Glory Hole Discovery

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Glory Hole DiscoveryChapter 1 – The DiscoveryIt started as a fairly normal trip to New York with my wife, Stacy, tagging along. I travel a lot in my job and so spend a lot of time there, among other major cities. Of them all, New York is our favorite, so from time to time, she’ll travel with me when I make the trip. Since I have to work while there, she generally shops and relaxes while I’m at work and then we get to spend the evenings together enjoying the city. We’ve been married almost 25 years and love each other very much. Stacy is five foot and seven inches tall, auburn hair, green eyes and has a naturally amazing body. We both work to stay healthy, but neither of us are workout fanatics or the like. Regardless, we are both trim and healthy in appearance.In the sex department, we were comfortable. It was still important to both of us; however, it just wasn’t as necessary as it once was in our life as a couple. We still enjoyed it, but didn’t dwell on it. Therefore, neither of us really spent a lot of time planning or plotting naughty getaways, or thinking about sexual experimentation while away from home. Usually, our sex just happened and was always fantastic. After many years of marriage, we’d both been completely faithful and knew exactly what the other one liked, or at least we thought we did at the time.This encounter covers our unplanned and unexpected fall into debauchery during our supposed “comfortable” and “over the sex thing” time of life.The first night in the city we went to a casual dinner and just walked around for awhile. I’ve been working in New York for years, so didn’t spend much time looking around anymore, but when my wife was with me, it was time to look at everything anew. We’d venture around and view the sights and just enjoy the cool fall temperatures. This night, we were walking back to our hotel and came across an adult video store in Midtown Manhattan. Even though sex wasn’t as important as it once was to us, I’ve always maintained my playfully dirty mind, and was constantly getting my hand slapped for touching her ass in public places. In line with my dirty mind, I snickered and suggested we look around in there for any interesting items. While the video on DVD stage, at least in my mind, seems to be mostly dead with the prevalence of Internet porn, I knew they’d have a bunch of toys and other things for us to see. Hopefully, we’d see something that might get Stacy excited enough for one of our less frequent, but still enjoyable sex sessions. I truthfully expected her to make a snide comment about me being a bad boy and keep walking, but to my mild surprise, she said yes. Well, I had started it, so had to finish it. We went in. If I’d known what would happen as a result of this offer, I now wonder if I would’ve said anything about the store when we passed. Most of the time–about 99.9999% of it– I always think about it and say, “Hell Yes!”Back to the story. We went down a set of steps from the sidewalk into the establishment and indeed it was full of sex toys and porn DVDs, categorized in a fairly neat manner and clearly marked by signage leading you to the amateur, gangbang/orgy, lesbian, and so on shelves in the store. There were several men in the place, all browsing, but from my brief glance around, they all took note of the gorgeous woman walking into the place on my arm. I smiled a little bit to myself and steered my bride to the first row of items. I liked knowing that all these guys were jealous of me. Stacy was obviously uncomfortable, but had made the decision to come inside this place so she graciously continued on and gave it a go. We wandered about for a bit, starting at the sex toys. We have a number of toys at home and even a decent collection of bondage gear so there wasn’t anything really new to her. However, I could tell she was a little nervous looking at these things in front of all these men. Typically, we usually shop and order these items online and have them shipped to our home. It was fun and sexy watching her get use to picking up, inspecting and browsing all these toys with obviously horny men wandering around watching her.I admit, I was enjoying the attention she was receiving and so d**g my feet here and there to slow down the process of getting the hell out of there. When we got to the movies, we began browsing and it was obvious they had categories of videos way beyond anything either of us had ever dreamed of before. We moved quickly through a few of those items and spent more time looking at DVD’s more in our liking, which is generally straight sex with some kind of a plot. We’d watched porn with a variety of scenes in them beyond the straight couple and even played out some harmless fantasies with just the two of us, but we never delved into porn about swinging, group sex and the like.When we reached the end of a particular row, we saw a man with a fist full of one dollar bills standing in front of an opening that headed into the back. Above the door was a sign indicating there were video booths in that area.I was immediately intrigued. As we rounded the corner past the man and headed up the next aisle of movies, I began talking about how nice it would be to actually see some of the movies before we purchased one. That way, we’d know what we were getting. Stacy seemed to know where I was headed and gave me a strange look; she knows me so well. I just smiled and told her that we should check out the video booths and see what movies were showing in them. I could tell the idea took her way out of her comfort zone, but I promised that we’d just step in, check it out and leave if she hated it. She did agree to go and her blush was obvious, and beautiful. We approached the man and I exchanged a twenty-dollar bill for twenty singles. You could almost call the look on his face a leer, as we walked hand-in-hand past him to the booths. I, for one, was smiling.We walked down the immediate row of them until we came across one that was unoccupied, as indicated by the light above the door. They seemed busier than I expected them to be, but then I assumed guys were jacking off to porn in them. It had to be cheaper than buying a DVD. Stepping inside, we closed the door and noticed immediately that it was very dark as I fumbled with the lock to ensure no one walked in on us. The only real light came from the small TV, which was flipping through some preview scenes. The only other sources of light were the dollar bill slot, which was beckoning to be paid, and the channel up and down buttons.I slipped two or three singles into it and hit the green button to start the show. The first scene to pop up was a man and woman fucking on a blanket in the woods. It was very sexy, but the channel up and down buttons were blinking beseechingly, so I just had to see what was on the other channels. As I began flipping through them Stacy tried to make herself comfortable on the small bench in the room.I flipped through each channel and stopped long enough on each scene to gauge her interest. With it being somewhat dark, it was hard to tell anything other than she was not sure about being there at all. We buzzed through a variety of channels and eventually came back to the one where the couple was fucking outdoors. When unsure, it’s best to stop on monogamous sex, I supposed.I sat beside her and asked how she was doing. She indicated that she was alright, so we just sat quietly and watched for a few minutes. I began caressing her leg and thinking how surreal the situation was. The entire area was permeated with pornographic sounds from every booth close by. As I rubbed her knee and began working my way up her jeans-covered thigh, we heard one sound distinctly different from the rest and became sure our neighbor in the booth next door was having a big orgasm. I know this, because Stacy stared at me wide eyed as he proved that he could just not stay quiet while in orgasm. We both laughed quietly at that and then Stacy began to actually relax a bit. I mean, how could anything be more embarrassing than having someone hear you masturbating. After watching for a few minutes, I was feeling lucky and we began to kiss. I noticed that when we weren’t kissing that her eyes were now glued to the screen. I checked it out and the scene had changed from a couple fucking outdoors to different woman on a blanket sucking the cocks of multiple guys standing around her. I had no idea she would even like anything like that so it made me smile inside. I took the opportunity to move my hand up her leg and begin rubbing her pussy over her jeans. I was encouraged when a small moan escaped her lips and she spread her legs more. We began making out heavier and I worked to pull her sweater over her head so I could get at her breasts. I didn’t really have any plans of how far we would go in the dingy booth, but I thought we’d at least get started having a night of fun.It was then the movie quit and I had to fumble around to get more singles out of my pocket and feed them to the machine. While I was doing that, and since our eyes had adjusted to the darker environment, it was then that Stacy and I first noticed that we weren’t entirely alone. No one was in the booth with us, obviously, but we had just discovered the glory holes on the walls on either side of us. I was no stranger to internet porn, so I knew what one was, but I was still somewhat taken aback. The thing that caught me was these didn’t seem like sloppily cut and taped holes like in so many porn videos. Rather, they were rectangular padded slots purposely manufactured in these booths. In other words, these things were made for peeping and participating with others. For me, it was a turn on, but I had no idea how Stacy would react. If I’d even been remotely aware they could be there, I would’ve warned her, so she’d know what to expect. On second thought, maybe I wouldn’t have. The first thing she noticed was in the hole on one side of us, a man was peeking through and watching us. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, out of the other hole protruded a hard cock. A real live, human cock protruded into Stacy’s space in our booth. I’m sure it didn’t matter the size, shape or color of said cock; only that it was the last thing Stacy expected to see and therefore was the reason for her reaction.She squealed and immediately began putting her sweater back over her head, which I assume is a perfectly reasonable reaction. She said, “Get that thing the fuck away from me!” and started heading for the door before she’d even gotten her sweater all the way back on. Me, I was strangely excited and actually didn’t want to leave, so I tried to soothe her, without telling her that I actually wanted to stay. The cock had, smartly, disappeared and I hugged her and told her it would be all right and we could leave if she wanted. She didn’t even hesitate when she indicated we should get the fuck out of there right this minute.Chapter 2 – Initial ResultsI assented and as we walked back out into the corridor, she was leading the way out, fast. I just kind of sighed while following behind her, because I knew our night of hot sex was likely ruined. In fact, sex might not be forthcoming anytime soon.When we got outside onto the street, we started heading for the hotel and she repeatedly asked if I had known about the holes beforehand. I was very glad she took my word for it that I had not known, because I truly hadn’t. Her face was flushed and she was walking fast like she was trying to escape from something.When we got back to the hotel, we headed straight for our room and I was trying to come up with a way to salvage the sex night. Unlike her, so I thought, I was very turned on from the entire encounter.As it turned out, I didn’t need to worry. When we got into the room, Stacy literally tackled me onto the bed. Stupidly, I had a flash thought that she was so mad she was going to beat my ass, but instead her mouth sought mine and her hands were absolutely everywhere at the same time. She was voracious and we went at each other like teenagers with raging hormones.We didn’t talk about the video booth experience while we were having sex, so I had no idea what part of it had excited her. I was just so glad to be getting attacked by her that I was not going to risk fucking it up by hitting on any points that freaked her out.The one time I started to say something during the exchange, she was in the process of ripping my jeans off. I was about to speak when she stuffed my cock into her mouth like a starving woman. Needless to say, all thoughts of speech left my head and I fell back on the pillow and held on for dear life. At first, I went with it, but soon realized that I had to stop her or I was going to cum way too soon tonight. I tried to pull her off and move onto something else, but she was not deterred. I told her not to make me cum, but she refused to listen. Soon, I was blowing a month’s worth of cum down her throat and into her belly. I was amazed by not only the quantity of cum I spurted into her mouth, but also the fact that she took it all down like a champ. I was incredibly impressed.I never had a chance to worry about sex session being over, because she came up and planted her cum covered mouth over mine and we kissed heavily as she peeled her clothes off. I would like to say that I took control at this moment, but she was a woman possessed. She stood long enough to get completely naked and then crawled onto the bed and straddled my face. She planted her pussy right onto my mouth and started grinding against my mouth. I love to eat her pussy, so I gave her everything I had. I nibbled, I bit, I licked and sucked her like crazy as she moaned, squealed and ground herself to an orgasm. As her body shook, shivered and expended its sexual energy, she leaned forward and took my semi-erect cock back into her mouth and lovingly suckled it. I busied myself with nibbling and licking that wonderful pussy while her orgasm subsided.I won’t spend the entire story on these details, but we fucked several times throughout the night and I was even awakened to another blowjob, which finished just like the last, with a little less cum this time. The woman had literally drained me about dry throughout the night.Chapter 3 – The Follow-UpI went to work with a big smile on my face that day and decided that I had to know what got her so charged up. I promised myself that I would speak with her about it at dinner that night. Whatever it was that got her going, I wanted to know so I could repeat it. We had several days left in New York, so if I could discover this magic bullet, I would exploit it. Now that we’ve had incredible sex again, I wanted much more of it.As I attended meetings, her plan for the day was to shop, which she does every chance she gets while in the city. About noon, I was surprised to find out that my meeting which was to last the entire afternoon was canceled and so I had some unexpected free time. I couldn’t help but smile as that would give us more time together this trip and so I headed out for the hotel. I figured she was shopping, so didn’t worry about sending her a text as I thought It would be a nice surprise for her when she got back from shopping. To gauge how much longer she’d be gone I sent her a quick text asking how the shopping trip was going. As I walked, she didn’t reply, but that wasn’t unusual for her as her phone stays on silent a lot and I didn’t expect her to reply quickly if she was trying on clothes or paying for something. As I arrived at the hotel and got to our room, I was somewhat surprised to find that there were several new shopping bags already there. I thought, “Wow, she’s shopped so much that she had to drop stuff off and then start again.” All I could do was laugh and peek at her purchases. I was very pleased to see that she had made some sexy clothing choices and I knew that would benefit me in all the right ways. Apparently, the night of sex had gotten her wanting a repeat performance as well.I turned on the TV and debated whether to text her again. She might be at lunch and might like some company, but again, I didn’t want to ruin her shopping experience, so just let it sit. I figured if she was at lunch that she’d be back soon anyway.While I watched TV, my mind kept running back through the night before and I tried to figure out what had turned