Halloween Horrors

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Halloween HorrorsEven though many men and women have fantasies of forced sex, this story only represents a fantasy, and I do not condone it in any way, other than through roleplay.—————————————————————————————————My eyelids fluttered open from a restless sleep, a soft moan as my body reminds me the discomfort I am in. I feel a body of warmth next to me, a limb d****d across my torso. I look about me, the range I can turn my head restricted because my arms are over my head. I try to bring them down, and the remembrance floods back to my consciousness. My eyes close for a moment as I recollect what happened, my eyes closing again to try and keep the tears from flowing down my face…My boyfriend showed me a flyer to a Halloween party, one that promised to be the biggest in town, full or exotic costumes, free booze, and great fun. It was only $10 a person to get in, and was being held at an old warehouse across town. The area wasn’t the greatest, but with all the people around, it should be safe enough, I thought. I agreed to go with him, mainly because the look in his eye told me Brian was going, whether I wanted him to or not, and lately he had developed a wandering eye. This bothered me a bit, as we had been together for several months, and I couldn’t help but begin to doubt his sincerity about our relationship. In his defense, I have to admit that the girls he gawked at were quite beautiful, but I liked to think I was no slouch, either. We agreed he would pick me up at my apartment and then we would go to the party.I looked at myself as I put the finishing touches on my costume, that of a vampiress. I had to admit that the white satin blouse and black satin mini circle-skirt really made my 38C chest, and 26 inch waist look good, and I used the red satin cummerbund to set the two together. The red satin of my cape matched the cummerbund perfectly, and the black satin exterior did a marvelous job of making me look dark and mysterious. I put on dark thigh-high hose and red lace bikini panties, and finished it off with black 4 inch pumps. If Brian couldn’t keep his eyes on me, then I wasn’t sure what would make him do so! So for added insurance, I decided to go braless and left my hair down, my brown locks dr****g off my breasts.The knock on the door was Brian, and I went to the door to go with him. He made a long whistle as he saw me, making me smile. I felt good to know he wasn’t going to be wandering tonight! We made our way to the party with some difficulty, as he kept making advances on me, at one point groping my crotch. Frustrated that my panties were in the way, he simply ripped the crotch out of them! I was very angry about this, as we were almost there, and his actions almost made us crash the car, let alone the fact that my panties were now useless. As I scolded him, I wriggled out of my shredded panties, and simply threw them to the ground when we got to the party. They were not going to do me any good anymore. The parking lot was güvenilir bahis siteleri pretty full when we got there, and there were all sorts of different monsters, ghosts, ghouls, princesses, and other costumes making their way in. As we walked through the maze of parked cars, the gusting wind was pulling at my costume, seemingly harder and harder with each step we took. At one point my cape was drawn almost straight up behind me, and my skirt was floating up in a billowing circle about my waist. I squealed as I realized how quickly I was exposed, but fortunately, no one, even Brian saw me before I could get my hands on my skirt, controlling it. The whole episode, however, made my nipples very hard, and the points of my buds showed plainly through the soft, thin satin covering them.Brain paid for us as we entered, and found the whole place rocking, with a band on a stage, and people mingling and dancing. Brian was able to find us a small table in the corner, and I sat down while Brian went to get us something to drink. As I waited, I started to people watch, and noticed that people were everywhere, and my gaze was caught by a black guy, who was with a couple of white girls. I glanced away as he stared at me, trying to find Brian in the crowd. I felt the gaze of the black guy return to me, and I kept trying to steal side glances, to see if he was still watching me. Each time I did so, he was still looking straight at me! I shifted in my seat, and made a point of smoothing my skirt, trying to make the hem longer than it was, and ensuring I was covered by my cape. I finally saw Brian in the middle of a long line at the bar, and sighed, resigned that I was going to be there awhile.A few minutes later, the black guy approached me, and smiled as he held out a drink. I glanced at it, then his smiling face. He seemed harmless, or at least as harmless as someone over a foot taller than me could be, so I took the drink and said thank you. He offered his name, Trey, and asked mine. I gave it, and he smiled again, asking why I was alone. I pointed out Brian to him, and he just snorted for a moment. Brian was getting closer to the bar as Trey tried to make chit-chat, asking about my background, where I lived, was I married, and so on. Soon we were joined by another black man, whom Trey introduced at Tony. Tony slid into the seat next to me, and Trey smiled again, explaining that Tony was his friend and that they really liked my costume.I felt Tony slide his hand onto my thigh, just above my knee, and I gave a small chuckle as I gently placed my hand on his, removing it from my leg. I told them I was there with my boyfriend, and that he was on his way back. Tony just smiled and said he was sorry, and thought maybe we could have some fun. I told him not to get his hopes up. Trey sidled closer to me on the other side, leaning towards me, whispering something that I couldn’t hear. I turned to ask him to repeat himself, and as I turned, he leaned forward and kissed me! I was just about to tell them to perabet leave me alone when Brian returned. About time, I thought!Brian saw the kiss, and glared at them, then telling them