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Double Penetration

As the plane left the ground I settled back into my seat and closed my eyes. This was supposed to be our special getaway, a chance to rekindle that love and passion that seamed so long gone. I could still remember the way she looked in that new bikini as she posed for me. The high cut sides rode all the way up her hips showing her beautiful bottom. I tried to talk her into buying a thong, but she said “forty year old woman don’t wear thongs on public beaches, even in Hawaii.” That was before she got that damned assignment and had to cancel our special trip. So here I was flying to the island of Kauai for the AICPA conference alone. I had thought about canceling the trip as these accounting conferences are usually very boring and other attendees are just as boring.

But the tickets were paid for and the room at the Princeville resort on the Northern part of the island was supposed to be one of the 10 most beautiful places on earth. So I packed my swimsuit and decided to enjoy the trip as a solo. I has been 15 years since I have had a vacation by myself, I started to wonder if I would remember how to have fan alone on a tropical island. My relationship with my wife is very good, we love each other but we have definitely fallen into that rut that comes with dual careers and kids entering the teen years. We socialize and we do all the things that we are supposed to do, but that spark that kept us going has somehow slipped away and the routine day-to-day life has taken its place. Although we both pride ourselves on staying fit, we seam to be doing it for health reasons rather then to please each other. Our lovemaking has also become routine. Once a week on Saturday nights with the lights out. A wild time is Sunday morning trying to be quite so the kids don’t hear. It didn’t seam that long ago that we would make love all the time and with a great deal of variety. I don’t know what happened.

As I ordered another drink I noticed the beautiful stewardess smile at me as she handed me my drink and ask if this was my first trip to Hawaii. I told her it was and that I was looking forward to getting some relaxation. When I told her I was going to stay at the Princeville resort, she let out a swoon and regaled in a tale of week she and her boyfriend had spent there and what a romantic place it was. She asked me if my wife was joining me there. I told her unfortunately I was going to the conference solo. She gave me a half smile and said I am sure you will have fun. I again started to think that I should have canceled this trip. As I boarded my plane in Honolulu for the short flight to Kauai, I started to notice the heat. It was 14 degrees when I bored the plane back in the states, the humidity made it almost unbearable in my suit. I was glad that I had packed plenty of shorts and t-shirts. It was going to feel great to leave the suit in the closet for 10 days. I even vowed to not wear a coat and tie to the conference days this was a direct snub of the accounting profession. For the first time I was starting to feel good about this trip. It has been forever that I have done something just for me, and I promised my self that I was going to have fun and enjoy myself.

The limo pulled into the entry way of the hotel and I was floored by its over all beauty. The area was so lush and so beautiful I could hardly catch my breath. I decided to register and then hit the pool for some sun and reading. While checking in I noticed a big sign welcoming all the accountants. What surprised me was that under neat that was a welcome to the American Society of Home Crafts. I thought to myself “great 10 days filled with hippy dippy craftsmen. I didn’t give it much more thought as I changed and headed for the pool. I t had to be 90 degrees with 90% humidity. I needed a cold beer. To my amazement the pool bar was a swim up so I stripped down to my suit and swam over to sample some of the local beers. As I sat there I gazed around the pool. I could not believe the beautiful women that were lying by the pools sipping mai tai’s and reading trashy romance novels. It looked like a Sports Illustrated Swim suit issue, only I was there. I was glad that I had worn my sunglasses as I figured that it would be a little embarrassing to be staring with my tongue hanging out. This was going to be a great trip.

Part of the conference package was day trips to various points of interest on the Island. The next morning I showed up to catch a bus for a day hike in Waimea Canyon. There were about 30 of us on the bus; most of them were couples much older than myself. But to my surprise there was a beautiful blonde woman sitting at the front of the bus. She had the creamiest skin and the loveliest blonde hair I had ever seen. I knew instantly that she was not an accountant. Unfortunately when we got to the canyon we were split into four groups and off we went into the canyon. After a long day of hiking we all met back at the bus. I again noticed my blonde “friend”. She seamed to have made friends with an elderly couple on the trip and spent the drive home chatting with them. I could pick up bits and pieces escort kartal of their conversation and came to realize that she had a soft southern accent that just fit her beautifully. I was mesmerized. The ride was all to short and like that she was gone.

