Girls Night Out – messages in the sand

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Girls Night Out – messages in the sandAnother season came to an end for Annie’s hockey team. As usual, they had played harder off the field than on it. In fact, I always said they played their best games in the pub after the matches!But that was fine with me. Annie really enjoyed getting back into a team sport after many years as a house mum. She now had a whole new bunch of friends, some of whom were seasoned players. And when I say ‘players’, I mean that in the broadest sense. Especially Sue, a married woman in her early 40s who held her age well and wasn’t going to let life slip by.I had seen Sue in action at a local pub one evening after a game. She and Annie were both pretty charged and playing pool. They weren’t sinking too many balls on the pool table but they sure were ‘racking up the balls’ of some football lads at the bar when I rocked up to drive Annie home. The girls were flirting carelessly and playing up to the lads, who seemed unfazed that the women were somewhat older than them. I’ve often wondered if younger men are drawn to older women because for the woman it’s all about the fun of fucking and not a lifetime commitment.Both Annie and Sue had raw sex appeal, a quality that cuts through perceived age barriers. I stayed a while and, as Sue was too charged to drive home, we talked her into staying over at our place. She rang her ol’ man to explain she wouldn’t be home tonight, and, by the sound of the conversation at Sue’s end, he just accepted it. I got the feeling this was not the first time she’d stayed out all night.By the time we got to leave, Sue had ‘picked up’ one lucky lad, Simon. It occurred to me later that if I had not been at the pub, there might have been two ‘lucky’ lads that night. As I arrived at the pub, Annie was flirting openly with two eager lads, one in front and one behind dirty dancing to the juke box. And she was loving it, grinding her hips back into one then thrusting forward into the other, and occasionally humping his thigh. The boys reluctantly backed off when I walked in, even though a half cut Annie was still giving them the ‘come on’.Sue and Simon both came home with us and after a coffee and a cognac, Annie and I headed for bed, leaving Sue and Simon to the guest room for the night. I reckon they fucked like rabbits most of the night. In the morning, Simon left early and Sue acted as if nothing had happened, making me think it was a fairly regular thing for her.As usual, at the end of the season the team planned a windup dinner. The restaurant was at a nearby seaside town and Sue had offered to pick Annie up on her way through. With a cheery “I’ll be late, don’t wait up for me,” Annie, dressed in a bright red, loose-fitting fine wool canlı bahis şirketleri sweater a short, tight-fitting black skirt, black stockings and ‘fuck me’ heels, swept out the door to Sue’s waiting car.I was still up at midnight and not really surprised Annie hadn’t yet returned. Heeding her words, I headed for bed. I wondered if I might get a phone call saying she was staying out the night and got nervously excited thinking about what that would imply, but the phone stayed silent.I couldn’t know it then but I found out later that the windup dinner had finished around 11pm when the restaurant closed and all the other girls went home, leaving Sue and Annie to wander across the road to a noisy, crowded pub where a band was playing.I slept lightly, waking each time I heard a car approaching, and dozing off again as it passed without stopping. Eventually, the sound of a car idling in the driveway woke me. I listened as both doors opened and gathered Sue was helping Annie out of the car. Above the noise of the still-idling engine I could hear the sounds of Annie laughing and Sue cajoling her.“Go inside Annie. Go to bed. No I don’t want a nightcap. We’ve both had plenty and I’m going home.”“Yeah. We certainly swallowed plenty tonight! Ha Ha Ha!”“Sshhh! Keep your voice down or you’ll get yourself into trouble.”With a last “Go inside and to bed Annie!” the car door shut and Sue backed out and drove off. After a pause, I heard the back door open and shut and the sounds of Annie fumbling around the house to the bathroom. I stayed in bed listening. More fumbling, the tinkling sound of Annie on the toilet, the opening of the bathroom cabinet, a tap running, teeth being slowly brushed, more fumbling, the rustle of clothing, and finally shuffling footsteps up the hall to our bedroom. Annie was obviously wasted.I had left Annie’s bedside light on and, pretending to be asleep, peeped cautiously as Annie began to undress. She was pretty unsteady, struggling to remove her sweater and fumbling with the zip on her tight skirt before clumsily pushing it down her hips to the floor. As she did so, I caught a glimpse of her knicker-clad crotch. It looked damp. She gave up trying to put her nightie on and slumped into bed wearing only her knickers. Within moments she was quietly snoring.I waited a few minutes, then reached over and stroked her hips hoping that, as had happened before, I could bring her around for some really lustful sex. No response. Trying a bit harder, I walked my fingers down her thighs, hoping she would stir amorously. Still no response.As a last hopeful attempt, I worked my hand between her legs and up to her pussy. Her knickers were wet, very wet, but as my hopes rose canlı poker oyna I felt something I really didn’t expect.Sand! In her crotch! Sand! I worked my fingers