her on so much. Needless to say, my cock got really hard and I was tempted to jack off; however, I didn’t know when she’d be back to the room.It was then that I had a great idea that would ultimately change my life, for better or worse. We have an app on our phone we can use to track each other. We didn’t do it for creepy purposes, rather, we forced it onto our k**s when they were younger and then just added ourselves so we were all in it together. To date, none of us had ever used the app for anything, but it would help me figure out where she was at and if I had time to masturbate before she returned to the room. I couldn’t help but smile at my ingenuity.I tapped the app and waiting while it went through a process to update everyone’s locations. When hers showed up, I was initially excited because she was only a block or two away. I knew there were no department stores there, so she must be walking back to the hotel or having lunch at one of the many places in Midtown. I watched the app for a few minutes and forced a refresh a time or two, but she didn’t move. I decided to use the time to change clothes out of my business attire. Needless to say, I felt incredibly naughty when I took the opportunity to furiously beat my cock while watching the application on my phone to ensure Stacy didn’t move from where she was.I had cum so much in the previous twelve hours that it almost felt like a challenge to cum again, but I took up that challenge. I was very gratified when my cock began to spasm and an impressive load squirted out of my cock and into my hand.”I must just need the right material,” I thought with a smile.Chapter 4 – The Phone App SurpriseAfterward, I finished changing clothes and turned my attention back to TV. After 15 minutes or so, I checked the app again and Stacy was still stationary. I began to wonder if she’d lost her phone someplace, because she had not replied to my first text yet. Surely, she would look at her phone sometime during lunch. Finally, I decided to follow the signal to see where it took me. I left the hotel, relaxed and having fun with my little hunting trip and walked around the block to the approximate location of her phone. Now understand, these apps aren’t going to get you within two feet or anything, so when I got to where the dot was on the phone, there were still a lot of options there. Midtown has no shortage of restaurants to choose from. However, I was mildly surprised when I saw that also at this location was the adult video store that started our night of perfect sex. I thought it was an odd coincidence, but dismissed any other thought of it almost immediately.She had to be around her somewhere so I peeked into a restaurant or two, but didn’t see her in any of them. I was sure her phone wasn’t lost the night before, because she would’ve called me from the hotel to tell me so. Again, I was sure she had to be close by, so I decided to step back into the video store to look around and burn some time until she popped out of a nearby restaurant and the app showed her moving again.The store was a bit emptier today then the night before, but I really had no idea when their busy time would be anyway. While looking around, I did notice no one was at the door to the video booths, but again, I didn’t really know the ebb and flow of the adult store business so didn’t give it too much thought. I did take a quick look around to see if Stacy had come back for a toy or other sexy surprise for me, but she definitely wasn’t around the movies and toys. I thought that was too bad, because it would’ve been fun to catch her being naughty like that. While wandering around I kept my eye on the app and Stacy was still stationary, so I just kept wandering. I opted to head toward the booths and maybe spend some of the singles I still had in my wallet on some of those other videos. I actually snickered at how horny I still was after all the sex I have had recently.Without much more thought to it, I headed back and that’s when I noticed the store actually had more occupants than I’d originally thought. They were just hovering back in the booth area. I originally got nervous, because I didn’t want to get caught up in anything, but then I saw a guy come out of a booth with a smile on his face and tell one of the guys standing outside of it that it was well worth the wait. I was taken aback and confused, but deeply curious now. I’m sure I looked stupefied as the same man eased past me, out the door and back onto the street. I watched him go and turned in time to see the door he walked out of close with another occupant inside. Stupidly, I was wondering what movie could be so great to cause this reaction and buzz. Mainly to get out of the way, I moved over and stood behind another guy that was standing near another door. I looked around and noticed that there were guys standing around particular booths even though there were open booths in the area. It was then it hit me… there must be something special happening in these particular booths. I grinned and thought, “Oh shit, someone is being very bad in one of these booths.” I had all kinds of thoughts run through me then. I’ve always been somewhat of a voyeur and thinking about what might be happening inside one of the booths really excited me. Maybe a couple was having sex or a woman was masturbating or someone was giving blowjobs through the glory holes. The possibilities were endless and I hoped it lasted long enough for me to get my turn to watch.My cock got hard and I checked my phone to see if Stacy had moved yet. Luckily, she had not. I had never cheated on my wife and didn’t plan to get caught up in any action myself, but damn, I just had to see it. The voyeur in me couldn’t turn away from this opportunity. I stood semi-impatiently as the door by me opened and the guy in front of me went in as another came out. I kept checking the app and Stacy was either stationary or my phone signal had crapped out. I also noticed that a couple more guys had come and were standing in what appeared to be two lines. There was the booth I was by where I was now first in line and then there was a booth next to my booth with no line and then a line by the booth on the other side of it. It made sense that whatever was happening was in the middle booth and we could see it from our respective side booths.I focused then and tried to hear past all the white noise of porno movies with their requisite fucking, slurping and screaming noises. I listened closely to see if I could distinguish any real life voices from the videos. After a couple seconds I was able to discern that some of the moans and slurping I heard were indeed real people and not actors on video. I had to see this.After a seeming eternity, the door opened for my booth and a guy walked out still zipping up and looking happy from his stay in there. Not wanting to lose my spot to someone looking to jump in line, I went in right away, closed and locked the door. I checked my phone app one more time and it really looked like I was right on top of where Stacy was located. Still, stupidly, I put my phone in my pocket and let my eyes adjust to the darkness as I slipped dollar bills into the video machine. My eyes kept going to glory hole and I swear I could see shadows and hear noises through there. Even though I wanted to watch, part of the experience is the intense build up and being forced to wait. Accordingly, I was trying to extend the suspense and flipped through channels until I found a woman being gangbanged by a group of men. They were fucking her hard and she was loving it. I had to smile because I could watch whatever I wanted without Stacy here to judge my choices. I left the channel there, straddled the bench and moved close to the hole to see what I could see. To my surprise a hand shot through the hole and reached for my crotch. I immediately moved away, because I was taken aback and never really planned to join the action. Uncertainly, I watch the hand grope around the air looking for its prize. I wondered what to do. It was very tempting after all. I then began to notice things. Firstly, it was either a woman’s hand, or the hand of a very slender man with painted nails and woman’s jewelry. Secondly, I looked closely at the hand and saw it was a left hand and had a wedding ring set on it. I leaned in closer for a look at the seemingly familiar wedding set when the hand disappeared back through the hole. I guessed that the hand’s owner got tired of searching and went on to something else.By then, my big head was beginning to think and what it was thinking was, “Oh shit.” I had to lean forward to confirm my suspicion as the puzzle pieces fell into place. I got as close to the hole as possible and looked through. All I saw was the back of a woman dressed in a miniskirt. She was topless and straddling the bench with her face toward the hole on the opposite wall. I saw her luxurious auburn hair flow around her shoulders as her head bobbed up and down on what could only be a cock. She was sucking the hell out of the lucky bastard on the other side of that wall. I tried to tell myself that I couldn’t be sure who it was, but then I focused on the tattoo on her left shoulder blade. How many sexy auburn-haired beauties could have the same tattoo of her husband and c***dren’s names around a flower? Especially when the names match mine and my daughters. It was confirmed. There was indeed a lady sucking cocks through the glory holes. The woman was my wife, Stacy. The app had given me her exact location.Chapter 5 – Not What I Was ExpectingMy mind was reeling. It had been at least 30 minutes since I first searched her on the app and so she’d been here for awhile at least. I sat stunned and watched my wife’s head pump up and down on another man’s cock and then watched as she reached under herself to slip her finger under her thong and rub her pussy. The miniskirt she wore gave me the perfect view of her ass and her fingers working her clit.I was stunned, pissed off and strangely conflicted. However, I was also not making any moves to stop her. The voyeur in me had to watch; had to see what happened. My breathing was ragged and I could feel my cock was rock hard and dying to escape from my jeans. Before I could put much further thought into it, I reached through the hole and slipped a finger into my wife’s sopping wet cunt. She started at the touch, but moaned loudly when my finger started stroking in and out of her hole. Now, besides moving her head up and down on a strange cock, she was rocking back and forth on my hand. I took the opportunity to look around inside her booth and saw that this was indeed premeditated on her part. She was wearing a new, revealing outfit, which I’d never seen before and there was an open box of condoms on the bench in front of her with several individual, unopened packages dumped out near it. Looking around more, I now saw what I had missed up to this point. On the floor in front of the glory hole she was servicing were several condoms on the floor which appeared to be used and full of cum. I could only assume the floor directly in front of my glory hole had the same view. My only response was to slip a second finger into her and think, “At least she’s practicing safe sex.” Which as I thought it, was completely idiotic of me. My wife of 25+ years was cheating on me with complete strangers and I was just glad she was safe. What can I say? My cock was the dominate brain thinking at that moment and I was enraptured by the sex goddess that was my wife.My thoughts were interrupted by her voice when she said, “That’s it baby, give me all that cum. Give it too me you fucker.”I refocused as she raised up and I saw her arm jacking up and down as a faint groan from the man on the other side of the wall indicated he was loosing a load of jizz into the condom. When next her hand moved, I saw her drop another used condom onto the floor and lean forward again. She muttered, “Thank you baby” and made kissing noises as I could only assume she was kissing his bare cock. I’m not sure that made sense, because why use a condom at all, if you’re still going to kiss it afterward, but I just watched. Before I realized it, she pulled her pussy away from my hand, spun back around, inserted a few more dollars into the video machine and sat on the bench staring at the screen. I looked and it was showing a scene where a woman was sucking a bunch of cocks. She glanced at my hole and I pulled away so she couldn’t see me. I more felt, than saw or heard, her lean forward toward my hole. She was the one cheating and here I was, scared shitless that she’d catch me. I saw only her mouth at the hole and she whispered sexily, “Thank you for the fingers honey, are you ready for me to take care of you now?”With that, her hand came back through the hole and immediately found my hard cock. This time, I let her feel me and made no move to stop her when she pulled my zipper down. I loosened my belt and dropped my pants as I moved closer to the hole. Her tiny hand gripped my cock and pulled me closer until I was through the hole. She kissed my cock and said, “hello sweetie” and then released my rod. I stayed there obediently and waited for whatever was next. I heard plastic wrapper sounds next door and soon felt a condom being rolled down my cock. I was amazed. It was a much larger turn on than I expected, and especially so because she was unrolling it with her mouth. Fuck, I had no idea how hot my wife could be.Her tongue lolled around my cock magically while installing the condom and then she pulled off and started stroking me. I felt her shift and then waited patiently as she alternately stroked and sucked my cock. At first, I couldn’t understand why she didn’t suck me like a wild woman as she’d done the other guy as I watched; then, realization dawned. She was splitting time between me and another cock coming out the other wall. Realistically, that should’ve pissed me off, but instead the opposite happened. When her mouth again touched my condom-wrapped cock, I just knew that it had just been on another stranger’s cock and I exploded. I thought I’d had some big orgasms the night before, but this was beyond that. It was beyond anything I’d ever done. I groaned loudly and heard her giggle as I maxed out the condom’s capacity with a huge load of sperm. Like she’d done an unknown number of times already, she treated me just like everyone else that day. She pulled the condom off, dropped it on the floor and gave my cock a kiss. I surprised her a little bit when I pressed forward and the head of my cock popped into her mouth. Her only response to my action was to give an extended, “Mmmmmhmmm” before giving the tip one big suck and moving back to finish the business at the other wall.I was at a loss as what to do next. Did I stay or did I go? Part of me was thinking that it wouldn’t be fair to the guys outside if I stayed in here. Then I mentally slapped myself. How fucking stupid am I? She’s my wife, I have every right to be there. They are the ones that don’t! Still, I fought it. Do I stay? Do I go to the hotel and wait for her to contact me?Again, even though my cock was spent, I was surprised to find that I was still incredibly turned on. I was flushed, excited and just wanted to watch my wife do these things. Therefore, I opted to stay. I leaned forward just in time to hear Stacy say, “I hate the way these taste,” and watch her drop a used but unfilled condom on the floor. I didn’t have to wonder long what was happening because her head went back down and she started sucking cock again. I knew, I just knew, that now she was sucking a bare cock. I thought, “so much for safe sex,” as my cock twitched in the very beginning stages of getting hard again.I couldn’t help but wonder if it was my own fault, because I was the one that pushed my bare cock into her mouth and she might have decided that it tasted much better than condom.I watched as her finger went back to her cunt and soon she was draining the cock at the other wall. This time though, she was slurping. It was the same slurping sound she made last night when she drained the cum from my balls and swallowed it all down. She cooed and moaned nonstop as, I assumed, she swallowed her first load of cum at the glory hole. All I could do was wonder what I had started.As she said her goodbyes to the guy next door, she peeked back into my booth and I stood out of sight so she