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Hard CandyPink bubblegum rolls on my tongue as I walk along the black asphalt that’s still steaming from the warm August rain. I can feel it wet along the edges of my toes as they push forward in my white stiletto sandals, the leather damp and just beginning to stretch. The moisture is everywhere and the humidity is high. It’s under my skin. The back of my neck is hot under the weight of my long blonde hair that’s quickly losing its glossy perfection and becoming tousled and wavy. It’s that just-fucked calling card that makes people take a second glance at me as I turn the corner onto your street. But I haven’t been fucked. Not just yet. Still, maybe they’re noticing the flush in my cheeks, the vague smear of anticipation and lusty rush of arousal in my eyes. Maybe it’s the way I’m walking, taking the opportunity to press my thighs together as I slow my pace so that I can feel the deep throb right down in my core. I’m even enjoying the way the white boyshort panties ride tightly against the curve of my slit. They’re cut high over the apple bottom swell of my ass and I feel the warm night breeze under the short hem of my skirt. The snug crotch of the panties is nestled firmly in between my swollen pussy lips, rubbing back and forth against my clit as I walk, teasing me and keeping me constantly aware of my own sexuality. Inspired, I reach into my tiny purse, finding my cell phone before ducking in between two buildings. The alleyway is dark and wet and altogether unsavory but I don’t care. I lean against the dirty wall and push the phone under my skirt, pulling the soaked fabric of my panties aside to expose my wet snatch for the lens. I hear the click of the camera as I slowly blow a bubble with my gum, taking a few more shots as I slide my fingers along the silky smooth wet lips. I push a finger or two inside, feeling the familiar hot warm gush of anticipation and the way my pussy pulses eagerly around my fingers like a carnivorous little flower greedily sucking my fingers. The bubble pops as I decide on the best picture to send you. When I’m satisfied, I attach it to a quick text that’s right to the point. ‘Your slut cums in five.’ I imagine you reaching for your phone and glancing at the clock, eager to see what awaits you. Your cock will stir, reacting to the image of me, alone and vulnerable on the dirty city streets. The way I’m shamelessly spreading my thighs for you in a dark alleyway just to show you my juicy little cunt. I know you love the way I seek to whet your appetite before you even see me. Sure enough, my pulse quickens as the phone beeps. I’ve already pushed down my skirt and returned to the sidewalk but I’m anxious to check your reply. ‘I think you meant my cum-slut is going to get five across her tight little ass if she doesn’t get here… NOW.’ I try to suppress a mischievous grin. The teenage boy passing me on the sidewalk takes an extra long glance at me, surely knowing I am up to no good. I deftly type back, ‘I dare you to,’ and then slip the phone back into my purse. I shrug innocently as I meet the boy’s eyes, giving him a quick wink before utterly ignoring him just as he’s about to take an opportunity for an ‘in’ to talk to me. I’m certain that he’s watching me walk away because I hear his low-whistle and I put an extra sway in my hips as I amble down your street. My long bare legs create a compelling visual distraction in the white miniskirt I’m wearing, with my flimsy hot pink tank top making me look like every teenage boy’s wet dream. Just the way you like it. When I arrive at your building, I loiter in front of it, watching the minutes tick by. I spit out my gum and pull the bright pink lollipop from my purse. It’s oversized with a glossy hard shell and I unwrap it and put it into my mouth, rolling it in my cheek. The intense sweetness fills my mouth immediately. I suck on it as I watch your text messages begin to light up my phone. At first they’re teasing. ‘Where are you, Slut? I thought you said five,’ and then ‘Babydoll is gonna get it hard when she walks in this door for being so late,’followed by the more urgent and demanding, ‘Get here. Now!’ I smile to myself wickedly imagining you standing behind your door, cock hard and in hand, waiting to sink into one of my wet little holes. I lean back against the building, tilting my hips out just slightly as I enjoy the lollipop as the minutes tick by. My tongue curls around it and my lips turn sugared pink from my efforts. It makes a loud slurping ‘pop’ sound as I pull it out before pushing it back in again. I love making you mad. I can’t help myself. I love bearing the brunt of your frustrations when you get a hold of me later. I know it’s going to hurt just the way I want it to. I can feel the heat deep in my core, that unsatiated ache that’s been steadily building since you called me earlier and told me to come over. Finally, once enough time has passed to have you pacing