Helen and Herb Like Sissies

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Helen and Herb Like SissiesI was introduced to sexy lingerie by Frank but this was after I had delved into my mom’s panty drawers and into my sisters drawers but my mom’s were my favorites. I graduated to girdles, stockings, and more with Frank. Being introduced to Herb and Helen was a new twist in my late teen sexual adventures. Herb was a surprise since he was a pleasure to be around and who would suspect that he was such a sissy, but he did have an effeminate nature and was much more gentle appearing than Frank, who was by far the more course personality, or just being an old codger at least it appeared to me. Frank could be very seductive though and I loved this side of him since I was also seeking older male adult affirmation but did not know if this was because I was feeling feminine myself, bisexual, or simply trying to escape from my overbearing mother who wanted to know everything. Well here was my world, one where she did not reign but I did, sort of at the invitation of my adult sexual friends, something my mother would never approve of, even for an instant obviously, but I was also addicted to orgasms since I was 10 yrs old. After my initial group experience with Herb and Helen I was hoping to get with them as a three some since I liked both of them in a different way than Frank and Sophie who were also nice but in a more domineering way towards me, which I also liked but still did not know how to take them, or at least how I could reflect back to them in some way that I felt complimented by them in their strong sexually aggressive way. Herb and Helen were like submissive compatriots I felt in my heart. So, it was a great moment when Frank told me to call them because they wanted to talk with me, Herb answered the phone and I said hi, he responded with “Alba, so glad to hear your voice, Helen and I were hoping you would call.” I told him Frank had asked me to call, Herb came right up and stated that Helen and he would like to have me over for some special activities and if I could get a night out in some way on a weekend I and they would have a great time. My cock got hard at the thought of what Herb was alluding to, I thought he and Helen were so sexy as they were so gentle and loving. I was hoping that I would get to suck him and eat his cum while Helen was sucking me, then we could share our cums together.I made arrangements to stay over a friend’s house for the weekend on a camp out for a late night fishing expedition to the local pond at Frank’s house which was down the street. I had done this before and always had a good time with my friends John and Bob (brothers) a bit older than me. I used to spend most of my daylight hours at their farm which abutted Frank’s, and while riding my motorcycle from their property to Frank’s I would wonder if Frank could see me from his house across the field. It always seemed he would show up after I got to the pond to go fishing or just to ride around in his woods and field. It got to be almost a regular thing, each day after school me going fishing, then Frank coming down and talking to me from his truck. I could tell he usually wanted me to come over and I did, he would have his cock out, hard as a rock, so I would lean into the open door and suck him off. Kind of like pay back for him letting me fish in his pond, although many a warm night he would get out of the truck and fuck me silly until I would be wimpering for him to cum in me. He loved it so much, and I got into it as well. We had a special relationship and I was hoping to expand and explore Helen and Herb.On Saturday morning Herb came by the pond and picked me up, I had my back pack loaded for the overnight including 3 pairs of panties. He came with his van and we drove off to his house Frank was not around, I wondered why he was not out and about since Herb was there. When we got to Herb’s house Helen was home and welcomed us in; she had on a sexy outfit that kind of got me hot, kind of a farmer dress, cotton, above her knees, she has very nice stocking covered legs and her big tits were luscious melons held by her high wasted dress, her white stockings and mid level heels set off her outfit. She wanted us to get comfortable and got me and Herb a drink of apple juice and a sandwich. As we talked at the table, Herb sitting next to me, he slid his hand down on to my leg, then up to my crotch, felling my balls and hardening cock. I was getting turned on so fast, my head was swimming, my cock was leaking, my heart was racing, wow what a rush. My panties were pulling tight across my cock, yes I did wear panties so see them, since I knew Herb would love them, especially if he came on to me. I couldn’t tell if they were going to want me sexually since they also shared some farming/gardening