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Grandmas Man Friend CumsThe next day at Grandma’s house, Jeremy offers to show Ted where the apple tree way out back is.***”This is far enough,” Ted informed me after we got far enough away from the house. “You did good.””What are you doing?””Getting comfortable,” Ted informed me as he put out the blanket he had snuck out of the house and began to unbutton his shirt. “Take your clothes off.””What if Grandma comes back here?””She won’t. She’s going to church in a half hour as well, so we’ll have plenty of time to get better acquainted,” Ted explained. “Feels so good to be out in the fresh air naked.””I can’t take my clothes off out here. What if somebody comes back here?””What’s the chances of that?””What if a train comes by?” I whined, gesturing towards the rails in the distance that were used by an occasional freight train.”I’m waiting Jeremy,” Ted said calmly as he stood there naked as the day he was born, and when I shuffled my feet he shook his head. “I’m more than three times your age son. You’re in much better shape than I am.”That might have been true, but I was not the exhibitionist Ted was. The man was so confident and self-assured that I didn’t know what I was more jealous of, his demeanor or his cock.Ted might have been a senior citizen but for a guy his age, his body was in amazing shape. Ted had only a little softness in his stomach, and the rest of him was lean and well toned. The silver hair on his chest sparkled in the sunlight, so thick that it was hard to see what seemed to be sizable crimson nipples below.I ended up undressing, taking as long as I could to delay the inevitable. As I stripped under Ted’s intense scrutiny my eyes kept drifting back to his cock. I had spent most of the time since last night thinking about that incredible organ. Even when we were in the kitchen with Grandma my eyes kept going back to his crotch, picturing that trouser snake wiggling around under his clothing.Ted’s cock might not have been a foot long like I had originally thought because it looked like he shaved the hair around the base. That made the base of his cock look even thicker than it really was, but even taking that into account there was no denying that Ted’s cock was enormous.That was in my mouth last night, I mused while fiddling with my belt. At least the head of it was. Was I supposed to pull the foreskin down? There was so much I didn’t know, but I was getting the impression that I would be getting an education in a lot of things.”You’re such a gorgeous looking young man,” Ted said. “Take your hands away. You have no reason to hide anything about you.”The man is old and his eyesight is going. That was the only explanation possible because there was nothing gorgeous about me. I was a skinny little twerp. Nick. Now Nick was gorgeous. If Ted even saw him naked like this he would bowl me over to get at him.”That’s it. Doesn’t it feel good to be naked like this?””I dunno,” I said with a shrug of my shoulders, and then Ted was walking toward me, his cock rolling from side to side with his movements.”Just relax,” Ted said as he came up to me and wrapped his arms around me. “Doesn’t this feel nice?”It did. I couldn’t deny it. My face was in the crux of the taller man’s neck, and the billowing hair on his chest felt as soft as a cloud against my bare skin as we embraced. Ted’s hands were sliding around on my back from my neck to the base of my spine, his long and bony fingers surprisingly gentle.”That’s it,” I heard Ted say as I started to do the same things to his back with my hands.Our cocks were touching. I could feel his soft log against my dick, the contact possible because Ted was taller by almost a half foot, and it felt so good to feel that rubbery tube against my stiffening organ.”I can feel your cock getting hard,” Ted whispered in my ear as he seemed to rub himself into me even more. canlı bahis “You like the way our cocks are rubbing against each other, don’t you?””Yes sir.””Last night was special for me. Did you enjoy it?””Yes sir.””Don’t call me sir, Jeremy. I’m Ted. I’m your grandmother’s lover and I’m also going to be your lover. Right Jeremy?””Yes,” I whispered. “Ted.””That’s my boy. Let’s go over to the blanket.”Ted took me by the hand and as we walked it didn’t go unnoticed that my dick was sticking straight out and bouncing like a diving board with each step.”Stay right there,” Ted said while kneeling on the blanket and positioning me in front of him with his hands on my hips.”You’ve got a beautiful penis,” Ted said, his face inches away from what was nothing of the sort.”So do you,” I mumbled.That was something stupid I said whenever someone would pay me a compliment, but those occasions were quite rare.”I don’t know about that Jeremy, but I am glad you seem to like it so much. Yours though? It’s beautifully shaped. The skin is so pale, with only that one little vein going down the bottom of the shaft,” Ted observed. “Your glans is perfectly formed as well, and there’s so little hair that you can see every perfect inch of your manhood.”Ted smiled when my dick jerked upwards, almost like it was acknowledging the praise it was getting from the man