the hardwood floor of your apartment entranceway like a caged a****l that was promised sirloin steak, I find myself entering the building. My stilettos click on the floor as I walk up the stairwell. My heart is hammering in anticipation and my skin feels electric. The heat on the back of my neck and between my breasts raise up fine little beads of perspiration. I am anxious but excited. I have no idea what you’re going to do to me. I haven’t purposely pissed you off like this before, but you have to know what I want and why I’m doing it. I’m your incorrigible bad girl and I want to be punished. Hard. I knock on your door and wait, still sucking the lollipop, lounging, pretending to be unconcerned by your reaction. When the door opens I notice your smile first. It’s predatory and unamused and your eyes are focused on me intensely. You’re naked except for your gym shorts and as I step inside, I see the light sheen of sweat on your skin and across the well-defined muscles of your chest and shoulders. I realize you’ve probably just returned from a work out. The apartment is unusually hot, the air conditioning overpowered by the sticky humidity as I notice you’ve left all the windows open on purpose. “For you,” you tell me, “cause I know bahis siteleri canlı you like it hot.” I feel my skin flush in response, the wetness between my thighs ever more present as I lean against the wall in the entranceway and let you appraise me with your eyes. I know I must look like a little sex tart. My skimpy pink tank top is slightly too tight across my breasts, but it’s helped keep them in place without a bra. You can just make out the faint outline of my small areolas and jutting nipples. The top ends just above my navel and your eyes travel along the flat expanse of bare skin, the curves of my small waist and the lines of my pelvis near my hip bone where the waistband of my short white skirt rests. The hemline is immodest and arguably shameless. When I turn to the side you can see that my ass is barely covered and you catch a glimpse of the little triangle of space between my moist thighs and the long shapely legs that follow, ending in strappy white shoes with a lucite heel. “You walked here like that?” I nod, waiting for your eyes to travel back up to my face, lingering on all my sweet spots before fixating on my pink sugar-stained lips. I continue sucking on the lollipop provocatively. You used to tell me that I have a doll’s face; big green eyes fringed with thick lashes, a small delicate nose and soft cupid’s bow lips. It’s these soft features that disarm you. They seem to be in such unexpected contrast to my sexual inclinations and this excites you. That such innocence craves being defiled. I’ve always been your little blonde babydoll with the insatiable tongue and the eagerness to do anything you want. Of all the fussy and demanding girls you’ve had before me, I’m the first one that’s never said ‘no’ to your darker sexual drives. On the contrary, I like testing you. It feeds my own need to be dominated and aggressively tamed by a guy like you. It’s not that I want you to break me. I just want you to try. Impatiently, you reach out and undo the buckle on the side of my wrap skirt. The fabric easily slips away from my body and you’re unconcerned about where it lands. You briefly crush it in your grip before it’s casually tossed to the side. Now I’m on display like a juicy plum. The little shorts are cut low, just above my pubic bone and the soft mound of my smooth cunt that narrows to a moist triangle. I know you can see the dampness in between my thighs. I can feel the tightness against my clit, and the heat in the room combined with the way you’re looking at me makes it even more noticeable. Soon your hands are on my hips, forcefully turning me around so that you can admire the slope and sway of my back and the way those white shorts sit so dangerously low. They tease your eye, showing you a hint of the cleavage between the pert cheeks of my ass and giving you a sexy view of the bottom swell of roundness that the fabric cannot hide. You step a little closer to me. Your hand moves the damp blonde hair from the back of my neck. Now I can feel the warmth of your breath against my skin, each inhale and exhale, and I know your adrenaline is beginning to surge. You bend me over just slightly at the waist, forcing both of my hands against the wall in order to brace myself. Next, you issue several hard slaps against my ass. The force of each impact stings wildly and I can feel the burn spreading like a fast flame. I suck harder on the pink candy in my mouth, the melting sugar distracting me from the wicked heat of your punishment. I wince, but the pain feels sweet and I find myself arching my back and shamelessly pushing myself out for you further. “Look at you,” you growl into my ear. “You love getting in trouble for being such a bad little slut, don’t you? You’ve been making me wait for this hot piece of ass all night.” I