interests with me and Frank. Today though they were fertilizing me with a different garden tending. Helen was watching this going on as Herb was talking about his garden and carrot crop and how big his tomatoes were getting, I couldn’t wait to see how big her tomatoes and his were as well. His carrot I had hoped was a nice and stiff for me, I could not wait to taste its delicious aroma. I was getting so big just listening to him. Helen was running the back of her hand over her nipples which were showing through her bra and dress. She tweaked them as her hands slide across them so she would hold them up in her arms, almost reaching out with her tongue to taste them. She asked me “are you ok with being with us over this weekend?”. She said,” Herb and I were very glad to have you over, and we are beside ourselves with having this opportunity to get to know you and your very youthful and hot sissy body, we really want to play exhaustive sissy games and scenes, how about you?” “Did you wear your panties, Herb has his on, don’t you honey?” “We have had great sex fantasizing all the things we might do with you, if you approve of course, we are very liberal and love to bring new young people into this fine sexual landscape. we hope to help you express yourself as well as enjoy our pleasuring of you.” I said, “ I am very happy to be here, I want you to expose me to as much as you want, I love being uninhibited and as open as possible, being naughty turns me on so much, especially when you bring out my sissy side with Herb’s and me together, please- take me on your journey.” My cock was so hard, my asspussy wanted something in it so bad, I couldn’t wait to suck Herb and have Helen fuck me with her dildo. This was a very big statement for me to make at that age, but they were a very open couple as well. Herb continued to feel my cock, I pulled down my zipper, Herb put his hand in my pants, felt my panties and his eyes got big. He took a look and saw the pink and sighed, he loved the pink. Helen came over and sat on the other side of me and snuggled my neck, biting my ear, sending chills down my back, I was getting so sexually high already, I did not want this to end. She pulled my hand to her breast and I was hooked felling her tits, tweaking her nipples. I was a tit slut for sure. She pulled her tit out of her bra, pulled her dress neck down and put the nipple in my mouth, I sucked like a puppy, and she loved it too. Herb was still feeling my hard cock, with his hand inside my panties running his fingers up to my asspussy, dipping inside very slowly teasing me relentlessly. He slowly and lightly slid his fingers over the underside of my cock, driving me crazy. I had to feel him, so I put my hand on his cock, feeling him sort of hard. I opened his zipper and felt slippery panties inside, a mound of rod running towards one side, he was so big. I looked down and saw that his panties were white and I could see his cock through the nylon with a small wet spot at the end. He also had stockings on as I found when I felt his garters once my hand got inside. I was curious what color they were, and hoped that Helen would dress me in stockings, heels, girdle, bra, and slip. My mind was racing so fast through all of my fantasy buttons, hoping that I would not loose my consciousness grip and go off in dream land. I had to stay in the here and now, but my sexual turn on was so intense I felt myself swooning, with waves of emotion swimming through my head. Helen suggested we move to the bed room to get comfortable, “Alba, I would like to dress you like the sissy you are, Herb really wants to play sissy land tonight with you. I landed on the bed once inside the room, Herb pulling off my pants exposing my panties tented by my hard cock and Helen pulled off my shirt. She pulled down her dress and exposed her tits with her bra holding them up from underneath, they were a bit saggy but still pretty big. She had on a pink girdle with pink stockings, I loved the look, she was smiling broadly and was getting hot. Herb stripped revealing his garter, stockings, waist cincher, and panties. He took off his shirt but did not have a bra on, his chest was shaved though and I liked the hairless bare skin look. His nipples looked large and i wanted to suck his as well as Helen’s.He went to the dresser and pulled out two bras, one for himself and one for me. He put one on me and Helen felt my tits through the bra, she said I should have big tits like hers, so she went and got a couple of balloons, filled them with warm water and filled my bra. Then she did the same to Herb, only thing I needed now was a garter and stockings but Helen had me put on an open bottom girdle instead. Herb whistled once this was done, he said, “you look good enough to eat, like a fertile garden waiting for carrot picking”. I said, “I love carrot