would think the place casino şirketleri was empty. I felt like I could always get another go at her mouth if she stayed much longer and I could get fully hard again.After giving her time to move away from the hole, I peeked back through and she was removing her thong and sitting back down to watch the video and stroke her pussy. Fuck, she’s a sexy woman. I watched as her hand rested on the hole in the other wall until a cock poked through. This time, she stroked it idly while watching the video on the screen and fingering herself. She moaned sexily as she worked to bring herself off. Soon she was stroking the cock through the wall in tempo with her fingering and it was going fast. Within two minutes, the cock in her hand surprised her by jetting out a spurt of cum that flew the length of her arm and hit her face. The first spurt landed squarely on her cheek and the second hit her shoulder and dripped down her chest as the rest covered her hand and arm. She quit fingering herself and immediately put her mouth over the spitting monster. This time, she got on the floor to the side of the hole so I could see her sucking the tool into her mouth.I felt I could watch this all day when I jumped at a knock at my door. Apparently, the natives were restless. I whispered, “go away” and fed a couple more dollars into the video machine to ensure the manager didn’t come in there and kick me out. There was another knock at the door and a voice said, “Come on man, hurry up, I want a turn.”I leaned in again and said, “Get in the other line. I’m not leaving.”I heard some grumbling and a muttered, “Fuck this shit,” and felt satisfied the encounter was over.Chapter 6 – Unintended ConsequencesWhen next I heard the knock, I started to pull my jeans up and confront the fucker when I realized that the knock wasn’t on my door. My initial thought was I’m glad he’s harassing the other guy, but when I was about to relax, I heard my wife say, “Occupied, what do you want?”He was knocking at my wife’s door now. I dropped down and peeked through the hole. My wife was standing at her door, with only her boots and miniskirt on while a cock still poked through the other hole.The guy at her door said, “Open up, the asshole next door won’t leave.”She replied, “No, no I’m not letting you in here, wait your turn.””Come on lady, I’ll be in and out. Let me in please,” he replied.”No, please go away,” was her response and I hoped it was over.He was insistent though and this time threatened, “Listen slut, open up or I’ll call the cops and tell them you’re a prostitute in here.”She blurted, “That’s not true!”He replied, “It doesn’t matter if it’s true, you’ll still get in trouble.”I thought, “Don’t fall for it,” but it was too late.She sounded scared now when she responded, “No don’t do that, please!””Just open up,” he said brusquely.In my head I’m screaming, “No no no!”, but I made no move to stop it. Why I continued to maintain an observation role only, I have no idea. I treated it like I was watching it on screen, rather than in real life. It was all so very surreal.I continued to do nothing when she assented and opened the door so the man could step into the booth with my half naked wife. He immediately closed and locked it behind him. She was now trapped in there with him.He said with a lighter tone to his voice, “I would never call the police, but thanks for letting me in. Now, let’s get to this.”Without preamble, he dropped his pants and pulled out an impressive cock. He smiled and stared at her expectantly.She looked nervous as fuck and said, “I suck you the same as everyone else and you leave, right?””Of course,” he replied with a smile.At that, she simply squatted and took him into her mouth. No other argument, no other hesitation, just straight to work.I was blown away. I leaned as close to the hole as I could and saw the guy looking through it at me. He grinned widely and mouthed silently, “Fuck you asshole.”She sucked him like that for about five minutes when he pulled her head from his cock and sat straddling the bench with his back against the hole so I couldn’t see anything. Then he said, “get back to it bitch.”I was blocked out, but I heard shifting and the now familiar sucking and slurping noises started up again. She was now sucking a guy right in the booth with her and they were locked in there together.I tried to ascertain what was happening through the sounds, but for a bit all I heard were the sounds of her sucking. He began talking to her loud enough so I could hear, “Yeah slut, suck that cock. I’m here because the asshole next door wouldn’t leave. Apparently, he likes to watch. Do you know him?”I knew there was no way she could know who I was, unless she just absolutely recognized my cock in the mix of all the others, which I seriously doubted. That was confirmed when she replied with a muffled negative, “unh-uh” noise. I assumed she never stopped sucking his cock when she replied.He continued the questioning, “So that isn’t your husband in there?”Again with the “unh uh” and then, “My husband is in meetings all day, I won’t see him until tonight.””I see, so you’re a dirty slut that sucks strangers’ cocks during the day while your husband works,” he countered.She replied, a little breathlessly as she tried to talk and continue her ministrations, “Not usually, this is my first time doing anything like this and when I followed my curiosity, I just couldn’t stop… You’re cock is gorgeous.”He groaned loudly as she went back to sucking him, “Fuck bitch, you can suck cock,” he muttered and was only answered this time with an “mmmmmhmm” noise.He continued, “I bet your husband is busy as hell right now trying to make a living and you’re here acting like a slut.”She whimpered, “Stop it.” “it’s true, he’s working to keep you happy and you’re here keeping all of us happy,” he countered.She sounded pouty when she replied this time, “Stop it, I can’t help it, I’m going to quit.”I couldn’t understand why a guy would harass a woman giving him a free blowjob, but it became clear soon enough.Chapter 7 – Realizations”It’s because you’re a dirty slut that’s why,” he said.She stopped sucking long enough to say, “Noooooo.””Yes, it’s true, because the more I talk about you being a cheating cunt and your husband has no idea, the harder you suck my cock. It’s true isn’t it?” He queriedThis time, all I heard was sucking and then I heard gagging. By the sounds, she was bobbing her head up and down his cock at a furious base and repeatedly slamming his cock into the back of her throat. She was either really turned on or trying to finish him off so he’d leave.He continued, “Say it slut. You’re sucking me even harder now and it’s not to finish me off. You’re a cunt and love this shit. You’re a filthy whore, admit it.”Again, no response, if anything she went faster and harder. I could only imagine her head looked like a blur as it had to be moving so fast.He groaned and then I heard her stop suddenly, but with an accompanying pop as if her mouth came off his cock with full suction still being applied.He said, “Say it cunt, tell me you love it.””Please, don’t… don’t,” she pleaded.”Say it. You know it’s true,” he said.”I… I can’t,” she whimpered.”You’re pleading, but you can’t take your eyes off my cock while you say it. Admit it and you’ll enjoy it even more. Go ahead, say it,” he commanded.”I… I… I love it,” she finally admitted.I could hear the satisfaction in his voice when he next asked, “You love what?””I love being a dirty slut,” she stammered.He continued, “And it turns you on to be here while your husband is off working. He’s clueless and you’re now a slut. Right?””Yes,” she dragged it out like she was getting comfortable with the idea. It sounded like a satisfied, “Yeeeeessss.”I was stunned. I didn’t know if I wanted to stab this guy through the hole with whatever I could find in my pocket, or thank him, because surprisingly, hearing my wife’s confession made the most erotic feeling of my life wash over me.”Oh fuck, I like this?” I whispered to myself in surprise, “Does this make me a cuckold?”The pain of betrayal was there. The anger was real. It ripped through my entire being. I felt it to my very core. It was a conflict of emotions that threatened to render me asunder physically. My world was rocked off of its axis. I tried to rationalize, I tried to put words to the pain. Finally, a word popped into my head and I was surprised to realize it was true. The word was–-exquisite. Moments after my wife had a realization of her deep seated desire to be a dirty slut, I came to my own realization. I loved it. I loved watching. I loved spying, in fact. I knew that if she realized I was there that she might act differently, but instead I was getting the unfiltered version of her and I was loving it. How I would feel later? I had no idea, but for now, I was hooked and wanted more.I was yanked out of my thoughts by a change on the other side of the wall. Chapter 8 – The Show”Get up,” he said simply.I can only assume she complied, because there was shifting and he no longer blocked the wall.”You’ve been a terrible slut. That poor cock sticking through that hole has been neglected. Do your job slut.”I was surprised when she said meekly, “Yes sir.”I had heard that tone before, when we played with our bondage stuff. She sounded that way when she gave control over to me. I knew at that moment, that at least for the next little while, she had given herself to this stranger in the booth with her. A man that already knew her needs better than I. A man who didn’t even know her name, nor did she know his. All I knew was that my cock was painfully hard. Even though I didn’t admit it to myself then, the stranger also had a hold over me too, because when he moved from the wall I wanted to fall on my knees and thank him profusely. I was peeking through again in no time and heard him speak to me directly, “Are you ready for a show asshole?”I didn’t reply, because I couldn’t find my voice and wasn’t sure he really required a response anyway, as he didn’t await an answer. Instead, he stepped aside and I could see Stacy servicing the cock sticking out of the other wall.He walked to her side, gripped a handful of lovely auburn hair and moved her head faster. When I saw this, I wasn’t sure what her reaction would be, but then I heard a moan of pleasure come from her as she let him pump her head up and down the cock in her mouth.”Get on your hands and knees on the bench slut and let him fuck your whore mouth,” he commanded.She pulled off the cock and immediately complied with only a simple, “Yes sir.”I was so excited at this point that I almost came as I viewed her balance herself on the narrow bench with her sopping wet pussy right in front of my hole, less than an arm’s length away. She placed her face against the opposite wall as ordered and I heard the now familiar noise of her blowjobs.A knock at my door interrupted me and I heard someone say, “Feed the video booth or get the fuck out!”I could only assume it was the manager and I was taken aback when I discovered that I had completely forgotten about feeding the video machine. I scrambled for more singles and fed them into the machine, no longer even caring what was on the screen.I heard him then knock on Stacy and the stranger’s door and say the same thing. “Keep going,” the stranger told her and I saw him pull a wad a one-dollar bills from his pants on the floor and feed the machine. He had plenty of them, so it looked like he could stay there indefinitely. I, on the other hand, only had about ten left. I didn’t know exactly how much time that would get me, but I loathed the idea of leaving the booth for someone else to get into.I watched as he finished feeding the machine and was back to moving her head up and down. Suddenly, he pressed her face against the wall and stopped there. I heard her slurping and gulping and knew she was swallowing the load of yet another stranger into her stomach. He muttered, “Good girl, good girl,” as she obediently sucked it all down.She made noises indicating she was happy he was pleased and he removed her head from the cock in the hole and moved it back to his cock. I caught a glimpse of the one in the wall before it was removed and it was about average size like mine. It was the first time I saw the comparison between an average one and the cock of the stranger in the booth. His was very impressive indeed. At least 3-4 inches longer and so big around, my wife’s mouth looked stretched when she opened wide so he could continue the assault on her throat. Her fingers couldn’t even wrap all the way around the girth of the thing.I just had to get involved, so I reached my hand through and pressed two fingers into her pussy again. At this point she was apparently ready for anything, because instead of jumping, she pressed eagerly back into me. I began finger banging her and she moaned happily as he pulled out of her mouth and began slapping his big meat stick against her tongue and lips. The adoration in her eyes was apparent and the very exquisite pain returned full force. For the first time, I wondered if I would ever even get my wife back after this.Soon though, another cock came through the hole on the other side and he pushed her back to it. She didn’t even hesitate and started sucking away happily.Chapter 9 – OwnershipThe stranger then reached over and gripped my wrist. Not in a cruel manner, but just to make me stop what I was doing. As I pulled away, Stacy made a frustrated whimper because I’m sure she was about to cum all over my hand. Which was exactly what I was attempting to make her do before the stranger made me stop and ruined it for her.After shooing my hand away, the stranger began slipping two of his fingers in and out and she began making cooing noises again. I practically had my face pushed through the hole and saw the stranger look at me and smile before straddling the bench behind her. I had seen enough to know a lot of things at that moment. I knew my wife was out of control in her lust. I knew that she had moved from sucking condom-covered cocks and dropping them on the floor full of jizz to sucking bare cocks and drinking the cum down. I knew that she was enraptured by this stranger and would likely do anything he said. Yet, I was still stunned when he lined his big cock up with her pussy and began working himself inside of her.At first, she made no notice that it was anything other than fingers, but when the crown of his manhood went in past her lips, she pulled off the cock she was sucking and gasped.”No, no, no,” she pleaded, “I’m only sucking cock!”His answer was to grip her waist and continue to press into her delicious hole. I had the perfect view as I crouched lower in my booth to see him enter her. I had fucked her for many years, but this cock was so much larger than mine that I’m sure she felt like it was the first time she’d ever been fucked. She’d always enjoyed my cock; it’s not like I’m tiny, or even small. My cock just wasn’t as big as this stranger’s.She gasped, not in horror but in pleasure, “Oh fuck!”He asked confidently, “Are you sure you want me to stop?””Oh God, oh God, I wasn’t going to fuck today. Oh fuck, it feels so good!” She replied.I could hear the grin in his voice when he asked again, “So, slut wife of some unknowing asshole, do you want me to take my cock out of your tight married cunt or not?”He pushed in a little more as he spoke, making her put both hands on the wall in front her and start moaning even louder than the running video machine.Her next reply was half-hearted, at best, “You’re wearing a condom, right?”It hit me like a shovel in the face. He wasn’t wearing a condom! I figured he’d lie at this point, but he apparently knew the control he held over her. His response was to pull out about two inches and push in a little deeper, she was shaking uncontrollably at this point and the sounds of her gasping only indicated she was feeling extreme levels of pleasure. At this point, he had about two-thirds of his cock buried into my wife. He then said, “No cunt, I don’t have on a condom. You’re a slut wife, act like a slut wife. I can pull out if you want, but…”He pushed in more and said maliciously, “You don’t want me to, do you?”I couldn’t really see around him, but between his and her legs I thought I saw her nod her head like she wanted him to pull out.He said, “Really? Okay then, but I think I’ll stop now.”With this he started pulling out