Girl from Council Community Home finds new employm

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Girl from Council Community Home finds new employmI had seen this young girl around my area so many times, and if I am honest my mind often wandered about what it would be like to have sex with her. She was definitely a teenager. She was a very, very skinny size 6 or 8, with a flat chest to match this figure. She had a really young looking face, with freckles, and her blonde hair was always in bunches. I rarely saw her in the town, but always walking along my street towards town. She always  dressed like a typical teenager, in jeans and a sweatshirt or hoodie, and I noticed she smoked. One day I was in the town and was walking past McDonalds on the main street and I saw her sat at one of the window seats.I decided to take the plunge and go in and speak to her. With me in my 50’s and her being so young I knew nothing would ever come of it, but I also just wanted to hear her voice and try to get to know her a little. I quickly ordered my meal (I wasn’t hungry!) and I made my way to sit next to her. As I sat down, I smiled and she returned the gesture. I mentioned how cold it was outside and she agreed. I asked her if she was off school today, and she said that she was 18, and not a schoolgirl. I apologised and asked her if she was off college then. She was not shy at all, and quickly replied that she didn’t go to college or work and that she was in a home as part of the ‘care in the community’ process. I struggled with this a little as she was obviously not ‘backward’ but there was something odd about how she divulged such information so quickly. We chatted about a lot of trivia and the time seemed to pass so quickly. She had finished her meal well before I had mine, and I could see she was dragging out the drinking of her coffee.   I couldn’t help notice how tiny her hands were and how thin her fingers were. I also noticed she had pink painted nails, but they weren’t very well kept. Once we had both finished our drinks we carried on chatting. She was quick to tell me that she was in the home as she was a problem teenager and had been in Foster home and Foster home, but never settling with any one family. She said she had lost a baby when she was 14, and then was taken into hospital as she started to self harm. From there she had gone into the home. I apologised and said that it must have been horrible for her. I asked how the father of the lost baby had reacted, and she said he was a much older man, who didn’t care. I didn’t question her further but wondered who the father could have been, and what did she mean by ‘much older’. After a while she introduced herself as Jilly and I told her my name was Rob. She smiled so cutely as she said “It’s really nice to meet you Rob”. She asked about my past and I told her that I was divorced and had c***dren (who were much older than her!),   She asked where I lived, and when I told her she said she often walks round my road, as she likes to walk to keep fit and it gets her out of the home. I told her I had seen her a lot of times, and did wonder where she güvenilir bahis şirketleri was going! I was dying to ask her if she wanted to come back to my place for another coffee and a chat when she said “I’m going back now, I don’t know if you want to walk with me?” I couldn’t get out of my seat quick enough, and followed her out of the McDonalds. She walked alongside me, and she only stood about 5’2” and I noticed she had the most tiniest of feet! She stopped on a street corner and lit up a cigarette, and watching her smoking it made me so aroused, in my mind there is nothing more sexier than a teenager smoking. We talked constantly as we walked, and it was very relaxed. As we approached my house, I pointed my house building out, and suggested she came in for a coffee, and she said she would love to. Once indoors, she immediately commented on the size of my monitor for my PC system. I told her I needed the large monitor because of my work. She said that they had to share a PC in the home, and she couldn’t afford one even if she was allowed one. “I can’t even afford a mobile phone” she declared. I told her that was a sad state to be in. I opened a drawer and pulled out an old iphone I had. I had not bothered selling it and it was doing nothing. “Here you go!” I said – “You now have a phone” She couldn’t believe it. She was dumbstruck that I would do such an act for a relative stranger. I told her I would set her up with a ‘pay as you go’ sim card. I was already thinking about how she was going to pay for it! I decided to cut to the chase and get this relationship going the way I wanted it to… “So, Jilly, please tell me about the father of your baby, you said he was older?” “I was only 14, and I suppose I wanted to be popular. I only did what all the other girls were doing with boys at the time. It is just that I had sex with a cleaner at the school. He was 40, and like I say I was 14. He was actually lovely with me until I fell pregnant and then he didn’t want to know.” “That is so sad Jilly, I am very sorry” I lied. “I bet you were very popular Jilly” “Not really. All the girls at school wore lots of make up and most had huge boobs. I didn’t wear make up and I have no boobs at all. That’s why I went with Derek the cleaner, he didn’t seem to mind me being plain and skinny. I get quite depressed now as I have no chance of a real boyfriend as Im too skinny and ugly.” “Don’t be silly Jilly!” You look wonderful. Lots of people love nice and trim girls. And you don’t need make up as you are so cute!” I replied. “Thanks Rob! You are cute too!” She responded. “Im a lot of things Jilly, but cute isn’t one of them!” “You know what I mean! I like you. You are nice.” “Who is that?” she pointed at my PC monitor. “That is Monica, she works for me” I said. “She helps you on your PC?” she innocently responded. “Sort of” was my reply. “Sort of?” she laughed. “I will be honest with you Jilly, I find girls and women ‘work’ but it is ‘naughty’ work. Adult stuff” “Wow! That’s amazing” “How tipobet giriş much money do the women earn?” “A lot, Jilly” I replied honestly. “It’s a pity I’m not attractive, because I could do that” “You could do what Jilly?” I asked her that as I hadn’t actually said what it was that they do for the money. “Have sex with men for money. I could do that if I had somewhere to go.” “Really? That’s interesting” “To earn the top money, the girls allow it to be filmed and will do almost anything on camera. That’s the top and bottom of it” “I’d be more than happy with that. I really like sex, but boys and men don’t like me”.  