Hayden Panettiere Learning a Lesson

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Hayden Panettiere Learning a LessonWalking into the bedroom of his place, Hayden thought about what had just taken place, the role play they’d indulged in, him really taking control and dominating her, spanking and screwing her hard. As she contemplated it, she realised just how much she’d enjoyed it, so turned on her pussy was deliciously slippery for him to enjoy along with her youthful tightness. He followed closely behind her, focussing his gaze on her tightly toned arse as she swayed into the room, stopping to undress, starting with her long black leather boots, bending over at the waist deliberately to undo them, letting her skirt slide up to fully expose her and let him have a complete view at her, his conquest. A little shiver of excitement and arousal tingled through her body as she unlaced her long boots, taking her time to undo them before stepping out, and down. Her heels gone, he could see just how diminutive she was, making her cast a glance back to him. He just smiled back at her, loving every minute of watching her, so she continued, taking a little longer than necessary to remove the rest of her remaining school girl outfit, standing in her toned naked glory before him, still facing away, bending slightly with an arch of her back to give a little shake of her arse, knowing her pussy was just peeking through her thighs at him before she turned round to give him a full frontal, letting him take in her perky breasts, slender body and smoothly shaven cunt, watching his eyes drink in her tight, teenage body. He wasted no time in stripping off his own clothes, letting her see his well defined body, something she knew he was proud of, spending plenty of time in the gym, and she was sure his strength would come into play later with her petite form. She could his cock was already recovering well, nearly fully erect now at her naked teasing, and she couldn’t help but eye it up, knowing this was exactly what she came here for, and she wanted it.“Let’s get to the shower, before you tempt me to take you right here,” he said with a smile, reaching out to take her hand.“Whatever you say,” she replied with a giggle, taking his hand and letting him lead her past him into the lead, knowing he just wanted to stare at her ass some more, but that didn’t bother her at all. Hayden loved the way he was looking at her, and hoped it would inspire him to fuck her as good as he was ogling her. Heading into the bathroom, he paused her for a moment to get the water going and to the right temperature, then ushered her under the water, just watching on as the water cascaded down over her body, immediately tightening her nipples up and flowing down over her sexy frame. She just smiled at him and extended an inviting finger, tempting him into the shower with her, which he happily did, joining her under the water as she slid her arms round his neck to lean up and kiss him, their bodies pressing together, Hayden feeling his rock hard cock press against her pussy and lower tummy as she craned up to kiss him.“Hope you’re enjoying yourself so far,” he said, looking into her eyes as the water soaked them, steaming up the bathroom around them as his hands slid down her smooth back, stroking down to squeeze her tight ass.“Absolutely, it’s been great so far, exactly what I’d have hoped from it,” she replied with a genuine smile, from which he could tell she was being honest.“That’s good, and it’s not over yet either,” he said with a grin, leaning down to kiss the giggling blonde actress. They stepped fully back under the hot shower, Hayden pulling her hair back from her face as the water poured over them, making her thankful she’d had the foresight to wear waterproof make up. They continued to kiss as he stroked and groped at her body, Hayden doing the same to him, feeling his toned muscles and reaching down to take a reverse grip on his cock, gently teasing at his rock hard manhood as his hands pulled round to stroke and squeeze her firm breasts, using his thumbs to circle her nipples before continuing to fondle her.Reaching out, he took hold of some shower gel and squeezed some into his hands, making her shiver as he drizzled some directly down her shoulders and back, making them both smile as he then proceeded to apply his hands to her and lather up the gel, running his hands down her chest and over her perky rack first, taking plenty of time about it as well. Hayden just closed her eyes and enjoyed him fondling her, always having had a soft spot for having her nipples played with, was particularly enjoying his smooth, soapy hands gliding over her soft breasts, loving how he used his fingertips to tease and play with her little peaks, helping to screw them up tightly. His hands eventually moved on, moving down her body, over her toned midriff and round her sides, taking in the taper of her figure as his hands moved to her hips, before sliding down in front to her smoothly shaven pussy. His slippery hands easily moved over her perfectly bald vulva, making her gasp and shudder as his fingers so suddenly slid down and underneath between her legs. He just smiled as he more slowly brought it back up, letting a fingertip drag in between her moist, plump lips, stopping at her clit to give a short, skilful assault which almost doubled her over in intense pleasure.He went back to stroking her smooth crotch, taking particular pleasure in that, before kneeling to lather up her legs, squeezing at her thighs and sneaking odd fingers up into her pussy, making her clench and push down on him, getting very turned on now and wishing he’d do more than just let her stroke his hard cock, though even that was now out of her reach. Standing up, illegal bahis siteleri he slid his soapy hands all the way up her sides and then round onto her smooth back, taking it in from her shoulders to her booty as her soft, soapy hand took an immediate grasp on his rock hard erection, making him gasp at the intense sensation of her slippery hand suddenly going to work on it, especially when Hayden deliberately worked him round the head to have maximum impact. His hands worked up and down her back, using his fingers to massage at her, and then down onto her firm, rounded booty, giving a very good squeeze to that to let her know he’d arrived.