until only the tip was inside of her beautifully stretched vagina.He did know her better than me, because she began to plead, “No, no, no, don’t stop! Please, fucking God, don’t stop!”He stayed perfectly still with only the head of his cock in. He may have moved in a little bit and then pulled back out, but just enough to tease her. He mockingly said then, “Oh, so now you want me to fuck you? Without a condom?””Yes, yes, please just fuck me. Fuck me right fucking now!” She gasped.”Even without a condom, that would make you a huge slut. You don’t even know my name,” he replied.”I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care!” She practically screamed.He wouldn’t relent, he continued to force her to face what she’d become when next he said, “Tell me what you are.”She knew what he wanted and she was willing to give it when she replied, “I’m a slut wife, I have a husband, he’s working, and I’m sucking and fucking other men. I’ve never had a cock like yours and I want you to fuck me now. Fuck me without a condom, fuck me hard, I don’t care, just fuck me!”He pushed in a little deeper and asked, “What is your husband’s name.”She replied immediately, “Aaron, his name is Aaron.”His voice was rough with lust when he said, “Aaron is your small-cocked husband, but who owns this cunt?”She practically screamed, “You! You own it! I don’t know your goddamned name but you own me now!”He snarled, “Suck the cock in front of you whore!”Without hesitation I saw her sink her head back onto the cock on the other side of the wall. The stranger pushed her head against the wall and then I saw him pull his cock out to just the head.Without warning, he tensed his entire body and slammed every inch of his massive meat pole into my wife’s tight cunt. I watched it resist the entire way, but I saw that he had the leverage and he gave no quarter. My mouth fell open when his balls slapped up against her clit. He was hitting depths inside of her that hadn’t ever been touched by me. Other than c***dbirth, this was the first thing that had ever filled her vagina so completely.I heard her try to scream, but she couldn’t because her throat was full of cock and he wasn’t letting her up for air. I thought the scream was from pain, but my focus on their conjoined genitals told me the true story. Instead, she was having the largest orgasm of her entire life. I watched in amazement as the lips of her cunt convulsed rapidly around his shaft and her body shook like she had 10,000 volts of electrical current going through her. This must have lasted a solid two minutes before the spasms ended and her spent body tried to collapse underneath him. He had made her cum wholly without clitoral stimulation, which is another thing that I had never been able to do. He had bested me at sex his very first time in her pussy. I felt like the lesser man, but again the pain was, somehow, marvelous and just heightened my excitement.He didn’t let her collapse and wrapped a strong arm under her tummy to lift her back up onto her knees and let her head go. She pulled off the cock on the wall, whimpering and muttering nonsensically. I could’ve sworn I heard her tell him that she loved him, but that was when he took his turn. He pulled his cock back and then slammed back into her again, but this time he did not stop. He took long, hard strokes and fucked her with a vengeance.He told her to take care of the cock coming through the wall, but the way he was hammering her, she couldn’t do anything other than wrap a hand around it and try to stroke it while he plowed her deeper and harder than she had ever experienced before.Apparently, the guy on the other side of the wall was turned on too, because just her stroking him was all it took for him to cut loose with several large spurts of cum. It was hard for me to see this, but I saw cum flying and as Stacy hung her head low trying to breathe, I saw more of it dripping off her chin. The guy must have painted her with sperm.I was stroking my cock in speed with the stranger fucking my wife. By then, I was sitting on the filthy floor of my booth with my eyes pressed against the hole and stroking a cock that hadn’t been this hard for so long in many years. I know for a fact that I’d never cum so many times straight, not even as a teenager with a fixation on masturbation. Consequently, that just led to more embarrassment when I still reached orgasm a good two to three minutes before the stranger. Even with him having the benefit of an extremely wet and tight vagina wrapped around his big member, he was able to last longer than I.During that short time period, immediately after my release of sexual tension, I felt the pain and betrayal again. At that moment, I hated the entire thing so very very much. My wife was now loudly begging him to bang her married cunt and take what was his. The words coming from her mouth were like nothing I’d ever heard in our raunchiest of sex sessions. He asked her, “I’m gonna cum you worthless married slut. Where does you husband want me to cum?”Between ragged pain and pleasure breaths she replied, “He wouldn’t want this at all, he would divorce me!”If she only knew how wrong she was.His response was, “Do you care slut? My cock is more important than years of marriage right?”It hurt again when without hesitation she replied, “Yes, yes, your cock is the best, you own my cheating married cunt!”He smacked her ass and asked again, “Then where does your small dicked, loving husband want this huge cock to cum?”She moaned, “That small cocked bastard would want a real man to cum in my cunt! Fill my married cunt up with real man sperm!”He just laughed and smacked her ass again before growling, “Good answer bitch.”Unbelievably, upon hearing them belittle me so, my cock was approaching full hardness again. I watched as the stranger stroked her cunt several more times and then slammed home one final time. He was holding firmly onto her tiny waist with his member fully ensconced inside of my wife when I saw his big testicles begin contracting with orgasm. He unloaded unknown amounts of sperm into my slut wife. The first sperm other than mine in our entire relationship. I was both devastated and exhilarated.About the third pulse of his big cock, she moaned, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming again, I’m cumming you big cocked bastard!”Her body shook in an uncontrolled spasm again, which I’m sure milked even more cum out of his huge balls. That is, if the way he groaned was any indication whatsoever.He came so much that I saw some of it squeeze past their connected sex organs between convulsions and begin to drip onto the bench below. He held her up until he was done shooting every last drop into her womb and then he let her waist go. She had no strength left and collapsed onto the bench straddling it.He stepped off the bench and again made eye contact with me asking, “That was a good show, right asshole?”I could not talk. My wife was lying face down on the bench with her arms and legs hanging loosely on either side. Her face, breasts, tummy and cunt pressed against a bench. Her cunt was absolutely destroyed. It was gaped wide open and leaking huge amounts of juices. I couldn’t know the thoughts going through her head, but the noises she made could only be described as cooing. There was no way misinterpret the facts. She was in heaven.She didn’t move when a hand came out of the other wall’s hole and began to grope her gorgeous body. Though, I saw her gaping vagina spasm slightly a few times as if the touch brought on another mini orgasm. She had been cooing nonstop so it was difficult to tell.It occurred to me then that I also had no idea what kind of sex drive my wife actually had. I’d always thought she was a one and done girl, but if this is any indication of the truth, then I had been neglecting her needs for years. I almost laughed again when I realized that I was blaming myself for this when she was the one cheating. Couldn’t she just have told me she needed more? The big question is; did she even know before today that she needed more? I believe the latter is closer to the truth than the former. I believe our brief visit to this very store last night awakened something inside of her that neither of us knew existed. I know she bought a box of condoms and brought them with her, so this was planned on her part. Nevertheless, I have no idea what drove her here without telling me first. Maybe, like me, the thoughts made her a little sick and ashamed to feel this way. Maybe, we’re both in the same boat where this is concerned. Both of us disgusted by it, but also loving it so very much.Chapter 10 – Call Me, Not MaybeThose were thoughts for later though when I again focused and saw that she gave no protestation at all when the stranger opened her purse, and took her phone out. She freely mumbled the passcode when asked, and he spent about 2 minutes tapping away on the screen. When he dropped it back into her purse, he took a ten-dollar bill from her purse and fed it into the machine. I had no idea it would take larger bills. That was good information. Again, a stupid thought at a stupid time.He patted her ass and said, “I put my number into your phone. You will find it and call me. Oh yeah, and you missed a text from your husband.”With that he began dressing as she laid there without acknowledging his words, just moaning and slowly coming back to her senses.I couldn’t take my eyes off her cunt and couldn’t hold back my urges any longer. I reached through my hole and began rubbing her messy sex. Her vagina was burning hot, puffy and soaked with their sex juices. It felt electric to my touch.The stranger took his time dressing while the hands from the two glory holes explored my wife. With a final look at her, he stepped over her body on the bench, unlocked the door and walked out. He didn’t say another word to me or even acknowledge my existence when he left. Of course, there was no reason he should. After all, he had no idea that I was really her husband, whom he had just successfully cuckolded; and at the same time, made Stacy and me love it.Chapter 11 – Mistakes Were MadeMe and the stranger in the other booth continued to rub my wife as she came back to her senses. About the time I thought she’d recovered enough to get up and leave, her booth door opened again.”Uh oh,” I thought, “she didn’t lock it.”Of course, she hadn’t. She was on an entirely different planet after that fuck and the last thing on her mind was trivialities, such as locking the door behind the stranger who now owned her cunt.She was starting to rise at the interruption, when a new man stepped in. He eyed her up and down as she stood shakily from the bench to face him. I can imagine his thoughts. A medium height, auburn haired beauty, with rumpled hair, smeared makeup and cum dripping from her face, chest and legs. The stench of sex permeated the air in and around the booth. He must have approved, because he gripped her shoulders, turned her around and applied pressure to indicate she should get to her knees. I’m not sure if she went willingly or was just too weak to stand on her own yet, but she complied. He bent her over the bench so her face was toward the video screen and her ass toward the door. In fact, he didn’t even close the door. Rather, he just dropped his pants, got on his knees behind her and rammed inside of her.She protested weakly, apparently still half out of it, “No, no, no.”But he didn’t stop. Instead he fucked her hard and fast until her breathing changed and she was moaning loudly again. She went from “No, no, no” to “More, more, more.”He wasn’t as big or good as the stranger, but she seemed to no longer care. He fucked her for only two to three minutes before he groaned and added his load to the stranger’s.He quickly backed away, pulled up his pants and left. The door was still open, so the next guy just walked in and repeated the process.At this point, I was beyond numb. It had already gone so far, but this… this thing right here, I should’ve stopped, right? I should’ve stopped the men and confronted my wife. I should’ve done anything other than what I did. However, instead of stopping it all, I got up, opened my booth door and joined the line outside. The booth on the other side had emptied out too and there were now two lines forming to either side of my wife’s open booth door.From my count, I was the sixth man to fuck her in that position, not including the stranger who had first fucked her. As the ones in front of me fucked her, she got further into it and coaxed them along, begging them to use her married slut cunt while her small-cocked husband was at work. She had definitely embraced her new role. Even with men who had no idea what it meant. Several of them were even smaller in size than me, but still she stayed in character. Looking back now, I’m sure she was still dreaming it was the big cocked stranger.I would like to say that when my turn came I fucked her for half an hour, savagely taking out my anger and frustration on her, while making her cum nonstop the entire time. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.I got on my knees behind her and pushed into her gaping, cum drenched cunt. She said the same things to me as the others, having no idea that it was her hardworking, small-cocked husband fucking her at that moment. But it wasn’t those words that drove me over the edge, instead it was her messy condition. Her pussy was sticky and slick at the same time. It reeked of cum smell and I could feel it all sloshing around my cock when I stuck it into her. I bottomed out and had taken only two strokes when I lost my load again, putting my sperm in the mix with all the others. I was embarrassed at my performance, or lack thereof, so stroked a few more times so as not to appear to be done so quickly. Unfortunately, my cock’s hardness faded quickly and I had to step aside to be replaced by someone else.From there, I slipped back into the booth next door, since no one was interested in it anymore, and added more money to the video machine. This time I used a ten-dollar bill to get more time. I sat at the hole and watched as strangers fucked my wife for the next hour. After a couple more guys fucked her pussy, two guys entered at the same time and fucked her mouth and cunt simultaneously. This only seemed to turn her on more, and while I tried hard to count her orgasms, I just couldn’t keep up. After awhile, it seemed that she was just having one long continuous orgasm.Some of the men came inside her mouth or pussy, and some seemed to prefer shooting it all over her perfect face or curvaceous body. She loved it all, no matter where they did it.When I looked at my watch, it was getting close to 5:00PM and to keep my own secret, I knew that I’d have to text her soon. I could see that it was finally winding down next door. I lost count of her orgasms, but I had a good count of men. In the four hours I had been there, she had fucked and/or sucked sixteen strangers. I’d have to count the condoms all over the floor to figure out how many she had sucked before I arrived. All-in-all, it had been a full day for her.As the sixteenth man deposited his load into her cunt with an accompanying smack on her ass, she was able to turn around as he left, close and lock the door behind him. Knowing it was over, I took this opportunity to send her that text that I’d be leaving work in about 45 minutes. I was being considerate and wanted to give her time to get to the hotel and clean up before I arrived.Chapter 12 – EncoreShe was lying on her back on the bench resting, with a dreamy expression on her face, when her phone chimed with my text. She looked at her phone and said, “Oh shit!”I watched her type a response as I quickly double-checked my own phone to ensure my ringer was turned off. When I received her text, it said, “Still shopping but will be back at the room soon, I love you very much and have missed you terribly all day!”I almost laughed again, but continued to watch expecting her to get dressed and get the hell out of there. Instead, I had one or two additional surprises in store for me.She laid back down on the bench and began running her hands over her breasts and messy cunt. I was amazed she wasn’t satisfied yet and even more astounded when she began scooping the cum off her body and sucking it off her fingers. casino firmalari I thought this was the filthiest and most wonderful thing I’d ever