make a small noise, signaling my agreement. The smooth round weight of the lollipop suddenly seems heavier in my mouth. I can feel you pressing against me, and I realize how hard you are. There is nothing gentle or yielding about that thick rigid shaft, barely restrained by the gym trunks as it pushes against the hollow between my thighs. I’m breathing a little faster as you lean in and I feel your warm tongue on my neck, tasting my sweaty skin. You reach around and take hold of the white stem of my lollipop. You’re teasing me with it at first, rolling it in my mouth from side to side. I use my lips to suction around it, sliding them over the bulb of hard candy as you slowly pull it from my mouth. “Are you going to be my dirty whore tonight?” you murmur hotly, pressing your cock more firmly against me. I don’t say anything at first, already distracted by your fingers hooking into the top of my shorts, right between the cleft of my ass, pressing into my flesh. I shiver with anticipation. “You’d better tell me, babydoll, because I’m going to go hard on you tonight,” you warn. “I’ve been waiting for you since I got back from the gym. I haven’t even showered yet but I think I’m going to make you use your tongue instead.” “You can use me,” I offer in a lusty voice. I find myself leaning back against you, moving my ass instinctively against the bulge in your shorts. I want it so much that I’m nearly breathless already. You stop me from the tease, however, issuing several more slaps against my already sensitive cheeks. They tremble in response and I know that under my little white shorts, my skin is flame red. “You wanna get fucked so bad, don’t you?” “Yes,” I whimper. “Please.” “I would have thrown you up against the wall if you’d been here on time,” you say matter-of-factly. “I would have fucked that sweet little pussy and filled it up just the way you like it. But now I’m going to make you wait just like you made me wait. And in the meantime, I’m going to have some fun playing with my little cum-slut. Now push that ass out for me again.” I’m obedient to your demands, leaving my legs slightly apart, expecting to feel your fingers invading my most private places. Instead I feel a sharp tug against the back of my shorts. I turn my head to the side to catch a glimpse of you working on the seam of my panties with the stem of the lollipop, casino oyna acting like a miniature spear. It pushes through the seam ever so close to my hole. I clench responsively in surprise as you begin to aggressively saw through the fabric, creating a gap about three inches long, completely exposing my little pink knot. I want to ask what you’re doing but I dare not question your intentions. Soon enough, you’re running the bulbous head of the lollipop between my flushed pussy lips, coating it in juices before sliding it back up to my hole. You’re pushing and I’m gasping, feeling the sticky candy being forced into my ass. The muscular ring, initially resistant, begins to open, swallowing the pink bulb before closing around it, leaving the white stem poking through the back of my ripped panties. “Now that’s a perfect candy ass,” you say with a low laugh of satisfaction. You grab me by the wrist and turn me around to face you, quickly backing me up against the wall. With both hands you reach for my tank top, hooking your fingers into my cleavage and roughly starting the first rip of the cheap fabric. It comes apart as you continue the long tear. I listen to the sound of the material splitting as your jaw clenches, your eyes intense as they follow the path of destruction. You stop just below my breasts and then peel the ruined tank top back, reaching inside to lift my breasts out. Now they’re pushed together, corseted and exposed by the gap. You flick my nipples and they quickly rise up under your gaze as you press me back against the wall. Your hand moves around me to sink into the flesh of my ass as your mouth descends on one nipple, angrily sucking the sensitive taut peak before sliding over to torment the other one. I feel your teeth grazing each nub and I let out a helpless whimper. As my muscles begin to tense, I feel the lollipop in my ass shifting up and down, as you squeeze each cheek to prevent me from twisting away. “Mmm, you like that?” you tease, your gaze briefly meeting mine to assess my reaction before your mouth opens to engulf my nipple, sucking hard. My eyelids are fluttering upward and my lips forms a perfect ‘O’ as I feel the sensations running a trail right down to the core of my pussy as I writhe in your grip. The more I move, the more your teeth are plying each nub. You’re merciless to my little cries and I’m already breathing hard. Finally I gasp and choke out those unexpected words that are like pouring kerosene on an open flame. “Yes, I want you to fucking bite them!”And you do, over and over again as I try to twist away from you and can’t, caught in your hold like a vise. As I lean back, my pelvis pushes toward