picking, how about yours.” And he moved pendik escort up so I could suck his cock, I loved the taste, Helen joined me and we kissed as we sucked up one side and down the other. “Suck me you guys, Herb said, please suck my juices, let me cum in your sweet mouths. I can’t wait to suck yours too Alba, I want to suck your clit and fuck your pussy. I want to watch you fuck Helen too, maybe we can both do her at once, but I first want to taste your cum.” I told him that I was all his and he can do with me as he wanted; Helen squealed when she heard that, she said “do you really mean that, anything”? I said “as long as I don’t say stop”, so she moved her hand down between my legs and worked her finger up my ass cheeks, slowly working towards my rose bud. I loved the feeling spreading my legs giving her the ok. She said, “You really like getting something up your butt don’t you, such an advanced young man, my sissy boy/man, big clit, and tight little pussy”. I was digging the compliments, hoping to earn more. I sucked harder on Herb’s cock, almost swallowing it, gasping for air, he was leaking on my tongue, I told him I wanted to eat his cum. I put my hand on his ass and pulled him into my wide open mouth, feeling my girdle, stockings, and panties holding me tight, I wanted to be bound and used by both of them, being their slave seemed appropriate to my most perverse dream state at the time. Oh how I did not want it to end.As we were enjoying each other, I got a look in the mirror, us three together, old and young, dressed and sort of naked. My panties pulled aside, Herbs panties pulled aside, my open bottom girdle riding high, Herbs girdle was also high, pulling his stockings tight against his legs. I ran my hand up his legs, then up Helens, they both were so soft and slippery, I loved the feel. Helen put slips on us both to give us the slippery feel I was delirious and swooning over the intensity, hoping not to lose the moment since being surreal usually became a foggy memory instead of an intense up-front moment. I kissed both of them, tongues and lips sliding past each other, we did a three way kiss, and tongue bath. I bent and sucked Helen’s nipples while feeling Herbs water balloon tits, much firmer than Helen’s saggy ones but hers were real. Herb suggested we take out our balloons and leave the bras on, just in case we get too enthusiastic and soaked ourselves. Herb carried them to the tub and one slipped out landing loudly in the tub but not breaking just bouncing around. I put my hand on Helen’s pussy, slipping a finger inside, hoping to please her, she said, “yes Alba, feel my pussy, it needs you inside, feel my clit, feel free to fill me with as many fingers that fit.” I put one in and her juices were slippery making entry easy, then a second followed by a third. My hands were pretty big for a 15 year old, so I stopped with three. She was rocking back and forth on my hand, kissing me, Herb came back and from behind her grabbed her tits and rubbed them on my chest, she was getting hot. He kissed her neck and would snoggle with me between Helen’s kisses, I moved over and french kissed Herb, sticking my tongue deep in his throat, he responded in-kind almost choking me with his much bigger tongue. I felt so loved by these two beautiful humans, I wondered how Frank would fit in with these guys and if Sophie, Frank’s wife would get on with Helen, I would think she would she was so into this type of sex scene at her house with Frank and I. I already saw Frank and Herb together that time in Frank’s breezeway after the second job site visit.We made our way to the bedroom and Helen got on 4s on the bed and let her big round tits hang like udders, I wanted to suck her nipples so bad. Her ask up in the air with her panties pulled up in her crack, she was so sexy. She rolled over on her back, letting Herb and I go to her pussy, licking from both sides. We bumped cheeks while kissing and licking her pussy and then looked at each other and lifted up and we kissed in front of Helen, she cheered us on, Helen said, “Alba, Herb and I have dreamt of this moment, this makes me so hot to see you two sissies kissing each other, I love to see you men/sissies so feminine and dainty making sweet tender love to each other. I hope I can return the view for you guys some day, but right now you two are the hottest thing since McDonald’s”, which was a recent phenom back then. She continued making us both very hot by her verbal description, not a demand, just encouraging honest sluts desires. She said, “Alba your young body makes me so hot, I would love to give you a tongue bath, or maybe I should make Herb give you one. You remind me of Herb when he was your age, I introduced him to panties and brought out the sissy in him. How did you start, was it your girlfriend?” I responded that unfortunately I did not have