She once again answered so innocently. I was getting fed up with her ‘plastic innocence’ and thought it was just a smoke screen. Let’s face it, she was having sex with a 40 year old when she was 14. I stood up and undid my flies, and stood by her, with my crotch close to her face. She smiled and instantly pulled my trousers down. She smiled wider as she pulled out my semi hard cock from my boxers, and slowly moved her head towards my hardness. I saw her close her eyes and open her mouth wide as she guided me into her mouth. Seeing her tiny mouth being full of my now rock hard cock was a sight in itself. She was obviously enjoying the attention she was affording me. Her head moving up and down the shaft and she was actually slurping on me. “I love sucking cocks” she said as she smiled at me before returning to her oral duties.   “Good girl, Jilly!” I commended her. I leaned forward and grabbed at her ‘tits’. She was actually flat as a pancake. The only mounds were provided by her padded bra. She helped me, by removing her sweatshirt and a t shirt. She was now just down to her tiny white bra. She got back to work. Her tiny hand wanking my cock into her mouth with her pretty pink nails. “You fucking slag!” I decided to up the ante. “Yes! But am I GOOD SLAG Rob?” she laughed as she licked the tip of my bulbous cock end. “You are going to be so popular Jilly, I am going to make you famous.” “I want to be popular with everyone Rob, I want to do well.” “That is a great attitude Jilly. Now lick my arse you cunt!” I wanted to push her boundaries, and see if he was the real deal. I turned around and opened up my arse hole with both hands. “Get to work” I exclaimed. I felt her hot breath on my arse as her head approached it. I then felt her extended tongue enter my brown hole. “Its so dirty!” She was actually laughing “Don’t you wipe for Gods sake?!!” “Eat it you cunt! Clean my shit!” was my bitter response. She really went to work on me. I knew I wasn’t very clean down there and I also knew she had done a good (and keen) job at cleaning it. I loved to feel her hands opening me up to get better purchase on entering me. After a few minuets I turned around and held her chin up so I could see her pretty face. Her mouth was smeared in my brown mess. It was a great sight to see and she was not deterred in any way. “How did I do?” she looked up with doey eyes. “You haven’t finished tipobet güvenilir mi yet!” I joked. I had a thought go through my mind and thought I wonder how she will take this?….. I took a great big heck, and I had a mouth full of thick gob. I placed my face close to hers and gobbed it out in her face. She looked so pretty with my thick green phlegm dripping off her nose onto her shit covered mouth. She shrugged her shoulders and looked up as if to say ‘is that it?’ I grabbed her head and forced it down to the girth of my cock. She gagged and was struggling to force her head off me, but I held it in place. Eventually I let her free and she puked up all down her chin with the relief. I grabbed her head again and exclaimed “Earn your money you fucking backward tramp” Over the next three or four minutes I just destroyed her face. – Fucking it deep and hard, and relentless. She was gagging for air on every release and was sobbing, with puke dripping off her face onto her flat chest. I held her head still and emptied my balls over her messy mouth. She knew what to do… opening her mouth really wide to accept all my hot cum. I could see even though she was only 18 she had about 20 fillings the dirty whore! The first spurt went over her mouth and across her cheek. The second and third spurts filled her lovely mouth with my hot fresh sperm. “Swallow it all up you cunt!” I demanded. She didn’t do me any wrong and took a long deep swallow and opened her mouth to show me. “All gone!” she said like a c***d after eating a meal. I pulled my trousers up and just watched her as I did so. She lit a cigarette and started sobbing. “What is the problem Jilly? What are you thinking? Why are you crying” I asked. “I just feel used again Rob. I never wanted to feel like this again, and I do.” “I’m sorry about that Jilly, maybe this will make it better?” I said as I passed her a £50 note. “Wow! Her face lit up. “Fifty Pounds? I thought it was going to be like ten or something. I still feel used though.”   I will be honest and say the next few minutes were very awkward as she was just sobbing. I gave her some face wipes to clean her face up, and once again she looked fresh faced, apart from her eyes which were bloodshot and puffy as she had been crying for so long. I told her I had some work to do and I was photographing a lady in the afternoon. She said she had to go anyway, and awkwardly she got herse;f ready to leave. I walked to the shop with her and I bought her a pay as you go simcard. I put it in the iphone and I put my number in her contacts. I said it was entirely up to her if she wanted to contact me, but she now knew what it was that I was about. I re-emphasised that I could always find her work, should she want to earn some good money. She was also under no illusion as to what she would have to do to earn that money. I really wanted her to ring as I wanted to fuck her!! We said goodbye and she kissed me on the cheek as we parted. A few days passed and I text her with an innocent ‘hello, hru?” She didn’t reply. I thought that was ok as I really had put her through the paces on the first visit and was probably too rough, but eh ho. About three weeks passed and I had almost forgot all about Jilly when I received a text from her….. “Desperately need money. Please reply.”  

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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