yours. My leg lifts to try to hook around your waist, eager to feel your cock pressing against my mound. I can smell the sweat on your skin, the warm heat of your mouth, and your damp hair against my neck as you suck and teeth me. I am so hungry to have you inside me. You realize what I’m doing and channeling your own restraint, you remind me of who is in control by pushing me roughly back against the wall. “Easy. You’re so fucking horny tonight, aren’t you…” “Oh my god, yes.” There’s a girlish sob in my throat. “I want you to fuck me.” Your hands move up to squeeze my breasts. You toy with the nipples before slapping them, watching them jiggle in response before issuing me a wicked little grin. “Mmm… Don’t you worry; I’m going to fuck you. I’m going to use you anyway I please. I’m going to make you beg until it hurts. Now tell me. How does that candy ass of yours feel right now?” “So good,” I sigh, biting my lower lip as I struggle against you. You reach around me to grasp the stem of the lollipop again. You move it back and forth, stirring it inside me while I moan into your shoulder. “I’m going to get inside that sticky little ass soon and fill it right up. But first, I want to fuck that pretty mouth of yours.” Then your hands are on my shoulders, impatiently pushing me down to the floor until I’m on my knees. I’m impatient too. My hands are immediately on the waistband of your shorts, tugging them down. You are unbearably hard and I marvel over your beautiful cock. It’s cut with a glistening head that pushes eagerly toward my open lips. I love the scent of you after you’ve just worked out, with that fresh sweat from the gym giving your skin that slightly salty acidic taste as my mouth moves down over your cock. Your hands slide into my hair as you exhale a long groan as I take as much of you into my mouth as I can. You bottom out against my throat, but soon you’re gripping the back of my head, seeking to go deeper. “Oh, fuckkk yeah,” you groan. I glance up at your face and notice that your eyes are half closed. Your head is tilted back as you grip both sides of my head, driving your cock past my lips. I drool around the shaft, trying to keep up with your pace. It drips down my chin and my eyes begin to tear up as I let you use my mouth. Soon you’re looking down at me, my hair tangled around your fingers as you pull my head forward. The head of your cock is pushing against the back of my throat and my eyes go wide, my eyelids fluttering helplessly as you urge me to take it all in. I struggle to relax my gag reflex as saliva pools at the corners of my mouth and along my bottom lip as I arch my neck, elongating my throat. Soon you’re sliding past the initial barrier and now you’re really fucking my throat and not holding back. The filthy wet sounds of your efforts seem like perverse music to my ears. I feel like such a slut for you and I know my ruined panties are soaking wet at the seam. When you let me up for air, I’m choking and gasping and you slide your cock out of my mouth with a loud wet slurp from my lips. “How’s that babydoll, huh… You love sucking that dick don’t you…” “Yes,” I sputter. “I fucking love it.”I’m quickly coming undone, no longer the pretty thing that walked in your door, but I don’t care. The heat and sweat is between my breasts and thighs and damp along the back of my neck. My hair is a mess in your grip and tears are running from my eyes, my chin wet with a mixture of saliva and your pre-cum, combined with the sugar canlı casino siteleri from the lollipop that still coats my tongue and lips. Your cock is like candy to me. My hand moves between my thighs and I begin rubbing the crotch of my boyshorts, feeling the friction of the material against my clit. You slap your meat against the side of my cheek, telling me what a bad girl I am for trying to get off without your permission. But I want to come. I’m so desperate to distract you that I hear myself begging for you to fuck my mouth again, unconcerned about whether I seem as debased as my own ears are telling me I sound. “Open your mouth.” I tilt my head back and my lips open, my tongue sliding out as you purposefully spit into my mouth. It spatters on my lips and onto my tongue just before I flick it along the underside of your shaft. Then you use your hands to push my wet sweaty hair back off my face before sinking your cock back into me again. You thrust into my mouth rather mercilessly this time and I give into you, still frantically rubbing my clit in rhythm to your movements until I’m on the edge of my own climax. You can see this too. It’s in the erratic way my body is responding and suddenly you pull out and sink to your knees in front of me. Your hands move around my throat. “You wanna come for me, babydoll?” “Yes,” I gasp as you tighten your grip. “Fucking come then. I wanna watch your pretty face.” I bite down on my lower lip, whimpering against the pressure of your hands around my neck. My eyes are locked on yours