“Mm yeah, your hands feel great,” she murmured, closing her eyes and resting her forehead on his chest as her hand started to work a little harder at his rock hard cock, feeling him thrust into her hand.“So does yours,” he said with a smile, massaging her toned arse firmly, loving how his soapy hands slid over her smooth skin, grasping and pulling at her cheeks quite aggressively now. Hayden leaned up to kiss him, passionately attacking his mouth with her tongue, entwining it with her own before biting down on his firmly, making him shudder and kiss her harder. His hands were working overtime now, as was hers, and he pulled her tight bum apart and let a fingertip stroke straight up from the back of her pussy and over her arsehole, making her shudder in return and break the kiss with a breathy, ragged sigh.“Like the feel of that?” he grinned, looking down to see her shiver and bite her lip as he again stroked her anus, slower and firmer this time, his soapy finger gliding over her backdoor, feeling her tight, strong ring and the way she responded to being felt there for the first time.“It’s…different,” she whispered, not sure how to describe it, and feeling a little embarrassed that she did kind of like the feel of him stroking at her arsehole. She’d do it herself of course but it never felt anything like this. “Good different?” he prodded, stroking over her whole ass again and lathering more soap between her cheeks as he slid around behind her, her hand slipping from his slippery cock as he did so, pressing it against her lower back due to how much shorter than him she was. Hayden just stood and let him fondle her, giving a groan as he reached up to pinch her nipples again before squeezing and stroking at her bum once more, using his fingertips to stroke from her pussy up over her arse, feeling him pressing more firmly at her backdoor. After a few more strokes he paused, and then slowly pushed a finger into her arse, making her eyes widen, unsure what to do, trying to relax but feeling her body instinctively fighting the intrusion. The soap helped him though, and he got his fingertip into her booty, giving her the oddly intriguing feeling of something in her ass for the first time before he pulled it out, going back to groping her arse and kissing her on the back of the head.“Just try and relax, I want you to enjoy this,” he said, once again fingering her arse, surprising her with how easily he got a finger into her the second time, making her heart skip a beat.“Enjoy what exactly?” she breathed, not sure how far he was going with this.“ Your first time,” he said after a pause. Hayden felt a rush go through her, tensing up, clamping down on his slightly thrusting finger.“Don’t worry, it’s going to be great, just let me take you through it,” he said, adding a slightly dominating tone to his voice, one which immediately made her melt and respond to him, the way it had over webcam, and during their earlier role play.“Yes…master,” she whispered, feeling his cock surge against her back at she said those words, pushing back against him as he ground into her a little. His fingers stroked and probed at her, relaxing her gradually, Hayden giving a little complaint as he used two fingers for the first time, feeling the stretch as the hot, steaming shower cascaded down beside them. After a moment however she pushed back onto him, trying to get into it, knowing it would take a lot more for her to lose her anal cherry, which she’d always thought about doing with him, or rather letting him take if he wanted to. He loved how she pushed back, working his fingers quite deep, Hayden enjoying the feeling even though it was twinged with slight discomfort. They continued this way for a couple more minutes, before he turned and pushed her under the shower, Hayden giving a gasp and satisfied tremble at the hot, enveloping water.They didn’t say a word as he grabbed the shower gel to lather up a little more, Hayden breathing quickly, feeling her heart pumping in her chest as his fingers stroked him to lube her arse, glancing back to see him do the same to his big, strong erection, knowing she was gonna get it now, feeling the thrill of something new tingling through her body. He stepped in behind her, the water running over both of them as he pushed her to lean against the tiles, looking back to watch him press his cock down between her firm arse, feeling like a lightning bolt as he touched her arsehole, settling himself in to get a good push at her. With no hesitation he pressed forward, Hayden trying to relax herself fully, feeling herself stretch to accommodate him, with a sudden shot of pain as he stretched her to the max as his head slid through her tight back hole. The moment he felt the sudden stretching of her sphincter he immediately pressed home the advantage, pushing himself firmly into her arse, hearing her yelp at the sharp pain and clench down on him, but he was in now and she would just have to take it for a moment, breathing hard as he held still.