a girlfriend and sort of picked this stuff up when I was about 5 playing in my mom’s drawers feeling her silky things.” She started feeling her pussy and told us to mutually pleasure each other, she was gasping she was so hot, hearing my intimate details. I leaned down and sucked Herb’s cock, he was already hard, I took him as deep as I could, wanting to swallow all of his 7 or so inches. His balls were big and bounced on my chin, with his panties pulled back helping project his sissy clit. He said, “Alba, you have the hottest mouth, the slipperiest tongue, suck me good, suck me deep you slut sissy boy.” I said, “Herb I am your number one slut sissy boy, I am yours, I love sucking you and being a sissy with you.” Helen said, “we are both so happy you can be like this with us Alba, we love your young body and you look so feminine in the lingerie, we have more we would like you to model, maybe later, let’s have more hot times first. We hope you are also into more water sports, we loved the other day at Frank’s doing this with you, and you tasted so good. Are you still into these games?” I nodded I certainly was. I also wondered what new tricks they might have up their sleeves or up there asses at least. I was hoping to be up both their asses with my cock at least, maybe some variations would be interesting. These farmer folks were certainly a perverted bunch, nothing was too outrageous for them, I thought maybe being so down to earth made them relax and simply accept anything that came into their fantasy world as being worth trying at least once. My cock was very hard at attention, tenting my panties, my lingerie felt so good, compressing my body, making me feel like I was being held all over. No wonder why women where this stuff, feels like one is in a cocoon and being loved the whole time.Helen pulled me up to her face, kissed me and said, “fuck me Alba, I need your cock in me, Herb, help Alba fuck me, you said you wanted to watch him fuck me once you sucked his cock and sissied him up, now is your chance put his cock in me, fill me up with his young sissy clit”. And Herb held my cock, which was hard as a rocket, put it to Helen’s pussy and I slowly slipped it inside feeling her slippery juicy pussy close around my sensitive pole, I almost came as soon as I bottomed out. Herb put his hand on my ass, feeling me all over, sliding his hand up my crack and fingering my butt hole. He put his finger in my mouth and pushed it up my butt till it would not go anymore and moved with my slow fucking of Helen. He teasedvme with each slow thrust. He said, “Alba, fuck Helen while I fuck your ass pussy, fucker her good and deep, kiss her hard,” and I kissed her for all I was worth, fucking her deep. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her up into me, she put her legs around my girdled buttl and slipped them down my stockings. She pulled my bra aside and nibbled on my nipples making me shiver with joy and pleasure, her love bits sent signals of joy down to my hard cock which was ready to explode. Herb was fingering my ass gently, wanting to extend the pleasure. I was so over the top with pleasure and the communal feeling was so natural, I had no inhibitions or fears in this love nest. Helen was moaning, “Alba, ohhh, ohhh, you are so good, ohhh, yessssss, I am in love with you my sissy boy, keep fucking me my lovely sissy.”I finally said, ‘Helen, I am going to cum can I cum in you, and Helen said please do, I would love your cum in me, Herb stick your finger up his butt deep, massage him back there, make him cum big”. “Ohhh, ohhh, ohhhh, here I cum, I exploded into her pussy, I was cumming so deep, the orgasmic rush going up my back into my head, I almost passed out. I was dripping with sweat on Helen, she did not cum yet, both of them were so into me cumming. I finally regained consciousness and pulled myself up. What a wonderful pussy Helen had, all juicy with my cum running out and she did not cum yet, she called Herb over and got on top of him, sliding down his rigid cock. I scooted around and buried my head between her butt cheeks and licked Herb and her pussy as Helen would ride up and down, pausing at the top to let me in. I tongue fucked her ass hole, which was a new one for me, but I was also so caught up in the scene I did not care.I kept servicing Helen and Herb with my mouth. As I got off on wearing garter belts and stockings with silky panties while licking and sucking on both of them. I licked my juices from her pussy, tasting our mixture. I sucked as much of Herb into my mouth pulling his panties down over his stocking clad legs. I reached around and felt both of their assholes and teased them. We were once again in the zone, where all time stops and nothing but pleasure, this time I got to service both of them kaynarca escort and be their sex toy, I took deep pleasure