who was only inches away from it.”And to think I haven’t even touched it yet,” Ted said with a grin. “Not last night and not today either, although I’ve thought of little else. But you want me to touch it, don’t you Jeremy?””Yes,” I croaked.I could feel Ted’s breath on my cock. That was how close he was. His hands were still on my hips, squeezing them gently, and even though this wasn’t a hot morning I was starting to sweat.”I like to tease, as you can probably tell. I want to touch you and probably even more than you want me to touch you. It’s the anticipation. As I’ve grown older I’ve come to appreciate the foreplay and the buildup, even more sometimes that the acts themselves. Do you understand, Jeremy?””I think so.””Like last night. I enjoyed our little passion play so much, but nothing more than when I was standing in the doorway in the beginning before I went down to sex your Grandma. Do you remember that Jeremy?””Yes.””The way you looked at my cock,” Ted said softly before sending a chill down my spine by lightly blowing on my dick. “It never grows old. I so enjoy that look I get when people first see how well endowed I am. Effie? Your grandmother nearly fainted when she first saw it. I often wonder what is going through people’s minds when they first see my penis. What went through your mind, son?””Big,” I mumbled. “Never saw one that big before.””You like men with big cocks, Jeremy?””I guess,” I said while looking down at my cock, which had never been harder. “Wish mine was big.””Yours is perfect,” Ted said as he breathed in it some more. “It’s the perfect size. Somewhere between 5 and 6 inches erect I’d say. Just the right length for the mouth to handle and it looks so hard. Look how taut the skin is around the head of it.””I know,” I said.”And you want me to touch it, don’t you? You want me to do even more than that, don’t you?””Yes.””I’m going to and very soon as well,” Ted informed me before smiling and ducking down beneath my bobbing boner with his tongue out.”You’re drooling,” Ted said after showing my a string of pre-cum that he had caught with his tongue. “Mmm. Delicious. Last night? The way you came? That was incredible. I can’t remember seeing an orgasm so intense, and the way you came! So hard and so much semen too. Do you cum like that all the time?””Don’t know. I don’t think so,” I replied, shifting my weight from foot to foot while resisting the urge to scream.”I don’t think I’m going to touch your beautiful penis just yet,” Ted informed bahis siteleri me, and after he said that I actually groaned, like I did when the projector broke at the theatre one time.”Try not to cum,” Ted said as he moved his face a little closer. “At least not right away.”My knees turned to jelly as the older man’s tongue flicked at the dripping tip before his mouth slid from the opening all the way down the shaft, not stopping until his lips were at the base of the shaft and my balls were against his chin.”OH!” I cried out as I felt the sucking sensation test my self-control.It was like he was trying to suck my penis right down his throat, and just when it felt like I was going to make this the briefest head in history I felt Ted’s hand wrap around my balls and squeeze the top of my sac hard.”You like these handled rough, don’t you Jeremy?” Ted asked after he took my dick out of his mouth.I didn’t answer and didn’t even look down because it felt like Ted was twisting my scrotum into a knot down there. If I had answered I would have said that I did like it, even though I would never have thought it would.”Your cock is drooling like a leaky faucet,” Ted cackled, and when I looked down to see I saw that Ted may very well have twisted my sac in a knot, but the sight of my balls looking like they were going to burst from the stretched skin got my attention.”You want to cum so bad,” Ted sighed before leaning forward. “And I want to taste it.”It was over in an instant but just like last night the actual orgasm seemed to last forever. My legs turned to jelly as my dick kept jerking in Ted’s mouth, sending what seemed like an endless staccato of cum down his throat. Ted didn’t even blink as I blasted my seed down his throat. In fact, even after I stopped cumming and went limp in his mouth he continued to suck on my dick in an attempt to siphon every drop from my balls.”Oh man,” I said as I looked at Ted with glassy eyes, wondering how the man had managed to cause me to have two of the most intense orgasms I ever had.”You liked that, didn’t you Jeremy?” Ted asked as he rose to his feet. I nodded as Ted’s hands went behind my neck and brought my face to his chest.”Suck on my nipples,” Ted said, and I borrowed my face into the thick belt of hair and found his bud.”Nice,” Ted sighed as he brought my face back and forth between his nipples.It was nice for me to, not only because I reveled in the feel of his hairy chest against my face but also because down below our cocks were rubbing against each other. The feel of our flaccid cocks touching was erotic, and when I looked down I saw that it looked even better.Talk about perspective, I mused when I looked at the absurd difference in size between our organs. Although my initial reaction