“Just youwin güvenilir mi take a few deep breaths baby, it’ll pass,” he said reassuringly, holding still to let her recover, feeling her spasms subsiding. She tried to relax and gave another little jolt of pain, feeling him holding her firmly, clearly not letting her get away now as his hands slid up to her firm, perky breasts, giving them a good fondle and playing with her nipples, partly to help take her mind off things and partly because he wanted to. Hayden gradually relaxed, enjoying the feel of the hot water showering down over them as he held still, her sphincter relaxing now and getting used to him. As he felt her relax, he slid his hands to take a hold on her waist, just giving a slight rocking motion for a few seconds just to make sure she was ready and then he gave another slow, powerful push into her tight arse, looking down to watch as his cock disappeared from view into the booty of the tight blonde actress, hearing her give a strained groan as she took a bit more girth and plenty more length.“All the way baby, all the way,” he whispered to her, unable to stop himself from having an unseen smile as he didn’t stop, pressing hard into her until he was jammed tight against her firm, rounded ass, feeling her squeezing tentatively at his embedded erection. Hayden wasn’t quite sure how she felt, feeling a somewhat pleasurable sensation combined with the discomfort of it. She also felt that even though this was her first time doing anal, he wasn’t going to be too gentle with her. Hayden was right, he wasn’t intending to be too soft on her. He wasn’t going to get rough by any means, but he wanted to make sure that he broke her in properly, this opportunity only ever came once in a lifetime after all. Pulling back right to the head, he slowly pushed into her again, feeling her tense up, blissfully tight round his cock but uncomfortable for her, hearing her mumbling as she grit her teeth.”Just try and relax Hayden, it’ll get better,” he said, just stroking her body softly as he took it slow for the first few strokes to make sure he got her going just right.”I’m trying, but this is quite difficult to control,” she said, wanting to please him and enjoy a new experience, but having to battle all that she felt.“Rub your clit, it’ll help,” he said, again employing that dominating tone that she responded to so well, and in all this she couldn’t deny that her pussy was drenched, and as she reached down to finger herself she gave a little jolt at the intense sensation from her clit. She just hesitated a moment before starting to massage herself, feeling the pleasure melt through her, and then him start to move in her ass again, only this time it didn’t feel so bad, far more of that unique new pleasure than the discomfort. He could tell she was doing better with it, and gave her several steady, full-length strokes of his cock, Hayden’s tight body taking him in now just fine, which was an incredible sight to see, and a wonderful thing to feel, so tight round him that he knew it wouldn’t take too long. As he pulled right back, Hayden gave him a sudden squeeze just at his head, making him shudder in pleasure and immediately sink himself all the way back into her, seeing her smiling over her shoulder.“Hayden, you’ll get in trouble doing things like that, it might just tempt me to fuck you much harder,” he said with a smile, kissing her on the cheek as he got back into a rhythm, shorter and deeper now.“I thought you were gonna anyway,” she said with a teasing smirk, flicking her tongue over her lips. He didn’t say another word, simply making her cry out with a deep, hard thrust that knocked the wind out of her, then got into a rhythm again pumping her more firmly, using all of his cock again only much quicker, making the tight, young beauty take as much as he could. She gave a murmur of pleasure as she rubbed her clit, the sensations combining to an enjoyable feeling, surprised at just how much she was enjoying the feel of his big, thick cock in her arse, for the first time at that. This was nothing like what some of her friends had described, and she was really glad he was doing this to her, pushing back onto his hard cock as her fingers danced at her stiff clit, circling and flicking at it.He was absolutely loving plundering her sweet booty, especially as she started to work with him, squeezing at his cock with her muscles, making an especially enjoyable hole even better, spurring him to nail her a little harder, and impressing him when she took it without even the slightest complain, her arse loosened up and loving it now. He upped the pace a bit more, hearing her groan, but this time only in more pleasure, noticing how she sped up the pace of her frantic fingering to match his increased speed. Holding onto her hips tightly he pumped into her, watching every time his hips pushed strongly against her peachy rear, feeling his she reacted and how deep he got inside, plundering her most forbidden haven. Hayden was bracing herself with her spare hand against the wet tiles, struggling to keep grip with her feet as he fucked her powerfully from behind, the water splashing all over the place with their energetic activities, Hayden’s long blonde hair soaked and hanging down round her face and shoulders.That wasn’t lost on him however as he suddenly grabbed her long, saturated hair with one hand and pulled her back up, making her yelp as he pulled her almost to standing, Hayden arching her back tightly so he could keep fucking her ass just as hard as despite the pain a rush of intense arousal spread through her, her clit throbbing perabet under her fingers and taking her distinctly close to a climax. His other hand roughly grabbed her left breast, giving a hard squeeze and then moving to pinch the nipple, making her gasp as he started fucking her hard and deep, which felt absolutely fantastic, spurring her to work furiously at her clit, feeling her impending orgasm.