in knowing my position beneath them and they loved it. Herb suggested he cum in my mouth after Helen cums. Helen was so close, I paid special attention with my mouth to help her along, then she started cumming, her legs were pulling Herb in, and all I could do was kiss her ass and grab her big tits as she came. Then it was Herb’s turn, and Helen and I both wanted to share his juice with all three of us, I agreed and we both sucked his beautiful sissy cock until he shot about 5 times into my mouth, I was full, came up and Helen pulled my mouth over hers and sucked out Herbs cum, then went to Herb and gave him most of his load, we then all joined our mouths together and Herb pushed his cum from his mouth around between us, we were all delirious from a sexual high. Helen was so turned on she wanted to cum again and went to the dresser and came back with a dildo, she layed on the bed and put the not so small thing up her ass. Then she commanded me to eat her pussy until she came on my mouth. Herb could do nothing but stand by in a subservient mode and sucked her tits, tweaking the one with his fingers that was not in his mouth. This drove Helen over the orgasmic cliff again in about 5 minutes, I helped her by moving the dildo around in her ass, thinking I hope she lets me get my cock in her ass some day. And so we all got a chance to cum at this late morning hour, relaxed we dozed for a few hours. Herb stirred first, then me, Helen was still asleep. Herb motioned for me to come with him so I followed him down the hall to the bathroom. He said he had to piss and was I up for some action. I simply nodded with a smile, I thought this is getting better all the time, these folks are just as degenerate as some of those sex stories I had read. I thought well, older folks had to use their time wisely since they were not so young, then I thought I was starting down this road at a very young age and had my whole life to look forward to doing these things, but then I did not know if I would be around folks this interested in my young ass when it would get older. So I knelt in front of Herb in his tub and he stood over me with his cock ready to piss. I opened my mouth and out popped a sudden burst, then he stopped, I tasted and it was not so bad, had a flavor all its own, kind of sweet, he was drinking fruit juices that morning. He continued to piss, my mouth very close to his cock until I touched the tip and put my lips around his fire hose and drank for all I was worth, he stopped after a couple of mouthfuls and I was glad since I was getting full as well. I had piss breath I supposed but who cared. Herb pulled me up and kissed me tonguing my mouth and tasting his deposit, we both were continuing in the zone. Helen showed up in the doorway and said, “What are you two gurls up to, I heard some noise in here, and seeing you both kissing is making me get excited again, but I have to piss.” He boobs were hanging out, her pussy was dripping juices, and her hair was tossled about. Herb and I looked at each other and said, “come on over, we are your piss slaves for today”. Herb and I got down on our knees in the tub, in our stockings, girdles, and empty bras and faced Helen on the edge; she stood up on the tub sides to get her pussy above our heads, opened her legs, and pissed on both our faces, swinging from side to side. He piss soaked our lingerie, making it slippery as we rubbed together, Herb and I both had to work to get as much of Helen’s piss into our mouths as possible. We did not get all of it but did get enough to share between us. Helen finally ran dry and stopped, came down and we all had a piss kiss, this was hot, I felt my cock stirring once again.Helen got back up and said we need to get dinner going, she suggested Herb and I shower together and dress in some nice fem clothes, Herb had a few things he could loan me, and help me with some makeup. So we showered, slathering each other with soap and shaving, I did not have much body hair or facial hair, Herb shaved his whole body, especially around his balls and his legs as I watched wondering if I would do this when I got older. I did not have much hair on my body, but my head hair was shoulder length. We both looked so femme being so smooth, I thought this was so nice. We dried off and kept bumping our bodies together; Herb would caress my butt every so often, like he was testing me to see if this was all real, it was pretty real at this point but also very surreal in many ways as well.Herb dressed me in panties, garter belt, stockings, bra (stuffed with big balloons), a slip, skirt, blouse, makeup, and a flip using Helen’s curling iron. He had on similar stuff, but a lacey blouse, and silky shoulderless blue dress. Herb even had heels that fit me so we both wore heels that night, what a trip trying to walk in them but I got into