he was going to kick their ass if they didn’t leave. They glanced at each other for a moment, then Tony and Trey got up to go. As they stood, Brian demanded that they also apologize to him, and to me, for being forward. Trey just shook his head, and Tony started to give Brian the “evil eye”, staring at him hard. Brian didn’t back down, and repeated his demand. I could tell that Brian was going to get his butt kicked if he didn’t just let it go, so I tried to intervene. Brian told me to shut up, that he was handling it, and that he still wanted them to apologize. Tony told Brian that since I was speaking up, I must have wanted that kiss, and that he was sure I wanted more from them!That was the last straw, as Brian was concerned, and he swung with his fist. His fist seemed to bounce off of Tony’s stomach, and Trey slugged Brian across the back of his head, slamming him to the floor. Brian landed in a crumpled heap, and I rose to see to him. As I stood, Tony grabbed my wrist and started off, nearly dragging me away from Brian! My last view of Brian was as Trey planted a swift kick in his side, then he turned to follow us.Tony was nearly pulling me off my heels as he lead me out through the back of the party, to another parking lot. My cape and skirt were flying freely as I was pulled along, and there was nothing I could do to cover myself, let alone break Tony’s iron grip on my wrist! Trey had caught up to us by then, and opened the door to his van. As I saw it open, I screamed with fright, only to be shoved inside the darkness of the van. I struggled as I fell inside, and felt Tony land on top of me. “Go! Go! Go!” was all I heard him say as Trey gunned to engine to life and sped away with me inside!I felt Tony begin to grope my body and I begin to cry, crying out with fear as his hand and fingers found my bare crotch. Tony just laughed as his hand found my pussy hairs and he mashed his mouth over mine, kissing me! The van turned and bumped as Trey sped away, making as much distance as possible between Brian and me! Tony kept fondling and groping me under my skirt and through my costume, whispering that I was going to have a good time tonight, and that I wouldn’t forget it!The van slammed to a halt, and Trey got out, telling Tony we were here, wherever that was. The van opened, and Tony grabbed my wrist again, and pulled me out. I stumbled on my heels for a moment, then got a chance to look around. What I saw made me gasp!We were in the back yard of a house, and a party was going on. People were milling around, and there was loud rap music going on inside. Trey entered the house, followed by Tony as he dragged me along behind him, and I heard Trey call out that the entertainment was here! I cried out when I heard that; I knew what was about to happen.I struggled in Tony’s grasp as I entered the main room, and perabet giriş there were about 20 black men there, in all stages of dress and inebriation. “Hey, you assholes had better done better than the last one!” someone yelled, “That bitch was bleeding when we opened her up!”Tony yelled back, “Not a chance!”, and to show what he meant, he pulled me closer, then lifted my arm as high as he could, then used his free hand to reach under my skirt and push his finger into me, fully! My mouth opened and I shrieked as I felt the penetration, over as quickly as it started. He held out his finger to show the room I was not on my period. A few cheers went up, and mostly jeers followed as I struggled in Tony’s grasp. “Here! Use these!” a voice shouted, and a pair of handcuff sailed through the air. “I got these from the bitch cop who tried to arrest me!” the voice said, the room filling with laughter. Tony caught them, fastening them around my wrists in front of me. I started to beg him to let me go, and felt the sharp sting of his slap across my face. “Quiet bitch! I went to a lot of trouble to get you here!” he snarled. I was dragged to a bedroom, and thrown on a bed, the cuffs hooked over my head. I was laying on my cape, splayed out under me, and my skirt was laying at my waist, not quite covering my vagina. I noticed the room begin to fill with men as I struggled.“I’m first!” a deep voice rumbled, and I saw the biggest man I had ever seen enter the room. He was black as coal, and naked as a jaybird. My eyes locked onto his throbbing shaft, and I again struggled to not only get my wrists free, but to keep my legs together. “He, baby!” he purred to me, “relax, once you gone black, you ain’t going back!” he laughed. I screamed as I felt his hands on my ankles, screaming more as my legs were pulled apart and my crotch made available to his advances. I had lost control at this point, repeatedly asking for him to stop, begging to be freed. He didn’t listen, only pushing his cock at my vagina. It was only a matter of a short moment before his cock entered me, my back arching as I was filled and stretched, with them men hooting and saying obscene things about me as I was mounted. He then began the rhythmic thrusting and withdrawal of the human mating act. His cock so massive, my cries of fear and terror replaced with soft moans at first, then cries of passion and finally a scream of climax as his cock took over my body. My ankles were over his shoulders as he pumped away in me, filling my womb with his seed. As he withdrew, I had that hollow feeling in my chest, the fear that I have done the unspeakable, having unprotected sex, and I just knew I was going to be impregnated. With that, the fight left me, and I no longer tried to resist as many men in the room took their turn fucking me, mixing their semen together, ensuring I was pregnant, but also guaranteeing I would never know who the father was, only that my baby would be black.I blacked out at some point during the night, only to awaken now. My crotch is so very sore, and I feel stickiness between my butt cheeks, as well as between my butt and the mattress. Through the tears of my eyes, I see Tony enter the room. “About fucking time” he says, “we got more guys wanting to pay good money to fuck a white chick!”

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