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Girlfriend’s MomI met my girlfriend Tina at a computer conference in Chicago. We were seated next to each other and there was a natural attraction between us. She had graduated from college recently and working in information technology. I was a divorced 35 year old male and managed a IT group. After talking to her, I found that she worked in Seattle , the very same city I lived in. We spent some time together in Chicago and when we got back to Seattle we started to date.Tina, a petite Asian woman , about 5’2″ with average breasts , 33c , slender with a nice golden tan. She has a very sweet personality and an intelligent conversationalist. We held a lot of passion for one another, we make love every night. We became inseparable with her moving in with me. I live in an older neighborhood , and in a large rustic home.About six months into our relationship, Tina’s mom who lived in California was to visit us for a week. Tina’s mom, a woman in her late 40’s. I saw some pictures of her and she looked well preserved. I fixed up our guest room for her which is located in the lower level of my house. It would logistically put us far away from her inside our house. Tina and I like to sex it up and I didn’t want our late night intercourses to disturb her mom.When Tina’s mom, Nancy, arrived, I found her to be an attractive middle age woman. She was a little taller than Tina and wore a short sun-dress that revealed a shapely pair of legs and a nice round set of tits. Her hair was long, very black and her face wrinkle free. Nancy upon seeing Tina gave her a long hug, then upon seeing me she gave a hug too. When hugging me , she pressed her body close to me for a couple seconds. I felt her breasts and they felt quite full. We spent the day seeing Seattle , the Space Needle ,and getting some eats at Pikes Peak district. During dinner , Nancy had a flirtatious attitude. She is one of these touchy people , hand touching your arm when she speaks, leaning towards me a bit. Her leg kept bumping my leg underneath the table. Sometimes her leg rested against mine for a long period of time. I liked it, I found to be sexually attractive and she carried herself with a lot of sex appeal. Tina and Nancy seemed very happy to see one another and enjoyed catching up with canlı bahis şirketleri their lives.When we got home, a message was left on our answering machine; Tina was called away to service one of the satellite offices in Los Angeles. She needed to leave in the morning as an emergency computer crisis had occurred. The trip was scheduled for the rest of the week. Knowing we would not see each other for the week, we fucked that night passionately a couple times.In the morning , I asked Tina what I should do with her mom. Tina whose mind was occupied with her job told me to keep her entertained. Take her to dinner , shows or even dancing since Nancy enjoyed dancing. I felt a little uncomfortable spending time alone with Nancy. She was a sexy lady and flaunted it in front of me.As Tina was running out the next morning, Nancy was already awake. Nancy wearing a short robe that exposed her legs. I could also tell that she was not wearing a bra as her breast showed through the thin robe material. Tina kissed her mom goodbye and apologized for having to leave so abruptly. Nancy said it was okay and she understood. Nancy said she’ll keep herself occupied and not to worry about her.After Tina left, Nancy ask if I was going to work. I told her that I had taken some days off this week. Tina had done the same until the crises came up. I thought the three of us would spend time together and for me to get to know Tina’s mom.I sat next to Nancy on the breakfast table in my shorts and t-shirt. Nancy started to tell me about her divorce to Tina’s dad several years ago. Her dad had married his secretary, a woman about the same age as Nancy. Nancy’s husband had just lost interest in her and they just grew apart. As she continued to speak Nancy would rub her feet against my calf very slowly. I didn’t pull my leg away because I started to get aroused by it. Her robe was not tied tightly and I could see some of Nancy’s breast. She looked directly into my eyes when she spoke and I felt compelled to kiss her. Nancy then got up from the chair and asked if we could go out tonight for dinner and dancing I agreed to take her since she asked and Tina told me to keep her occupied.Nancy proceeded to lead me out to the family room and put on a CD. The CD perabet giriş was her own, Sarah Vaughn, a black female artist with a sultry voice. She played a song ” Misty” and asked if I wanted to dance. Sure , why not I thought. We started to dance and she started to hold me very tight. I did the same and put my head near her neck. She smelled fresh and nice, a nice mixture of lotion and fragrance. She released her hands from me and untied her robe. I was right she was naked. I put my arms her underneath her robe and felt her skin , so so smooth. I start to move my hands up and down her back and work them down to her butt. She had a small butt but very firm She places her hand underneath my t-shirt and works her hands on my lower and upper back. Soon both our hands are moving at a quicker pace enjoying the feel of each other’s body. She slides her robe off her body and she is completely naked while still dancing with me. I know that this is very wrong but I can’t help it. I think of Tina and how she would react if she knew what we are doing.Nancy and start to kiss , first a peck on her lips and soon deeper and deeper kisses. Nancy seems very hungry for my mouth and tongue and she likes being held tight. She starts to remove my t-shirt and soon my shorts. We are still naked and dancing My cock is very hard pressed against her belly.She starts to grip my dick and starts stroking me, at the same time I put my hand over her crotch and finger her pussy. I lead her upstairs into my bed to fuck her. I open up my drawer and bring out four colored handkerchief. I tell Nancy her body belongs to me and she must submit totally to me. She is so horny that I know she will agree to anything I want. I tie Nancy’s hands and legs to the bedpost with the handkerchiefs so she cannot move her arms and legs. She naked spread eagle and helpless. I tie the knots tight against the bedpost so she cannot escape. I start by touching her gently all over her body , her face , neck ,I play with her nipples. I work my fingers down to her calf and up to her thighs and inner thighs touching everywhere softly and changing pace to a deep massage. Nancy is squirming in pleasure. I am delivering a slow sensual pleasure. She is already moaning and asking perabet güvenilir mi me to fuck her pussy now. But I won’t touch her pussy. I look down to her cunt and it is all wet and open.I continue to touch and massage her body all over. She is begging me to satisfy her pussy. “Please fuck me” she cries “Please fuck me now” “I can’t take this anymore”.Instead of fucking her , I decide to put on a porno movie into our bedroom VCR. I decide to make Nancy watch other people screwing each other. Nancy is screaming at me now calling me all kind of names. I let this go on for 20 minutes all the time licking her full titties slowly especially her nipples. I suck them out and she almost ready to cum without the benefit of genital contact.I decide to touch the outer perimeter of her vaginal lips working my fingers lightly on the outside. “Stick your fingers in my pussy” she orders. But I will not. I decide to pleasure my dick on her thighs on her stomach , on his tits. I place my dick on her lips and she sucks my dick with all her might. While she is sucking away I put hand pressure on her pussy mound. She groans breathlessly. I start to turn my body and start licking her pussy with my tongue. First with small cirlces outside her pussy and soon faster and faster with my tongue . My dick drops out of her mouth and she screams with delight. ” OH oh” she yells out. She is making her ass come off the bed as she comes . She stops to rest. I decide to finally untie the hankerchiefs and to give her a good old fashion screwing. I release her from her ties and start to lie on top of her body inserting my penis into her very wet box. She groans and wraps both her legs and arms around me like an octopussy and gyrates her hips. I am putting my dick in and out of her sweetness slowly but she is going at it with fervor. She cums within a minute but I am just warming up. I fuck her a little faster and soon I am just hammering her and she can barely stand it. I release all my pleasure into her deep as I drive my dick into her. We lie still with me on top of her and I fall asleep for a couple minutes.I hold her in bed for the next half hour as she wants to stay next to me. We continue our love affair during the next week. We enjoy the town together taking Tina’s suggestions of dinners, dancing, shows , museums. All of time we are together we act like boyfriend/girlfriend; holding hands , kissing in public, walk arms around each others waist, hold each other tight on the dance floor. And every chance we get, uninhibited sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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