That night at dinner I joined a few accountant that had stayed for a seminar on tax updates so I got the low down and told them about the trip to the canyon, as they were all heading on that trip tomorrow. Just then my blonde friend entered the dinning area. I watched as she scanned the room as if to find an empty place just as I stood to ask her if she would like to join us she spotted the older couple from the bus and joined them. Tonight she was wearing a beautiful floral pattern dress that looked so wonderful on her beautiful body. The one thing I noticed is that she seamed to have a smile on her face at all times and looked just happy to be there.

The next day I spent all day in lectures on estate trusts-if you ever have trouble sleeping try that for about 15 minutes. It was still hot and only four o’clock so I decided to head for the pool. As I sipped a cold beer and scanned the crowed I noticed my blonde friend lying on a beach chair reading a Home Design magazine. She was wearing a bikini that was absolutely stunning. I realized for the first time at how well endowed she was, I would estimate at least a D cup and maybe a double D. And her body was that of a woman not some scrawny model. I was in lust. I decided it was now or never and took her over another wine collar like the one she was just finishing. I approached and she put her magazine down and accepted my offer of the drink. She then totally surprised me by asking how I had enjoyed my day at the canyon. I could not believe that she noticed me. We chatted about the beauty of the island and of the resort in general. I found out that she was there for the craft seminar and that she owned her own craft business back home in North Carolina. I knew she couldn’t be an accountant. She said that she enjoyed meeting me but had to meet some friends for dinner. As she walked away, I asked her name, she turned and told me it was Nicki. I said Nicki can I buy you another wine spritzer tomorrow night same time. She smiled and said she would like that and walked away. I watched as her hips swayed back and fourth. Her beautiful ass burned an image into my brain that will live there forever.

I spent the next day not thinking about the changes in the tax code as the lecturer drowned on. My thoughts were on Nicki and that wonderful smile and soft gentle voice. I could not get the image of her sexy ass out of my mind. MY wife is the polar opposite of Nicki, where my wife is slender with a very dark complexion Nicki is blonde with faire skin. Nicki is also very voluptuous. Her breasts are the things that wet dreams are made of. I had have never been unfaithful to my wife, but as that speech went on my thoughts were less then matrimonial. I have long had a fantasy to have bust woman, and Nicki was even more that I had fantasized about. I was glad they had us recap the meeting at the end because I was in no condition to stand up and leave. Nothing kills an erection quicker than a room full of accountants talking tax.

I hurried to my room and slipped out of my shorts and shirt and took a quick shower. As I was in the shower my cock began to swell in thoughts of Nicki. I turned the water to cold and let it subside. I quickly dressed and headed to the pool. There she was sitting at a small table reading a menu. She was wearing a very sexy one piece bating suit and a floppy sun hat, man she looked gorgeous. When I approached the table her face lit up into one of those smiles that warms you to your very core we talked about our days (I did not mention my thoughts of her during the lecture, nor my shower trouble). We realized that we were both heading out on the same day trip tomorrow, a snorkeling trip to Poipu Beach. She told me she had never snorkeled before and was a little nervous. As an avid snorkel and sometimes diver I told her to stick with me I would show her the ropes. She smiled and said that would be her pleasure to have a private instructor. We shared a drink and watched the sun melt into the sea; I asked Nicki if she would like to join me for dinner. She said she would love to and we headed to our rooms to change.

When she met me in the restaurant I again noticed that her beauty was breathtaking. She had let her down, were she usually wore it in a ponytail. And she again had on a floral dress with a red gardenia behind her ear. I felt all eyes on us as we walked to our table. I am sure all eyes were on her, even though I to was looking pretty good. We chatted through the appetizers, both avoiding what we knew we would eventually have to talk about. Finally after some of the most delicious yellow fin tuna, she asked me why my wife was not with me. We had both noticed the wedding bands on each other, but pretended they didn’t exist. I told her of the emergency that came up at her office and how I almost canceled the trip but really uğur mumcu escort need to attend the conference. She had told me that her and her husband had planned on making this a second honeymoon when at the last minute there daughter had come down with the chicken pox and as her husband had not had them yet it was best that he stay home, as he was sure to get them. Our conversation had turned form some innocent flirtations to an emotional outpouring of how our lives had changed over the past few years as we questioned what had happened to the spontaneity of our lives. When the topic of sexes crept into the conversation we decided it was time to go to bed as we had an early morning of diving planed. I walked her to her room and let her in when I was turning to go she grabbed my arm and turned me back, gently she kissed my lips and said thanks for the wonderful night. I turned and headed for my room wondering what had just happened.

