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Help WantedYeah….you could call him nervous. After all, he’d been employed at the same job in the same building for 12 years now. He was making decent money, living a decent life, then, out of left field with no warning, “Sorry, Kevin, but the company has been forced into bankruptcy and we gotta let ya go….”So why the nervousness now? Well, he hasn’t been on a job interview for the last 12 years and it’s been even longer than that since he was interviewed by a female. Women with power intimidated him…but turned him on at the same time. He didn’t know what this woman looked like but he figured by the sound of her voice on the phone, that she was something worth looking at. Of course, that in itself added to the swarm of butterflies in his stomach…..he had visions of the sweet voice on the phone belonging to a 350 pound woolly mammoth, which would just be his luck.He walked into the reception area and took a seat. Just as he was reaching for a magazine, the door to the office opened and there she was. One of the most incredible looking women he had seen in years!“Hi there!…You must be Kevin!”.Oh my God…that’s the voice on the phone! Holy shit….definitely not the woolly mammoth he was anticipating! Gorgeous body, short, sassy hair, beautiful eyes, an awesome smile and he could tell right from the first words, a great personality! He couldn’t believe his eyes!“I’m Sandy…pleased to meet you!” She offered her hand and as soon as he reached out to shake it….that first touch was electric. He knew right then and there that he had to have this woman….and he thought he saw something in her eyes that said the same thing to him…..“Hi Sandy…it’s great to meet you, too!”“Follow me”, she said.“Damn right…”, he thought.“Can I get you anything? Coffee? Tea?…”….”Or me”…he finished the sentence for her in his mind.“No thanks, I’m fine.”But in reality, he wasn’t…..he couldn’t take his eyes off her….he was undressing her before she even got back behind her desk. “Goddamn”, he thought, “I’d better sit down before I fall down”“So, you know what this job is about, obviously….so let’s get right into it. I need you to fill out these papers….it’s just a standard test we give at all our interviews…nothing too serious. But it will take some time.” “So, if you’d like to go in the room over there and get started, I have a couple of things I need to get done, if you don’t mind…..”He gathered up his forms, grabbed a pen canlı bahis şirketleri from her desk and moved in to the little room off to the side of her office. He started to work on the papers but didn’t get very far. He couldn’t help thinking of that gorgeous woman, not 10 feet away….he could hear her talking on the phone….he could smell her beautiful scent….he could imagine her in so many ways…..and it got to be a little bit too much for this guy….this guy who hadn’t had a woman for almost 10 years now, since his wife left……He wasn’t entirely sure what made him do what he did next…..but it was definitely happening. He leaned far enough over the little desk and could just see around the corner….and soon realized that if he lowered his head just enough, he could see under her desk. So here he was, supposedly filling out test papers and instead, was filling his eyes with her beauty. He could see up inside those beautiful thighs, right up to that sweet pussy….could it be true? Yes! She’s not wearing any panties! He soon realized that his hand isn’t holding a pen anymore….it’s holding his cock! Squeezing, pulling, slowly, up and down, growing bigger and harder by the second! He leaned back in the chair, closed his eyes and imagined…her hotness all over his body…her hands…her lips….her….“Ahem…, uh….need a hand, there?”Oh shit! Busted! Fuck! “What the fuck was I thinking?”, he thought.“Uhm…I, uh….well, you see…I….”She leaned over the desk….put her finger to his lips, shushing him……”It’s ok”, she whispered. “ I knew there was something about you as soon as I saw you.”She stepped around and sat down on top of the desk. She opened those beautiful legs right before his eyes and he felt like he was frozen. He stared at that hot pussy for what seemed like hours….then he felt her hands on his head….and then he was there….face first in her sweetness. He slowly licked her swollen lips….ran his tongue up and down around her pussy…being careful not to touch her clit…yet.He reached up with his hands and grabbed her perfect ass cheeks and pulled her to the edge of the desk. He slowly spread her pussy lips apart and gently licked all around, inside and out….still being careful not to touch that clit! He could see it growing…almost reaching out for his tongue and lips as he licked ever so close….slowly, he inserted a finger in her hot wetness….he hoped she was getting perabet giriş as turned on as he was….her moans assured him she was. He slid his finger in and out of that hot, tight piece of heaven…..and quickly took her hard clit between his lips and sucked and licked it….she let out a moan that almost scared him….he knew she was his then.He backed off from her clit and concentrated on her lips….he licked slowly up and down….sliding his tongue into her delicious pussy….having tasted nothing this sweet in his life….As his fingers made their way down to her ass, she shuddered…..slowly, he inserted one finger in her tight, hot asshole….at the same time, putting his tongue and lips back on that hot, hard clit. This was just about all she could handle….he knew she was going to explode… he stopped!