it, kind of finished the feminine feeling. Helen, still naked except for her panties, which had a large wet spot in her crotch, looked up from the counter top to see us hussies coming in and whistled a cat call. We were proud we could elicit such an enthusiastic response. She came over and gave us both a kiss, and tried to not disturb our lipstick. She left us to finish preparing dinner and went to shower and get dressed. She was not long, came out looking great, she had on a corsette that made her womanly figure shapely, her full busts were bursting out of the top of the v-neck silky blue dress she had on, it was almost like Herb’s and she said they wear them together for some added amusement. She also wore stockings and heels, so we were all in girl mode, Herb and I looked lovingly at her smiling at us prepping dinner. She sat down and went into instruct mode and made us do the rest of the prep, like we were her little gurl servants and we were loving it. Once we were ready we all sat down to dinner, I sat next to Herb and Helen across from us, Herb rested his left hand in my lap pulling my dress up and caressing my cock and balls as we ate. My brain was swimming off into lala land with the sexual high coming back, Herb was very gentle and knew what he was doing. Helen asked me if I was feeling good, and I said, “What is not to feel good about, I would never have guessed that Herb was into all this stuff, I thought Herb and Frank were just older boy friends, and did not have any sexual connection like this. except that they would suck each other every so often. The crossdressing was a new aspect and the pissing was cool, I thought it odd that I kind of liked the taste. I told them both, “I did not think you and Sophie were into this stuff, but now I know and am so happy that you have pulled me into your arms bringing out my sissy desires and extending my views. My mother would kill me if she ever found out, plus I would not want you guys to be hurt in anyway. I love the fact that you have introduced me into this activity, I hope to continue our relationship if you are up for it.” I thought this was a pretty bold statement coming from me, especially since my mother was so against anything sexual in expression at least, I had no idea what relationship my mother had with my father, only knew their marriage was on the rocks and I had no pleasure at home, even had trouble finding a place to jerk off since I slept with my brother in the same room, used to be the same bed when we were younger after my sister and I were sleeping together. Looking back I guess I had a bunch of stimuli that put ideas in my head.As we talked, Helen asked me if I had any girlfriends, and I said no, just a couple of crushes. She asked me if I ever got together with boys my age and I said no, never had the chance. She said, “would you like to if you had the chance”? Well here we go again, what was she asking for, did she have something up her sleeve, did she and Herb have some other boy that they played with. I said, “yeah I would probably have sex with another young guy like me if I liked them.” She said, “thanks, we might have someone in mind, might even be a few boys,” and then all my fantasy buttons were being pushed at the same time, how many, how old, did they dress like me, did they suck and drink like me, were they tops or bottoms, too many questions to consider at the moment. I asked her if I knew any of these potential people and she said I did know 2 of them but the others I did not. The two I knew went to my high school and were from my neighborhood, but I did not hang out with them. This started to explain the young guys I saw from a distance leaving Frank and Sophie’s house, one was tall the other was short and stocky, they were just a bit older than me, maybe 16 or 17. At the time I had just had my encounter with Frank and I felt jealous that these guys were in my territory. I asked more penetrating questions like, “how long have you and Herb with Frank and Sophie been doing this, and has anyone ever caught on?” and Helen said all would become clear but not to worry, just to keep our relationship a secret otherwise all would be lost. So I promised myself sitting there in lingerie, complete with panties, stockings, girdle, bra, makeup, and a wig being felt up by Herb that I would keep this going for as long as possible, no one should get harmed in any way this was too much fun, and felt so good. Herb was listening and I could see he was enjoying our conversation, he leaned over and kissed me, full on tonguing to indicate his hotness, I responded, pulled him to me and since I too was getting pretty hot, we continued hotly a couple of sissies kurtköy kissing deeply, we must have looked hot since Helen started feeling her pussy and pushing her toes up between our legs. She said, “you two gurls are one