seen and my cock hard again in a flash. I stroked it desperately while watching my wife privately debase herself in such a marvelously horrific fashion.Even better, she didn’t stop there. While rubbing her pussy harder and faster, she began to look around as if in search of something. I saw her gaze fall on the floor where all the filled condoms lay. I thought I should feel like vomiting when she picked up the first condom and turned it up over her mouth. However, it wasn’t a rise of gorge I felt, but intense pleasure instead. Like a refreshing cool breeze on a hot and humid day.She let the cum fall from it into her mouth and then ran her fingers down it to milk out every last drop. She dropped that condom, grabbed the next and did the same. She did this over and over again with each condom on the floor. I got my count then. She picked up and drank the seed from twelve condoms. One of them was full of mine, so she emptied the seed of eleven strangers from the condoms into her mouth. Simple math. The men may not have gotten to cum in her mouth, but she wasn’t letting their sperm go to waste.I watched as she held the sticky mixture in her mouth without swallowing it. She appeared to roll it around with her tongue, playing with and savoring it as she finger-banged herself to yet another orgasm. She swallowed it all in conjunction with her orgasm and had a single small stream of it dripping down her chin. She was determined not to let a single drop escape and captured it with the crook of her finger before sucking it lovingly from the sticky digit.My cock was in terrible pain, but I was close to another orgasm. In desperation, I stood and pressed my cock through the hole hoping for some relief.Instead, she said, “I’m done for the day honey, but feel free to squirt that cum for me.”I had no choice but finish masturbating myself. Even though my cock hurt, I spanked it hard and with a vengeance. I was determined to squirt a huge load that would hit her in the face. She coaxed me, telling me what a “cute” cock I had and how it was about the size of her husband’s. I’m not sure what she thought she’d accomplish by calling it “cute,” but I did cum. It wasn’t as strong or powerful as I’d hoped, but I gave four strong spurts which fell down and landed on the bench below the hole.When I dropped to my knees to get the best view possible, I saw that she had spent the time I was furiously beating myself to get nearly dressed. She straddled the bench and smiled as she ran her tongue over the bench lapping up my cream. I was far enough back so she couldn’t see me, but I definitely saw that she was officially now a cum-slut.She purred, “Thank you baby.”With that, she stood up, slipped on her sweater and walked out of the booth.Chapter 13 – Discovery Ends with DiscoveryI gave her about a 5-minute head start and then checked that handy app on my phone that had gotten me into this situation.She was indeed headed back in the general direction of the hotel, which made sense, because I was sure the clothes she was wearing were a total loss. I saw no way that they could be saved from being in the floor for several hours with men stomping all over them and sperm flying everywhere. I’d be surprised if she could even save her prized Louis Vuitton purse that had spent the afternoon in the floor of the dingy, filthy video booth.I left the booth before my video time ran out and walked straight out to the street like I hadn’t a care in the world. I walked around the block several times until I felt safe to text that I was leaving work now. Once the text was away, I took my time heading for the hotel. I got a response saying, “Done shopping, grabbing a shower.”I went into the lobby, walked directly to the elevator and headed up to the 30th floor. When I got to the room, sure enough, she was in the shower. No doubt, a very hot one with a lot of soap involved. The door was closed, so I tapped, opened it and said hello before retreating into the room proper. I looked for the outfit she had been wearing, but didn’t see it immediately lying around. She had either hidden it, thrown it out or still had it in the bathroom with her. I found her purse and it looked like it had gotten a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. I knew she’d try to save her Louis Vuitton.From her purse, I pulled her phone and opened it with my fingerprint, which we’d both programmed into each other’s phones for convenience. After all, neither of us had anything to hide.I opened her contacts and began searching through them. She has a lot of friends, and many of them I don’t know, so I could only hope a name would jump out at me.I searched and searched for a few minutes without luck, but ended up with a lucky break. I jumped as a text arrived on her phone while it was still in my hands. When the alert arrived, it said it was from “Slut Wife Owner.” Of course, he wouldn’t use his real name and I never thought to look for something like that wording, but I thought surely it would’ve jumped out at me when I got there. I couldn’t check the text without marking it as read, but I was able to catch most of the message within the onscreen alert itself. It said, “I knew you’d call slut. Tomorrow. Same time. Same place. Dres…”While the rest was a mystery, I assumed “Dres…” was “Dress,” but what was said afterward? “Dress the same, dress slutty, dress like a clown?” I’d have to try to get my hands on her phone later after she’d read it and hope she neglected to delete it. The text did drive me to look at her call log and sure enough there was an outgoing call from her to “Slut Wife Owner.” She had made it right after sending the text to me that she was done shopping and going into the shower.I sat on the bed and mused over the entire afternoon. The entire mix of feelings were there and still I was conflicted. I mulled over the questions: Do I hate her or do I love her more than ever? How will our lives change now? What will happen?I definitely didn’t have any idea what I would do or how I would handle this, but one thing I did know; I was going to call into work sick the next day. My cock started hardening, yet again, with the thought.——————-follow up…..Chapter 1 – Both CaughtAs the thoughts of tomorrow and the resultant pangs coursed through my being, I continued to stand there stupidly staring at Stacy’s phone and the brief glimpse of the text wording I could see. I have no idea where time went, but I was completely shocked when I heard a gasp from beside me.Stacy was standing there, looking at the same thing I was. She was caught in something and knew it. For my part, I felt like I was caught too. Like a young teenager when my mother found my stash of porn magazines. Not for the first time, I had the thought, “Why do I feel guilty about this?”I turned fully around and looked at Stacy. It wasn’t the right time, but I couldn’t help but take in her appearance. Her long, auburn hair, wet and hanging loosely down her back. She was wrapped in nothing else but a towel. Damn, she looked good. Even after scrubbing herself clean, she had that afterglow of good sex. Whether that was true, or whether it was just my imagination, I have no idea.She tried to speak, but no words came from her mouth. Her eyes remained on the phone in my hand for long seconds. Finally, she looked up at me. When our eyes met, she burst out crying. Again, I found myself feeling like shit. Like I was the one that did something to make her cry. I hated it when she cried. I quickly dropped the phone on the bed and held her. She clung to me frantically like she knew it might be her last time. I had her right where I wanted her. It was time to lay down the law. It was time to berate her for being a filthy, cheating, slut of a wife. It was time to make her confess her crimes and then tell her to get the fuck out of my life forever. 25+ years wasted.Instead, I confessed like I was the one in the wrong.”I was there,” I said.She pulled back slightly and met my eyes with her own. Still crying, with tears pouring down her face.”Wha…What?” She replied.I told her everything. Getting off work early, how I waited, how I tracked her, how I ended up in the sex store. Ultimately, I told her how I ended up in the booth next to hers and how I let it all happen. I concluded with summarizing how many men she’d been with, in one way or another, how much cum she guzzled, and my own confession to how it made me feel and how many times I came like the sick, fucked-in-the-head, pervert I am.Sometime during my confession, my cock began to grow and by the time I was finished, my face was red and it was pressing painfully against my jeans for release.During the time I was talking, Stacy’s face went through several expressions. Everything from sadness and regret, to unbelief and anger. She didn’t say a word the entire time and she chose not to use angry words with me, because I saw the realization on her face that she was in the wrong.I held her again as I finished and then she confessed. Chapter 2 – She Had ReasonsYou’ve likely read part one to this story, so I will not replay it from her viewpoint. Right now, we had not reason to lie to each other and our marriage had never been built on lies to begin with, so I believed her when she said that nothing occurred the way she had planned.She had gone shopping, as was her usual activity when in New York with me. While shopping, her thoughts kept going back to our experience the night before. The image of that cock coming through the glory hole in our booth was burned into her mind. The sex we had afterward was a result of the shame and lust that overwhelmed her upon seeing it. She confessed that she wanted to touch it very badly, and it was that thought that sent us bursting from the place like it was on fire.While shopping, and replaying the events, she admitted to getting horny and picking up a few sexier outfits. She decided that we were going to spend our last couple days in the city having a lot of sex. She also admitted that she hoped that we’d end up in the video booths again and she planned to fuck me good and hard in one.After returning to the hotel, she tried on some of her new outfits and found herself getting more hot and horny. It was then she remembered that she had meant to pick up some condoms for us to use. Some people may not understand this, but we sometimes use condoms in role-play, or with her toys, or whatever. She then decided to stay dressed the way she was and go to the pharmacy a couple blocks over and purchase some condoms. As she got to the cross street, she became conflicted. She could go to the pharmacy yes, or, she could go back to the sex shop and get condoms there. While there, she could take another look at the sex toys there and make her plan to get me back into the place.When she walked in, she felt like a piece of raw meat dangled in front of a pack of wolves. She admitted that the feeling of embarrassment and excitement that washed over her made her very wet. She had not realized that she would enjoy it so much.She looked through the toy section and came across the condom section. For some reason, they only had large boxes of them. At first, she hesitated and then thought about creative ways we could use them. As she continued to browse, she kept passing the entrance to the video booths. She admitted seeing shadows moving around in the darkness beyond. She also heard the telltale sounds of hardcore porn movies. She told me that she decided to get out of there quickly and took her purchase of a large box of condoms to the register. When she put them on the counter, she paid cash and was slightly surprised when he gave her back a stack of singles for change. Noticing the confused look on her face, the clerk simply shrugged and said, “We use a lot of singles here and usually a condom purchase is followed by a trip to the booths,” with a toothy leer he continued, “I’d recommend booth number 12.”She paused for a long moment at this part of her explanation. I think she was trying to put her next step into the right words. She said, “I knew I should leave at that point. I just knew that I was getting in too deep, but I was there, the awkwardness had been breached already… and baby, I felt my panties soak when he told me those things.”I was enthralled listening to her describe her descent into debauchery. My chest was tight, my face felt heated, my cock was threatening to explode. I’m sure she noticed my condition and all I could muster in reply was, “I understand.”Did I understand? I think so, at least better than I could admit to myself at that point, because here I was having my own feelings.She continued telling me about how she slowly, like a condemned man heading for his lethal injection appointment, headed back to the video booths. Furtively breaching the darkness beyond the doorway. She said that she stopped inside the entryway to let her eyes adjust and looked for the numbers on the booths. As she was looking, she realized that a man or two back there was giving her quick glances, but trying not to be noticed.She told me that she actually turned around to leave at that point, but there were another few men still in the store that were watching her too. Finally, she said to herself, “Fuck it, I’m only investigating for me and Aaron.”Turning back into the darkness, she found booth 12 about midway down the passage and saw that it was unoccupied. She entered quickly and locked the door behind her. Initially, she sat and took deep breaths to calm herself. Realizing that she had to put money in the machine, she fumbled it out of her purse and put a few dollars into the machine and started flipping through the videos.She decided that she would stay until that money ran out. She felt staying a few minutes would help her get more comfortable with the environment, and for the return trip with me she was planning. She settled in and began paying attention to the movie. She specifically remembered that it was one woman sucking multiple cocks. Her eyes got a glassy look as she remembered the scene that started it all for her.She admitted that she spread her legs and began rubbing her damp pussy through her panties as she continued to watch. She explained that she was completely wrapped up in the scene and her self-pleasure when she heard a voice whispering, “Lady, hey lady.” She immediately covered herself up and looked around, already knowing where to look from our previous encounter. Sure enough, a cock was sticking through the glory hole on one side of the booth. She told me that even though she knew what to expect, that it was still surprising to see it again. She almost panicked like the night before when we were together, but quickly calmed herself as she convinced herself that she knew what to expect the entire time.She replied, “No, I’m not here for that, go away.”His response was, “Come on lady, why else are you here? I need some relief.”She stuck to her guns, “No, go away.”Apparently, he was really horny, because he said, “Okay, okay lady. How about I just jack off through this hole.””Fine, whatever,” was her reply.She said that she went back to the movie and tried to ignore him, but the more she tried to ignore him, the more she found herself watch this stranger jack his meat the best he could with it hanging into her booth. Soon she was rubbing her pussy in time with the stroking of his cock. “Come on bitch, touch it please,” the man pleaded.She told me that as much as being called a bitch offended her, that it also triggered something in her. Something buried deep down and ultimately sealing her fate. With a moan bursting from her lips, she immediately reached her first orgasm of the afternoon. She was positive the guy heard her, because he said, “That’s it cunt, cum for my big cock. You know you want it. Now finish me off.”Her exact words to me as she related the story were, “I was coming down from a great orgasm, and my brain was saying no, but before I realized it, my hand was wrapped around his meat and I was touching a cock other than yours for the first time since we’ve been together. It felt dirty. It felt so very wrong, and at the same time, so very very wonderful…” “Oh fuck,” I exclaimed as my cock jerked in my jeans. I was sure that I was about to cum hearing this, but I somehow held off.Noticing my predicament, she displayed the slightest hint of a smile and continued, “He didn’t last long. He only needed my touch and exploded all over the