“I don’t want you to cum yet, baby”As he stood up, his cock now bigger and harder than it had been in years, she dropped to her knees in front of him. She was eye level with his cock and didn’t waste any time swallowing it. She wrapped her hands around it and pushed her head down on it….sucking, pulling, licking, swallowing….making love to that cock with her mouth like it was the last one on earth. He moaned at her every movement….he hadn’t been in this situation for a long time and he knew he could only take so much of her incredible mouth before exploding himself. He let her go on sucking and licking his cock for only a minute or two more, then thought he had better stop….before he drowned her with a load he had been carrying for a decade!He reached down and pulled her up….kissed her feverishly, ran his hands over her beautiful breast, her round ass and finally over her soaked pussy. He picked her up and put her ass on the desk….spread open those long legs….and slowly worked his rock hard cock into her wet, hot pussy. Sliding in and out….faster, deeper, slower, harder….he pulled it out and ran the head across her swollen clit…she moaned some more…..sliding it back in her, he drove it harder and faster in and out of that steaming mound…..driving them both to the edge of orgasm….then he would stop….slowly remove his cock and replace it with his tongue…licking her hard clit…sucking her wet pussy….sliding his tongue down to her tight asshole…licking, sucking….Standing up…with his hard cock about to boil over….he grabbed her by the waist….turned her around perabet güvenilir mi and bent her over the desk. He slowly slid his cock into her from behind while reaching around to tickle her hot clit….in and out…harder. faster…..then he did something he hadn’t done before in his life…..he had heard about it but never had the opportunity……but here was the opportunity and he was going to take it……Slowly removing his cock from her wet, throbbing pussy….he gently nudged it up against her tiny little asshole. He was expecting a scream and a slap, maybe….but instead, he heard those incredible words…..”Oh yeah! Fuck my ass, baby….” He slowly and gently made his way in to her sweet, tight asshole and gently rocked back and forth so he wouldn’t hurt her….she matched his pace at first…but they soon got in to a major rhythm and before he knew it, he was fucking her sweet ass like it was her pussy! He couldn’t believe the feelings…so hot, so tight, so naughty….her hot ass trying to squeeze the life out of his hard cock. He reached around to find her clit….he stroked and rubbed her….sliding his fingers in and out of her hot pussy as he was sliding his hard cock in and out of her tight ass! He knew it wasn’t going to be long before this orgasm came and he wanted to make her get off at the same time…..he gently slid his cock from her tight ass and pushed it back into her pussy…in and out…back and forth….it was only a matter of minutes now……He reached around and grabbed her by the waist again…..this time, he fell across the desk and pulled her on top of him in a 69 position….he wasted no time in finding her hard clit…..and she didn’t hesitate to swallow his hard cock…..they licked and sucked each other wildly….then he felt it….he was going to explode…..“I’m gonna cum real soon, baby…..” he moaned…….”Oh baby…me, too”…she said…..”Don’t stop now baby”….”Lick it…suck it….Oh my God!”He could feel her starting to shake from her toes…he was doing the same….within seconds, they were blasting off at the exact same moment….she was pouring hot, wet pussy juice all over his face….he was pouring a hot, wet load down her throat….they licked…and sucked….and moaned…and came…and came…..After licking each other clean, they laid in that same position for what seemed like half an hour. In reality, it was probably about 5 minutes….but they both were spent….and didn’t feel like moving because this moment was too damn beautiful……Finally, Sandy rose first……“Umm…..I don’t think you need to bother with those test papers……the job you applied for is not available anyway…..”“I do, however, need a boy toy……..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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