Having my sub side discovered

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Having my sub side discoveredThis is a true story. Since it’s anonymous for the most part, I have nothing to hide.I grew up, I was never bicurious or interested in guys at all. Zero attraction. Was very successful with females and through college, that’s how I spent most of my nights out, looking to hook up. Had several longterm relationships over those years and lots of one-night stands as well. I always enjoyed the challenge of meeting new girls and sex was usually the main goal even though I was mostly committed when I was in a relationship.I grew up small for my age. Even from watching porn I came to realize that I was a little smaller than average. Something like that you can hide from people but it does affect you and you lose confidence with girls at some point because of it.Anyway, as I got older, became a professional out of college and was doing well. Had a very attractive (younger) girlfriend that I had been dating for a little more than a year. She was out of my league and I knew it but our sex life was great and she had the ideal body and face and so the age difference was manageable. I was 30 and she was 20 so it wasn’t too extreme of a difference.I bought a house that year and she stayed with me most of the time. I met some of the neighbors and one guy in particular, a married guy whose k**s had grown and left home already. He offered to help me with some work on the house. Just a normal suburban dad type who liked working on repairs and that kind of thing. I met his wife and saw them out in the yard quite a bit the summer I first owned my house. Again, normal couple.The house came with a pool and I had that thing up and going quick. When the guy (let’s call him Bob) was over he would joke about getting in and I always told him if I was home he was welcome to use it. He’d helped a lot with the house and never asked for anything in return so I didn’t care.Eventually, he started getting comfortable enough to ask me about my girlfriend and making small remarks here and there about how pretty she was, seeing her leave the house in the morning, the clothes she was wearing…those kinds of comments. One day while working inside, he asked me about the sex which kind of took me back but I played along and gave him some mild details, just confirmed it was good and yes, she was hot.Bob wasn’t a super attractive guy, even if I was attracted to men, older dad body but stocky and fairly fit for his age. He was never shy about taking his shirt off and he had the kind of rugged hairy chest. Eventually, he took advantage of the pool and I saw him strip bare to change into swimming trunks one day. And to be honest, my first thought was that my girlfriend was due home from work and I thought what if she had seen him. He had a big dick, even limp I noticed that it had some weight to it and he was hairy all over. He just had no concerns about the fact that he dropped his pants and put on his trunks. I was inside, he was outside but he knew I could see him.The girlfriend did end up getting there while he was in the pool and she noticed right away that he was back there in the pool floating bahis firmaları around I noticed that she was looking out the window at him. Despite his age (definitely older than her dad) you could tell there was something about him she was curious about and that made me a little curious too.He came inside after he got out of the pool, just in his trunks. Hairy chest and defined bulge in his trunks and we talked for a while and I noticed he was kind of strutting around in front of the girlfriend. She even mentioned it after he had left, kind of half joking about how he definitely wasn’t modest so it was more of a joke between us than anything.I was working on part of the fence a few weeks later and he agreed to help. The girlfriend was out of town at her parents’ house so he joked about it being a guy’s weekend. First day was uneventful, got a lot done. Second day toward the end he started asking me if I ever took photos or video of my girlfriend during sex. I told him that I had a few (I had quite a bit actually) and he asked if he could see them. I didn’t think much of it but agreed to let show him ‘some.’ I lead him back to the office area and pulled some photos up on my computer. He was enthusiastic and was asking more questions about the sex we had and was subtly rubbing his dick while he clicked through the photos. I was turned on at the idea of another guy seeing her naked and I tried to imagine how she would respond to having sex with a guy like him…older, more masculine, more hung. And I started to get a little turned on.He asked if I would email him some and I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that. (I wasn’t). Then I noticed he kept reaching down under the desk and he asked if he could ‘enjoy’ them there.I knew what he meant but didn’t really know what to say so there was some silence and then he pulled the front of his shorts down to reveal a semi hard cock that was about as big around as my wrist, at least twice as thick as mine. What was I going to say? He slowly pulled on his dick and talked a little bit about his wife wasn’t into sex much, just normal conversation like there was nothing weird about pulling out your dick in front of another guy.So there’s this much older guy jerking off to photos of my girlfriend in front of me in my house and I’m just sitting there not knowing what to do or how to react to it. Part of me wanted to be like, ‘whoa, that’s a bit much, let’s go back out and finish up the work’ but I didn’t. I just watched as he kept clicking through the photos of her and getting harder.After about 3 minutes of awkward silence he said ‘I could really use some help with this thing, have you ever helped a guy get off?’ I said no, wasn’t my thing and he said, ‘well you could join me and you don’t have to touch me.’ It was weird but I pulled my pants down and was already kind of hard. He made some comments about how I was small and I joked about not being all the way hard but there was this understanding that he was the man and I was, well, less than him and it kind of turned me on. He reached over and I thought he was going to touch my dick but he perabet took my hand and put it on his cock and I started to stroke it. A weird feeling because of how thick it was, couldn’t even get my hand around it. It was only about an inch and a half long but at least twice as thick.He turned his chair around to where he was facing me and said ‘get down on your knees’ and even though I hesitated, I felt a natural instinct to do what he said. He led his cock into my mouth and guided my head down onto it as deep as it would go. I was gagging some but he kept going and would pull out every few strokes and put it back in, holding my head by the hair and forcing me to go down as far as I could on it.I didn’t really know how to react or what was going through my mind. I was turned on by what was going on even though I felt like there could be some consequences I would regret. I eventually got a rhythm and got used to having my mouth stretched that far open and I could tell he was going to cum. He kept pumping into my mouth and held my head there and finished up, instructing me to swallow.I felt uncomfortable immediately afterward but he acted like nothing was weird. Just pulled his pants up and headed back outside. And in my efforts to keep it from being weird, I just followed.Everything was normal after that for a few weeks. I felt bad for cheating on my girlfriend especially how it went down but mostly blocked it out of my head. He came over one night kind of late, he knew my girlfriend’s car was gone and so was she and asked if he could come inside. I said yeah, and he came in and started talking about the day he had me suck him. He said since his wife wasn’t interested in sex he really needed someone to help him out. I told him I was OK with what happened but that I didn’t want to risk anything with the girlfriend being around so much. He said, ‘well what if you didn’t have a choice but to help me out once in a while’I didn’t know what he meant really, like was he going to blackmail me based on what we had done earlier? He started taking his shirt off and then his pants and his dick was already hard. I instinctively did what he wanted e to do, which was to suck him like I had the last time. This time he was more aggressive with my head and in more control. As I sucked and licked he said (I’ll never forget it) ” Guys like me are used to controlling guys like you” and that turned me on some because I already felt that in some ways. He started to pull my clothes off and made some comments again about how small my dick was and said this (which I will also never forget) “Guys with small dicks naturally serve guys with big dicks and it was his experience that was always how it was.As I sucked him, he talked about fantasizing about fucking my girlfriend and how much more she would enjoy a dick twice as thick and if I had thought about that. He was really fucking my mouth more than I was sucking him but he finished up as he held my head and just got his clothes on like nothing had happened and said he wanted to do it again ‘soon.’Keep in mind there was never really any discussion perabet giriş about what I would or wouldn’t do, whether I would do it again, etc. He started coming over once a week when he knew my girlfriend was at work and we went through the same process. We had probably done it 5 times or so before he wanted to do it in bed rather than just in the living room on the couch. He got me naked and had me on all fours and asked if I ever fantasized about seeing what it was like to take a cock. He was rubbing my ass and asshole and calling it a pussy and saying he had been thinking about doing that for a while and was ready to do it.I was kind of like a deer in headlights. I had never thought about having anal sex and had no interest in it. I had done it to girls over the years and I know it can be painful and that was my first thought. My second was about how big he was but I still felt the urge to just let him do what he wanted to do.He brought out some lube and squirted it on my ass and started to rub it in around my hole, eventually putting some fingers in there. It wasn’t sexy at all but I was turned on by the idea that he was doing it. I heard him jerking off his lubed dick behind me and slowly felt him rubbing it up against my hole, referring to it like a pussy and saying that I needed to feel what it was like so I could serve him how he preferred.First, he got the head in which was overwhelming enough on its own. He was going slowly back and forth and it was going a little more deeply each time. I felt paralyzed by what was going on but oddly turned on at the same time. He was talking a lot about my girlfriend, about my role and how he knew I was a natural sub. Eventually, I realized he was fucking me. It kind of took my breath away and I didn’t know what to think or how to react so I did my best to keep from moaning from the pain. That lasted for what seemed like about 10 minutes but I know it was only a few minutes before he came inside me. Much like the other times, he quickly wiped himself off and got his clothes on and left.I laid on the bed afterward still in some pain, wondering what had just happened and realized what I’d done. I was afraid that my girlfriend would come home but I jerked off and then cleaned myself up. I started to accept that I was just being used for him to get off but I enjoyed that role eventually. This went on for about 5 more months, I probably sucked him about 30 times and he fucked me about 14 or so. He encouraged me to seek out other guys to service so I would get better but I never did aside from just looking online here and there.Meanwhile, I kept the relationship with my girlfriend going, we continued to have great sex even though I felt guilty about how far it had gone with the neighbor and how out of hand it had gotten.He moved about a year after I moved in and he didn’t say goodbye or anything and haven’t heard from him since. I imagine he has another guy since he seems to just use them to get off but I think about how much he used me and I still jerk off thinking about it, how he recognized me as a sub and didn’t give me a choice, moved into position and just had me as an option to get off.Still have no attraction to guys but recognize he was right about me serving more dominant, alpha type of males. He saw something that I didn’t and he acted it on it to get what he wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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