The next morning I awoke with a warm glow as the cool tropical breeze bathed my body. As I came out of a deep dream about Nicki and I alone, I realized that my cock was rock hard and my balls were swollen. I wish I could remember what I was dreaming. It was getting late and I need to meet Nicki so there was no time for enjoyment. After a quick shower and shave I grabbed my gear and headed down to breakfast. I was greeted by with a playful hug. Man she felt great. We ate breakfast and I explained to her about the joys of the ocean. After breakfast we boarded the bus for Poipu and a day of fun in the sun. Nicki was wearing a baggy sundress, but I could tell she had her bating suit on underneath.

When we got to the beach the guide gave us the quick rundown and we all headed for the beach. As we found a place to set up camp, I began to strip down to my suit. As Nicki did the same, she first slipped her beach dress over her head revealing her one-piece bathing suit to my wondering eyes. It was navy blue with high cut thighs, mmmmm I loved those legs. As she turned to put her dress in her bag she bent over giving me a view of that womanly ass. I was mesmerized by it; al I could think of was reaching out for a quick touch. Lost in my reverie I did not notice her look back, busted. Nicki gave me a big smile and said, ” I know it is big, but you don’t have to stare.” I said quite the contrary, you have a lovely, ummm, body. With that she grabbed her mask and fins and headed towards the water. I followed like a starved puppy with my tongue hanging out. He suit did little to show off her ample breast, they appeared to be shoved in there and held tight, which was a good thing because I did not need and more distractions.

We floated around the bay for about an hour before we decided to have a break and get some sun. The fish viewing was spectacular, Nicki was bubbling with excitement over the fish. As we headed back to our towels I noticed that Nicki had become a little red on her creamy white shoulders and the back of her thighs. Trying to be a gentleman I quickly offered to apply some sun tan lotion, Nick lay on her belly on the big beach towel and I began to rub her legs. Her skin was so soft and warm. I lingered on her legs for what seamed like hours, as I ran my hand up her inner thigh I felt her twitch a little and watched her bottom settle in contentedly. With each stroke I got bolder and bolder till I was reaching so far between her thighs I almost touched her suit covered crotch. She finally asked if I was going to do her shoulders, I begrudgingly left her legs. As I applied some lotion to my hands she probe red herself up and removed the straps from her shoulders. This had allowed be a quick view of the top of her massive breasts. Which spilled out the sides as she lay back down. I again took my time applying lotion and making sure to get the sides of her boobs nice and covered. I wouldn’t want her to get a burn.

The day seamed to fly by, we talked as if we had known each other all our lives. The best thing was there was no conversation about scheduling the kids pickups, household budget, or retirement income. It was just a man and a woman sharing new stories and truly enjoying each other as human beings, all to soon it was time to go back to the hotel. Nicki had consented to have dinner with me that night, so I asked her to meet me in the living room for a sunset. There is a sign in the entrance to the living room of the Princeville resort that reads, “A place for lovers watch the sun melt into the sea”. I knew that my feelings for Nicki were growing each and everyday. As I waited for her to come I had a drink and for the first time, I questioned my own intentions. I wanted to make love to this woman more than anything in the world. She was beautiful, articulate and just a joy to be with. I knew that I loved my wife very much but something stronger was driving me, a need to feel like a desirable man. It had been so long since a woman had taken this kind of interest in me, and it felt good. I did not know if Nicki shared my feelings and did not want to push it or ruin a friendship. Just then çavuşoğlu escort she walked through the door, and more heads then just mine turned. She was stunning in her Hawaiian dress with a fresh cut flower in her ear. Then and there I decided if the situation arose I would go for it.