inside her wet pussy and … yes … there was definitely sand in there!I was stunned. Anxious but very excited. I lay for a moment, thinking what other ways there were sand could get there. A thought occurred to me and I rose and went into the bathroom. There I found Annie’s panty hose, just dropped crumpled up on the floor where she must have slipped them off. I picked them up and looked at them. More sand! Moist sand! And it was caked on to the nylon crotch in damp chunks! I sniffed it and yes, that unmistakeable musky, peppery smell of cunt juice and cum. Lots of it! Even the inside thighs of the stockings were wet and sticky.My heart raced. I took the panty hose back to the bedroom and stuffed them in my drawer. Annie was still fast asleep. Then, as if to finally confirm the obvious, I ran my fingers through the hair on the back of her head. Sure enough, there was more sand. It was falling onto the pillow.There could be no doubt. Annie had been fucked on the beach! My dick was so hard it hurt. I ran through all the scenarios I could think of Annie fucking on the beach. Was it one guy or two? Three?! Had she stripped off below the waist? Or had she just pulled her skirt up, her knickers and panty hose down and spread her knees to fuck? Had she felt the sand in her cunt? Had he … (they?) … felt it? Had she frantically tongue-kissed the guy/s as he drove his cock into her heaving, thrusting body. I knew from personal experience that when Annie had a few drinks in her she fucked passionately.I reached down and felt her knees. Yes, there were still a few grains of sand embedded there. So she’d gone ‘doggy’ too. There was even sand between her butt cheeks, but not inside. Then I wondered if she and Sue had teamed a few lads from the disco. A double beach bang maybe?! That thought nearly blew me then and there. There was no chance of an encore at that moment, so I turned the light off and lay in bed, a million thoughts racing through my mind. One thing was for sure, I desperately needed to fuck Annie in the morning. I waited for daylight, showered, shaved, splashed some after-shave on and went back to bed to wait for her to wake.It seemed like forever but eventually she stirred. I moved over to her side and began stroking her warm body and kissing her neck and ear. It took a bit to get her going but when she did it was Heaven! I pushed my fingers in her still sopping cunt. It was so warm and wet and as she spread her legs wide I climbed on. The feeling of sliding my raging dick into her still gaping cunt was like nothing güvenilir bahis I’ve ever felt before. It was like velvet – warm, smooth, silky; slippery yet sticky. The sound of my dick sliding in and out of Annie’s just-fucked cunt was intoxicating; like the sound of a spoon beating a bowl of custard – slopping, slapping, snicking and clicking. My first sloppy seconds was everything I’d heard and more.As I fucked Annie, I told her I’d found the sand in her stockings, on her knees, in her hair and in her cunt. I told her I knew she’d been fucked last night; that she’d fucked on the beach. I whispered I loved her and loved it when the slut in her took over. I asked if it was one guy or more, did she and Sue do teams, how many times did she cum, could she feel the sand in her cunt as she fucked?At first she seemed embarrassed to have been caught out. But she couldn’t deny it. There was too much evidence. And anyway, I was clearly not angry. In fact, I was really turned on and she could feel it.Eventually, she whispered that it was just one guy, that they had drunk champagne and danced, then wandered outside to get some air and started kissing, which led to fondling and dry humping on the footpath. The bouncer had told them to move away from the door and unkindly suggested they go to the beach, which they duly did. They had fucked on the beach for over an hour and they could hear Sue and some guy wildly fucking nearby. Annie said she had not taken her panty hose right off but had pushed them down to her ankles, spread her knees wide and sucked and fucked and fucked and sucked and cum and fucked and cum again … and then fucked again. It’s not often I can cum, keep going and cum again but with Annie whispering the details in my ear as she bucked and fucked beneath me, I did that morning.Next time I saw Sue I asked her if she enjoyed the night. She looked nervously at me, hesitated and then said it was a fun night. I smiled at her, gave her a hug and whispered that I had found the sand, knew what had happened and was OK with it. She looked relieved.I also told Sue I knew she was planning to go to an open air weekend rock concert with some biker friends of hers and suggested she ask Annie to hitch a ride with one of the guys and go along with her as I thought they’d have a great time together. When Annie cautiously asked me later if it would be alright for her to go with Sue to the two day rock concert she was surprised when I said ‘Yes’ so quickly, without even asking for details. “On one condition,’ I said. “I want you to put your little egg vibrator inside you before you get on the back of the guy’s motor bike. With your legs spread wide the vibrations through the seat will have you cumming all the way there and back. Just don’t change your knickers all weekend … and bring me home some sand.” She smiled coquettishly, hugged me and whispered, “OK Darling. I’ll be back sometime Sunday night, probably late. Be sure to wait up for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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