GF finds me a BBC to Suck

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GF finds me a BBC to SuckI was on my way to a party with my cute blonde girlfriend, the host was a friend of hers from work. He was a short stocky gentleman of African descent. She had mentioned to me she though he was maybe gay, and she had also often noticed he had a considerable bulge in his pants.She knew this would get my curiosity up as I recently confessed my occasional desire to suck cock, not any cock, specifically big black cock. She also enjoyed watching this as she found it a huge turn on to witness my foray into this fetish.When he had invited us to his party she had mentioned she was glad he would meet me, as she thought I would like him. He asked why and she said, “He likes guys with your personality, I think you’ll get along great,” with a coy smile and giggle.When we arrived the party was in full swing, he answered the door and my curiosity got the best of me. I glanced down at his crotch quickly and indeed my girlfriend had not exaggerated. Even in his somewhat loose tailored pants, a huge bulge was easily evident. I quickly looked back up and saw he was looking at me. He gave a half smile and introduced himself. The party was fun and as things wound down it was just a few girls from their office remaining. The only guys left were the host and I. He asked if I liked cigars as he was an aficionado. I replied I did enjoy the odd cigar but was not well versed in the practice.He told the remaining guests we were going to go have a cigar on the balcony off of his bedroom, and to please excuse us for a few minutes. I was fairly drunk and a few naughty thoughts entered my mind, but I certainly wasn’t going to be forward with my curiosity and growing desire to see just what was hiding under that bulge in his pants.He showed me his cigar collection explaining the various brands to me. He chose two then I said I think I’ll pass for now as I’m a bit tipsy and it might be a bit too intense. I wouldn’t want to get dizzy. He understood and we headed out to his balcony. He lit his cigar and we chatted about the view from his balcony and how amazing it was with the moonlight so bright. He then said, “Can I ask you something?”I said, “Sure anything.”He asked, “Your girlfriend mentioned that you would like me because of my personality but I was just wondering what she meant by that.”I was suddenly a bit embarrassed and said, “I do like your personality very much.” Then in my drunken and braver state I asked “Could I be very honest.”He said, “Please be.”So I confessed that I was basically a straight guy but was very turned on by the thought of delving into a more submissive side of myself and sucking cock, but not just any cock. I’m super turned on by black cock, especially ones that are bigger than my cock.He chuckled and replied that he wondered if that might be the case when he caught me checking out his package. He then asked how big I was, as he was interested in letting me play out my fantasies if he fit the bill. I said I was 8″ long and 5.5” in circumference.He said, “That is impressive, would you like find out if I am a worthy candidate?” I replied that I was certainly curious to see what was behind that large bulge in his pants. He asked what I expected, did I just want to suck cock or was there more I hoped to explore. I said that I just enjoyed the experience of orally pleasing a big black dick and had only done it a couple times so was pretty inexperienced. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I liked the idea of some fun, verbal play, as it was seemed to enhance the submissive experience even more.He said he was very attracted to me from the first time he saw me, and although he swung both ways, he liked the idea of getting serviced by a hot white guy that was inexperienced but eager to please.He continued, “I enjoy being dominant in role play too, so maybe we can have some fun.”I answered, “Sounds great!” Without further ado he said, “Get on your knees cocksucker.”I instantly felt my cock harden with his words and quickly sank to my knees in front of him.He asked, “Are you a faggot for big black dick.”I replied, “Yes I am.”He slapped me across the face, no too hard but it startled me. He said, “Call me sir when you when want to please me, faggot.”I replied, “Yes sir.”I started rubbing his bulge through his pants, feeling it swell and said, “I can’t wait to see your cock sir, I’m going to do my best to please your cock but please be patient.”He replied, “I will cocksucker. But you’re going to have to make me come if you start this, are you sure you’re ready