place. It flew up my arm and covered my hand. Rather than flinching and letting go of him baby, I never stopped jerking him off. I was entranced. I was determined to milk every last drop from him. I was so into it, that he finally had to pull his softening cock out of my hand. I was more than a little sad when he simply muttered a thank you and left his booth.”She told me that she tried to clean herself up and leave then, knowing that she’d gone too far. However, when she turned to look around for her items, there was another cock sticking out of the opposite wall. It became apparent to me that the magic of booth 12 was that it had a hole on each side.Still hot and trying to calm herself down, she stared at it for a few seconds and then again, without consciously making the decision, she had this new cock in her hand.She said hearing the guy moaning through the hole was so very exciting. She heard him say urgently, “Suck it, suck it.”I groaned a little myself as she explained, “There was no way I was putting a bare dick of a stranger into my mouth. I wanted too, but I just couldn’t justify it. But then, I remembered the large box of condoms I had purchased and well…”The rest of the story, you all know.Chapter 3 – Making UpI was breathing heavily as she told me how she put a condom on the second cock that day and began to suck this stranger. She realized my state and reached out to touch my cock through my jeans.”This does turn you on, doesn’t it?” She queried.My very manly response was to moan loudly as my cock unleashed a massive load of cream into my underwear. I think that was all the answer she needed.I felt her fumble with my jeans and she had my messy cock loose in record time. She dove down on it like a starving woman and lapped every bit of the mess I’d made. Then she kissed me. It was long and it was deep.In between breathless kisses, she whispered, “I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry, it wasn’t what I set out to do, but once I started, I couldn’t stop!” Within seconds, her towel was on the floor and I was inside of her abused cunt. She was riding me like crazy, telling me how sorry she was. As she fucked my still hard cock like a wild woman, she debased herself over and over again, telling me what a cum slut she was. She used words like whore, slut, cum dumpster, cock whore, and so many more.She continued until I felt her stiffen and heard her scream as she orgasmed on top of me.Collapsing on top of me, we continued to kiss. I had not cum again, but began to soften as she rolled off me and we simply held each other. Needless to say, all was forgiven.We talked about it more and rationalized how things got to this point. We both agreed that a new sexual experience was ahead of us, but neither knew how to broach what we did next.Did I want to continue? I loved it, but was that mixture of feelings something I wanted on a regular basis? Did she want to continue? Was being a full-time slut in her future? I was both excited and horrified at the possibilities.I think I wanted to see her do it again, and while she was playing it safe and not saying anything new, I could tell from our conversation that she wanted more as well.These thoughts were all banished when the future caught up to us quicker than expected. Her phone, still near the spot I’d dropped it earlier, vibrated with an incoming text.Chapter 4 – The Future Finds UsStacy reached over me to pick up her phone saying, “Probably one of the k**s.”She was wrong. I found out how wrong when she said, “Oh fuck, it’s him.”I didn’t need to ask who “him” was. I was a little amazed that he would be texting her now, because he was aware that I had been working, but would be with her eventually.My mouth turned dry and I could barely speak, but I managed to whisper out, “What did he say?”She didn’t answer my question when she said, “I missed about five texts from him.”Again, I queried anxiously, but with a little more volume this time, “What did he say?” I had no idea how I was feeling, just that there was more excitement than anger.This time, she simply handed me her phone and said, “Honey, you’ll need to see for yourself. We’re in this together now.”I practically fumbled the phone trying to get to it and read the texts. I was breathing heavily in anticipation. That whole sick, excited, agonized and conflicted feeling was back.I noticed first that he was very formal in his texts and deferred from using shortcuts. The first text said, “Call me slut.”The second had arrived a few minutes afterward, “Oh, my whore must be busy, maybe hubby is home…”The third, “Does he know his formerly faithful wife now belongs to another man?”I glanced up at her and she was blushing red. Not denying anything.The fourth said, “I want to see you tonight. You will figure out how to make it happen.”Finally, the fifth said, “I am waiting.”I read them again and again so I could easily absorb them. I handed the phone back to her and croaked, “What now?”Her face was flushed, she was still naked and her body was flushing all over. She was very excited. She was conflicted. I said, “Tell him that I know.””Really? I’m a little surprised that you want me to reply at all?” She sounded amazed.Here it was, it was coming down to me. My mouth was even more dry, my throat was tight. I finally spoke in a cracked whisper, “Yes, reply.”I continued, “I heard the things you two said. It hurt, but it also was such a turn on for me. It cannot hurt to talk to him and find out what he wants.”It was stupid, but it was what I said.She typed in the response I gave her. I swear we were both holding our breath while waiting for the reply. Perfect silence hung in the air as we huddled over her phone.When the reply came, we nearly bumped heads trying to read it. It said, “Slut wives are terrible liars, how did he find out?”She looked at me for guidance and I said, “Tell him.”She replied to his test, “He was there.”His reply was very enlightening, “LOL. He was the asshole in the next booth. I knew it! You knew didn’t you slut?”She quickly typed in, “No, I didn’t know! He found your text about tomorrow and then I broke down crying and told him everything. He told me everything too. He tracked me via my phone and tripped across me there. He was there for most of it, but not all it. But yes, he was the guy next door.”A few seconds later, his reply came back. Stacy said, “It’s for you.”I looked and it said, “Hello again asshole, really enjoyed the show didn’t you?”I burned with embarrassment. I searched Stacy’s face for any sign of judgement and she had nothing but love in her eyes when she said, “Go ahead, tell him.”My fingers felt like footballs as I tried to type sensibly. I typed, “I fucking hated it… and I fucking loved it.”He replied quickly, “I knew it! You’re now a cuckold… You’re welcome. Tell me it’s true, tell me you loved it cucky.”Again, I search Stacy’s face and felt her urging me on with my reply, “I loved it you bastard.”When his text came in, I had accepted where this was going. It said, “Give my slut, your cunt wife, the phone cucky, I’m calling her now.”I obediently handed it over and it was ringing before she got a good hold on it. Looking at me, she asked, “Do I answer it?”I responded with a nod.She picked up and he began speaking before she could say anything.I couldn’t entirely hear his side of the conversation, but she initially stammered when she replied. The few times he stopped talking and expected a reply, her answers were along the lines of, “I don’t know if I can do that.”I don’t know the things he continued to say, but she was fairly squirming beside me on the bed. She was flushed all over and her breathing was getting heavy. I caught the slight drop of her hand to her lap and she touched her pussy before she caught herself. If she had doubts of where my mind was, the only evidence in existence that could let her know, was my hard-on poking her in the leg. The not knowing what was being said, or going on, was driving me crazy. My heart flipped when I heard her say, “Yes sir.”She then held the phone out and put it on speaker.From the phone came his voice loud and clear, “Hello cucky.”I stammered in reply, “Hell…hello.”He continued without hesitation, “I’m going to have fun with my new slut tonight cucky. If you’re a good boy, I might let you be involved. Do you understand?”I still couldn’t find my words appropriately, as I continued stammering, “Ye…yea…yes.”I could hear the sneer in his voice when next he said, “Good cucky.”He continued, “I assume my slut is in a hotel near the video store. Where, exactly, are you?”When I told him, he laughed, “Me too cucky, me too. That will make it very easy indeed. You and my slut meet me in the lobby in one hour.” The line disconnected before I could stammer another reply. For long moments, we both stared at each other. The unspoken question between us, but glaringly apparent was, “Are we doing this?”I answered for both us, “You’re only here with me a couple more days. If we want to explore this, now is the time.”She nodded and asked, “Are you sure?”I took a minute to reflect. I was the one who steered us into that video shop last night. Even though she was the one who went back and did what she did today, we were now in it together. Yet, here I was being the one responsible for it all. I nodded, “Yes, let’s see where it goes. I can tell you’re excited.”She smiled and pointed at my painfully hard cock and said, “I can tell you’re excited too.”With that, she reached out, grabbed my cock and pulled me toward her. We kissed for a long time and she slowly rubbed by length, still sticky with our semi-dry juices. I ran my hands over her body and felt that pain, excitement, sorrow and anticipation of things to come.When the kiss and grope session broke, I said, “You better take another shower.”She replied with, “Come with me cucky and clean me for my date.”The words hit me in the gut and I must admit, I loved it.We went to the shower and I dutifully soaped and prepared his slut for him. I only broke the silence once when I asked, “Do you even know his name?”Her simple reply was, “He told me to call him ‘Sir’.”After the shower, I left her to get ready as I put on clean clothes. I was a little embarrassed to realize that I was preparing myself for him too. I had no idea what my role would be, and that was part of the excitement.Stacy dressed very sexily, but not slutty. A miniskirt, form fitting blouse that showed just enough cleavage, and high-heeled, strap shoes with her brightly painted toenails peeking out. Damn, she looked good.When we exited the elevator, and walked into the small lobby, I nodded to the hotel staff. I knew them very well as I’d been staying at this hotel for years on my trips. I was so proud to be parading this beautiful woman, my wife on my arm. I felt like a man who was proud that he could land a woman so high above his station. I couldn’t help but beam.As we looked around, the elevator opened again and he walked out and into the lobby. He walked up to us and said clearly for all to hear, “Hello slut and cucky.”So much for the beam I had going on. I turned a deep red and noticed Stacy do the same. We were expecting something discrete, but her new owner had no such compunction. He turned to me, “Are you ready to do your part cucky?”I could only nod. I swear I felt the eyes of everyone on me and I wanted this to end quickly.”Good,” he said, “we’ll need some condoms. You can get some in the gift shop there. Please get me at least ten. They are individually wrapped, so you’ll need to get individual packages.”Again, I could only nod. I glanced at the front desk as I walked to the small convenience shop beside it. At the desk was one of the clerks, Darrin, with whom I speak all the time. He was staring at me wide-eyed. I looked down, shuffled past and looked for condoms. There was indeed a small section there, but there were only eight packages available. I carried them to the front desk and set them in front of Darrin. He looked at them and then at me, as I’m sure I turned a brighter shade of red. He asked, “Put this on your room Mr. Baxter?”I nodded and tried to regain some bravado. Unfortunately, my voice cracked a little when I said, “Yes, yes please.”It was then I saw a hand come onto the desk and scoop up the condoms I had just purchased. My wife’s “owner” was standing there and did a quick count before looking at me and saying, “I said I needed ten.”I mumbled out a reply, “They only had eight.”He was curt when he replied, “Fine, that will have to do for now.”Turning, he said, “Let’s go.”I fell in step behind him and Stacy as we made for the elevators. I was so very ready to be out of the lobby. When he pushed the elevator call button, he turned and seeing me said, “Not you cucky. Not yet anyway. I’ll keep you looped in, but for now, stay down here and grab a bite to eat in the hotel restaurant. We must stop by your room before going to mine. Let’s say that you stay down here about 30 minutes before going upstairs again.”With that, the door opened, he and Stacy stepped inside and I made no move to follow. I stood there like an idiot. I didn’t even get any words out of my mouth when I heard Stacy say, “talk to you later baby.”The door was shut and they were gone.I looked around and saw Darrin still staring at me. Hanging my head in shame, I made a quick escape to the restaurant.I was seated quickly and ordered a stiff drink to take the edge off. I knew they were in our hotel room right now and I did nothing to stop it. I felt helpless, but excited. I squirmed as my cock raged inside my pants as I tried to imagine what was happening.I gulped down my first drink, ordered a meal and another drink and tried not to look as fucked up as I was.While awaiting the second drink, I pulled out my phone and typed a quick text to Stacy, “Where are you, what’s happening?”After delivery of the text was confirmed, I sat and stared at the phone, willing a response to come in. I was still staring when my drink arrived. I tried to drink it slowly, but nearly spit it out when I saw the indicator pop up on the screen that Stacy was typing a reply to my text. When it arrived, it wasn’t Stacy. It was him.The text said, “My slut is busy, but she says hello. Don’t worry cucky, I’ll send you updates.”A few seconds later a picture arrived. It was Stacy on her knees, fully clothed still and staring into the camera. The look on her face was hard to read, but I recognized it from our role play. It was pure obedience.I looked closely at the picture to pinpoint her location. The items in view showed they were still in our hotel room, right now. I was debating whether to go or not, when simultaneously, my meal arrived and another text came in.I set the phone down while my server, Megan, put my food in front of me. I was one of her regulars and she had served Stacy and I many of times while she was traveling with me. There, on the screen, popped up plain as day, was a picture of my wife, still on her knees. In her hand, she was holding a ripped open condom package. She had a small, shy smile on her face, and standing out in front of her, taking up much of the shot, was a big cock.I scrambled to flip the phone over, but I’m sure Megan saw it while the screen was still visible. It didn’t help that my reaction was so panicked. There’s no way she didn’t notice something was off. She just shrugged, smiled and told me to “enjoy my meal,” before walking away. Again, I was red with embarrassment. It was for good reason too, because less than a minute later I heard Megan giggling with the female bartender a few tables away from me.I flipped the phone back over and stared at the picture. Amazed that this entire situation was playing out in my life.I waited and waited, but nothing else arrived within the next few minutes. So, I began to eat. I wasn’t even tasting the food; rather, I was just chewing and swallowing.When the next text came in, it was another picture with a comment, obviously from him. It said, “Such a nice family.”The picture was of my wife. This time, she was holding up her iPad next to her face with a photo of us and our k**s on it. It was the most recent taken of us, and her current favorite. We all looked so innocent, normal güvenilir casino and happy. If it wasn’t for the condom-covered cock sunk halfway into her mouth, it would’ve been a nice picture. I nearly choked on my food when I saw it. It was just so… very… filthy and perverted. My cock