping and massaging repeating and repeating this over and over again. Several minutes elapsed when suddenly her hips rose and fell to meet my oral attentions as I quickened the pace and with a mighty scream she yelled ” Oh God I’m coming, I’m coming aaagh, aaagh – Oh God don’t stop, suck me, suck me ooh ooh “.

I looked up to see her face, her long damp hair falling in cascades across the floor with a few strands stuck to her forehead, her eyes were bright and shining and a knowing smile was etched on her mouth. I returned to her cunt to continue my ministrations but she reached down to stop me.

” It’s a bit sensitive right now, let it settle down and anyway I want you to fuck me ” she said quietly and she reach down and took my hot hard rod in her hand.

I had never heard a woman use that word before and I was elated. My cock must have grown an another inch when I heard say ” fuck me ” and she brought me between her legs. She raised her knees and placed my tool at the entrance of her love tunnel.

” Take your time, now push it in slowly, just the head, now pull it out and put it back again. That’s it slowly, just the head, in out, in out, now put more of that hard cock in me, OK now were going there, push it in all the way, now out again to the head, Yes that right, now all the way in “. I felt the pressure rising as I did what she told me, my balls crashing against her arse as I pushed my rigid pole as far as it could go. It was as if I was trying to climb inside her, prick first. Each time I withdrew my prick and pushed it back I did it harder and harder, my cock seemed to grow larger and larger and the pressure in my balls was reaching boiling point. I just couldn’t hold off any longer and she knew it.

“Come on, Come on, flood me with your hot cum, drown me in your fuck juice ” she shouted and I just let it all go. I bucked and thrashed and exploded inside her, my prick threw out wave after wave of hot steamy goo, more than I ever thought possible as my body was racked with incredible spasms and tremors. I was shaking with the sublime realisation that I had fucked a woman.

As we recovered and I came down from the height of my ecstasy, we got up from the floor and turning around I saw my 3 card playing friends with the noses to the patio doors, grinning like Cheshire cats. Shocked at the discovery, I ran to the window and closed the curtains throwing up two fingers at them signing them ‘to fuck off’, to go away. Surprisingly, they never ever mentioned the incident as I suppose they had decided that as I was the first of our group to lose his virginity I should be treated with some sort of respect.

Meanwhile, Suzette and I continued our relationship for about a year. She was a teacher by profession and a wonderful teacher in the art of love making. She taught me many more of the ways that pleasure a woman, some which may be considered unusual or kinky but no less enjoyable for all that. She was completely uninhibited, no part of the anatomy or sex act was taboo, watersports, anal, oral, threesomes, all were to be enjoyed and experimented with. She revelled both in her expertise and knowledge and took great pleasure from the results of her educating me.

Like all good things they have to end and when her husband found us in bed together in their 3rd floor flat and I had escaped by climbing over the balcony and down the wall stark bollock naked, Suzette’s ardour cooled and she called an end to our affair.

I don’t know where she is today, but wherever she is and she would be in her 60’s now, I’m am sure she is still enjoying an active sex life and if I were a betting man, I would lay a pound to a penny, that many a young man has learned at her hands and probably, they still are.


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