for this faggot.”I answered quickly, “Yes sir, I want nothing more than to suck a big load out of your huge black cock.”I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, my heart racing with a mixture of excitement, fear and anticipation. His briefs held back a huge bulge, I started rubbing it with my hands and leaned forward and kissed the bulge through his boxers. I then slowly started pulling his briefs down, and inch by inch his thick, very dark cock slowly appeared getting harder and thicker in front of my eyes. It finally popped free and sprung up rock hard and straight as an arrow inches from my face.I lowered his briefs to the floor and exclaimed “Holy fuck, that’s a monster black cock, fucking amazing!” There in front of me was 10 rock hard inches of cut black cock, 6.5 inches around with a massive mushroom head. It was visibly twitching and in the bright moonlight and with added glow from his bedroom lights I could also see a big drop of precum forming at the tip of his cock. I quickly, almost instinctively moved forward and slowly licked it off with my tongue. He asked, “What do you think cocksucker?”I quickly replied in awe, “It’s a fucking gorgeous cock, I love it sir.”He replied, “Show me how much you love it faggot.”His words turned me on even more. It made me feel more able to let go and immerse myself in my role as an eager cocksucker. I wanted to please this massive black dick the way I’d want a woman to please mine, with passion and desire.I wrapped my hand around its thick base and and felt it throb and harden even more. My cock hardened even more feeling its’ warm thick girth fill my hand completely. My fingers and thumb unable to touch. “Holy fuck,” I exclaimed, “That is one fat cock!”He chuckled and said “You’re a real black cock faggot aren’t you.”I replied, “Yes sir, I love pussy but somehow a huge black dick like this turns me into a cocksucker instantly. It’s fun to delve into this fetish.”I was slowly pumping his cock while I spoke but now needed to get to work. I slowly began to lick up from the bottom of his shaft, ending at his head with a drop of precum waiting. I noticed its’ smooth salty taste and then started rubbing his fat cockhead all over my pinbahis face, moaning with pleasure and desire. I then slapped it against my face and lips. I needed to feel that cock in my mouth now. As if reading my mind he said, “Suck that dick now faggot.”I gripped it tight with my hand and slowly pressed it against my lips and opened my mouth, feeling it glide past my lips as my mouth opened wider and wider to accommodate the fat throbbing head. As my lips passed over the crest of the head and touched the shaft, my mouth was now stretched as wide as I could comfortably open it. I loved the feeling of his warm pulsing head in my mouth and I swirled my tongue around as much of the head as could. I then slowly withdrew the head without losing contact with my lips. I then started slowly sucking the head while tightly gripping the base which made his cockhead swell even more.I was in cocksucker heaven, my favorite part of a black cock is a big cut head. As I withdrew his cock to admire it, in my adoration of his huge dick I’d completely ignored his balls. I’m not usually much into balls, they’re kinda hot but very secondary. When I lifted up his dick to check them out I gasped. He had huge balls that hung down 2-3 inches. I had never seen a huge hanging set of black balls like that before and I was completely mesmerized. They looked so masculine and sexy, I instantly grabbed them with the my other hand and gently fondled and caressed them. They felt so heavy and full in my hand.He moaned as I caressed them, and I instantly leaned in and pulled them to my mouth, slowly sucking each one gently and lovingly. They were fucking huge, the size of small eggs. I could get them in my mouth one at a time and was so turned on by how they filled my mouth. I kept slowly and firmly stroking that throbbing cock with my other hand as I licked, sucked, kissed and caressed his massive nuts.When I finished and went back up to suck his fat black cockhead, now steadily oozing precum, I had to keep one hand holding those huge balls as I slowly sucked his cock while stroking the base of his shaft. The feeling of his thick hard cockhead filling my mouth,his nutsac filling one hand, shaft filling my other hand made me moan with delight and satisfaction. I was in a euphoric state of being a black cocksucker faggot. I was going to savor this experience for as long as I could hold it out. I wanted his cock to stay hard in my mouth and hold his massive balls, gently caressing