raged against its bonds inside my trousers and boxer briefs. This is it, I was astounded to realize. I love being used and abused this way. There is something fucking wrong with me that I’m entertaining, and yes, enjoying this.While I was still absorbing that one, the next item came in. This time a video. The still capture of it seemed to be the same thing as the photo I just saw, but with a play button this time.When I hit the play button, I realized that my volume should’ve been lowered, because I heard grunting and groaning. Quickly, fumbled to silence it before anyone saw my predicament. The bartender looked up, but I think I got it down before anyone heard anything other than random noise.I turned it down and held it close to my face so I could hear. It was video of him, fucking her face. She was still on her knees and beside the bed. On the bed was laid the iPad with the family photo shining next to her face. All of us in the photo, staring at me and smiling. I’m sure we were all also judging me, as well. In the video, he had a handful of her hair and was stroking in and out of her throat. She was somehow taking it all in with each stroke.He said, “That’s it slut, show your family what a cock whore you are. Suck that big cock while cucky and the k**s watch. They think you’re a good wife and mom, but you’re my slut now!”He pulled out of her mouth and as she gasped for air, he began smacking her face with his latex encased prick. As he smacked her pouty lips with the crown of his big cock, he continued, “Tell cucky the truth. Tell cucky that you belong to me and that he and your family don’t mean shit as long as you belong to me.”She shook her head no, but was desperately trying to get his meat back into her mouth as she was.He continued, “If you want this cock, you have to say it slut, say it.”She fairly begged when she said, “Please I need your cock. I don’t need my family, I need your cock, you own me. My body, my soul. Just please give me your cock!”With a laugh, he slammed it back in. She whimpered in approval as he ravaged her throat with our picture shining in the background.He gasped, “Look at the camera slut. Look cucky in the eyes as I give you cum.”Her eyes riveted to the camera and stared the best she could as he hammered her. The phone camera was shaking worse and worse as I assume he was approaching orgasm, and I’m pretty sure he nearly dropped at it one point. However, her eyes remained staring at me as I saw his cock expand and begin to spasm within the condom he was wearing. As the video showed him unloading, it was then that I wondered why he was using a condom at all. Did he know what she had done after he left the video store and was practicing safe sex?The video ended and no other text had arrived while I watched. I was done eating and was on my third drink when I thought my cock had finally softened enough for me to stand in public without it being obvious.A new text rolled in. Another picture of Stacy. Her lipstick smeared and her makeup a mess from the tears and spit running down her face from the face fucking. This time, she was standing and holding the neckties that I had brought with me for work. The text comment said, “We’re borrowing these, you can come up now.”I nearly killed myself getting the check paid and hustling to the elevator. My mind was going crazy with thoughts of what would happen next. Was I to watch them? What other things would he want me to do? I was ragged with excitement and desire as I tumbled out of the elevator and quickly inserted the keycard into my hotel room lock.It took my five tries to get it right, but when it finally showed green, I burst into the room, trying to be ready for anything I might see.What I wasn’t prepared for was for the room to be empty. They were not there. I was alone.I walked to bed, still rumpled from our sex earlier and found the iPad with two things on it. The screen was still on and so had not timed out yet, so they had not been gone long. The family picture was still on the screen. Across our faces was the condom, full of semen and knotted closed. Below that was a note. It was in Stacy’s writing and stated, “He’s taking me to his room. He said that he’ll keep you updated and if you’re a good cucky, he might invite you up later.”It was signed, “I love you.”I now wondered if that was still true considering the things she said about the family while begging to have her throat ravaged. Regardless of her words, deep down, I knew it was true, she did love me. While we were both fully caught up in whatever this sex episode is, we would always be in love with each other.I sat on the bed and could do nothing but wait. That is, wait and stare at the pictures I’d been sent and play the video repeatedly. Fuck, my cock was so hard it hurt.Chapter 5 – Photo StreamAfter 30 minutes and hearing nothing whatsoever, I was going a little insane. I kept watching the video of him fucking my wife’s face. It will be indelibly imprinted in my mind forever. The fact is, the part that was driving me insane wasn’t that she was with him, but that I wasn’t getting updated.It was then that technology, again, came to my rescue. I had it setup on my mobile devices that any picture taken on any of them would update my photo library in the cloud. I had setup Stacy’s devices too, so I knew she had the same setup. Quickly, I laid my phone down and snatched up Stacy’s iPad and tapped the icon for her photo stream. Eureka, all the pics and videos I had been sent were there! I scrolled through looking for recent updates. While scrolling, I noticed that I had not received all the photos taken, but just the choicest of them. The guy with no name, who now owned my wife, knew how to choose a pic.About the time I was getting to the new pictures, another text rolled in on my phone sitting next to me. The sound shocked the hell out of me and I nearly dropped Stacy’s iPad. I snatched it up and it took me a minute to figure out what I was seeing. The picture was of a razor being pulled through a patch of shaving cream. The comment with it said, “Naughty wives keep a trimmed pussy, slut wives shave them bald. Your wife, cucky, is my slut.”I groaned as I thought of her pussy completely bald. I’d always wanted it that way, but she had never liked it. She kept herself neatly trimmed and got bikini wax when needed for swimwear, but I haven’t gotten her to shave it bald in 20 years. I texted in response, “Where are you? When will I be able to come over?”No response was immediately forthcoming, so I picked up Stacy’s iPad and began searching through pictures again. It doesn’t update real time, especially on slow hotel Internet, but there were several pictures I had not received.One, apparently was when they got into his room. He had taken several of her on her knees again. I noticed that her hand was dipped under her skirt.In another notable one, she was sprawled on the bed, still dressed, but her breasts were uncovered and she had a finger inserted in her cunt. No part of him was in either picture.Then as the app refreshed, there were more photos of her shaving her pussy. She was sitting on the toilet with her legs lewdly sprawled as several photos were taken of her completing the shaving process. The look on her face was one of ecstasy. I don’t know when it happened, but my cock was out and I was stroking it as I watched. I had promised myself not to touch my cock until it was time to get involved, but this was just too much for me. The constant wondering and the anticipation of what would come next was just too much for me to control myself anymore. I promised myself that I would stop before I came.The next text arrived and was my undoing. It was a close-up of her bald pussy and his huge cock was laid on top of it like the piece of fuck meat it was. It was taken specifically to show how big his cock was against my wife’s small frame and pussy. It was also a show of how much bigger his cock was than mine. I gasped as my orgasm overtook me unexpectedly. I squirted cum all over the bed. Some of it also landed on the iPad that I had sat down to see the phone text.As many men know, an orgasm can be our kryptonite. The horny, uncontrollable excitement that will make us do about anything to achieve the orgasm, can fade quickly once it is achieved. For me, I experienced long moments of self-doubt and regret. I wanted nothing more than to stop this whole thing and get my wife away from him and back to me.Inside, I knew it was too late, that we must go through with it, but I felt despair for letting it get this far.I texted her phone quickly, “When can I join you? Where are you?”For long moments, I got nothing. Then, my phone started ringing. I couldn’t believe it, because this time it was a video call.I answered immediately and the scene was laid out before me. Stacy, on her back, was sprawled on the bed with her ass hanging over the end. She was moaning nonstop and staring at the phone camera as he pounded her cunt hard.I heard him say from off camera, “We’re busy cucky, stop texting or you’ll never get invited.”He continued, “Your wife is a hot piece of cunt and she needs a good fucking. Tell him slut, tell him to leave us alone.”My heart was rent asunder when she opened her mouth and said through the gasping and moans, “Aaron, baby, I’m busy, he’s fucking me so good… Oooooh fuck me fuck your slut with your huge cock! Aaron, baby, don’t bother us, he’ll contact you. Yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming!”The line disconnected before she finished. Fuck me, but my cock was hard again. I was completed ensnared and I might as well face it.Chapter 6 – You Have to Pay to PlayI tried to concentrate on other things, I tried to watch TV, surf the Internet, read a book on my Kindle, but nothing could distract me from the things happening to my wife. In truth, looking back on it now, it was happening to me too. I came to the full realization that the anticipation was one of the biggest turn-ons for me. Like at Christmas time, even as a k**, I refused to peek at my gifts under the tree, or even touch or shake them. I feared that if I touched them, that I would know what they were and the surprise would be ruined. It was the anticipation that made the ripping open of those gifts on Christmas morning so much more exciting.Of course, it didn’t escape me that so many times, after all the build-up, when the wrapping paper was strewn around the room and the gifts were stacked up high, that there was a time when the excitement and anticipation wears off. Those times were when I would feel a little down and a little blah. I knew that would likely happen here too. However, for the moment, I was fully in the anticipation and excitement phase. The guy using my wife as his slut was giving me just enough to keep me going, but not too much.When the next text arrived, I glanced at the clock and an hour had passed by. It was the one I had been waiting for and stated, “Are you ready to join us cucky?”I knew it was him and not Stacy, and I replied simply, “Yes, please.”I could almost imagine the sneer on his face when he replied, “Please? Well aren’t you a good little cuckold. You must do something for me before you can come to us. Are you willing to do as I say, or will you be spending the night alone in your room?”I had a stab of fear when I thought about him keeping her all night. It had never occurred to me that it would last that long. I quickly replied, “Yes, I’ll do whatever you want.”His response was, “Good, we need some items. Go purchase an enema kit and some lubricating gel. After you get them, take a picture of them and send to me. I’ll give you the room number.”I was taken aback. Why did he need an enema kit and gel? Stacy hated anal sex and we’d only tried it once or twice before swearing off it forever. Does she know what he intends? Of course, we’d experienced so many other firsts up to this point, I can only assume she’d do whatever he said. I admit I had a certain amount of excitement thinking about stretching out her asshole, so I replied, “I will do it and text you soon.”Another text came in while I was about to walk out of the room, it said, “Oh, and cucky, bring the condom of cum I left you earlier. You know, the one on the picture of your family? It is part of your price of admission.”I gulped as I looked over at the used condom on the nightstand. I had started to flush it down the toilet several times and was now glad that I hadn’t. Why I had not done so, I have no idea. I believe that I was grossly fascinated with it. Quickly, I scooped it up and slipped it into the pocket of my light jacket.With a mix of anticipation and trepidation I headed for the door. When the elevator opened in the lobby, I walked right through trying not to make eye contact with anybody that was witness to the earlier display. Alas, I was unsuccessful, when Darrin at the front desk said, “Have a good evening Mr. Baxter.”I swear I heard a laugh in his voice, but I just nodded and headed out. Fortunately, in New York, there is no shortage of pharmacies, so I walked into the nearest one and purchased the items as I was directed. I was in such a hurry to get to my wife that I laid the purchases out on the self-check register and snapped the pic right then and there. I paid, put them in a sack and walked out the door. I was crossing the street when the text reply came back. It said simply, “Where’s the condom?”I groaned inwardly as I pulled it out of my pocket and snapped a picture of it laying across my hand. I was both disgusted and turned on at the same time by the display. The outside of the condom was covered with my wife’s dried saliva and the inside was full of another man’s seed that she had dutifully drained from his balls.I was sorely disappointed when the reply text said, “Go back to your room cucky.”I thought I had done something wrong, so I replied, with “WTF?”Again, a short reply was received, “Do it.”So being the cuckold in the relationship, I did what I was told.I skulked back into the lobby. I’d been gone maybe 20 minutes. Darrin, again very cheery, “Welcome back Mr. Baxter!”I wanted to throttle him, but approached the elevator and kept pressing the up button until it finally opened for me and let me escape the area.I was angry that I was being sent to my room again and wanted to know that was happening to Stacy. My cock was out of control and was sticking straight out in my jeans.I shifted it and got out at my floor. I headed directly for my room, ran the key through the locked and walk in. I was immediately floored.In my room, on her knees was my wife, Stacy. Surrounding her were four guys I’d never seen before. She was hungrily stroking and sucking their condom-covered cocks. Casually, lying on the bed taking pictures, was the asshole. “What’s up cucky!?” He said, “Welcome home. We decided to move the party here. We’re hungry and you’re buying us dinner.”I stood there dumbfounded. I wasn’t expecting it and yet I immediately accepted and absorbed it all. I, apparently, was embracing my role as the dumbass who would get what he got, when he got it and no sooner.My eyes glued to Stacy sucking one cock while she stroked two others, I could only stammer, “Uh, okay.”For his part, he glanced at the bag in my hand and said, “So you got the stuff. Good for you. Now, are you ready to earn your way to stay here, or will you be spending the night wandering the city alone?”My focus snapped back to him, “Wha… what? What do you mean?”He replied with a look on his face like he was humoring a particularly dense c***d, “Cucky, you have to earn your place here. I don’t need you. We… don’t need you. Your wife is already my slut.”His next words were directed at Stacy, “Isn’t that right, you filthy cum guzzling whore? We don’t fucking need your cuckold hubby, and he can walk the streets all night for all you care, right?”I wasn’t even sure she heard him, because she was only spending a few seconds on each cock in her mouth before switching to the next. Her eyes were glazed over and she was enraptured by the man meat at her disposal. She did however, respond to the sound of her master’s voice. She stopped sucking long enough to look at me and say, “Aaron, goddamn it, I am his and if you want to stay, you better do what the fuck he says. You’re the fucking pussy cuckold here, now stop being a bitch and do what he says.”My mouth fell open. My loving, conservative wife, had never spoke to me like that