We had a lovely dinner and sunset. We both seamed actually upset that tomorrow was the longest day of each of our seminars. I think we both had hoped for another day like today. But being the last full day our respective conferences there was to be a large luau at the hotel pool and Nicki agreed to be my date. Then we each had half-day sessions to wrap up the seminar on Friday morning. As we both had planned to be her with our spouses we both did not have flights back until Sunday midday. This would give us Friday afternoon and evening all day Saturday and half of Sunday to have some fun.

After dinner we went to the bar for a nightcap and there was a little band playing some island music. I asked Nicki if she cared to dance and to my delight she agreed. As I held her in my arms she melted into my body. Those amazing breast were smashed into my chest as I held her close and breathed in her scent. As I rocked her back and forth I felt that familiar twitching in my pants. I began to panic, hoping she would not feel my cock growing in my pants. I knew there was know way that she would miss it. To my surprise I felt her lean in more and press her lower stomach into my stiff dick. I was in a tropical heaven. As the song ended she asked if we should sit down, knowing the condition I was in she sort of blocked me from the view of the rest of the bar. We looked longingly at each other across the table, then she said we better get some sleep, as tomorrow is an early day. I walked her to her room and thanked her for the wonderful night. I bent to kiss her and her lips turned to meet mine. We embraced and kissed each other goodnight as if we were long lost lovers. Her tongue danced in my mouth ad I gently nibbled her lips. It had been almost 18 years since I had kissed a woman other than my wife like that, but this felt so right. I bid her good night and left for my room.

When I returned to my room there was no question as to what I was going to do, as soon as my door was closed I removed my pants and s\took my growing cock in my hand. It had been some time since I had masturbated, but I knew there would be no sleep until I came. I stripped naked and stretched out on the bed and pictured my Nicki bending over her beach bag and stroked my cock to its full 7″. I listened to the waves crash outside and felt the warm air on my naked body as I stroked my cock up and down. I stopped to play with bloated balls, which were aching to come. My mind filled with images of Nicki in the various states of dress, but I finally rest on the image of her in that bikini by the pool. Her breast were heaving out of the top and bulging from the sides. My pace in creased and I felt my balls begin to churn and hot come bubbled from my hard cock and spilled in hot puddles on my chest. I gasped for breath and uttered my love to Nicki as I drifted of to sleep.

The next day dragged on and on. I thought that this seminar would never end. Finally, we were excused and I rushed to my room and changed into my nicest shorts and Hawaiian shirt and headed for the luau. Looking around I saw Nicki chatting with a group of woman by the bar so I decided to saunter over and say hello. She introduced me to the woman as her escort for the evening. They all smiled and told her she was lucky girl that made me feel just great. We drank and eat and danced and just had a great time. As the evening wore on I asked Nicki if she would like to take a moonlight stroll on the beach. We walked away from the group down along stretch of deserted beach light up brilliantly by the moonlight shinning of the Pacific Ocean. We listened to the rhythms of the steal drums on the back ground as we walked hand in hand. I finally could stand it no longer. I turned to Nicki and looked her in the eye and said ” I have never done anything like this in my life, but more than anything I want to make love to you under the stars. She reached up and kissed me softly and said she had always fantasized about making love underneath the stars with a handsome stranger. With that I kissed her back and let me hand drop to the checks of her ass. I held them in my hands I pressed her close to me, letting my swelling cock press into her. I heard her grown softly as I squeezed her ass softly; I could feel her checks and knew instantly that she was wearing no panties. This made my cock throb in the confines of my shorts. Nicki reached her hand to my growing bulge and gently rubbed, she looked in my eyes and told me that she had been thinking about this moment for the last 4 days. She then told me that last night when she had gotten to her room she was so frustrated that she stripped naked and fingered her self to a massive climax imagining this very scene. I chucked and confessed to my own masturbation session and we both giggled and held each other tight. I then reached down and eased the hem of her dress over her head, she stepped back and unclasped her bra letting those magnificent breast spill from their cups. She looked at me shyly and said, “I am glad we are in the moonlight it much more flattering to my body”.

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