Getting aroused watching black male strippers

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Getting aroused watching black male strippersMy good girlfriend Laura was reaching finally her forty years old; so other ladies from the wild wives’ group decided to go to a male strip club to celebrate a party there. We all were having a good time, plenty of drinks to lose inhibitions. All the male dancers were younger guys and mostly of them were black…Those guys got totally naked during their routines, showing us how well hung were all of them, specially the black guys. The girls cheered up on Laura, to have a lap dance with one black stripper.One of them came to our table and introduced himself as Ritchie; he was fully naked after his routine, sporting a huge monster cock about ten inches’ long. Laura pretended to be shy at first; but she then took hold of this thing.She stroked it between her delicate hands as Ritchie moved his hips toward her, encouraging Laura to get it between her glistening red lips.To our surprise, Laura lowered her head and stuck her tongue out. It circled the massive cockhead and she then put her lips to it. She continued to stroke and suck his cock. She smiled at us, offering to share this monster thing with someone else.Both Sheila and Janice accepted the challenge and then all three of them were on their knees in front of this huge black guy, who was swinging his tremendous dick back and forth hitting hungry lips and groping hands.Ritchie finally blasted his sticky wad onto the face of my three girlfriends.I suddenly felt my thong was soaking wet with my own juices.When the girls returned from the bathroom, some of them said it was time to leave and come back to our loving hubbies waiting for us at home.But my beloved Victor was flying outside to attend another boring conference; so nobody was waiting for me at home that night…alone for a couple days…Barbara decided to stay with me for another while. She looked at me with an evil grin in her eyes, whispering in my ear that her panties were damp right now and she wanted also to suck a black cock as the other girls had done.She added her nice daughter was dating a black guy and she had caught them fucking in her house; so she went mad as she saw this huge thing the boyfriend had dangling between his thighs…Barbie had never cheated on her husband; but she had a wild fantasy…As the rest of our wild girlfriends left, I asked Barbara if she would dare to fuck one of this huge niggers in front of me. She smiled, saying it would be just istanbul escort a blow job…But then she thought it better, saying once she had a black cock in her mouth, she could not know how far she would go…She would try…The next dancer on stage was presented as Mike. He was another huge black guy and he got naked, I gasped at his cock’s size. It was longer than ten inches. Barbara looked at me; we had a winner…As the guy finished his performance, he passed close to us, still naked.Barbie grabbed his hand and told him we would love a private show for us.Mike, guessing our arousal, said we would not be disappointed…But he asked if he could bring another friend. Barbie nodded her head…Good Mike then sent another employee to us, who led Barbie and me to another room adjacent to the stage. He said we should wait there.We both sat on a comfortable couch and I suddenly kissed Barbie’s red lips very passionately. I felt really aroused.As our wet lips parted, Barbie put her hand underneath the hem of my tight skirt, rubbing his long fingers against my soaking wet thong. She put it aside and her fingers entered my vagina. I gasped in surprise, moaning and closing my eyes…Her magic fingers felt good between my pussy lips…I then reached over and placed my hand between her spread thighs, finding my bitch friend’s panties were already soaking wet. My middle finger parted her pussy lips and I felt her moistness. Just then, the door opened.Mike was there, again fully dressed and he introduced us to his friend; another giant black guy called Jarrod.Both guys sat on the couch, one on either side of my horny girlfriend. I sat close to Mike. I had seen his black cock; I wanted that one…Barbie told then we wanted to see a private show…Jarrod said he wanted to see us naked first. So I stood up and started to unbutton my blouse and unzip my skirt. Soon I was there naked in front of those male strippers, wearing just my sexy stilettos.I twirled around, showing them my round buttocks.Jarrod whistled and he then looked at Barbara, waiting for her nakedness.But my sensual girlfriend laughed, saying now it was Jarrod’s turn to show us what he had there…The black guy removed his clothes and Barbie opened her eyes wide, as she saw a huge black dong, sizing at least eleven inches. It was thick…Jarrod then pulled me close to him and we embraced…he kissed me. His tongue invaded avcılar escort my red lips and our tongues swirled in my mouth. His hands found their way down my back side and he squeezed my ass cheeks; he thrust his body against