hot sight, I’ll bet you might be ready for another round, your sissy clits are getting bigger, your panties feel so slippery, shall we adjourn to the living room or bedroom?” I said, how about the bathroom, we might have to piss again, I was getting the urge to piss and thought it would be better before intense sex than during, Helen said, “I would like to drink you, but not take a piss bath.” I thought this sounds good, so we went to the bath room, she brought a glass. Herb got on his knees with Helen with the glass next to him. She pointed my cock into the glass and I started to piss, Herb stuck his tongue into the stream and tasted me. I stopped filling about ¾ the way up and Helen took the first gulp, then Herb, and they left about a ½ inch for me which I swallowed. We all did a three way tongue kiss and group hug, my tits crushing against Herb’s and Helen’s. Herb ran his hand down to my ass inside my panties and I pushed against his fingers which were looking for my hole. I pushed both my hands into their panties, one hand for each of them and felt their butts, and started probing for holes, Helen had both our cocks in hand and was stroking lightly as we started to get hard. We all tasted piss and loved it, I couldn’t wait for more after we had more orgasms, this was so fucking hot, how would I have known this was so good unless they took the chance and invited me over to suck and fuck them freely, I felt so lucky.After we were pretty hot from kissing and pissing Helen pulled us into the bedroom. She said she wanted to see us gurls have sex together, that she would enjoy watching us sissy’s please each other. She said for me to please Herb since he really needed sissy loving since he was so docile. I kissed Herb directly taking the lead, I pulled him over me feeling his cock bumping mine through our panties, our legs slipping over each other encased in nylon, I pulled his nylon covered ass towards me and he did the same to me. Helen was on the bed feeling her panty covered pussy, pulling the panties up between her pussy lips; she had her tits out over the top of her corset and was tweaking her nipples which were getting so big. I thought this was great having her watch; I loved the attention and was not so nervous about any of this anymore. Herb was getting me hot, I felt his boobs, I was pulling down his bra to expose his nipples and started sucking on his left one, and feeling his cock, which was making a nice tent out of his panties. Wow, we were fully in the zone, space out sex junkies again in one day, who could ask for anything more. I slowly worked my way down to his cock, pulled the panties down and sucked him into my mouth, Helen let out a groan and Herb was crooning along whispering encouragement. I sucked him all the way in, since he was not fully hard and would fit, just barely, but this didn’t last long, my saliva was leaking out of my mouth and dripping so I pulled back, running my tongue under his cock, slathering the head, sucking harder like I wanted to suck his piss out of him.I moved back up and whispered that we should 69 next to Helen, so we did, with my head next to her head, I was on the bottom, Herb sucked my cock in full, and I slathered his as Helen watched and kissed his ass cheeks. She would grab a feel every so often. Then I moved my tongue up and started to eat his ass, sliding my tongue into it as far as I could. I found that since we had showered the taste and smell was not so much there. I did like the smell of his crotch though and it kind of made my head spin that I was actually enjoying this as much as I was. I had never smelled other humans like this, no wonder dogs do what they do, human’s should try it too. I bet there would be far fewer wars if there was more sniffing going on.After we did this for a while I was getting close to cumming from Herb sucking me and I thought it would be good for Herb to fuck my ass pussy, so I asked, “Herb I love what you do to me, would you please fuck my ass pussy, make me cum just from fucking me, I want to feel like a slut, beg for you to tickle my internals with your sissy clit.” He responded with a low grunt of umm hmm, and he turned me around and got on top of my chest with my boobs and his boobs bumping against each other. We started kissing right in front of Helen’s face, she joined us as best she could, Herb and I were interlocked. I whispered into Herb’s ear to fuck me, I said, “Herb I love your cock, I love how you are dressed and what we have done together, would you please fuck me so deep, make me your lover slut bitch, whatever you want me, I am yours, make me your sex slave, make me beg for it, please fuck me.” Helen heard some of this and encouraged Herb comply with my pleadings, she thought it was so sweet and hot of me to offer myself to him in this way. Herb kind of thanked me and while