and tugging them all night long.I was snapped out of my trance like cock worshiping state when he said, “Hey faggot, I would like you to do this all night but everyone is expecting us back inside. You have until I finish my cigar to finish me off, think you can do that cocksucker?”I quickly took my mouth off his huge cock to answer, “I want to taste your cum so bad, yes sir, I’ll do my best.””That’s a good black cock faggot,” he replied. I was actually shocked by my answer, I had never tasted or taken a load in my mouth and wasn’t sure I even wanted to, but here I was proclaiming how eager I was to swallow his load and my cock got even harder knowing I was now about to taste my first load of come from this relative strangers dick.I now switched from savoring sucking his cock to wanting to finish my cocksucker duties and make this massive black member shoot a huge load in my mouth. All that existed was wanting pinbahis giriş to please this beautiful, huge black cock. I began to suck more deeply, only being able to fit less than half his thick 10 inch dick in my mouth till I began to gag. I kept sucking up and down gagging each time, getting more saliva up the shaft each attempt. Tears began to stream down my face as I forced his massive cockhead to the back of my throat all the while gripping his thick pulsing cock tightly at the base and tugging his huge balls in unison. I withdrew after reaching my limits, knowing anymore would make me thrown up, but I had accumulated enough saliva lubricant running down his entire cock and balls so that I could finish my cocksucking duties successfully. As I caught my breath, I gripped this thick, throbbing shaft tightly with both hands and began to pump. His cockhead swelled up even more and I quickly admired the massive twitching head before leaning back in to suck the head with the same rhythm my hands were in. I was in focused manic state of cocksucker pleasing. All that mattered now was making this cock erupt and spew a load of hot cum in my eager waiting mouth.I kept this motion going for a few minutes and felt his cock head begin to pulse gently in my mouth, and knew my reward was coming soon.He moaned, “Fuck yeah, you black cock sucking faggot. You ready for my load?”I managed to emit a muffled “uh huh sir,” as I kept my pace up. He then said, “Ok, faggot, where do you want my load?”I pulled my head back, and replied “I want to feel your cock explode in my mouth sir.”I kept one hand on his cock, gripping and pumping tightly, and the other hand went back to his full nutsack, holding it firmly and resumed sucking his now super hard huge mushroom head.Just as I did this I was aware of a light shining down on my face. I was too engrossed in the finale to care. All a sudden his cock spasmed wildly, he groaned deeply, and gripped the back of my head firmly by my hair. I felt a hot spurt of come spray against the back of my throat as his cockhead pulsed and filled my mouth completely. I almost gagged but managed to swallow the first powerful shot. He eased off his grip and shot after shot of his hot, salty come flooded my mouth. The feeling of it was satisfying and glorious, having successfully pleased this enormous cock to completion. The pulsing, spurting, huge head filling my mouth with so much come it started dripping out of the sides and down my chin. After 3 or 4 powerful spurts, I closed my mouth tightly around his spurting cockhead and felt a few less intense spurts erupt into my mouth, swallowing again after my mouth was completely full of his hot cum. It tasted salty and satisfying. I left his softening cock in my mouth, softly sucking it and gripping his empty balls until it softened almost completely, and then withdrew it, kissing it all over and sucking his huge balls gently. I stood up and exclaimed, “wow, that was awesome.”He chuckled and replied, “You sure are an eager cocksucker. Great job, what’s your number? I’ll send you the video of me nutting in your mouth.”I replied, “Why don’t you send it to my girlfriend, she’ll enjoy seeing what we were up to.”We went back to the party, I winked at my girlfriend as we walked back into the room, and she smiled knowingly. A few minutes later I saw her phone beep from an incoming message. After seeing her check it, her eyes widened and she smiled at me with a look that I knew meant she was already getting horny and wet in anticipation of hearing about my encounter. When we were back home, she came like crazy while I fucked her and shared the details of my cocksucking adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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