mine and I could feel his hard dick against me.We broke apart and I quickly got on my knees. I wanted his ebony rod. Mike had a very nice one piece; but Jarrod’s dick was even bigger…I stroked Jarrod’s dick; it was growing longer and harder with each stroke.Soon my wet lips were wrapped around this thick black cockhead. I took him deep into my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. I gagged…As I kept sucking his cock, I reached down and fingered myself, as my horny pussy was dripping wet.From the corner of my eye I could see Mike putting his arm around Barbie. The guy was naked and he was undressing my sexy girlfriend.As she was fully naked, Mike pushed her back onto the couch. He straddled her torso and flopped his hard black dick between her two nice mounds.Mike’s dick was long enough where he penetrated Barbara’s tits but his head got to her waiting mouth. She was doing her best to coat his shaft with her salvia so his cock would easily slide between her nice round boobs.Mike reached around his back, to invade Barbie’s cunt with his fingers.Meanwhile, Jarrod’s dick was fully erect now, longer and harder than any other I had ever seen. This shiny black rod looked great between my lips.But then he leant on Barbie and he kissed her wet lips, as Mike was enjoying slipping his cock between Barbie’s boobs.I pretended to be jealous, but then Jarrod pushed me and he slid his long fingers up my horny cunt. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs apart. I could fell the head of his cock starting to invade my tight entrance.He pushed a little at a time, going deeper with each stroke, until I was able to take his full length. I could not believe those eleven inches were fitting into my very tight vagina. Jarrod smiled at me, saying my hubby would not be so deep for sure…With that he began to pick up the pace, sliding his cock all the way out and thrusting in until I could feel his balls slap against my buttocks, again and again Jas Jarrod pounded at my soaking pussy. I started to come like never before; I could feel my cunt being stretched far beyond the limits and my pussy juices running down the crack in my ass…By this time, I could hear Barbara screaming loud close şirinevler escort to me. Mike was fucking her like it was no tomorrow. Her nice tits bounced with each thrust of this huge black cock. All of a sudden he turned her over and began to do her doggie style. Barbie was coming as well as our heads were now next to each other. She claimed Mike’s cock was tearing her apart; but she was loving it…The action slowed as each guy withdrew his cock from our stretched cunts.They had not cum yet though; but they wanted to switch hot pussies…Jarrod then sat down on the couch and pulled Barbara onto his lap. She straddled him and I heard a long wild scream as she felt this new cock was bigger than Mike’s… He slapped her ass cheeks and he used his hands to slam her ass hard down on his dick. I enjoyed the show but wanted more…I sat close to Mike and stroked his nice cock. He smiled and suddenly he picked me up in his strong arms and pointed my head toward his cock, as I was upside down; my pussy was in his face, my legs over his shoulders and my face engulfing his black dick. He licked my pussy as I sucked his cock.I could feel Mike tensing up. He put me down and I got on my knees.Jarrod pulled out from Barbie and then she and me got on our knees in front of them, waiting with our mouths open, as both guys stroked their cocks.Mike was first. I pulled his cockhead into my mouth and he exploded inside.At same time, Jarrod started to drown Barbara with his sticky cum.We all laughed; both black guys had come and Barbie and me had loved it.My girlfriend and I went to the bathroom to clean ourselves. There in the mirror we looked each other and we said we looked like street cocksuckers.We cleaned up and returned to dim lit room. Barbie went down on Mike again, as Jarrod knelt behind her and began fingering her wet pussy.Jarrod replaced his fingers by his cock and he invaded Barbie’s cunt from behind. Mike stood up and moved over me. He made me bend over against a wall and he entered me from behind. I watched as Jarrod and Barbie went at it. She started coming and her black lover followed her. Both groaned and screamed in pleasure.I came again as Mike thrust his hard cock deep into me. Soon I could feel him tensing up his back and I sensed his warm semen filling my womb…The two black guys told us they needed to leave; they had another performance on stage. Barbie and me stood another while there, catching up our breath. After dressing up, we went outside to catch a taxi.I invited Barbie to spend the night with me. She called her loving husband and we went home. Once there, we shared a warm shower together and later we spent a long while caressing our bodies, licking and sucking…Before passing out, Barbie told me we should make it more often…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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