“You fucking love this don’t you, your master fucking your ass?” he said, more of a rhetorical question since she clearly did.“Fuck yes, fuck my ass!” she cried out, shocked to hear herself say it but losing herself in what she was sure was going to be a very intense orgasm. He was already doing just what she asked, but he managed to somehow add more to it, making her tip over the edge.“That’s it come! Come on my big hard cock in your arse, show how much you love it!” he commanded, slamming into her as she came hard, seeing her tense up as she held it to the last possible moment before she let go, giving a long, loud, trembling cry of ecstasy as she came hard, squirting into her hand as she continued to finger herself madly, her whole body giving several hard, uncontrollable spasms, going weak at the knees she shook and screamed her way through the most powerful orgasm of her life. She’d have collapsed if it wasn’t for him holding her up, and his cock still hammering into her ass, suddenly feeling completely exhausted and weak, going limp in his arms and struggling to hold herself up as he fucked her arse hard, really hard, her whole body being shoved towards the wall with every thrust. He was about to burst, having been hugely turned on by her climax and her incredible ass squeezing down on his cock, which was the hardest he’d ever remembered being in his life, and with good reason.“Fuck yeah, ready baby,” he almost growled, grabbing her waist and holding her very tightly as he let the pressure build up, pumping her in a blur.“Yeah, yeah come in my arse, finish your school girl slut off properly,” she said huskily, knowing his love of dirty talk. It certainly helped, as she felt his cock give a surge, somehow swelling slightly more before she felt him tense and then the heat of his hot, thick load shooting deep in her arse, taking one last shove towards the wall as he buried himself as hard and deep inside her as possible, making her body squeeze him tightly, only helping to get more of his come into her. His breath was ragged and hard, as sign of the effort he’d just given her as his cock bucked and ejaculated inside her, slowing as his climax faded, his fingers digging into her soft, smooth skin. Hayden gave one more squeeze on him to help complete his conquest of her anal virginity, feeling herself aching at what she’d just taken.“Fuck that was incredible,” he breathed, slipping his semi-hard cock from her arse, leaving it gaping wide open, Hayden able to feel herself completely conquered, unable to tighten herself back up as she sank down onto her knees under the shower, feeling his thick load ooze from her ass.“Yeah, it was…” she said dreamily, quite surprised at just how much she’d enjoyed that, but sure she was going to ache badly for a few days.“You enjoyed it then?” he said, pleased that she had, especially when there’d been a bit of a tough start to it. He knew she’d be aching for a few days though, a reminder of her final cherry popped.“Yeah. I only ever thought I’d enjoy my first time doing that in my fantasies,” she murmured, taking a moment and then standing back up slowly under the shower.“Well this is sort of a fantasy, but it goes to show that it’s all about how you do these things,” he said with a smile, pulling her close and kissing her, far more softly and romantically this time, a warm, gentle moment between them, both of them just wanting and needing to get some sleep now.“Yeah it is, but now I need to swap it for a dream,” she said with a smile, holding back a yawn at just that moment.“Absolutely, let’s just finish up here and go take a lie down,” he said with a wide smile. They spent a couple of minutes finishing their shower, washing away the sweat from their renewed activity, before they got out, finally turning it off and getting into a towel, Hayden letting him have another unashamed grope of her as he dried her off. With that done, they went to the bedroom, where she leaned up to kiss him as he offered her her share of the king size bed. As she kissed him she pushed him backwards onto the covers, letting himself fall back onto the comfortable bed and dragging the diminutive actress with him, giggling and playfully fighting as they tumbled onto the bed. As they kissed again he removed her towel in one quick flick, leaving her naked on top of him, making her laugh as she rolled off him onto the other side of the bed, reaching over to flick his open as she did.”No more for now,” she breathed, knowing this could easily lead to him wanting to screw her again.“I agree,” he said, lying his head down on the pillow after chucking his towel out the way. Reaching over, he indicated they should get under the sheets, Hayden moving just enough to facilitate this and sliding under them, where he swiftly joined her. She immediately rolled over and rested her head on his chest.“Thanks for not being too hard on me,” she said quietly, a very blunt statement regarding her first time anal considering.“No problem, after all I want you to enjoy it so that you’ll do it again,” he said with a smile.“Again, not yet though right?” she said, a little worried he’d want it in the morning.“No no, another time, but forget it now, just sleep,” he said, giving her a kiss on the forehead and holding her just right. She gave a murmur and settled down, and in a few moments was asleep, her breathing deeper and steady. He just smiled to himself, pleased at how things had gone and the prize that he’d managed to claim for himself, feeling very contented at the world as he drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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