was shame about how pitiful my pale dick looked next to Ted’s massive beige hose, it began to turn me on for some reason. “Why don’t you get a better look?” Ted suggested as his hands applied pressure on my shoulders to ease me down to my knees. I reached up and took Ted’s cock in my hand, stunned at how heavy it was. I brought my other hand into play to better handle the rubbery snake, and as I brought it to my mouth the foreskin slid back a ways, exposing the crimson tip of his glans.”That’s it, Jeremy,” I heard Ted sign as he ran his fingers through my hair. “Suck that cock. Make me big and hard.”I looked up at Ted while the only thing that went through my mind was, are you k**ding? Make you big? I had my hands on the shaft of this enormous penis like it was a baseball bat, and as I slid my mouth down my lips barely grazed my fingers. Maybe this thing would be a foot long when he got hard.Maybe I wasn’t that good a cocksucker, because after a couple of minutes I had only noticed a slight increase in firmness. Ted took my cock from me for a minute, lifting it up and away canlı bahis from me.”You’re doing fine Jeremy,” Ted said, explaining that he wanted me to suck on his balls.The undercarriage of his cock was a maze of veins and skin and I did a double take when I first saw his balls. His sack was incredibly long wrinkled pouch, but when I grabbed his scrotum I learned that the nuts inside weren’t much different then my own.”That’s my boy,” Ted sighed as I took a musky orb in my mouth and sucked on it obediently.I felt something on the top of my head. Ted had dropped his manhood on the top of my skull and was rubbing my hair on it, and while it probably looked goofy I was having too much fun sucking his dangling nuts to care.When Ted had enough of me working on his balls, he presented his member to me again, and in the interim I could feel his cock had gotten stiffer. Mercifully, it had not gotten much thicker or longer, but the firming up had made his cock much easier to handle. Totally limp, handling his penis was like wrestling Jello.With my fist squeezing the shaft tight, my mouth slid up and down the rest of Ted’s cock. As I got more confidence in what I was doing my speed increased, but while my lips slid about halfway down his member and I looked at what I was holding a chill went down my spine.Ted is going to put this in my ass. He said so last night, but looking at what I was holding it didn’t seem possible. That man from the library had hurt me when he put his in me and his was nothing like this. This would split me in two.Ted’s hand were on the sides of my head while my mouth kept working up and down his fully engorged organ. He had been trying to coax my lips further down, but the tip of his dick hitting my throat would make me gag a little so he just ran his fingers through my hair.”I’m going to cum soon, Jeremy,” Ted informed me, and while I loved what I was doing my mouth was getting a bit dry and my jaws were starting to ache. “You’re going to take my seed, aren’t you.”I tried to nod, which isn’t easy to do when you’ve got about 5″ of cock in your mouth, but I must have communicated because Ted groaned as I felt his cock pulsate just before my mouth filled with his cream.His cock didn’t seem to spurt like mine did, but his cum flowed freely. So freely that some trickled out of the corners of my mouth despite doing my best to swallow all I could.As I felt Ted’s cock start to deflate he took his cock from my grasp and started to pull on it hard while telling me to keep my mouth open. He was milking himself so hard I could see the skin stretch down at the base as he tried to coax the last few drops out.I could the last bead from the tip just before the head tucked back inside the shroud, and then Ted came down to the blanket with me. We rolled onto our backs and looked up through the branched of the tree above us for a while.It was going to be a nice day, Ted mentioned as the clouds floated across a deep blue sky, and then he looked over on his side to face me.”Oh!” I yelped when Ted plucked a hair from under my arm.I had my hands behind my neck, but when I tried to lower them Ted clamped my elbow back up by my head.”Don’t be a baby,” Ted scolded me as he plucked another hair out. “It doesn’t hurt that much. I was with a young man who loved it when I did it to him. You would look even cuter without the hair. Maybe I’ll pluck a couple every day, so by the end of summer you’ll be nice and smooth. Maybe by the end of the week seeing how few there are.””I’ll do it to you too. See how you like it,” I said, but Ted shook his head.”No, I don’t like hair on my lovers but I enjoy being hairy,” Ted explained. “Does that make sense? No? Oh well. Anyway, you like hairy men, don’t you?””I guess,” I admitted.”Nothing wrong with that,” Ted said. “Now, about tonight.”I cringed at those words while my eyes went down to Ted’s flaccid cock which hung down to the grass, but when he was referring to tonight he had something else in mind.”I can’t do that,” I said.”You can and you will,” Ted informed me. “And you will like it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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