kissing me he pushed my legs up to expose my asshole and pushed his cock towards my juicy opening. After a few bumps he got inside and I made my hole as big as possible for him to enter. My cock was sort of hard but needed help, so Helen put her hand between us and felt my cock. My bra was still on and stuff, so she removed the stuffing, pulled the bra aside and sucked and bit my nipple on her side. I was feeling really good, I needed Herb to fuck me harder and I told him I wanted him to fuck me as hard and deep as he could. I said Frank had already opened me up and I needed Herb to further my anal education. He continued to fuck me slowly with deliberate strokes as his breathing got heavier and so did mine, he was on the road to cumming, I pulled him down and kissed him like the gurl I was trying to be. I said, “oh baby, you are my sissy lover, I love having your sissy cock in my pussy, please fuck me until I pass out.” And Helen could feel my cock getting harder, I too was on my way to my second orgasm today, then Herb started cumming, “oh,, oh, oh, Alba, you are my beautiful sissy slut, I love fucking you, Helen make Alba cum, oh, oh, oh.” Herb shot his load into my ass, I could feel the warm slippery as he emptied his load, this pushed me over the edge and I came as well, covering my slip bunched up on my chest with cum all the way down to my crotch. Helen put her fingers in my mouth to give me a taste, then I shared this with Herb. Helen licked some from her other hand that was also dipping into the slippery stuff. Herb finally softened and pulled out, he moved up so I could lick him off, I was amazed, but it was wet with my cum it tasted so good. Helen helped lick him clean as well, she was still going and feeling her pussy and started to cum, oh, oh, oh, she panted, I am cumming, a little late but who cared. She came all over her hand and brought it up for us to taste, so we were all making the tasting rounds, wow, what a great loving scene. Herb came down on the other side of me and we all snuggled in bed, pulling the covers up and falling asleep till the sun came up.As morning arose, I woke up, hard with a piss hardon, had trouble at first remembering where I was since this was a first sleep over at some one’s house in bed with them, I was still dressed in my lingerie, as were Helen and Herb, it was such a pleasant feeling and sight, I felt loved, very loved. Helen stirred and opened her eyes, we looked at each other and saw Herb was still asleep so we got out of bed together, both of us had to piss, she saw my hard cock and gasped and smiled knowingly. We went to the bathroom together and she sat on the toilet, pulling me close and kissing me, feeling my cock, and pulling my hand down to feel her pissing. I ran my hand in her piss and pulled it up to our mouths to get a quick taste in our morning mouths. Then it was my turn, she sat me down on the toilet pulling my panties aside and I pissed with her hand getting the stream, we shared a taste and then we were done, kissed, got up, and went to the kitchen for some coffee. Helen said I should shower and change into my boy clothes and come back to the kitchen, so I went to the guest shower and took care of things. When I got back Herb was in his lingerie sitting at the table with coffee, Helen was getting some Danish to munch on. Herb looked like he was in a storm his wig gone, his makeup all smeared. We said good morning, I sat next to him and we three made comments about the previous night. They told me how much they loved being with me, hoped I might come around again soon, and reminded me they had a few more players I might be introduced to. I expressed my appreciation, Herb put his hand in my crotch and I put my arm around him. We kissed after I said how much I enjoyed being with them, and Helen came over to hug and kiss me as well. All of us were not ready for another round of action, but we were very close and loving with each other. Once we were through, Helen took me back to Frank’s woods and let me out, it was mid morning now and I walked back home through the woods, trying to get a bit dirty, to look like I had slept out that night. Getting home it was the usual, nobody cared, my mom gave me the evil eye and said “hope you had a good time last night” and I thought, you bet I did, Tom and Bob and I stayed up late around the campfire telling stories of ghosts, goblins, and more. I went and got a shower and fell asleep on my bed till late afternoon. Then started thinking about my situation, having all these adult friends, I thought it was good but I did not know how to act like an adult, but was certainly getting used to it. I wondered who else my age were involved with my adult friends, I was to find out soon enough it turned out.Growing up with Sex—Helen and Herb

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