and they’re hot and intense. I think about the way you’re going to fuck me. About how you’re going to use my slutty little holes until they’re raw and sore and how much I want all of it, the heat, the pain, and the intense release. “Fuck, yeah,” I choke out. You tighten your hold just as I start to come. Your mouth is merely inches from mine and I can feel your warm breath on my face. I’m writhing on my knees, grinding against my own fingers as I orgasm, with you holding me up by the neck because all I want is to sink down onto the floor. I’m trying to breathe and just when I think I never will, your mouth locks on mine, and you release my neck and pull my body toward yours. Now I’m gasping against your mouth, breathing your breath. Your tongue slides past my lips and you’re kissing me hard, despite the soft whimpers in my throat. Soon we’re both panting together. “Fuck me,” I sob, my pussy still hot and swollen from my orgasm. “Nuh uh.” “Yes, put it in me.” I sound so needy; I’m almost manic with my demands. “Baby, I’m going to fuck every hole,” you growl, sliding your tongue along the rim of my ear before catching the lobe between your teeth. “I’m going to wreck that tight little pussy and slam into that candy coated ass.” I push my body against yours. My bare breasts are crushed against your muscular chest as you pull me into you. “I want it to hurt so good,” I hear myself whispering brazenly. “I’m going to fill each fucking hole with cum,” you assure me in a tight voice, as our foreheads press together. Your tongue briefly tangles with mine again. “You see what you do to me?” I glance between us at your cock, still straining against my belly. “To get what you want, you’re going to have to be my dirty girl and earn it,” you tell me. “Yes,” I murmur obediently. “I’ll do anything.” With these words, you push me down, away from your warm body until I’m flat on my back on the floor. You straddle my face, lowering your balls onto my lips. They’re warm and sweaty and I smell your delicious musk as I tongue them, rolling them in my mouth. You lean forward across my body and spread my legs. Hooking a finger into the tear of my little shorts, you start splitting the seam, easily ripping the soaking wet fabric along my crotch, exposing the puffy pink lips of my smooth mound as you peel the material to both sides. My pussy is still sensitive from my orgasm so when you slap it nice and hard, I can’t help but squeal with surprise. “Mmm… look at that,” you say. “I fucking own this hot little cunt of yours. Don’t you forget that.” My words are muffled but I’m agreeing, thrusting my hips upward, eager for the sting of each slap. Soon my pussy is as pink as the lollipop that you’ve begun to work in and out of my ass again. My juices are dripping, offering just enough lubrication to create a sticky pink glaze around my asshole, allowing you to manipulate it. As you edge forward on my mouth, my hands spread your cheeks apart. My tongue darts upward, flicking against your asshole and then sliding back and forth with teasing strokes. You moan deeply and begin to grind back against my lips as my warm tongue undulates against your sweaty knot before wriggling inside. You’re muttering vague obscenities, urging me on, forcing my tongue in deeper as you push back against my mouth. I’m not shy or tentative with my efforts. I want to lick you everywhere. I remember how surprised you were that night when my tongue first strayed there. You told me once that the pretty girls never seem to the ones to get too dirty. They don’t seem to try as hard, you said. But when you’re on my mind late at night, there isn’t anything that I would deny you. There’s even things that might make me blush, that I haven’t even admitted just yet, still trapped in the darker corners of my mind. I want you to push me, to force me past my limits and keep me on that invisible chain, making me do the things I might never have imagined I’d want. You have to know, as I slide my tongue deep inside your ass, that I’m not the kind of girl that’s ever going to say ‘no’ to you. Now that you’re riding my mouth and I’m being such a good girl, you realize a little reward is due. You squeeze my swollen lips of my exposed mound between your fingers. They’re still so deliciously sore from that little pussy spanking and when you lean forward and put your mouth on them, I find myself bucking up against your tongue. You move your arms under my hips, settling down on top of me, hooking your hands between my thighs and pushing the lips apart as you explore them with your tongue. You suck and tease my clit and then slide the whole of your tongue up inside me, still restraining my hips. You’re controlling my movements and pacing my excitement. I know how much you love to make me work for it but there are things you want too, that distract you from your original intentions

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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