before. It stabbed me deeper than I thought possible. Hell, I thought, I’d already been stabbed as deep as humanly possible, but here it was, deeper. I knew I was even a more depraved son of a bitch than I originally thought, because my cock spasmed at that moment and it took all my concentration not to cum. I really really enjoyed the humiliation. All my life, it never occurred to me that I could enjoy such a thing, but here it was.I turned to him and said, “What do I have to do. I’ll do it. I don’t want to leave.”A self-satisfied smile came across his face. He said, “Where’s the used condom you brought to this party cucky?”I snaked it out of my pocket and held it up to him. Obviously, not understanding.”Drink it cucky,” he said and then continued, “If you want to stay, you have to learn your place as a cuckold. That place, is as a cleanup crew and anything else we tell you to do. To prove you want to be here, you’re going to drink that cum. You’re going to drink my cum, in that condom.” He put extra emphasis on the word “my.”I must have looked stupid as my gaze shifted from his eyes to the condom dangling from my grip. The cum in this condom was over an hour or more old by now. It had to be cold and breaking down. For me, a man who had never eaten another man’s cum before, this had to be the most humiliating thing ever.He urged me on, “Do it cucky, if you want to stay.”The guys who had been urging Stacy on to suck them even harder and better changed to cheering me on with a chorus of, “Do it, do it, do it!”I knew it was going to be disgusting, but I knew that I just had to stay. I lifted the condom to my face and stared at it. I then walked into the bathroom and grab a small pair of scissors that Stacy always carries with her. I walked back into the main room and stared one more time at my gorgeous wife. She was oblivious to me and my blight. Instead, she was sucking cock like a porn star. For a second, I wondered why and if I should even care. Then, before I could change my mind, I snipped the knotted end of the condom and tipped it up into my mouth.My wife’s owner laughed and dragged out his next statment, “That’s fucking disgusting cuck!”For my part, it was disgusting. It was cold, slimy and very salty. I knew I was slurping down another man’s seed into my stomach and still I did it.To the choruses of “ewww” and “disgusting,” I swallowed. I heard Stacy laugh and say, “Slurp it down cuckold,” as I not only did as I was told, but I slurped that condom dry. I pinched the end and ran my clamped fingers down the entire length to ensure that I got every drop of his seed in my mouth.He laughed, “Good boy cucky. I hope you enjoyed it, because there is more to come. You see, these guys aren’t using condoms for safe sex. They’re using them only this once, so you can swallow the seed of the men that will be fucking your wife tonight.” At that moment one of the guys groaned, “Oh fuck! I have one for him now!”I didn’t see him fill the condom, because Stacy slurped his entire length down her throat and held him there until his groans and spasms subsided. When she removed her mouth, she lovingly slipped his condom from his cock and outstretched her arm toward me. The freshly filled condom hanging from her hand, as she slurped and sucked his cock to clean him up.I gulped, then obediently moved toward her and took it from her hand. Repeating the process from earlier, I tipped it up and drained it dry. I must admit, this time, when it was hot, it was much better and I almost enjoyed the taste.I swirled it in my mouth and almost savored the taste when my reverie was broken.Her owner said, “Hey cucky, we have food coming and we need beer. I like a particular kind and you’ll need to make the run to get it. Don’t worry, while you’re gone, my slut will only be cleaning out her filthy ass. Because, after we eat, we’re going to fuck it.”For her part, Stacy only moaned as she serviced the three remaining cocks in front of her.I only nodded and asked where I was supposed to go. This was all easier when I just listened.With my instructions, I headed out again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a common beer type so I had to walk about 10 blocks one-way to procure it. Which I did, just as fast as I could. I thought about just getting a cab, but that could take just as long as the walk. I was back in about 30-minutes. When I returned, food was all over the bed and people were eating. I searched and found Stacy. She was standing at the window with the shades wide open and her arms spread out above her. I noticed quickly that she was bound to the curtain rod using my neckties. Her tits pressed tightly against the glass. He nude body on display for anyone in the neighboring buildings to see.”Welcome back cucky. Did you score the brew?” I was asked.I silently handed it to him while I stared at my wife. To me, she had never looked sexier.Her owner took the bag from me and said, “There are more condoms on the dresser cucky, drink them up and then grab a seat in the office chair over there.”Resigned to my fate and strangely excited about it, I did as I was told. I noticed that each man’s cum tasted slightly different and had separate consistencies. I shocked myself that instead of being grossed out now, that I was becoming a connoisseur of men’s sperm.I found myself pleased when next I was praised, “Good boy cucky, now you’re fitting right in. Before you sit, take off your clothes. I want my slut to see just how turned on you are by all of this. Not that it would matter to her now. You could sit there and beg her to stop and she’d do it anyway. She’s a good slut.”He walked over to her and smacked her ass, then said to her, “Isn’t that right cunt?””Yes sir,” she screamed and then exclaimed, “I’m your cunt, all yours!”He laughed, swatted her ass one more time and turned back to me saying, “Oh yeah, cucky. When the food arrived from room service, the guy seemed to know you. His name was Anthony and he wondered what was going on and asked where you were. I explained it to him and your wife gave him a big tip for such good service.” The last was said with an evil smile. I groaned. I knew most of the people at the hotel and now Anthony knew how far I had fallen too. I was never going to be able to come back to this place.Her owner continued, “No worries though, Anthony was very happy with the blowjob he received and I’ve invited him back. I mentioned that he was welcome to bring a few of the other guys who work here back when their shifts end. He seemed amenable to that situation. I’m sorry to say though cucky, that he put his cream straight down into your wife’s tummy. That bitch sucked him dry, so there is nothing for you to clean up.”Chapter 7 – Giving Over ControlI blushed a deep shade of red and said, “Yes sir.”I was handing over all control now. It was time to stop going half-measure and dedicate myself to this.As they finished eating, I stripped naked and sat in the office chair. My cock painfully hard and staying that way even when nothing was happening.After what seemed an eternity, but was likely only a few minutes, he said, “Okay cucky, do you want a piece of your beautiful wife before we ruin her for you forever?”I was amazed and pleased that he was offering me this, so I said without hesitation, “Yes sir, please.”He continued, “Good, her ass needs to be prepared for us, so your job is to get over there behind her and lick it until it is good and wet. Once I’m satisfied, then you’ll open the lube you brought and loosen her ass for us.”He leaned forward and said very sternly, “You will not fuck her cucky and you’ll use no more than one finger, do you understand.”My spirits dampened somewhat, I replied, “Yes sir.”I immediately went to my task. Stacy had done the enema kit while I was on the beer run, so her ass was fresh. She moaned as I spread her gorgeous cheeks and tongued her small rosebud asshole. She didn’t acknowledge me, but she pressed back into me as I did it. “Stick your tongue into her cucky,” He directed me, and did my very best to probe her asshole deep. While I enjoyed eating pussy, I had never licked her asshole, other than the rare overzealous mistake, but I could tell that she loved it. For my part, I loved it too.I began probing her tight hole with my middle finger, and using a mixture of my spit and the lube I’d brought, I began working it into her. She wiggled her ass and I felt her pussy juices leaking down on my hand from the experience. I pressed my finger into her tight hole and slowly began working it in and out. The experience was so erotic that I completely forgot that anybody else was in the room. That is, until a big cock appeared by my face.Her owner began slapping her ass cheek with his cock while I fingered her.”Harder cucky,” he said. I went harder.”Harder,” he ordered.I picked up the pace.He continued to smack his big meet against her little ass. “Okay cucky, one more thing. Stop and hold out your hands,” he ordered.I was beyond disobeying at this point; I was near orgasm just from the experience.I cupped my hands and he squeezed some lube into them.”Lube up my cock cucky. I don’t want that shit all over my hands,” he ordered.I didn’t even question him. In fact, I had secretly wanted to touch his cock since he began smacking her ass with it. I couldn’t fathom what it was like to have one so big.I said, “Yes sir.”Then I proceeded to stroke his cock and cover it thoroughly with lubricant. He groaned a little bit and said, “Oh cucky, I think you like that. Do you hear that my slut? Your hubby loves stroking my big cock.”For her part, she just whimpered in ecstasy, “Yessssss.”With his attention on me again, he said, “I think she likes the idea cucky. Enough from you for now though boy, go sit in your chair.”Obediently, I went and sat. I glanced around the room. The other guys were drinking beers and watching my wife’s owner line up behind her. I quickly turned my attention back to him so as not to miss anything.He whispered in my wife’s ear, “Are you ready slut?”She hissed, “Yesssss, please, own my ass.”He replied, “Beg me slut.”She begged him immediately and enthusiastically, “Please goddamn it, please fuck my slut ass. It’s your ass and no one else’s, use it how you want, just fuck me please!”He chuckled and said, “Good girl.”He gripped a handful of her auburn hair and ran his tongue along her neck. While doing so, he pressed his cock between her cheeks and I knew he was right at her hole.I was holding my breath, waiting for the inevitable.He wasn’t ready yet, “Wait a second. You have a husband here. It would be rude of me to simply fuck your ass without asking him first, wouldn’t it?”Apparently, that question was rhetorical, because he didn’t wait for a response.He turned to me and said, “So cucky, may I fuck your wife’s ass?”I bit my lower lip and stared at his cock at her entrance. I felt like I was going to die if he didn’t fuck her ass.I replied, “Yes, you have my permission.”He didn’t start and instead came back with, “That’s good, but I’ve changed my mind about getting permission. Now, I want you to beg me to fuck your wife’s ass.”I squirmed in my seat, lost to the sensations and lost to this game we were playing. I had no backbone left.I fairly gasped, “Please sir, I’ll die if you don’t fuck my wife’s slutty ass. It’s yours, not mine. Fucking hell, I’ve got to see you **** her ass or I will die.”An evil sneer crossed his face and he said, “Why, thank you cucky.”The next sound was of Stacy screaming, or I should say trying to scream. Her owner clamped his hand over her mouth and forcibly shoved his entire length straight into her ass. He didn’t stop there. He hammered her ass. I saw his muscles contract and swell over and over again as he hammered her. She couldn’t move, bound like she was, but she was screaming in what seemed like pain for the first solid minute of bounding.After that minute passed, her screams turned to whimpers, and then eventually, to moans.Then, she was cumming and screaming.She screamed, “Yesss! Fuck my slut ass, goddamn it I’m cumming all over your cock!”I couldn’t contain myself. Without even touching my cock, I came all over myself.One of the other guys noticed, laughed and yelled, “Cucky is cumming!”I jerked and spasmed in tuned with my wife as her ass was hammered mercilessly through her orgasm.Her owner grunted, “I’m gonna cum!”He went rigid and let out a yell as he filled Stacy’s newly reamed asshole with his spunk.When he’d finished, he walked over to me and grinned. He smacked my face a couple times with his cock and then grabbed a fresh beer.After taking a long pull of his brew, he looked at me again and said, “Clean up your own mess cucky, and I want you to eat all your cum. When you’re done, loose your wife’s bonds and lay her on the bed on her stomach. Then get on the bed and clean her ass out with your tongue.”I could only hang my head in shame as I slurped my own cum off my fingers. I had to scoop it up off my stomach and chest before licking them noisily.When I loosened Stacy’s bonds, she fairly collapsed in my arms. I carried her to the bed and began doing what I was expected to do.I buried my face in her ass, licking and sucking his cum from her wide-open hole. I got as deep as I could and noticed bed begin to shift as someone climbed on. One of the guys was sitting at Stacy’s head and coaxing her to open wide and suck him, which she did without a word.There was a tap on my shoulder and another guy said, “Take your seat cucky.”I did so without complaint.I watched as the four guys fell on her like wolves.For her part, she quickly recovered from her orgasm and enthusiastically embraced her role as slut. I had thought I had seen her depths of depravity when she was being spit-roasted by two guys in the glory hole, but I could tell these guys had worked as a team before. They each took turns pounding her ass and then making her suck their cocks afterward. They constantly moved her in different positions. Notable ones included one where she was on her back getting fucked in the ass while one guy straddle her face and she licked his asshole. In another, she was on her hands and knees being fucked in her pussy and throat simultaneously. The most shocking to me, was when they positioned her back with her head hanging over the bed upside down. This appeared to open her throat completely, like a sword swallower, because they took turns fucking her throat and gagging her without mercy. During this, neither her nor I complained. We simply complied. They had stopped using condoms after her owner ass-fucked her at the window, and my job was to clean up her holes after they each unloaded in their chosen hole. This included long, sloppy kisses, when I slurped their cum from her tongue, lips and face. When her holes were clean, or being used, I would suck her toes or sit in my chair until my services were needed again. Which, of course, they were. I am the cuckold, after all.After a while of this, they began filling all her holes at the same time. I couldn’t believe their stamina. Along with her owner, they took turns fucking her in the mouth, cunt and ass simultaneously. That also double penetrated her cunt and double penetrated her asshole multiple times. She loved it all. I didn’t know if I would ever get her back to myself, but as long as I was her cuckold and she still loved me, I didn’t care.When everything was winding down, and the guys were getting dressed to leave, I was doing my job of licking her body from head to toe. I thought it was over, but then there was a knock on the door.It was Anthony, and Darrin, and four other guys I knew from their various job positions at the hotel. When they walked in, I was cleaning cum off Stacy’s bare pussy while she moaned nonstop and called me a good cucky.Her owner welcomed them in and said to Stacy, “I have shit to do tomorrow whore, so me and the boys are outta here. You and cucky take care of these nice guys before you finish for the night.”He surprised me when he walked over to me and lifted my head so I was looking in his eyes. He stared at me to ensure I was paying attention and said, “Cucky, you treat them just like you’d treat me, do you understand?”I looked at all the guys, who previously called me “Mr. Baxter” and basically worked for me as their guest. I had a feeling that was all going to change.I returned my gaze to her owner and said, “Yes sir.”

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